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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • jjaroshjjarosh Posts: 3
    To vickruc1 - do you have the TSB number for the sunroof problem? I have the problem with my 02 SR5, and the dealer doesn't seem to know about any TSB. does it apply to the 02?
  • Phelan
    Expect the passanger handle to break as well. My drivers side broke under warranty. At 43k the passanger handle broke. Just made a copy of these posts to hopefully get some help from dealership. Toyota needs to look into these handles. Definitely a safety concern.
  • jjaroshjjarosh Posts: 3
    Hey I jsut found this site, this is good stuff.

    I have '02 SR5 and I have never been able to set the alarm system so that it gives an audible indication when the alarm system sets. The owners manual explains a process to set it to on, but it has never worked and the dealer couldn't figure it out either.

    Anyone have help??
  • chimemakerchimemaker Posts: 11
    You didn't mention the year of your Sequioia, but I too have that same vibration.
    Today May 18th. Toyota issued a NHTSA Campaign no; 05V225000 concerning a suspected suspension problem with the lower ball joint, on some Tacoma Trucks, and Sequoia SUV's from 2001 - 2005 model years. I own a 2003 Sequoia SR5.
    The dealers will be replacing the lower ball joints on identified affected vehicles.
    Toyota will be notifiying owners of vehicles suspected of been affected by this starting on July 15, 2005. If you feel work is necessary sooner, you can call Toyota at 1.800.331.4331, and/or your Toyota Dealer and explain the symptoms.
    NHTSA Has A Safety Hotline to call; 1.888.327.4136 Hope this helps, Rob
  • spospo Posts: 1
    I don't know what you mean by TSB, but my 2002 SR5 sunroof has squeaked since I bought it new. Complained to dealer many times and they wanted to pull the whole thing and install new rails. My husband said no to that. But the squeaking drives me crazy!
  • jjaroshjjarosh Posts: 3
    My SunRoof Problem just started recently - it is more of a rattle than a squeak. I found the TSB (Technical Service Bulletin - issued by Topyota to alert the service providers of known issues and solutions). It is TSB NV006-04. It was issued May 31 2004, and is titled Moon Roof (Sliding Roof) Creak Noise. It describes how the service should be done to tighten & lock a nut which is the cause of the problem. It sounds relatively simple bu the headliner has to be dropped which is pretty involved.

    The good news is that this is covered by warranty - (36 mos or 36k) , , the bad news (for me) is that mine is well over that.

    But I will take the TSb to the dealer and show him what to do. When I first had it in there, he didn't know and wanted to take the car for "a while" so he could "take it apart and try to see what might be causing it and maybe put some felt up there or something"!
  • When I drive my 2004 Sequoia I feel a grinding vibration feeling under my foot (under the floor board). It sometimes worsen when I turn. I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem or does anyone have any solutions.
  • I am having the exact same problem with my 2002 Sequoia. They just told me last week that my A/C compressor seized up and it would cost me $2,200. After frustrating phone calls with the dealers and Toyota customer service, I got the same 50% offer.

    It is a 3-year old car! This is a repair I should not have to pay for. I am also struggling for advice on how to get Toyota to take responsibility.

    Any advice?

  • horace48horace48 Posts: 2
    I have discovered that my liftgate window will not open, since I rarely use it, it has not been a big deal. BUT, I still want it to work properly and for something to go bad from such infrequent use is a bunch of B.S. I have a 02' model that I bought used and has 50k miles (and of course out of warranty ! ) and was going to have the window fixed when I get the recall notice for the front suspension defect. I wanted to know if there is any documentation or secret recall on this rear window issue, I have already paid to replace the inside door handle which seems to be a prevalent problem as well and certainly don't want to pay $400-$550 to fix this. Any suggestions ?
  • horace48horace48 Posts: 2
    I have discovered that my liftgate window will not open, since I rarely use it, it has not been a big deal. BUT, I still want it to work properly and for something to go bad from such infrequent use is a bunch of B.S. I have a 02' model that I bought used and has 50k miles (and of course out of warranty ! ) and was going to have the window fixed when I get the recall notice for the front suspension defect. I wanted to know if there is any documentation or secret recall on this rear window issue, I have already paid to replace the inside door handle which seems to be a prevalent problem as well and certainly don't want to pay $400-$550 to fix this. Any suggestions ? :mad:
  • What problem are you having? I cannot trace back to the original message and think I may be having the same problem. Thanks.
  • My rear window is stuck in the down position - it is rarely used. Are there any simple solutions to this (fuse, etc.) or is it a dealer repair. It is an '04 Sequoia - would this be under warranty?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Disregard the previous post. My wife forgot to disengage the window locks. Nice.
  • buick72buick72 Posts: 9

    Will this work on a 2005 Camry..?

    I am searching for the transponder programming and haven't found it yet..!

  • greysongreyson Posts: 6
    My 2005 Sequoia Limited, 4WD, 14K miles, has started pulsating or hesitating while below 45MPH and mainly when going uphill. It feels like the old straight drives when you need to shift to a lower gear. Also when letting off the gas when coasting (in gear) below 45mph it feels like you are pumping the brakes. Took to Toyota dealer and he said it was in locking/unlocking of converter. He was to call Toyota to see if they had a TSB etc. Any ideas.
  • horace48, I have the same problem with my rear liftgate window. I have an '02 model with 36K miles and the window stopped working about a month ago. I checked the owner's manual to figure out what fuse to check, but the manual doesn't list a fuse for the rear liftgate window. All the other windows work fine. Did you get the window fixed?
  • bkjacksonbkjackson Posts: 4
    Should I only use the Toyota oil filter or is there any real difference in getting the oil changed at one of the express places? If the filters are a must, can you purchase them and give them to the "drive through" places?


  • raddboy41raddboy41 Posts: 249
    This has been discussed at length on other Sequoia specific websites. The consensus seems to be "Anything but Fram!". One of the favorites is the Purolator Pure One 10241
    It's the one I use.
  • mychancemychance Posts: 1
    Well at least your car is still under warranty so they will fix that right up for you at no cost. I also have a 2003 with 38K and my drivers side door handle broke today. It has been a slow crack for about 2 months and finally just gave away. Called dealership for an estimate, they knew just what I was talking about, they have about one door handle repair a month and the part is in stock! Same thoughts- can't believe Toyota put in such crappy door handles.
  • Was just told I need a complete break job - rotors, pads, etc. for my 2002 Sequoia. Just three weeks out of warranty, Toyota will cover none of it even though they have a TSB stating my vehicle was built with bad calipers. (I would expect this from Chevy, not from Toyota.) Their recommendation is to replace everything except the calipers, as they do not believe that the calipers caused the problem, even though they have a TSB that specifically states the fault. The vibration is terrible although the service manager says it is safe to drive. I am very concerned I'll be looking at replacing everything again in a few thousand miles because the real problem is not being addressed. (Star Toyota in League City, Texas). FYI - they claim the service manager, the technician, and the district service manager ALL inspected the vehicle and determine this course of action ...
  • kurtwkurtw Posts: 3
    I too have an 04 Sequoia SR5 and noticed the same vibration and a hum (18,000 miles) about 3 weeks ago. It has been in the shop twice - new front differential and right ball joint (?) - no improvement. I also encountered the VSC and ABS problems. Toyota fees that ABS sensors in rear are to blame (dealer and I are not convinced) - parts on back order. Basically, the dealer does not know what the issue is. Let me know if you encounter other solutions.
  • kurtwkurtw Posts: 3
    Any Luck with your problem? We are unfortunately following what appears to be the same course with our 04. We have stumped the dealer, and the Toyota engineers are involved.
  • raddboy41raddboy41 Posts: 249
    Tell your dealer to go pound sand! He has NO IDEA what he's talking about. It is clear from the TSB that the larger caliper fixes the problem (with larger pads). It's simply a matter of the smaller caliper warping the rotor because too much heat is applied to a smaller area. Since he (and Toyota) don't want to play fair, you can find good results elsewhere. You could keep the calipers, but simply upgrade your OEM rotors to slotted, drilled and cryo-treated rotors and ceramic (or any other good quality) pad that will hold up better. The slotted/drilled rotors will dissipate the heat at a higher rate and probably eliminate warping. Throw away the rotors/pads and upgrade with aftermarket. Others have had good results with this solution. BTW - you could do this on your own in about 2 hrs. This site is popular with Sequoia owners. Wheelers and Brembo's at Tirerack
  • I have owned my 2001 SR 5 since new. It is one of the first 1000 built. My truck does every thing the others do, but never bad enough to have to fix anything. So I guess you could say I have had 56,000 trouble free miles. Until it suddenly would not go into Park. The shifter felt funny going in and the next time I tried to start it, it wouldn't. Also couldn't get the shifter to release from Park. Finally a few days later, (away for work), I got it out and it started in netural. Shifted fine to drive (little green Drive light went out months ago) and reverse. Stlll wouldn't go into Park and would roll when shifter where Park should be. And not restart if shut off. Sounds like a cable thing. Crawlled under today and had my 12 year old shift it through the gears with the engine off. The lever on the tranny though rusty, moved throughout the proper range. Everything now works fine after no intervention by me. Anyone ever hear of this problem before? Any suggested fixes?
  • gdubyagdubya Posts: 1
    It looks like I am in the same boat with the compressor problem. My 2002 Sequoia has 52K miles on it and the dealer just gave me the good news that the compressor is seized. I'd appreciate it if you could direct me to the TSB site so I can keep an eye out for other potential problems down the road.

    Do you have any suggestions on best course of action to try and get Toyota to help with the cost of the compressor replacement?

  • wfeiwfei Posts: 1
    My 2001 Sequoia just shown this signal and immediately the brake pedal felt very soft and the distance to stop took much longer.
    The dealer told me that they need to replace the Master Pressure Switch(Sensor) and parts and labors will be more than $1100.
    is there anyone out there could help me out with this problem?
    Thank you very much!
  • I don't know what happend? 2001 Model and just about 3 weeks ago I noticed that it was shifting hard at times just starting out. I mean around the 25 to 35 speed. Then, just out of the blew on father's day my wife is driving and it quits and will not go forward or backward. Nothing!! When you got it running it makes this sound like something is all chopped up... Now, it only has 67,000 miles on it and well that is over warrenty... Anybody got anything any help?
  • You probably have taken care of this since it has been 3 months since your post. But in case you haven't....I had the same problem with my 01 SR5. I bought the elec motor at the dealer and installed it myself. This process is easier if you have a Hayes manual.
    You have to pop the inside plastic panel off of the back door and remove the trim pieces. Unplug the electrical connections that are on the middle of the door panel. Then you remove the left access plate (facing the rear from the inside). Next you have to use a star pattern screwdriver to remove the 3 screws. This is tricky because you have to reach in to the panel and there is not much room to maneuver. The only way I could figure out how to do this is to use a small socket and star screwdriver bit. Put the bit in the socket wrench and feel for the screws. It helps to look at the new motor to get an idea of where they are positioned. Also, be sure to save the screws because the new motor does not come with them. The receiver holes in the new motor are self threading so you don't have to worry about nuts (which is nice considering the difficult angle at which you are working).
    Replace the wires and panels and you should be in business.
  • Hi Greyson,
    We just got a new 05 4x4 limited about a month ago. It has about 1200 miles on it and my wife informed me last night that on the way home form work, it did the same thisng you described in your posting. Have you had any resolution or discovered what the problem was?
    Please let me know
    EZ_Sequoia :confuse:
  • smaturasmatura Posts: 3

    I have a 2003 Sequoia with 26K miles. Every once in a while (ever 2 weeks or so) the brake light will turn on when I am driving. I don't notice a decrease in braking ability, and after turning ignition off and on again makes the light go away. Has anyone seen something like this? I was going to take it to Toyota, but it's too intermittent...

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