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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • suq03suq03 Posts: 3
    I also have a 2003 Limited and within the past few weeks have also experienced the intermittent fuel gage failure. I did not see any replies to your posting.

    Did your dealership or a service tech have a remedy for your problem?

    The electronic DTE gage seems to continue to accurately determine the distance to empty even while the gage is malfunctioning.

  • suq03suq03 Posts: 3
    After starting my 2003 Limited, the fuel gage remains in a below empty state. It slowly creeps it way back up to a normal reading after about 30 -45 minutes in drive. It seems that the electronic DTE gage continues to operate correctly even during the malfunction. The problem seems to occur when the tank is less than 1/2 full.

    Any suggestions or remedies?
  • please tell me how to access TSBs. just got a 05 Sequoia
  • If your 2004 was having braking problems, then it's not the same TSB that applies to the 2001-2002 Sequoias. The TSB for these vehicles was Pads and Calipers, but not rotors. BR05-002
  • The work order states: Replaced front brakes, rotors, calipers, upgrade per TSB. Under parts it lists two caliper assemblys and two front disks. Is there more than one brake TSB for this vintage vehicle (early 2002)?
  • I own a 2003 Sequoia 4x4. I have notice a loud bang coming from underneath the vehicle on several occasions. Have you determined what the problem may be?
  • As I mentioned on my original response, the rotors are replaced if they've already been turned once. But of course, this would be at the descretion of the dealer. You're reading your workorder, I'm reading the TSB. Rotors are not upgraded, same size. Calipers and pads are bigger, covering a larger area of the rotor.
  • jj35jj35 Posts: 283
    I finally got around to asking my dealership about the sulfur/rotten egg smell TSB and catalytic converter fix. Their first response (after supposedly looking this up on their system) was that the only TSB addressing the sulfur odor was in 2003 and that there was no fix. They said that they also checked recalls and there were none. I questioned this, telling them that I was sure that there was a more recent TSB and then they did come back with the TSB for the fix issued June or July this year. I did not get it done today due to time constraints, but it is for something like 96 months, 100,000 miles, so I have some time to get it addressed later.

    I just wanted to let people know that this TSB does exist and you should not let the dealership pull the wool over your eyes if they try to tell you otherwise. I left the paperwork in my car, but I will post the actual TSB number and information later for anyone interested. It is for 2001 - 2004 Sequoias with the sulfur/rotten egg smell in the exhaust. The TSB says the smell usually occurs during stop and go traffic or upon acceleration. Mine is mostly noticeable in stop and go.
  • jj35jj35 Posts: 283
    The TSB # is EG021-04 and states: "Some customers may complain of excessive sulfur dioxide odor on 2001 - 2004 model year Sequoia vehicles under the following conditions:
    - Stop and go driving
    - Heavy acceleration
    In order to reduce the sulfur dioxide odor the Electronic Control Module (ECM) fuel cut control logic has been modified and a new catalyst is provided. Follow the repair procedure to reflash the ECM and replace the catalytic converter assembly."

    Some of the later 2004 models had a production change, so this does not apply to all 2004's. The repair is covered under the Toyota Specific Major Emission Control Component Warranty which is for 96 months or 80,000 miles, whichever comes first.
  • pilot130pilot130 Posts: 319
    Is this the same JJ35 who was very vocal and negative about an alledged Sienna sludge situation some time ago? I thought you swore you would "never buy another Toyota" then, but now you have a Sequoia. What happened to change your mind about Toyota?
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    Many have complained about the poor front lighting of the Sequoia. If anyone is interested in a mod to allow the front map lights to act as dome lights let me know. I picked up on the mod from an on-line club I belong to. I did mine yesterday and it was pretty simple.
  • petro33petro33 Posts: 192
    wow what a cool mod. I would be very interested!!!
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    Here's the instructions from Scott. I wish I could give him proper credit but I can't name the site here.

    1.Pull down front light. 2 Screws in the sunglass holder area then there are 2 snaps that you must release. Comes out pretty easy.
    2.Unplug from harness then take to work bench.
    3.Locate White wire on dome lamps. These are the ones that control the light on & off. They work off ground so when you push the switch they get ground.
    4.Solder a 1amp diode with the stripe facing away from the light. Do this on both sides to make sure that they are isolated from each other so when one light is turned on the other will not come on.
    5.Run wire (18ga)to rear dome light and solder the end of it to the middle wire which is also white.
    6.That’s it!! Now you have front dome lights when the doors are open. They will function just like normal when the button is pressed.
  • jj35jj35 Posts: 283
    Yes, I was negative about a sludge situation, however it was real, not alleged. Anyone would be negative if told that their 1 yr. old van required a $3,000 engine repair not covered under warranty. I am over that now, because Toyota made amends and proved to me that they really wanted to keep me as a customer. I am a happy Sequoia owner now and have put my Sienna behind me and would prefer to keep it that way.
  • pilot130pilot130 Posts: 319
    I'm pleased to hear that your experience with Toyota turned out the way it did. I hope your Sequoia treats you well. It's a good vehicle, and I honestly believe Toyota is one of the better automakers out there today.
  • chenchen Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 4x4 limited that sound like it has the same/similar problem as yours where every time the SUV stop, it makes a "thud" noise. This happens every time I stop the SUV, and as I release the brake pedal and move my foot to the gas pedal, I can hear a "thud" sound, and at the same time, my foot can feel that the brake pedal is "kicking back" with a 1/2 second delay. It is more noticeable when the SUV is stopped when the vehicle is going down slope. I have not take it to the dealer yet since it is just an annoyance. Any idea?
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    When was the last time you greased the drive shaft?
  • Looking to install the Rosen AV9 mobile DVD player. Anybody dunnit on an 04 Seq w/ sunroof?
  • chenchen Posts: 2
    I have never grease the drive shaft on my 2003 4x4. Is this something that I can do it myself, or I need to send it to the dealer? By the way, I thought this is a brake problem.
  • I have a 2001 Limited I can smell it when I accelerate especially my back window is open, what do I tell the dealer?, and does it change the performance of the Sequoia?, and how can I tell if the dealer will fix it or not?, they fooled me with my AC unit before but they finally fix that problem, what is TSB stands for?, please tell me more about this before I go to my dealer. Thanks
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    The thud you feel is the slack being taken up in your driveshaft. Go buy a grease gun with a tube of muti-purpose grease. There's a couple grease fittings on the drive shaft. Pump them full of grease and that will eliminate the "thud". Toyota recommends this be done every oil change.
  • bama2bama2 Posts: 5
    I have an 03 SR5 when i 1st crank there is an engine noise started at about 15k miles dealer says that's normal. motor sounds like it's not getting oil all maint. has been done at local dealer they use 10w30 oil i have questioned several times by they that is best for my area which is Alabama. noise last for several minutes or if driving about 1/2 mile has anyone else had this problem any ideas or help would be great. A BIG thanks to jj35 for sulfur TSB i have that issue as well. thanks in advance for every ones input.
  • bama2bama2 Posts: 5
    you are not alone i have the same issue just posted a question about it thinking i was the exception till i takled to a buddy with a tundra who has same issue.there is a web site for piston slap(just enter piston slap and you will find links) i traded a trailblaze last year for that very reason do tell me i now have an SR5 with the same issue.
  • 2 possibilities:

    1)It's piston slap but MANY people never notice it because it does not get cold enough in their areas. Pretty much all the Tundra's and Sequoia's have it. My neighbors Lexus and Infiniti have it also. The problem (which isn't really) is the pistons are a lightweight forged alloy with short skirts that contract more then the block does when it gets cold. As soon as they heat up and expand it all goes away. Some of the people have been complaining since day 1 and are now at 150k or more and still don't burn oil. I wouldn't worry about it (and don't)


    2) Possibly a cracked exhaust manifold (which happened on many of the 4.7L) same deal when cold you hear it like a ticking or tapping and in a couple minutes goes away. A little more difficult to diagnose because the weather has to be right. Sitting inside a repair shop overnight might be too warm., by the time you drive too shop it's already warm. Might have to leave it overnight outside shop to diagnose (I had a problem with my old Explorer Tranny when cold below 30f, they had it for a week and couldn't find a problem becuase it sat inside shop 60f+ overnight for the week)
  • thanks for the info on the overhead lighting. annoying is'nt it? i will be doing this upgrade asap. also should'nt the visors have illuminated vanity lights? how cheap. also as far as the sulfur smell, i have this too on my 03 sr-5. is this condition causing any harm to the truck or is it just an annoyance? i am not tempted to go have it fixed unless it is adversely effecting the engine/mileage. my experience with the local dealers havent been the best. they are mostly incompetent.
  • i have an 03 jbl 6 disk prem w/rear audio and i cant seem to find more than 6 speakers. am i missing them of did i get bee "s"ed by toyota?
  • any recommendation on an aftermarket dvd player. i have an 03 sr5 w/rear audio option. now that the kids are getting bigger i wish i had the dvd set-up too. and what should i expect to pay for a system if i d i myself?
  • is anyone getting an accurate reading out of this thing? mine is atleast 2 mpg optimic. also has anyone else found the speedo to read faster than actual. mine reads 70 when im going 67. i am thinking of going to a bigger than stock tire to cancel out the extra revs per mile. any experience there?? ok that enough ?? for today.
  • bama2bama2 Posts: 5
    1)Thanks for the info. You are right it started when it got cold here. If it's piston slap it sure sounds different that GM piston slap as Trailblazer would beat itself to death for about 30 seconds then stopped GM did offer to rebuild engine but they bought it back instead.

    2)Mine sounds more like a cracked exhaust manifold i will take your lead with dealer.Any idea if it will burn values or hurt motor fixing to go about 900 mile trip? thanks again for your input
  • bama2bama2 Posts: 5
    jj35 where do you find detail on TSB i have seen them here on edmunds but no detail . thanks in advance
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