Toyota Sequoia Accessories and Modifications

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Installed backup sensor this weekend. Maybe this info will be useful.

First off, forget the 20 minute professional install listed in the documentation. This is for a trunk with easy access to the backup light wires. It will take 3 to 4 hours for a good install in a Sequoia.

1. Remove panels on lift gate. These are held on with pin in hole connectors only. Use panel tool, wooden stick or taped screwdriver to pry edge of panels. The large panel is also lipped over the window seal so it will have to be pushed up when the connectors are popped loose.

2. Remove black metal insert. This will give you access to the sheet metal just behind the license plate. There are about 8 hex screws and two electrical connectors. Then the panel will pop off of 3 push connectors.

3. Now the painfull part. I could not find an existing access hole that would not allow wire to show around lic plate. I had to drill (ouch) large enough hole for wires. I suggest painting metal edge, use rubber grommet and silicone seal outsid only to prevent leaks and prevent trapping moisture in grommet.

4. Route wires from sensor, through bracket and then through lic plate and frame. NOTE: I suggest using plate frame with wide bottom to mount sensor. Then route wires through grommet (use silicone at end of install).

5. Be careful routing wires through lift gate. You will have to add extensions for power wires, but not sensor speaker wires. The sensor spkr can be mounted inside door. It is still loud enough. Route the wires following OEM wire path. NOTE!!!! pay attention to path for window to follow. If you cross the path with your wires, your sensor will work only until you roll the back window down the first time!

6. Fish the wires through existing rubber grommet on side of gate. Then run the wires up the existing wire path to the rubber pass through between gate and vehicle. It is a good idea to take the time to fish the wire through this rubber pass through. You need a firm wire, etc to make both bends.

7. There are three side panels to remove/displace on the side of the vehicle. These are harder to remove/replace and may deter you from trying this project.

8. Remove top inside trim panel. To do this, remove ceiling light plate by prying. Remove the two screws under this plate. The top panel will then pop off.

9. Remove the left quarter panel interior trim by removing the bottom door trim screws and lifting bottom door trim.

10. The cargo net connectors are tricky. Hold them around the edges and pull. The star piece will split in half toward you and you will pull out the center locking pin. Then the whole connector will come out. I broke one figuring this out.

11. The rest of the quarter panel trim will pop out. You need to have rear seat removed. You will probably drop/lose a couple of the U'shaped connector clips. Be prepared to buy a couple of clips before reinstalling panels!

12. Then you have to remove the middle left trim. Flip the cap open on seatbelt holder and remove seatbelt holddown bolt. Do this at your own risk!!!!! You need to be sure this bolt is retorqued to specifications for safety reasons. If anything, this information should warn you about what is entailed in the install, please don't let it entice you to do the install. I don't want that on my conscience (Thanks).

13. The black trim connectors are removed by pushing the center circle inward and then the whole connector will fall out. There are 3 of these on this panel, I think.

14. You can now run the wires down the inside edge of the vehicle. All wire routes should be along existing wire paths and should be cable tied to existing wire bundles, taking care not to add tension to any connections.

15. Using 3M splice connectors. The kind that might come with sensor kit, or the kind I use which are clamshells connectors that clamp around the wire and clip together while displacing insulation and then forming a female 1/4" spade connection to the wire. You can then plug a shrouded male 1/4" connector into it.

16. The backup light wires should be the following, but verify in your car by looking at actual backup light.

12V backup signal = Red w/blk stripe prior to final connector and Red w/blue stripe after final connector.

Ground = White w/blk stripe

17. Make wire connections and test by putting trans in reverse. Sensor should give acknowledgement beeps

18. Make sure wire runs have enough slack, are cable tied, do not interfere with door closure or back window roll-down path.

19. Replace interior panels and make sure all connectors are intact and snap well.

20. Replace seatbelt anchor and make sure torque is set to spec. Remember, this is at your own risk. I am not a professional or a Toyota rep, I am just relating my experience and I am not recommending anyone try this. And I am also scared of lawyers!!

21. Replace black metal panel in gate.

22. Install speaker on black panel. There is a handy indentation near door ECU. Bundle up excess wire, you might want to move speaker later.

23. Replace gate trim panels. Be sure to overlap the top of the main panel at the base of the window, push it down until seated.

24. On outside of vehicle you can mount bracket to lic plate frame with short bolts/washers. Make sure head of bolt is small enough not to interfere with module mounting onto bracket. Also make sure bolts don't scratch paint behind plate. (This is if you do not use the lic plate mounting holes on the top of the plate. I tried this location and the module seemed to be in the way and casting a shadow. I also wanted it closer to the bumper).

25. I put some self adhesive weaterstripping foam on the back of the lic plate to keep it from rattling when closing the gate.

26. Leave some slack wire behind plate so the plate can be moved/positioned without pulling more wire out.

27. Silicone seal grommet and wire entrance on outside only.

28. Mount sensor to bracket. Make sure it is angled downward toward bumper. NOTE: Due to the angle of the lift gate mounting area, I may put spacers in to point the sensor even more downward, I have tested enough to determine this.

29. You should now be ready to test/use sensor. There is a potentiometer on the back of the sensor for sensitivity adjustment. Refer to instructions.

Let me know if you have any specific questions. I hope this helps you decide whether you would like to install a sensor on your Seq or not. Good Luck.


  • tbevertbever Member Posts: 39
    What brand of backup sensor was this? I am interested in getting one but there is no freaking way I would install it.
  • mcmattmcmatt Member Posts: 80
    tbever, check out Sequoia Solutions. I posted this there and got a reply from someone that mounted a plate under the bumper. You could access the backup wires in the trailer harness and then only drill a hole somewhere to run the speaker wires. You would only have to pull panels to hide the speaker, or you could leave it visible, I guess.

    This was an AutoPark. You might also contact them. They might have mounting suggestions that are easier than mine.
  • slickrockslickrock Member Posts: 60
    I haven't studied the wiring diagrams (which I do have) that much, but wouldn't you need access to the backup light wire to install this unit (I presume it beeps when the backup light is illuminated)? I'm not sure the backup light is available in the trailer hitch wiring.
  • suznjonessuznjones Member Posts: 32
    I've been trying to find all weather mats for my Seq. Toyota only has the ones for the front seat and the rear seat. Does anyone know if the rear seat ones will fit in the third row? What about the cargo area? Any ideas? Thanks!
  • slickrockslickrock Member Posts: 60
    Yup, I got 'em and the rear seat pair will also fit the third row (but if I recall right, you might have to reverse them for the third row -- i.e., tail back rather than tail forward). But they still fit fine. I do like them and will probably never go back to the cheezy carpeted mats.

    One other thing: It's stamped right on the all-weather mats not to put them over existing (carpeted) floor mats -- so I removed standard front and rear carpeted mats. But the third row carpeted mat extends all the way back to the tailgate, so I left that one in, and put the AW mats on top of it.
  • mcmattmcmatt Member Posts: 80
    The AW mats from Toyota for the Seq are pretty cool. The front ones have Seqouia embossed on them.

    I put the driver AW in for all time and I plan to swap out the other AW for the carpet ones whenever I have muddy soccer feet, etc. in the plans.
  • suznjonessuznjones Member Posts: 32
    How much water do the Toyota ones hold? I like the Husky Liners and they make a set for the three rows and another one of their lines makes one for the cargo area. I'm just not sure about the color match. My Seq is gray inside and the whole black or gray desicion is a tough one ; )
  • mcmattmcmatt Member Posts: 80
    Get the gray Seq ones...they are nice. They will hold a lot of water they have many grooves that are about a half inch wide by a quarter inch deep. They look better than the Husky liners to me. I would at least view them before making a decision. I got the front and rear sets for about $80, which isn't bad for dealer prices.
  • suznjonessuznjones Member Posts: 32
    I do like having the name on them and the set I'm looking at would be $94 for just the first 2 sets. What did you do about the cargo area?
  • slickrockslickrock Member Posts: 60
    Try the following URL:

    Go through the quiz (select "accessories"), then pick "all-weather mats".

    Show your dealer those prices and ask him to match them. If not, order them from the site.

    I haven't seen anything good for the cargo area yet. I may just cut up some old linoleum (just kidding).

    But I did make a cargo liner for my wife's previa out of clear plastic carpet runner material (with the anti-slip knobs on the backside). It has worked great for 10 years, and I'll probably do the same for the Sequoia.
  • mcmattmcmatt Member Posts: 80
    I orderered the WeatherTech option for the cargo area. I got it through JC Whitney for $119. It looks good on paper. I have not received it yet.
  • fishcarfishcar Member Posts: 18
    Husky ( makes a cargo liner for the Seq. Their grey is a pretty good match for the charcoal interior of my SR5. Has a 2" lip all around... I cut the back lip down to facilitate sliding stuff in and out.

    Cargo liner cost ~$100 from Premiere Motoring, but someone posted on Sequoia solutions that they got it cheaper (~$90) from Cabellas (not in their catalog, but apparently they have it in stock).
  • mcmattmcmatt Member Posts: 80
    Installed WeatherTech cargo liner. I am very pleased. It is not an exact color-match, but it blends very well. It is not dark grey, but it is a shade darker than interior vinyl. It is close to the carpet color.

    It has optional cut-outs that correspond to the holes in the factory carpet. You can leave them in to have the liner hold water, or you can cut them out to be able to use the 3rd row seats.
  • lcd1lcd1 Member Posts: 147
    I'm interested in making the Seq. quieter. Does any one know if there is a hood liner that I could purchase? JCWhitney sells about 4 different types of heat/noise insulation for use under the hood. The price range varies drastically, and I presume that the effectiveness also varies among different insulation types. Does anyone have experience with hood insulation? Any suggestions on what else I could do? Thanks.
  • tbevertbever Member Posts: 39
    I don't know anything about hood liners, but another way to reduce interior noise is by having a sound deadening material called Dynamat installed. This is usually done by high end car audio shops. It is a very involved procedure where they basically remove all the interior lining of the vehicle and line it with this acoustically deadening material. Pricey too.
  • lcd1lcd1 Member Posts: 147
    Thanks for the tip. Having spent about $40k on the thang, I'm not sure if having dynamat professionally installed would be a smart investment. I'd rather find some do-it-yourself improvement projects to do.
  • lcd1lcd1 Member Posts: 147
    You mentioned that a grey cargo area could be bought at JCwhitney for 119 bucks. I searched the site but did not see it. Could you give me their stock #? Thanks. By the way, I'm waiting for an AutoPark backup sensor to come. How is yours working?
  • mcmattmcmatt Member Posts: 80

    I had the same trouble on the jcwhitney site. They don't have the cargo liner anywhere on the web.

    I had to get the number from a catalog. You can still order it on the web using the "place catalog order" function.

    The stock number should be 760197. When you enter this the "76" will trigger a bunch of questions about your particular car type. With normal shipping you should receive it in just under two weeks.

    The backup sensor is working as advertised. It has come in handy in a couple of parking garages. I have noted a couple of things. (1) Don't get overconfident on "non-car" items. I don't know if the performance is as reliable on tricycles, etc. (2) As the manual says, there are blind spots in the coverage area. If someone has to rely on this type of device for a lot of backing up in tight spaces, it would be wise to use two or three across the back to get complete coverage. A single unit install works best on things directly behind you and not as well for things that you might only hit with a corner of the bumper.
  • lcd1lcd1 Member Posts: 147
    mcmatt: the correct part number is 76-0197T.
  • rleonardrleonard Member Posts: 17
    Trying to hit all bases to locate Bumper Guard/Brush Guard and under hood light. Any suggestions? GM bought back my 2001 Yukon XL for Cold Air problems and now Sequoia owner and what a pleasant difference.
  • nighter50nighter50 Member Posts: 127
    What differences have you noticed? I like the Yukons but I just got the Sequoia. Sounds like I made the right choice in your opinion.
  • nighter50nighter50 Member Posts: 127
    a really inexpensive alternative is Costco. They have set of four (2 front and 2 rear) for $19.99. They dont say sequoia but after paying $37k for the truck I think I will save a little on the mats!
  • tom187tom187 Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone seen both of these in person, and formed an opinion as to which is better? I think someone mentioned that the WeatherTech has marked areas for cutting holes to support the 3rd seat. Does the Husky have this also? I have a Limited 4WD with the oak leather. I'm looking more for a decent covering of the floor than having it hold gallons of water.

    Thanks for the help.
  • suznjonessuznjones Member Posts: 32
    I just got the husky liners in gray and I do like them. They came in three deliveries so I don't have the front set yet but the second row and cargo is in. What I thought was strange was that the cargo mat extends under the third row so it covers that foot space as well. It did have all the areas marked for cutting and they fit perfectly. Better that the Sequoia carpet did in the back. The lip is pliable enough that I don't think getting in and out will be a problem. There was a picture on the Tundra solutions board under the wood trim area. Some guy that installed appeared to have husky liners and they showed in the photos.
  • gpm5gpm5 Member Posts: 785
    Does anyone know of fog lights from an outside vendor that will fit the factory holes and can be used with the factory switch? thanks.
  • gpm5gpm5 Member Posts: 785
    re: above message--I guess not.
  • lcd1lcd1 Member Posts: 147
    gmp5: Check and goto their forum and look for Sequoia solution. You should find an area for foglights with lots of info.
  • gpm5gpm5 Member Posts: 785
    lcd1, thanks for the info.
  • bravocharlie1bravocharlie1 Member Posts: 14
    Just bought our Sequoia (and loving it) but no running boards on it and the wife wants them added. Is there a lighted running board option? Does anyone know of a good aftermarket source for the running boards or is the OEM the best bet? Thanks!!
  • oac3oac3 Member Posts: 373
    if you live on the west coast, this is available as AM install. It is an exact replica of the factory unit, and fits perfectly....

    The company doing this is Ultra Trim, located at Gardenia, CA. Phone #: 800-610-1117. Installed cost will vary. If you get a referral from a local dealer who uses their service, the cost would be $750 installed..

    Good luck
  • valuepleasevalueplease Member Posts: 4
    Has anyone ordered a wood insert dash trim kit for their SR5 to replace the black plastic on console top and center dash area? If so, would appreciate reactions and aftermarket leads. Thanks.
  • nighter50nighter50 Member Posts: 127
    there is a great deal of discussion about the wood dash kit at in the Sequoia Solutions forum. At one time a member there was trying to get a group order but I think that fell through...check out that forum for a contact for the kit. If I remember correctly, the cost was $330 with shipping but don't quote me on that (I believe it includes more than trim for just the center dash area).
  • gtjgtj Member Posts: 1
    Just got my Black Seq Limited 4X4 and we all love it. Very nice leg room for the 2nd row seat, my wife and baby enjoys this extra space. My question is. Has anyone put an entertainment system on their Sequoia's, I saw a site and they have done it but going to Best Buy or Circuit City it's not yet part of their list of Cars. I'm afraid to be the first one to do it, any suggestion. THanks
  • dijitaldijital Member Posts: 3
    Check out and go to Alpine Video thread.

  • fhsimmofhsimmo Member Posts: 4
    I'm looking for any feed back on the results of addding one of those "air dams" or "wind deflector" for the moon roof. Does it made a difference? and are the hard to install?

    Feed back please.....
  • hguy11hguy11 Member Posts: 16
    The wind deflector is not hard to install at all.
    takes 15 minutes. Just follow instructions. Just curious...Using the United Buying Services, were you furnished invoice and MSRP?
  • pbhortopbhorto Member Posts: 11
    We are interested in adding some speakers by the 3rd row of seats. In order for the kids in the 3rd row to hear the music/movie/etc, we need to turn things up loud enought that the kids in the 2nd row say it is too loud. Anyone have any experience with this? Any recommendations?
  • rytaryta Member Posts: 8
    Has anyone added this pkg? did you have to go back to the dealer to get it done? how much? I bought the plastic mats with nobs on(!), clear wife had a severe allergic reaction, so out they came!
  • btshaw4btshaw4 Member Posts: 5
    Does anyone know if Toyota plans to make a DVD Navigation system similar to the one installed in the Land Cruiser and Camry available on the Sequoia in the near future. I plan to purchase an SR5 as soon as the 2003 models are available and would love to have this option.
  • gregfockergregfocker Member Posts: 39
    I am in the market for a bug deflector / hood guard for my Sequoia. Any recommendations from those who have installed one? I know Toyota makes one but believe it requires drilling which is not something I really want to do. Anyone with a Lund or EGR? Which model? How do you like them?

    I had one on my old Ford Expedition and liked it much. It was contoured and curved to the shape of the hood and sat up high so you could easily clean underneath it with a towel. I couldn't locate the manufacturer's name on the bug deflector. This is what I am looking for on my Sequoia. Any recommendations?
  • marksue1marksue1 Member Posts: 12
    Any ideas on where to get a new rear bumber (only the plastic) for my 2001 Sequoia?
  • trdsctwotrdsctwo Member Posts: 67
    Try your Toyota dealer, mine installed mine for no extra charge for the labour. It cost CDN$ 119.00 or about $80.00 US
  • smithey1smithey1 Member Posts: 1
    Can anyone give me information on what Brand of system is put in by Toyota, does it work well, does it have a FM Modulator? Any model numbers or any information would be great. Is it worth the money or is aftermarket a better option?
  • bergenparkbergenpark Member Posts: 2
    I just got Nifty x-treme all weather mats for a tan interior. The cargo area has holes for the seats. They fit perfectly and look great.! I got them at

    I have had my car for 1 week and already have 2 window dings. Any suggestions? Does a hood deflector help?
  • trdsctwotrdsctwo Member Posts: 67
    Yes a hood deflector does help out somewhat; but face it, the Sequoia is one large target for
    road debris. One our recent vacation trip my previously virgin windshield encountered atleast
    six rocks causing a number of let me call them "crazes" (not cracks or stars). I am more
    concerned about the front bumper and grill. There are atleast as many rock chips there
    as on my windshield and the plastics and paint used there does not seem to be particularly
    "rock resistant". C'est la vie!
  • mentor34mentor34 Member Posts: 60
    Are folks that wish to put a rear spoiler on a SR5 having the dealer do this or are they going to a aftermarket shop or perhaps even doing it themselves?? Also, if you buy the spoiler from the dealer, do they come painted or do you need to paint them as well??
  • graghostgraghost Member Posts: 3
    Has anyone added auxiliary lights to their Sequoia? What kind? Where? I spend a decent amount of time driving on logging roads and am looking to improve my visibility. The moose and deer hang out on the roadsides and I'd rather not hit one. Any recommendations are appreciated.
  • kyles3kyles3 Member Posts: 1
    I majored in Architecture, and every time I look at my 2002 Sequoia, I feel that the wheel size is out of proportion with the enormous body of the truck. I don't take lightly the warnings in the manual against changing wheel and tire size. While on vacation I saw a triple Black Sequoia with Gold Package and larger chrome wheels with taller and wider tires. Can this be safetly done? Is it safe to assume that I can use the upgraded wheel size that the 03 Sequoia will have? I am concerned about increasing the height of my truck (need to get in garage , but want to correct the visual proportions (bigger wheels). Comments?
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Member Posts: 296
    I just finished installing some pre-painted lighted running boards on my SR5. Very easy to install and look great. Does anyone know what the main difference is between these and the factory boards. The lighted ones are obviously supplied by the aftermarket but seem to be of OEM quality, yet they are available through Toyota? Just curious.
  • kupuakupua Member Posts: 31
    Does anyone know of a good and a clean (install)of a "backup" system to install on a Sequoia? I've checked the other posts, but mostly back in 1999.
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