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Toyota Matrix



  • southpaw1southpaw1 Posts: 34
    Leafguy, Do you live in a particularly foggy area? I'm sure you have reasons for wanting fog lights but I hope you only use them under certain weather conditions. The rest of the time all they do is blind the rest of us. My XRS, when it comes in, will have them but I don't think I'll use them much.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Fog lights properly installed do not blind people. They point right down on the road.
  • hpulley4hpulley4 Posts: 591 most of us are squinting at them blasting us right in the face during the middle of the day!
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    Doing fine. Thanks for asking. Waiting Patiently for more information on our Matrix. Trying not to put too many kms. on the RAV (dealer gave us a good dollar for it).

    When we bought our first Camry in 1986, the Service Manager recommended that it be driven in the city with the OD switch off. This prevented the transmission from searching for the appropriate gears. It was also turned off when travelling on hilly terrains (the searching thing again). Because of improvements with today's transmissions, I don't believe this is necessary any more. We drive with the OD on at all times with both the Camry and the RAV. We will only turn it off in severe conditions (extremely steep hills). Driving with it off not only puts additional strain on the motor, it also adversely affects gas mileage.
  • It's great that they run around in the commercials in a swoopy XRS, but it'd be nice if just one of the dealers in Atlanta had one. I'm still waiting to see one.
  • I agree with the person that stated that we don't need to be blinded by some idiots light show on a clear night in a heavily populated or lit up area, but I really think they are useful for other situations besides foggy conditions.

    I used my VW's driving lights in CT all of the time because they favored using Jersey barriers to divide roads with no yellow lines and no shoulders. Call me crazy, but I like to know at what point I'm going to start removing paint from the side of my car and the extra lighting washes the side of the road a little better then the regular headlights when the road gets narrow. The driving lights also helped in rural areas where spotting a deer (or whatever) on the side of the road may have helped avoid a collision.
  • I was supposed go for my G today, but the public service guys went on strike, so no go for the driving test. Instead, I went driving around with my dad (he needed to pick up some stuff at FutureShop) and passed by a Toyota dealer to check out the new stuff.

    The Matrix XRS (the one they had in the showroom) was pretty nice. I sat the driver seat and played around with the differnt knobs and seat adjustments. It's a lot different than the 2000 Corolla I drive now. For some reason, the trunk "area" seems pretty small with all of the seats up. It's probably just a perception thing, because the hatch area is pretty deep. One thing I was wondering is how to open the glass portion of the hatch only. I couldn't find a latch or anything, except the one for the whole door. Oh well... it's probably just me...

    Overall, the Matrix seems more solid than the Corolla I currently have the priviledge of driving. Oooo... one interesting thing, the HVAC and radio control seem more streamlined and more efficient. Very cool indeed....

    Oh well... it'll be awhile before I consider purchasing a car (going to university next year), but it seems like a good contender... I wonder what the 2007 Matrix will be like... ;)
  • vkwheelsvkwheels Posts: 218
    After college you might be driving that sweet car o' yours instead of a Matrix!
  • vkwheelsvkwheels Posts: 218
    ps I meant to type sweet DREAM car....
  • You never know... Anything is possible. ;)

    But I wonder if I can fit my bass case in the trunk of an SLK32...

  • Say check out post #820.. This site has seat covers that support side airbags...

  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    The trunk measurements for the Matrix (floor dimensions) are smaller than the Corolla's. The reason for this is that the Matrix is 7 inches shorter than the Corolla. However it is 3 inches wider and almost 3 inches taller. Total cargo capacity for the Corolla is 13.6 cu./ft versus 15.1 cu./ft with the rear seats up for the Matrix. I predict that if the Matrix is a success, Toyota will unveil a larger "CUV" within the next couple of years. Corolla - Camry, RAV - Highlander, Matrix - ?
  • TupTup Posts: 200
    It seems hatchbacks are trendy again. I know Mazda has a new 6 sedan and they also had a hatchback. Perhaps Toyota will Matrixize a Camry.

    ed_scott0013 To open the glass only portion of the hatch, you hit the hatch button on the keyless entry. There's also a button to the left of the steering wheel. Or just put the key in the trunk and turn one way to open the whole hatch...the other way to open the glass. As for trunk's shorter but much higher than a Corolla.
  • xr_matrixxr_matrix Posts: 96

    Can you open the whole hatch from the driver's seat or just the glass? I am guessing the rear hatch also is connected to the 4 front doors power lock so when you hit the lock/unlock (whether remote or inside the vehicle) you lock/unlock the hatch as well...

    just curious
  • TupTup Posts: 200
    THe button to the left of the steering wheel just releases the rear glass. You are correct, the whole hatch is linked with the doors via the power locks or keyless entry.
  • The manual says "leave the overdrive engaged at all times except when additional engine braking is required."
  • hpulley4hpulley4 Posts: 591
    How is this overdrive button different than leaving the tranny in 3 instead of D? Or is there only D 2 1 on the auto? I know some 4-speed autos still don't have a 3 on them, but others do.

    Many modern autos have computer-controlled grade logic instead which is nice, downshifting for you if there is no load from the engine to the tranny but there is load from the wheels into it.
  • There is no difference, but the Matrix does not have a D3 selection.
  • Wow, what's with the anti-fog light talk? Do I live in a high fog area? No, how many people do? And like someone else stated they are not designed to point up, they point down. Don't get mistaken by someone who has a 1990 junk-mobile wiht aftermarket lights of some kind. I've yet to hear anyone complain that they drive by the P5 and they are blinded. I want fog lights for a couple of reasons.

    1) My wife's parents live up north and we travel there often enough, we take a highway like all other country highways that have no lights. Rather then constantly putting highbeams on and off I'd rather run with regular lights and fog lights.

    2) The other obvious reason is cosmetic. I think fog lights look sharp. Is that o.k.?
  • mcgregermcgreger Posts: 40
    I'm not absolutely sure about this but I believe that the Toyota ECT(or Electronically Controlled Transmission), that is on my Tercel operates by changing the shift points on the transmission. That way if you leave it in OD all the time, like I do, all coresponding shift points are changed and the transmission does not have to do any "searching" for the proper shifts. Acceleration does suffer from stoplights, but the return is in better gas mileage. There is no harm to the transmission( I've been driving it this way for nearly seven years), and the transmission shifts as smooth and easy as it did brand new.
  • southpaw1southpaw1 Posts: 34
    Sorry Leafguy, I've just been blinded lately by fog lights. I live near DC so the extra light isn't needed or appreciated. Maybe where you live fog lights are ok.
  • scott31scott31 Posts: 292
    Excuse the ignorance.....I'm familiar with the speed ratings of tires (V= up to 150mph, Z=anything you want, etc).

    But how to you tell if a tire is a summer tire, a winter tire, an all season tire, etc.

    I'm torn between the 16" wheels and tires and the 17" wheels and tires on the Matrix. I see the 17" come with a Z-Rated tire, but I need something that will work well in snow, ice, and rain.

  • Since I've seen the two terms used interchangeably on this list lately, I'm willing to bet there's some confusion here between "fog lights" and "driving lights." Of course, from the way the lights themselves are used by uninformed owners, it's understandable.

    Fog lights are exactly that--they have a very short, wide, downward-pointing beam. They don't buy you any additional distance vision, though they will make it easier to see what's in the few car lengths directly ahead of you. They would've been very useful near Chattanooga yesterday morning, where 125 vehicles collided in a massive pileup that closed I-75 most of the day. Properly installed fog lights don't blind oncoming drivers.

    Driving lights are exactly the opposite. They have a narrow, "pencil-beam" focus intended to enhance your distance vision. These are the ones that will help you spot a deer from several hundred feet away in the woods of central Georgia. Properly installed driving lights WILL blind oncoming drivers.

    Unfortunately a lot of people who have them don't know which type of auxiliary lights they have--so they aim and use them incorrectly. And the aim goes all to hell the first jackrabbit you hit anyway. Then, of course, there are the idiots who think their _parking lights_ are really fog lights and drive with no headlights in fog because of it.

    A good rule of thumb to remember is this: fog lights are like your low beam headlights. Use them in rain and fog. Driving lights are like your high beams. Use them at night when you're the only one on the road. Parking lights should never be used alone on the road. Incidentally, Mercedes-Benz used to wire the fog lights through the dimmer switch--you could have the fogs on only when the headlights were on low-beam.

    On a related subject, does the US-spec Matrix use daytime running lights? We get a lot of confused folks down here with DRLs who think their headlights are already on so they don't think to turn on their taillights after dark!

    who drives a lot under all of the conditions above and has neither working fog nor driving lights at the moment
  • rpgropperpgroppe Posts: 24
    According to the Matrix brochure, the running lights are standard on all models.

    If my dealer would give me delivery of mine I Ccould tell for sure!!

    Actually he's not late, I'm just impatient. =)
  • jeproxjeprox Posts: 466
    all canadian models have the drl as standard. all new cars being sold in canada have to have DRL as standard equipment.

    some DRL include the rear tail light, some use only the headlight or foglight or bright parking light.
  • and especially those in the San Francisco Bay Area:

    1. I'm interested in the XR model. But can't decide between AWD vs. FWD - Is it worth the extra ~$1500 or so for AWD? I plan on going up to Tahoe to go skiing with it.

    2. Edmunds review says AWD is on only when traction is needed. But Toyota brochure/literature says it's a FULL time system. Which is correct?

    3. S.F. Bay Area folks...How much did you pay for your XR AWD or XR FWD and what were your options?

    4. People who bought the XR AWD, do you feel your car Matrix is underpowered? What car did you own previously or how much HP did your previous car had?

    I owned a 1995 300ZX before...loved it...then I traded it in for a 2001 Sentra GXE. Loved it as well...missed the HP, but I guess as I get older, I get more practical :-).
  • 1. It's a lot of money, and you have to take into account how often you would use it in the snow. Perhaps snow tires on the FWD will be adequate.

    2. I've read on numerous websites that the Toyota AWD system only transfers power to the rear wheels when the front wheels lose traction (Called the V-Flex System). Everyone, feel free to correct me on this if I'm wrong...

    4. I currently drive a 2000 Corolla (125 hp / 125 ft-lbs / weighs 2,414 lbs). The AWD Matrices have less power (123 hp), less torque (118 ft-lbs) and are heavier (Base: 2,930 lbs / XR: 2,955 lbs). I can't really judge their performance since I haven't driven them, but I can guess that they would be a little sluggish.

    I hope this helps (even if it's just a little...)
  • artdechoartdecho Posts: 337
    Thanks for the rant, blyndgesser1. I think the problem with fog and/or driving lights are not the lights themselves, but the bozos who drive around with them on 100% of the time, no matter what the conditions.
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    We ordered an XR 4WD (trading in our RAV). Although the Matrix system is different from the RAV's, we prefer the added traction the AWD offers. (With the RAV, power drives the 4 wheels all the time, the Matrix is front drive until spinning is detected, then the rear wheels are engaged.) We are not into large or powerful vehicles (the price of gas has just increased again to 68.9/lit.). Incidentally there is an article concerning this very subject in this weeks Detroit News - Auto Consumer section -"" - "Questions and Answers with Tom&Ray". It's a personal thing. Good luck with your decision.
  • jeproxjeprox Posts: 466
    is it worth it? all depends on where u live and if you really need it. if you get snow every winter and lots of them or if you go up to the mountains every winter and do lots of skiing - then yes, it's worth it. if you do mostly city driving and it snows only once or twice a year in your area then it's not worth it.

    you have to think about the added weight, added maintenance, fuel consumption, etc.

    i drive a sienna and one of my friends own a 4wd previa. his van is 4 cylinder and mine is a v6. we both spend the same amount of money (give or take a few dollars) for gas!! because of the added weight, his 4 cylinder uses as much gas as my v6.
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