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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • 2002ts2002ts Posts: 2
    I tried to program a remote on a 2002 Sequoia I bought. I tried many times step 1 to step 7 but no response. After the on, lock, on and lock and pull key out. No response from the car. (no lock and unlock confirmation). Could this car has no keyless installed? I looked under the dash/stereo and see the wireless door lock receiver inside. Could this car has every components installed but mey be one wire unhook? When you want the option of keylee entry, the dealer will hook this wire and do the programming for you. Could any one tell me if this is toyota dealer secret?
  • 2002ts2002ts Posts: 2
    I checked on my 2002 Sequoia and it has theft deter. system but no keyless remote. I checked on factory manual and located the wireless door lock control receiver is installed. I tried to program it but with no response from the car after step 7. (pull out the key after on,loco,on,lock). Any one know what toyota dealer secret? Since it has the hardware in the car, could it poosible the need to plug in one unhook wire? Someone who works at toyota dealer service deparrtment can tell me this. Please
  • gaileegailee Posts: 1
    We've had exactly the same scenario. I am a woman with a little hand and usually open the door with two fingers. The handle cracked right in half. Have you had any luck getting the dealer to pay for this repair? It might as well have been built by Mattel.
  • kurtwkurtw Posts: 3
    Update on vibration. Toyota regional rep (central atlantic) came to dealership to see the truck and determined that rear diff was heating up and causing vibration - rear diff and rear bearings replaced and vibration and humming sound have been corrected. I know others have experienced this (and regional rep indicated at least 3 to 4 others in region) - thought I would pass the "fix" along, as dealer (and I would admit me as well) was convinced that the problem was either front end or transmission. :)
  • tampamantampaman Posts: 9
    I have an '03 SR5 White with the silver over fenders and bumpers. Attemped to get a bottle of touch up at the dearler,,gave me number "UCAD7" at the silver color. Its not even close. Could anyone tell me if this is the right paint code for the trim. Appreciate any help.
  • tlettlet Posts: 3
    I just bought a 2005 Sequoia LTD with the JBL E7006 Sound system w/NAV and rear seat DVD system. When the ignition key is in the ACC position, the system operates great. However, when I start the vehicle I get very little sound (when I turn the volume to MAX I get a small amount of audio). Also, the DVD system does not work when the vehicle is running (again it works fine when ignition is in ACC mode). The head unit does not seem to sense that a DVD is in the player because when I hit the "disc" button on the head unit, it says "no CD". When I do this when the ignition is on "ACC", it works fine. The dealer just ordered a new amp, but they can't assure me that is the problem. Any ideas???
  • greysongreyson Posts: 6
    The dealer reset the computer that controls the transmission and they believed it helped. I drive the car and it has not helped. I think this is an issue with the new 5 speed transmission or the logic that controls it. I also think they know there is a problem but Toyota has not come up with a fix. This also happens on my daughter's 2005 SR5.
  • reesesmomreesesmom Posts: 1
    I just had to have my terminals cleaned as well. It was preventing my Sequoia from starting one morning. :( They gave no explanation either.
  • Ken,

    Got the vehicle in to the Toyota dealership last week. They found a short in the driver's door. Everything works normal now. Thanks for your responses. BTW do you know of a store with an inexpensive set of floor mats and cargo mat for the 2002 Sequoia?

  • czechm8czechm8 Posts: 23
    There is one serpantine belt that drives all your accessories. I don't think there are any hard/fast rules about when to change it. Many repair places suggest you replace them every three years.
    Inspect it to see if it is cracked, brittle or damaged. If it has never been replaced, then It may be a good idea to replace it before it breaks and leaves you stranded. Many Toyota truck owners I know replace their belts with Goodyear Gatorback belts.
  • 8/01/05
    Toyota Sequoia rear hatch latch assembly replacement.

    I recently found it necessary to replace the rear hatch door latch assembly. It had broken and there was no way to open the rear hatch from the inside or outside.
    The 2001 Sequoia sold in 2000 had 89,000 miles and was maintained well. It looks like this plastic part that failed is just a weak design and most or all will fail at some point.

    1. You can open the rear hatch from the outside if you can get the small piece of the broken lever out of the square hole that is on the right side of the handle grip area. You will need to use a strong piece of wire or a screwdriver type tool with a slight bend on the end. The lever that pulls on the cable that opens the latch is located above the opening in the handle grip area, accessed through the small square hole. Insert the tool that you made and fish around to find the cable lever, you will need to have the tool pointed up to find the lever. Once you find the lever pull down to pull the lever. Note: make sure that the hatch is unlocked or it won’t open.
    2. If you can’t locate the lever or can’t make it open from the outside you will need to do it from the inside of the vehicle. This isn’t fun but it can be accomplished with a little sweat and a few choice words thrown in.
    3. You can work from the outside of the truck at this point, roll the rear glass down to give you access. The plastic trim pieces on each side of the rear glass can de popped off by hand, they each have three plastic barbs that hold them on. Remove them carefully and pull straight out to remove them, this will give you access to the large rear piece of plastic trim that covers the inside of the rear door.
    4. Remove the vinyl pull-strap that is located on the rear panel, use a #2 philips to do this. Now start to remove the large inside door panel. This panel has the rear glass inside rubber anti-rattle blade attached to the top of it. (If you were able to open the hatch door from the outside you can remove the inside panel by starting at the bottom of the panel and using a thin blade to lift the panel away from the door and then pop the plastic barbs loose, then lift it up and off of the door sheet-metal.) Starting at one corner, bend out and pull up on the panel where it is hooked over the top of the window opening sheet-metal. It takes a little force to get it started but be persistent, once it is started work towards the other end. Once it’s loose at the top you can reach inside and pop loose the plastic barbs that retain the panel and remove it completely.
    5. You now have access to the inside of the hatch. Remove the three round rubber grommets, this give you access to the latch lever that pulls on the release cable. Reach inside with a screwdriver push down on the lever and you will be able to release the latch on the hatch door and open it.
    6. There is a white plastic cover covering the cable attachment point, remove it by pulling down and away from the assembly, it clips onto the assembly bracket and helps secure the cable to the lever attachment point. You can now release the cable from the assembly, remove the screws holding the license plate recess cover and the nut holding the key cylinder assembly and then remove the cable assembly bracket, (two nuts). Now you can remove the license plate recess panel and the broken latch lever assembly that is attached to it as a unit.
    7. You can’t just purchase the ($2.00) plastic piece that broke, Toyota will make you purchase the entire assembly, $63.00. By the way I shopped around and got three different estimates from Toyota Dealers, ranging from $280 to $360 to do this job. This first repair took me seven hours because I didn’t know what I was doing, I spent 3 hours just attempting to open the hatch, I could do it now in about two hours.
  • irish9irish9 Posts: 1
    Can someone direct me to the 'full' TSB regarding the brake problems on a 2002? Do we need to subscribe and/or pay for TSB's? Thanks.
  • RE: SEQUOIA 05
    I have the same trouble with my 05 Seq. The rear window stoppped working. Funny thing about there not being a fuse for the rear slider. Coincidentally the rear wiper does not work too. Will be taking it into the deal for a warranty repair. I'll let you know what they find.
  • petro33petro33 Posts: 192
    mine quite about three weeks ago and I try it every once in a while asking for a miracle. Well the last time I rapped on the switch after it did not work and what do you know...IT WORKS..
  • Will the procedure for the remote programming work on a 2002 Sequoia?
  • Any idea if cracked exhaust manifolds are covered under Toyota's standard 60,000 mile powertrain warranty?
  • sifi_007sifi_007 Posts: 10
    My 05 Sequoia, with 12 mi. pulls left when over 50mph. I brought it back to the dealer the day after purchase and they aligned it and said all is well. Well, it is still pulling to the left. What did you do to get yours fixed?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    Powertrain coverage is for engine, transmission and drive axles only.

  • czechm8czechm8 Posts: 23
    This is what you want:


    camber: +0.25 degrees
    caster: +2.75 degrees (4WD) or +3.00 degrees (2WD)
    total toe: +0.08 degrees

    These are still within Toyota's specs. Castor is the most critical and should be set at the top end of Toyota's range for the vehicle to track properly. Trust these numbers.....there's been a lot of discussion and real world experience behind them on another board. If you want more detail, I can post more. Just find a shop with high quality Hunter equipment and someone who knows what they are doing and they will have no problems setting to these specs.
  • I just came back from the dealer for an oil change and they forgot to put oil in and I drove for two miles before I realized the engine oil gauge did not move off of L. The car did not ceased but the dealer said he will have to take apart the engine to see what damage was done. I was very upset since the it is only a 02 4WD Limited with only 28K miles on it. I need some advise on how to handle this. I do not want to drive this vehicle again knowing that the engine will be rebuilt. I want them to replace it! Is this possible without going the legal route?
  • sifi_007sifi_007 Posts: 10
    Are you meaning to tell me the dealer wont do this if I ask them too? Please advise, its still under warranty.

    I also feel the vibration under foot on this car. Is this common on all Sequoias? Thanks for your help.
  • sifi_007sifi_007 Posts: 10
    I am surprised that and still ranks this as the best large SUV with all its problems. With all the problems I'm reading here, this oughtta be classified as a lemon. Am missing something here?

    The first day I drove out of the dealership I found out the alignment problem, took it back the very next day and they said its fixed and its still a problem. Now I am feeling the vibration under my feet problem, it has only 600 miles on it. Whats next, the tires fall out? hmmm I wont be surprised. I am getting disappointed with this piece of junk that every review board thinks so highly of.

    I was debating between the Sequoia and a GM vehicle, because of all the reviews I read I decided on the so called highly recommended SUV. Well, Im not very pleased with it right now. Im thinking of just trading it in for a Tahoe or an Armada. Wasted my money on this lemon!!! :mad:
  • sifi_007sifi_007 Posts: 10
    Also, I forgot to mention that wind noise is a problem also with my 4WD SR5. I just noticed it when I drove it on the freeway. The noise sounds like the A/C on full blast. I thought is was the A/C when I had it on, then I turned it off and the noise didn't go away. I would expec this from a ford or chevy but definitely not from a Toyota. Boy was I wrong. :(
  • yes, thats a good idea. Go trade for a GM and then you will know what real "problems" are. Maybe its you? People who look at problems all day are going to find them or maybe think they are finding them! Its all a head game and you are one of the ones that get caught up in it. Before wasting your money on another suv look at what everyone is saying about that vehicle and go test drive and I am sure you will find those "problems" also. :cry:
  • raymurraymur Posts: 29
    Why do I have the feeling that these people questioning Sequoia reliability, will be on the GM And Nissan Boards with complaints after they buy those vehicles. I've had a few issues with my Sequoia but nothing that would make me question it's reliability. It's one of the better built SUVs out there. As for the comment how can Consumer Reports rate the Sequoia as a recomended buy, it's because they have surveyed a broad cross section of owners, not the few malcontents that inhabit most of these boards.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    There are problems with every vehicle and there are dealeships that say everything is "normal". You are going to hear alot of problems with this board b/c thay's what this is for...a listing for prblems for owners. Maybe you just got a bad vehicle. It happens to all vehicles no matter how much you spend. A friend of mine bought a new Civic a couple of years ago and had alot of problems. my advice, take a look at the problems at the Tahoe or Expy boards and I'm sure there will be alot more compared to the problems here.
  • folsom33folsom33 Posts: 14
    sifi 007, all vehicles will have some problems. Its a bunch of metal connected by rubber, gaskets and other metal, the whole mess of material is suspossed to control multiple explosions over an extended period of time. It doesen't always work, BUT I feel on the whole that my choice of a seq was the best for me. Mine is an '01 limited with 95,000 miles on it and I can't remember when I had a repair other than regular maintenance, and of course changing the brakes every 15-20K miles.

    Your road noise could be from a vent open. I do not like seq arrangement of heater/AC controls after 4 years of driving I still find myself just pushing buttons hoping for the right combination of heat/AC and vents. I guess I could read the directions but after this long I find it morally offensive to have to refer to the manual for advice.

    Happy owner but always looking for something better.....
  • mhaynemhayne Posts: 1
    While I was installing the overhead dvd player I accidentally shorted out the dome light wires. I thought it was a blown fuse initially but can't seem to find one that's blown. Any ideas?
  • jojjoj Posts: 6
    My '02 Sequoia is at the dealership right now. I had trouble with the shifter as it was loose and becoming difficult to shift into park. The dealer says it is the "shifter bracket" and this is not covered under the 60,000 mile power train warranty. Does this sound right? I thought the shifter would be part of the transmission/drive train and would be under the power train warranty. I am at 58,000 miles, so no longer under 36,000 factory warranty. Anyone else have this problem?

    Also, they said that there was a recall for the ball joint and they are going to do that repair. They said it was dangerous to drive it without the repair and that there had been two accidents. I have not received notice of such a recall, but I am getting the work done. They said when it starts causing problems there is a vibration in the steering. I was glancing thru and saw some vibration issues being discussed here, so maybe this would cover it.
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