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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • asian1asian1 Posts: 1
    there is a problem with the a/c compressors of alot of toyotas where the compressor jams and metal shreds and goes throught the whole system damaging it irreversible. the cost is app. $3000. Toyota knows about this and they are trying to hide from responsibility of there mistake. i called corporate and they stated " we havent had any problems with the a/c's" the dealership showed me the memorandum that states there acknowledgment of the problem in 2000-2005.
    thats all long standing problem if you ask me. this is not like toyota and never should be. im feel betrayed by a company i both had been faithfull to and reccomended to everyone i know. people need to speak up about the a/c problem because to many dont know what to do.
  • The drivers side roof luggage rack side rail has had the coating taken off by a flapping tie down strap. A body shop guy told me it is some sort of plastic coating and paint will not stick to the exposed metal underneath. Any one have a solution or know where I can pick up a used rail? New ones run almost $250.00
  • Sorry to hear you are having problems with your Sequioa. I have a 05 (2wd) SR5 and love it! I currently have 11K on the truck with only one problem. On the top left hand side of the dash resides a sensor. The bracket broke (could have happened while detailing the dash - who knows.. Anyway, I took the truck to my local Santa Barbara Dealer who kindly replaced the bracket under warranty while handling my 10K oil change. No big deal...
    Prior to buying the Toyota, I looked at the Chevy Tahoe and Nissan Armada (previously owned a 2000 Nissan Pathfinder and loved it) SUV'S. While the Nissan had more power, I was amazed at how cheap the interior was! The Chevy was nice but I couldn't get over my past experiences with GM products and the local dealers reputation isn't as good as our local Toytota.
    I truely believe the Sequoia is a superior SUV. You might want to list your complaints and try another dealer for the repairs. As long as cars are built by humans, there will be problems - God knows I have had my share over the years (Chevy Citation & Pontiac Sunbird sound familar?) but a good dealer will always try to fix the problem and gain a happy customer for the next purchase.
  • sifi_007sifi_007 Posts: 10
    Thanks for alls comments, I guess my frustration stems from this highly rated vehicle having the same problems across the board. At least if I bought the Armada or Tahoe, I would be expecting to have these problems but not a highly rated top of the line Sequoia. Oh, well, like you all said, its just a car, I guess my expectations were just too high based on the reviews I read. Kudos to all and keep loving your Sequoia's. I hope this will be the only problems with mine. :shades:
  • sikoyasikoya Posts: 4
    Joj, you mentioned about a RECALL for the BALL JOINT in Sequoias. I have a 2005 Limited and I am still experiencing minimal vibrations in the steering wheel despite of 2x wheel balancing performed in my Sequoia (vibration was not as bad though). Do you know the year covered in the recall? Does anybody knows? Any answer will be appreciated. Thanks!
  • jojjoj Posts: 6
    I was looking back at some old posts here and found this:

    #1140 of 1234 Re: Vibration feeling under foot [toyotaman02] by chimemaker May 18, 2005 (3:23 pm)
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    Replying to: toyotaman02 (May 16, 2005 9:43 pm)

    You didn't mention the year of your Sequioia, but I too have that same vibration.
    Today May 18th. Toyota issued a NHTSA Campaign no; 05V225000 concerning a suspected suspension problem with the lower ball joint, on some Tacoma Trucks, and Sequoia SUV's from 2001 - 2005 model years. I own a 2003 Sequoia SR5.
    The dealers will be replacing the lower ball joints on identified affected vehicles.
    Toyota will be notifiying owners of vehicles suspected of been affected by this starting on July 15, 2005. If you feel work is necessary sooner, you can call Toyota at 1.800.331.4331, and/or your Toyota Dealer and explain the symptoms.
    NHTSA Has A Safety Hotline to call; 1.888.327.4136 Hope this helps, Rob

    I did not receive a notice of this, but I moved into a new house a year ago June and so maybe it didn't get forwarded.
  • sikoyasikoya Posts: 4
    Joj, thanks for the info and to your quick reply. I will call Toyota and my Toyota dealer tomorrow. I hope this will resolve my problem coz my family, especially my 5 year old son, loves our Sequoia. Thanks again!
  • jojjoj Posts: 6
    I did not realize how quickly I replied! That was my first chance to see if anyone had responded to my earlier post!

    I am also very happy with my Sequoia (2002), no major issues. The broken shifter bracket, not covered under warranty, is only about a $200 fix. I also had some issues with rear axle seal that was replaced under warranty, so no big deal. I have not had AC or brake problems that others with my MY have complained about in the past on this forum. Hope this recall is what you need to fix your problem!
  • eagle13eagle13 Posts: 1
    Hello and thank you. I have the same problem. When I am in 4th or OD and around 40 to 45 and start to slowly accelerate up a hill the whole truck ( Sequoia 2005, 3500 miles ) starts to shake. You can feel the vibration really bad up through the accelerator pedal. I have taken it back to the dealer ,( twice ) and he says Toyota does not recognize this as a problem ?? The area rep told him to clear the memory and drive it around very easy and reset the computer that controls the transmission. This did not help ( the dealer said that the one of the lot that they had not sold it worse than mine ???? I took it to another dealer's service department and they said that everyone on the lot does the same as mine, because he went and tried them after he rode with me and saw and felt what I was talking about ????
    I have ask for the area tech represenative to call me.
  • 2toyotas2toyotas Posts: 104
    If you push the accelerator pedal you will downshift the transmission, and there will be no shaking. By accelerating slowly you are keeping the transmission in either 4th or OD, and you are bogging the engine. You are trying to get a 5300 LB truck up hill, you need to give it gas to downshift the transmission. I don't really believe it is a mechanical problem, but rather the transmission in the wrong gear.
  • willy4willy4 Posts: 1
    My wife scraped the paint off the rack in a parking garage. I had it powder coated for $100 at the dealership. No problems.
  • acarracarr Posts: 1
    What were the symptoms/problems and error codes that lead to getting a new transmission?
  • sifi_007sifi_007 Posts: 10
    How do I get my dealer to replace these. My car also vibrates and I took it in and the dealer rotated and balanced the tires. It didnt do away with the problem. Is there something I can do to tell the dealer to do what you recommended?

  • av8torav8tor Posts: 1
    You need to call the 800 for Toyota customer service and they should be able to tell you if your car is affected by the recall. That is, if you bought the car new from a dealer, the Toyota central services database will have all of your owner information and VIN #. I have a 2002 Sequoia Limited with a bad steering wheel wobble. The problem first occurred at about 32,000 miles when i had my tires replaced. Yes, they had to be replaced at 32,000 miles and it was because of the problem with the ball joints! I had two alignments on the car, and it still drove down the road as though the tires were pigeon-toed. The wobble was so violent under normal driving conditions that I didn't want to drive it. I took the car back to the NTB, where the tires were replaced, several times and they could only mitigate the wobble and not eliminate it. Then Toyota issued their recall on the ball joints, which i had promptly serviced. I thought that would have solved my problem but it did not. Just today, I started to back out of my driveway with the emergency brake still engaged. I noticed it before moving only a few feet and disengaged the brake. Once i shifted into drive and started on my way, i heard a funny crunching sound. I thought that i ran over something and when i looked back, there was nothing. Guess what? My wobble is gone! What ever that crunch was, it released a type of 'pressure' that was causing my wobble. Funny thing about the Sequoia is that the car will actually move just fine in reverse and in drive with the emergency brake on. It sounds like a silly thing to do, but i'm sure i'm not the only one who has accidently left the emergency brake engaged while driving. The emergency brake indicator is in a bad position on the dash and the car drives like it's not engaged even when it is so it's hard to tell. There is a big connection with the brake system causing a lot of these vibrations that i have read about with so many Sequoia and Tundra owners. Anyway, i'm at my wits end with this car. I paid $42k for this car brand new and it's not even come close to meeting my expectations. I will not be buying another one and i am a very loyal Toyota customer.
  • juanitajuanita Posts: 7
    I have recently purchased a 2005 Sequoia. It has 1800 miles on it. To date it has been back to the dealer 3 times in 2 months. Once for the radio static, then the air conditioning not blowing cold and now it is back at the dealership for the rotten egg smell when you accelerate.

    From what I am reading now and what the service advisor tells me, the problem occurs on the 2001-2004 models but has been corrected in 2005 model. I'm wondering if anyone else is having the rotten egg smell in the 2005 model.

    I cannot believe that Toyota is not recognizing this problem. If I had known about the rotten egg smell or even a chance of having the problem, I would not have purchased the vehicle especially with the price tag on the sequoia.
  • gasallygasally Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Sequoia 4x4 with 62,000 miles and would like some help/advice on 3 problems. 1) Clicking/rubbing sound from the left dash area. 2) Brake pedal-when I am at a red light and have been stopped for about one minute, occasionally the brake pedal will go to the floor. 3) VSC and Trac light come on when I start then they go off, occasionally they stay on but will go off if I restart the vehicle. Any advice?
  • czechm8czechm8 Posts: 23
    That is not normal for your brake pedal to do that. You most definately have a brake booster or brake master cylinder problem. I would get that thing into the shop right away to address the brake problem before something fails. While you are there, have them read the codes to trouble shoot the VSC and Track light problem.
  • rav4urav4u Posts: 21
    My 2004 RAV4 had the rotten egg smell after only 2300 miles and it turned out the catalytic convertor needed to be replaced. From what I read this was a fairly common problem with a few Toyota models and a TSB was issued to replace the catalytic convertor. After they replaced it the rotten egg smell was gone.
  • juanitajuanita Posts: 7
    From talking with the service advisor at the dealership they said there was a TSB for the 2001-2004 models to replace the catalytic convertor. However the 2005 models do not a fix yet and they are not sure when they will have a fix.
  • I just purchased a 2006 Sequoia 4x4 limited. I have 500 miles on it. At about
    400 miles I started to notice an irritating vibration in the gas pedal at cruise -especially at 30-50 mph. Seems to go away at higher speeds. Engine is not
    lugging, nor does it feel tranny related. Just feels like something causing a vibration. Anyone else have this problem??
  • Hi there,
    I have a 2002 Sequoia and at 37,000 miles the drivers side door handle cracked and then broke off. Now at 40,000 miles the passenger side door handle is cracked and will break off the next time some tries to use the door. This is frustrating for me as a Real Estate Agent. I have people in and out of the car often. I hate to have to tell them wait a second don't open that door! They then ask about the problem and I explain I have not had the time to go in and pay $110.00 for the repair. My first vehicle was a Toyota and have owned them ever since. This one issue has troubled me for many reasons including safety.
    Has anyone else had this problem?
  • Does anyone out there have problems with alignment and tire problems? I am at the end of my rope.....
  • Has anyone experienced problems removing the Rear Differential Fill (not Drain)Plug from a Sequoia? Mine is a 2002 model year. I'm experienced with cars and just can seem to figure out how this fill plug could be so stubborn - almost appears to be welded into place. Any thoughts from you good people - especially if you work on the truck yourself . . .
  • This truck appears to be especially unsympathetic with lower grade tires. My second set of tires (Cooper brand) on my 2002 model are starting to look shabby with 30k on them. Once they begin to wear unevenly, due to a poorly balanced tires or poor alignment, you're in trouble. Be sure to find a tire store with an especially good reputation with truck tires, not just cars. Good luck.
  • No, this procedure only work for 2003 and 2004 because 2001 and 2002 had difference chip inside.
  • Have you tried heating it up with a torch?
  • Recall covered year 2001 to 2003, I just got mine done last week (Seq.2003)
  • Here's my reply to another post similar to yours: As I type this, my 2002 Sequoia, 45K miles, is having the driver's side interior door handle replaced. I asked the service advisor if he's seen many, he said a few, and added, "it's just plastic, you know." I've been told it's about a $30 part and and hour (aka $80) to replace, we'll see. If anyone hear's of a warranty or good will adjustment, pass it along. Thanks.
  • The VSC & Trac lights are on constantly on my 2003 Sequoia. My car is not yet 3 years old and I seem to lose control of the car & my breaks lock up at about 2-3 mph about every other day. It seems to be a safety issue, but the dealership says it's not.

    I am not unaware of this problem as my mom, a co-worker & my husband's employer all had the same problems on their Sequoias. My issue is that my truck is just out of warranty & the dealership wants $1300 to replace my computer sensor when my mom's was repaired under warranty a couple of months ago b/c her's went out at 36K miles. Of the 3 other owners, one other was in warranty & the 3rd got half of his repair paid for. I have reported this to NHTSA complaint site & saw numerous complaints about this problem. There are also numerous complaints on this forum about the same issue. Can anyone provide me some useful insight about why there has not been some type of recall?

    Also, can anyone give me some guidance on getting Toyota to pick up all or some of the cost of the repair? I have a meeting with the district factory rep tomorrow to discuss this. Thanks
  • I have the EXACT problem with my 2003 Sequoia with 50k miles, and I believe it is an extremely dangerous situation!
    On turns, especially right turns when trying to accelerate into fast moving traffic I experience a total loss of power with no acceleration. I am pumping the gas pedal and pressing it to the floor, and I just coast slowly into the oncoming traffic and wait to be rear ended at any second. This happens in dry road conditions, and seems to occur more often when the engine is cold. My skid/traction lights blink for a second or two, then I re-gain engine power another second or so after that. I have also noticed my steering has become very stiff when driving in very slow situations (parking lots, driveway etc.), I don't know if this is related.

    Dave - Strongsville, Ohio
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