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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • Sorry I forgot to change the title. It is when you are sitting there idling and then accelerate is when it wants to die. They have even adjusted the accelerator cable and that hasn't helped. Do you think it could be a clog in the fuel line?
  • raddboy41raddboy41 Posts: 249
    VSC sensitivity is a very common problem with the 2001 Sequoia's, but not the 2002+. Many 2001 owners had their VSC computers replaced with 2002 comp. to fix them. Since this is a 2002, the mechanic should start with a VSC recalibration then replace the computer if the recal. doesn't work. Any lights come on? Also, make sure your brake fluid is topped off (seriously) and check that the sensor connector on the side of the master cylinder is snug. image
  • mark1mark1 Posts: 5
    Does anyone out there have any real-world experience with using synthetics in the Sequoia? Dealer says that Toyota recommends against; reason being that the synthetics are so slippery that they may get past the rings and burn oil. Comments?
  • raddboy41raddboy41 Posts: 249
    Toyota recommends against!?!?!? What a riot! After engine break-in has occurred (maybe 5,000 miles), it should do great! Heck I'm running Mobil 1 in the engine, ATF and in the rear differential. You might find viable arguments that synthetic might be a waste of money, but BAD!?!?!? Absolutely, no way!
  • I recently had the brake TSB done on my early in the 2002 year LTD. The upgrade involves larger disks and calipers up front. When I got it back it did exactly what you are describing. When you start from a start you move forward, the gas is cut, and comes back on with a lurch. It took the dealer several days to figure out what was wrong but it turned out to be one of the wheel speed sensors. Apparently it had been damaged and showed one of the wheels was turning faster then the others, the VSC light would come on, and then the throttle was cut. When driving during the day in bright light it can be difficult to see the VSC light flashing on the dash, but in subdued light or at night it is easily seen. If the VSC light is coming on inappropriately, have them check the wheel speed sensors.
  • bp3959bp3959 Posts: 156
    Certainly could be, here's some other possibilities:
    bad gas, run it almost empty, fill up with premium at a different station and throw in some fuel injector cleaner
    plugged fuel filter
    clogged air filter
    fouled plugs, have them changed if the above doesn't help.
  • bp3959bp3959 Posts: 156
    If that brake fluid sensor was loose it'd disable VSC and Trac completely. Disconnecting that sensor is exactly what I use to disable those features since toyota didn't give us a proper way to do it.
  • bp3959bp3959 Posts: 156
    That's nonsense, I'd switch dealers ASAP.
  • I have an '04 that I got in August. I have been experiencing the same problem. Happened again this paast weekend when I had been stopped at a light, wasn't even turning. Slip indicator light flashes on. Have an appointment at the dealer tomorrow AM, will update after that.
  • gasoelgasoel Posts: 1
    03 Sequoia Ltd. This clicking noise when I take off from a stop is driving me nuts. It almost sounds as if it is coming from the drivers seat area near the seat adjustments. Somthing is activating (click click). What is it?? I keep thinking this is going to be a fun one to tell the dealer.
  • Clicking and normal. It's part of self check for the VSC and Traction control. First click is at about 25 mph and second is at 30 mph. Mine does it every time I start the truck and first time I hit these speeds, after that it's quiet. I've been in a couple different Sequioa's and they all do it the same way. Be worried when you don't hear it anymore. Mine is an '03 SR5.
  • hello everyone, i own a 2004 sequoia, i need everyones help on this. the right side second row seat has a problem, i dont know if its just my car or not. the handle on the right side seat is very loose, its the handle you use to flip up the seat, well the left side seats handle is solid, but the right side seat handle is veryyyy loose, it moves like half an inch in all sides, ive also checked the third row seat, there handles are both solid, its just the second row right seat that the handle is loose, CAN EVERYONE WHO OWN A SEQUOIA PLEASEEEE CHECK THERE SECOND ROW RIGHT SEAT HANDLE TO SEE IF IT IS LOOSE OR SOLID TIGHT?????THIS WOULD HELP ALOTTT. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!
  • texasmomtexasmom Posts: 114
    I forgot to check this when I did my 2 test drives of the Sequoia Limited with second row bucket seats. Do the second row bucket seats recline? I would call the dealership, but they have given me completely wrong answers before, so I don't trust their salespeople to answer questions. For example, I called to ask if the side mirrors could be gotten with a power retract function and the guy said, "no, not on any sequoia." I found out later this is wrong. So, I am asking the forum people. Does anybody know if the second row bucket seats recline? What about second row non-bucket seats, do they recline? Thanks in advance.
  • 2toyotas2toyotas Posts: 104
    The new second row bucket seats do recline. The bench seats also recline. It is hard to find a better suv out there.
  • bp3959bp3959 Posts: 156
    The second and third row seats recline, the third row also adjusts forward and backward for leg room vs cargo room behind it.
  • I just bought a used 2001 Sequoia and we don't have the owner's manual (still on order through ebay). However, the window to the liftgate does it roll back up by pressing the button on the remote? It rolls down when I press the button but it doesn't when I press it to go up. I can close it by pressing the button on the dash but not on the remote. Am I doing something wrong?
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Radbot...can u give me a link or a site for the TSB on the sunroof? Thanks
  • raddboy41raddboy41 Posts: 249
    No, the window on the liftgate does NOT roll up with the remote. You have to use the key in the liftgate (turn clockwise and hold) or use button on the dash. This is probably a safety/liability issue with Toyota as much as anything.
  • raddboy41raddboy41 Posts: 249
    Sorry, but Edmunds policy forbids the mentioning of a competitor's website. "Google" it though, and you'll probably find it.
  • Thanks raddboy for answering so promptly.
  • I have 2001 SR5, 45000miles on it. I've been having the front brake problem. It gets squeaky noise when we have a hot weather or when I give a hard brake. I have taken my car to Firestone so many times. They have replaced Rotor, Resurfaced the disk, changed the caliper. They didn't solve the problem. I took my car to Toyota once, but I was told that it costs me $80 for just inspection. So I didn't have them looked at my car. Does anybody have the same problem? Any comment or help will be very appreciated!!
  • Hello,
    I have a 2002 Sequoia Limited. My question is this. It has the home link system with 3 black buttons up on the console by the moon roof & rearview mirror which have white dots on them that are illuminated at night, 1st button having 1 dot, 2nd button having 2 dots and the 3rd button having 3 dots, meaning garage door 1, garage door 2 and garage door 3. When I purchased it new in 2002, the white dots on the buttons for the home link garage door openers were illuminated so you could see which button to push for whatever garage door you wanted to open. Over the past 16 months, the buttons are no longer illuminated. They have gone out 1 at a time. I know this for a fact because I drive at night and when I come home I would simply look up, see which button had the 3 illuminated dots on it and push it for my side of the garage to open. The dealership I bought my Sequoia at that also services it, has had no luck getting the buttons lit up again. I have been told repeatedly that they were never lit. They have called the factory and have looked at books and nobody can figure it out. Is it possible that the buttons may have had something like a "glow in the dark" paint on them and it has rubbed off? Did they only have the illuminated buttons on the 2002? This is driving me crazy since now I am opening all the other doors on my house but the right one because I can't see the little 3 white dots anymore! I also have a 2003 4-Runner Limited but the 3 buttons for the home link in this vehicle are grey rubber, no illumination, that is why I believe they may have taken this option out of the Toyota lineup. Any help would be appreciated! Sorry this post is so long, just very frustrated that I am constantly being told that they were never lit when I know they were.
  • raymurraymur Posts: 29
    I solved all brake problems on my 2001 sr5 by replacing the standard brake pads with ceramic pads. They cost a little more but they produce less dust, no noise and last longer than standard pads. Well worth the investment. I used Raybestos, but there are many manufacturers out there.
  • My 2002 Ltd never had illuminatd buttons for the home link.
  • sharishari Posts: 5
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    I never had a TSB done. I know now that there is a TSB on my 04 squeaky sunroof. My question is, how do I approach the dealer about this. Do I just tell them right away that I know there is a TSB out on it? Also, it seems like the squeak goes away when the dealer test drives it. Does the dealer have to hear it or can they jujst fix it regardless. Thanks
  • sharishari Posts: 5
  • I am new to this site, owned new 2002 SR5 2WD Sequoia with only 10,000 miles. Because did not drive much, so far have not noted any problem (knock on wood) for my Sequoia. I have read there are many problems for the Sequoia on this site. I know very little about TSB. Noted that there are many redesign or improvement for the model later than 2002. Before run out of guaranty, Any one please advice all the potential major problems may occur to this model under TSB or guaranty that will be fix or replace by TOYOTA. How do I check or isolate the problems and approach the dealer to make them replace the redesign and new improve for this car. I am sure that definitely the brake issue needed to take care. What can I tell the dealer about the brake? Thank you very much.
  • 2toyotas2toyotas Posts: 104
    I had an 03 Sequoia Limited,and now have an 05 Sequoia Limited and both home links were all illuminated. The E/M,1 dot,2dots,3dots,and the mode button. They are definitely lit by bulbs. I suggest telling the dealer to look at a new one on their lot. I can't believe they didn't already do this? Good Luck!!
  • Thank You very much! I am not crazy. I am going to the dealership and ask to sit in a new one myself, and I will wait until the time change this weekend so it will be dark outside and then maybe they can see what I am talking about!
    Thanks again!
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