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    same problem 01 lills and limited 190k miles stalls and dies. Dealership clueless as usual
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    This is some good info . worked like a charm. added note make sure the bolt holding it is fasten tight. but again a++++
  • redphaedrusredphaedrus Member Posts: 9
    glad to hear that it worked for you.
    your add note goes w/o saying but doesn't hurt to remind people.
    VSC light problem has never reappeared for me since 2007 and I've never taken our Sequoia to the dealer like other people have posted on this forum.
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    For those of you with 2001-2004 models who are getting your frame replaced as part of the limited service campaign (recall) be aware that Toyota is not truthful when they say the frame will be replace at "no charge to you". When they replace the frame certain parts will break when they remove them that Toyota will not cover as part of the recall work. They are fully aware these parts will break but still refuse to cover them as part of the recall. If this has happened to you file a consumer complaint with your state's attorney general.
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    My frame was replaced last November. No cost to me. I believe Toyota will pay for all that is involved in the replacement even broken parts, nuts and bolts that occurs during the replacement. They expect that most of the vehicles will have some kind of deterioration due to rust that can't be saved. It is the dealer that fixes the vehicle that takes advantage of a loophole and if consumer don't complaint they will charge you for parts covered under the recall. My dealership did a fantastic job they even got rid of a check engine light warning that my regular mechanic said it was a oxygen sensor. He was wrong. The only thing I found was damage to the holding clips that holds the plastic cover right after the rear bumper end. I found that a couple months after the repair. I haven't done anything about that because I cannot prove they did that, the end piece is not falling out just loose. After almost a year waiting for a response from Toyota and being pretty pissed at their customer relations rep for their indifference to a problem due to their manufacturing process which they knew existed I can said my faith in Toyota have somehow being restored. I love my Sequoia and if I need another vehicle another Sequoia would be my preference. The only thing I also noticed but I am not sure is that the frame seems thinner than the original one.
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    After 1 year of complaints to Toyota and then the NHTSB my frame was replaced. I did receive a rediculous up fromt list / quote of. Items needing attention that totalled over 10,000 but incl many items not related tro the frame repair, so obviously Totyota was trolling foe service revenue to make the frame job break even. I chose to decline all ( some repairs had ben done previously but not by Totota so credit to them by pointing out Timing belt due etc). The bill for the repair came to over $11k to Toyota and my only contribution was a new exhaust - orig. could not be re-installed so Toyota/the dealer split with me - so a very good overall experience for vehicle over 200,000 miles!. My non-toyota mechanic said if it was GM or Ford, the recall progam would have stopped at 50k miles. Who knows. I now have a vehicle I can sell (if I wanted). Btw - -I tried to offer Toyota my truck and their contribution for a new frame, plus my cash towards a newer Seq and they said no - could have saved Toyota 11k but no dice. Good luck all.
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    I'm the original owner of an SR5 4WD with approx. 196,000. In recent months my vehicle's rear began to rattle as I drive over rough surfaces. Note sure what it is. Sometimes is sounds like the interior panels are loose. At other times, my rear seats or tailgate does not sound secure. Kind of reminds me of the defective strut mounts my 97 Toyota Avalon had, but I don't think I have rear strut mounts. I figure this must be a common problem. I appreciate any answers to my inquiry.

    Btw, just had my frame inspected at a Toyota dealer in MD. No need for a replacement. The consultant even allowed me to inspect the frame. He just confirmed what my mechanic told me. Glad we haven't gotten much snow or ice in my 10 years of ownership.
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    Thanks!!!! You saved me a trip to the Toyota Dealer and $105.00. My Sequoia was displaying the same problem, VSC/TRAC off/engine light on. The manual advise to take to vehicle to Toyota Dealer but instead I searched on the Internet and your posted message came up. It helped me resolved the issue.
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    Well, it's 2013 and my 2006 Toyota Sequoia has had the same problem. The point here is that the problem was first reported 7 (seven) years ago and has been reported intermittently here @ Edmunds. Here is a link to the National Highway Transportation Safety Agency NHTSA the more documentation is received, the more serious our safety concerns will be taken. Click on the "Begin Online Form"

    In February of 2013 the TRAC, ABS, VSC, and Check Engine lights all went on, on our 2006 Toyota Sequoia. The following codes were generated: C1223 ABS Control System Malfunction, C1251 Pump motor locked/Open Circuit in pump motor ground, and C1247 Stroke Sensor. The dealer recommended and we replaced the VSC Computer Module at a cost to us of $1,059.00. The part alone was $653.00.

    It is just under six months and the same faults C1223 ABS Control System Malfunction, C1251 Pump motor locked/Open Circuit in pump motor ground are being reported one more time. This time around the dealer is claiming that the "actuator" needs to be replaced, part number given is 440500C100.

    My recommendation is to file a complaint to document this flaw in Toyota Sequoias.
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    Took my car in for front brakes and water pump they suggested replacing the timing belt.picked car up and felt funny on acceleration engine roars when I floor it, rpm bombing but no speed no power and feels like not shifting right. My car use to hall [non-permissible content removed] prior to this. They took it apart and the main crank is at zero and the cams are all lines are on timing marks. They also replaced gas cap and bank one ox sensor. My car was fast off the line now it sounds like a jet roaring and I'm not moving. Fells like it's starting in 5 th gear or something,when I drive normal feels like not shifting. I don't think my trans went out between last night when I dropped it off and it preformed fine and today when I picked it up. Our temperature was 100 today the trans stick shows fine level and no burnt smell. What could this mecanic have screwed up. Now they are telling me it may be a catalytic converter. How can that be the case the engine roars to 8K rpms petal to floor and car feels like fifthngear no get up and go and engine sounds weird
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    I took my Sequoia 2004 4wd in for 90k mile service. When I got it back it was noticeably vibrating through the steering wheel, brake, driver's door arm rest and console. Took it back and a different mechanic reset the gap on two spark plugs. It still feels "rough" though not as much so the dealership checked it again, but could find nothing wrong. They subsequently called me to state they have received other Sequoias either the same year or next to it recently, and they all vibrated the same as mine; supposedly before they got their hands on it.
    Obviously the call cost them a lot less than having to pay a mechanic's hourly wages, experienced or not.
    I was under the impression that when you paid them to service your vehicle, which they gladly accepted, it would be returned riding as smooth as before if not better. Is this a common problem for this year make and model vehicle, or just this dealership?
  • harboharbo Member Posts: 136
    I assume your sequoia was smooth when you brought it in for the 90K service ?? Take a close look at the work order detail to see what type of work was done on the vehicle. It is interesting that resetting the gap on two spark plugs did improve the situation somewhat. My own 02 Sequoia with 205K has always been very smooth, although it is a two wheel drive. I'm wondering if your shaking comes from the front wheel drive system ??
  • scoop17scoop17 Member Posts: 2
    I appreciate your comment. Yes, it was running smooth as always before the 90k maintenance. I was wondering if it could even be a broken motor mount, which even the service mgr. eluded to though he said they would go through many other steps before arriving at that conclusion. This was prior to the call, obviously influenced by the service hierarchy, to placate me with excuses via the telephone.
    The front wheel drive system though makes sense. Gosh! I'm wondering how they managed to screw that up with a simple 90k service. Toyota cars and trucks were known for their reliability, and their mechanics used to have such a good reputation.
    What happened?
  • tawfeeqalzabentawfeeqalzaben Member Posts: 1
    I have 2006 Toyoya Sequoia and gave TRAC, VSC and Check Engine lights . I took to dealer and said it will need to replace secondary Air injection system All and will cost ~$3,500. I was shocked and I left dealer without fixing it to find a cheaper solution. I read one of email had same problem and I was not sure what was the easy fix.

    Can you help?
  • redphaedrusredphaedrus Member Posts: 9
    I posted (#1976, #1720) a possible solution to this issue on Apr 20, 2007.
    Our's is a 2003 Sequoia so don't know if the design changed on future models but it's worth checking out.
    The symptoms we experienced when the VSC light came on was that the ABS came on erratically and automatically while driving making it unnerving to drive. I also read some posts here before taking it anywhere and based on some repair costs people were posting, I decided to look into it myself before taking it in.
    It did not turn out to be a computer problem.
    For our Sequoia, what I did was to clean off the sensors (they are magnetic) on all four wheels. The rear wheel sensors in particular.
    On the 2003 model, the magnetic nature of the sensors attract metallic shavings from the disc brake wear.
    I believe the sensitivity of the sensors are affected due to metallic shavings buildup so even if you replace the computer, the root cause of the problem still exists.
    It's been 6 years since I cleaned the sensors and the VSC issue has not reoccurred. Now the cleaning of the sensors is a matter of maintenance schedule.
    Here's what I did:
    - Take off the rear wheels.
    - On the back side (inside) of the wheel hub, you will see some electrical lines going in to the wheel hub.
    - Take off the bolt holding in the sensor ( I think 10mm) and pop off the sensor. Examine the tips of the sensors for any metal flakes on the magnetized tips, clean them off and then replace.
    - Reset your computer by disconnecting the battery wire and then reconnect.
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