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Toyota Sequoia Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am looking to buy 05 Sequoia SR5 4x4 with Navi and DVD.

    Can anyone tell me if they have recently got this and how much was the msrp and selling price and in what state.
  • One may have a very difficult time finding an SR5 with Nav. Dealers are not ordering them that way so we have to go with limited models. It is also very difficult to order SR5's with Nav. After much prodding I got my dealer to "try" and order one with this option but I am still waiting for the confirmation. This information is straight from the dealers mouths, including Dianne at Carson Toyota. She ordered our first Sequoia in 2001.

    As far as pricing. No one should be paying more than $500 over invoice. There is not a limited supply of these vehicles and it looks like 2006 with show some major changes.

    Good Luck
  • Hiya. I received very similar quotes - I was wondering how you knew for sure what their Factory Holdback was.
  • My husband and I drove an '05 Sequoia today and I really liked it. He wasn't more impressed with it than our '02 Yukon, however ultimately it's my choice since I drive it and the price compares very closely with the Yukon. We found out that Toyota is giving $2000 cash-back to the dealer right now on '04 and possibly '05 as well (probably just on the '05) Does that pretty much mean that we can offer invoice on the car and the dealer really doesn't have to make anything on this??? Hubby thinks I'm wrong but I've been reading Edmunds for awhile and I think this is a fair deal. They make $2000 just for us signing the papers and taking the car off the lot. Also, we have pretty much decided it is worth it for us to lease for 39 months and we come out financially even and get to upgrade to a new one at that time. We definitely need to make the deal first and then determine the lease rates from the negotiated price, correct? Thanks!
  • ttcttc Posts: 17
    Greetings everyone,
    I am about to purchase a 05 Sequoia, and have got a quote from dealer in Portland Oregon. Could someone help me to justify if this quote is the best one I can get here? Is there something else I might have to keep an eye on?

    Here is the details and options on the 05 Sequoia:
    Internet Price Total : $39,163. (no tax, not including title fees)

    2005 Sequoia SR5 4WD
    Factory Installed Accessories: FE GY KE PG RL SR DJ DR HY PT CQ SP TO
    Port Installed Accessories .: HP CF

    Options added:
    Dr & Fr Pass Seat Mounted Side Airbags,
    First & Second Row Side Curtain
    Airbags w/Rollover Sensor & Cut-Off Switch
    Keyless Entry
    Rear Passenger Door Privacy Glass
    Daytime Running Lights
    Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof
    JBL AM/FM/Cass/CD w/10 Speakers
    Roof Rack w/Rails
    Rear Seat Audio w/Wired Headphone
    Capability & 115v Power Outlet
    Preferred Package Includes: Pwr Leather Trim
    Heated Captains Chairs, Leather Split Rear
    Seat, Steering Wheel w/Audio Controls
    Convenience Package Includes: Power Heated
    Outside Mirrors, Accessory Meter w/Compass
    Outside Temp. Gauge, Homelink, Trip Computer
    Sports Package Includes:16" Alloy
    Wheels w/P265/70R16 Tires, Front Fog
    Lamps, Rear Air Suspension, Tube Running
    Boards, Front Skid Plates
    Tow Hitch w/7 Pin Converter Trailer
    Wiring Harness & Towing Package
    Auto-Dimming Mirror
    Preferred Accessory Package
  • Toyotime, I used the online version of the consumer reports car buying kit to learn all about the pricing. It was very useful. It gave me a starting point when talking to Toyota salespeople, who after I threw out a starting figure (CR wholesale price + $1000), they all said something to the effect that wouldn't be able to sell at that price, that their invoice price was higher. Of course invoice is higher, that's the accounting game dealers play. Anyway, after visiting 5 dealerships and negotiating from the bottom up, I was able to get a feel of what their bottom line was. So if I did not get the best possible deal, I think I got a fair deal. And even if I was able to go back and forth some more and maybe save a couple of hundred bucks, after a while it's not worth it, my time is valuable and I wanted the car and had received what I thought was a fair quote. And now that I've had the Sequoia for a month I'm very happy with my purchase.
  • Based on my consumer reports printout, I think that's about $300 over invoice so I'd say your getting a good deal. But I'd recommend you buy the Consumer Reports report yourself and make sure that all the correct options included, my analysis might have missed something or included something extra.
  • ttcttc Posts: 17
    I ran the TMV report in Edmunds and found the price is about $1100 over TMV's invoice. is there normally some delta between consumer report and Edmunds TMV, or they should be the same?
  • Model:2005 2WD V8 Sequoia Limited
    ----- Your Price:$43,087 -----
    Above quote includes the following equipment:
    This quote includes all fees except Sales Tax*, License fee, and a $45 Documentation Fee.
  • I just made a deal for a new '04 Sequoia SR5 4 x 4 in Ohio with the following options:

    Preferred Package/Leather
    Convenience Package
    Roof Rack
    Sun Roof
    17" Alloy Wheel Package
    Few other small options

    Sticker: $42,213
    Invoice: $37,694

    Final Price: $36,100 plus tax and title.

    This included a $2000 dealer cash incentive so the dealer is still making $500 on the deal. He has to pay someone $100 to go pick it up out-of-town.

    This Sequoia is Silver with Black Pearl emblems and I'm not sure what those look like. Anyone know?
  • ttcttc Posts: 17
    is the $2000 dealer cash incentive only good for '04 Sequoia? is it also available for a '05 Sequoia?
  • ttc, we bought the '04 and the dealer told us that there was a $2000 dealer cash incentive on the '04 models and $750 customer cash on the '05 models. We went for the '04 because the only thing that changed was the increased horsepower and we don't tow anything so it wasn't important. What are you thinking of getting?
  • We went for the '04 because the only thing that changed was the increased horsepower and we don't tow anything so it wasn't important.

    There are a few other changes that you may or may not find significant. Personally, if I were shopping today, I'd probably opt for the '05 (we own an '03 SR5). I don't have all the details in front of me, but the '05 now has a DVD Navigation system as an option and the Limited now has memory seats (I think as an option). The SR5 now has optional heated seats which would have been a big deal to me (we added after market heated seats). The extra horsepower doesn't actually translate into more towing capacity. Also, the '05 now uses a 5 speed automatic from the Landcruiser, I believe which gets you about 1 MPG better mileage.
  • ttcttc Posts: 17
    Thanks baseballmom! I'd probably go for a '05 as I am one of those who like whatever newer/inovative.... :-)
  • Well, I'm leasing the '04 Sequoia so in 3 years, I'll be able to upgrade to the newest version at that time. The main thing I was hoping for was a fold-flat third row which Toyota hasn't done yet so other than that I can live with the '04. It's still new anyway!
  • ttcttc Posts: 17
    Congratulations baseballmom for your new Sequoia, and yes, it is new!
  • OK folks. Tell me if this is average, good or great deal. The dealer do not have inventory today but will have it in a week. What is the typical discount off MSRP on LTD edition?
  • ttcttc Posts: 17
    anyone could suggest a trustable, low price, good sevice dealer?
  • Hi All,

    I'm sure I've just missed this in the TONS of information here...

    I'm interested in a 2005 Sequoia with virtually everything. I ordered the Edmunds report and got the numbers.

    I'm confused about the TMV and what it really shows. In reading many of these reviews I've seen LOTS of "below invoice" deals. That's typically what I'm used to seeing too. But when I did the TMV I got:

    Sequoia (LX package and most options) MSRP 52275
    Invoice: 45856
    TMV: 48600

    What gives?
  • Limited


    Invoice shows: 45856
    TMV: 48600
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Since there is a $750 rebate on the 05, I would deduct $45856 minus $750 which would be $45106. From there I would go about $200 to $400 over about $45500 at the most.
  • ttcttc Posts: 17
    kennynmd, which state you are in? is this rule apply to every states?
  • For a 05 Sequoia RWD with options

    Leather Package(Preferred package)
    Alloy package 2
    Convenience package
    Keyless Entry
    Roof Rack
    Fog & Driving Lamps
    Wood interior
    6 CD Changer
    Carpet mats/trunk
    Daytime running lights
    windows tint
    Rear passenger door privacy glass

    I am getting a quote of $37,179 OTD

    Is this a fair deal?
  • Holy Smokes! This is a very good price.. I would confirm that this is OTD and not pre TTL.. What dealership gave you this quote?
  • what is pre TTL? I got like 3 dealers within a range of $300, the least one was from gatorland in gainesville, fl?
    One of the other dealer was mentioning that the price u r getting for will not have a good leather as it is after market. Does it really matter?

    With all said ,So do u think it is good price?
  • TTL - Tax, Title, and License.. Never heard of the after market leather comment.. This sounds fishy to me..
  • ttcttc Posts: 17
    um.... you have 6 CD changer, is this a limited or SR5 ? I thought toyota doesn't allow 6CD changer in SR5...
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    I'm in Maryland..which I believe has the 750 rebate.
  • njmomnjmom Posts: 1
    We are looking to buy a 2004 limited 4x4 with the dvd entertainment system. It's a CPO with 10,500 miles. We were quoted $38,700 from the dealer before TTL. We live in NJ. Does this price seem reasonable or a little high for a "used" 2004?
  • The price is OTD, including tax, title and plate.
    Just came to know that after market leather, means that they get installed by the dealer not at the port.

    Also came to know that leather installed at port is better than the one got installed from dealer. Is that right? My guess is the workmanship and quality of leather packg done by dealers may not be that good.

    Is anybody know of this thing?
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