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Toyota Sequoia Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • clark4clark4 Posts: 9
    Bogart, would you mind posting the dealer that you used? That is a great price.
  • 774774 Posts: 101
    Does any one know if toyota is going to offer some real incentives to sell the 2008 inventories of Sequoias. I could be wrong but I would think this vechicle has not sold as well as more efficent vehicles and the inventory levels would be high. I own a 2001 Sequoia and the vechicle has been great with no problems.The vehicle has 90,000 miles on it and is due for some expensive maintenance. I would like to buy a new 2008 Sequoia. The market for new car sales has been the worst I can recall and it is a buyers market. I would expect some serious price cuts on this vehicle.
  • "Kinderhook Toyota" in Kinderhook, NY (Capital District Area)...

    They were *amazing* to deal with...simplest automobile transaction I have ever participated in. They had two 2008 sequoias, the other one was a platinum...I think the MSRP was something around the $51k mark, advertised price was around $34k (and I assume the rebate on top of that), but I think it has since been sold. They also had great deals (I thought) on 2008 4runners (they had one or two advertised for around $23k (and I assume they were applying all rebates on top of that as well). They had a long list of "2008 specials" on their website, but the list appears to be down to just a couple of vehicles now...

    It was the kind of deal that I kept waiting for the "surprise", and it never came. Turned out to be the best car buying experience I have ever had...they didn't try to sell me extended warranties, didn't try to put me into a loan, no "paperwork fees"...the salesman was great...they didn't even take a deposit from me. Price aside even, I am glad I bought from them and will definitely give them a look the next time I am in the market again. The price was so low, I did not even bother trying to negotiate...I had talked to several other dealers in the capital district and western mass area, and none could come close.

    Feel free to drop me a note if you want more info...
  • Thanks Dave. I will let you know how it turns out.

  • buzzy8buzzy8 Posts: 31
    Just brought home a Limited for $41,500....

    That did not include tax and tags but does include:
    Cold Kit
    Rear Entertainment
    20 Inch wheels
    Power back door
    Daytime Running Lights
    Preferred Accessory Package
    Wood Trim
    VIP glass breakage sensor
    Sirius Satellite Receiver.

    Nothing but good things to say so far except going through the car wash for the first time......well, lets just say I will have to get used to the size.

    Thanks for everyones help here in the past.....especially one person in know who you are!! Thanks!
  • seems like a heck of a deal, buzzy. I assume that included the $4000 dealer cash in that number?
  • buzzy8buzzy8 Posts: 31
    That included the $3,500 rebate in there.....
  • sang1sang1 Posts: 5
    Is that the current cash incentive? I know there was the $3000 ($4000 in some areas but not here in Southern California) in January plus the $500 marketing support from Toyota to dealer.

    Did your dealership indicate this month's incentive is $3500? I have not been able to find the current rebate data on the web.
  • buzzy8buzzy8 Posts: 31
    that was with a rebate that expired 02/ was on Toyotas and the dealers website. I am not sure what if any rebate is running now....
  • Hi, Thanks to all previous posters to help get a good deal. I bought this in the Northeast Ohio area, and think that this is typical of at least two dealers.

    I figure the invoice was $37,700, and they let me have it for $36,800 including doc fees. I got a reasonable trade and the rebates.

    Here are the options:

    AM/FM STEREO W/6-DISC IN-DASH CD CHANGER -inc: (8) speakers (N/A w/EY Rear Entertainment System or NV Navigation System)
    PWR DRIVER SEAT PKG -inc: 8-way pwr driver seat, 4-way pwr passenger seat
    DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHTS -inc: on/off feature
    TOWING PKG -inc: receiver hitch, aux trans cooler, 7-pin wire connector, HD alternator, 4.30 gear ratio
    COLD AREA PKG -inc: headlamp cleaner, windshield de-icer, heated exterior mirrors

    Bob Yahoo
  • I was offered by one dealer in san francisco. 2008 sequoia SR5 4x4 mrsp $41,000 $33588 with the $3000 rebate... i think it is not bad. Toyota doesn't offer special financin this month. I think i will wait when they offer low APR...
  • I'm not sure this is such a great deal. I posted my own purchase a couple of months ago and my purchase is very similar to yours. I purchased a SR5 5.7L 2wd nautical blue Sequoia brand new with 50 miles on the odometer and the MSRP was $38,304.00, I bought the Sequoia for $32,000.00 with 0% financing and no down payment, I could have gotten it for $29,000.00 if I took the $3,000 rebate instead of the 0%. The options I have are the same as yours except for the running boards and the cold area package, of course I live in Oklahoma so cold area package is not prevalent in this area, I do regret not finding a model with the running boards but I can always get those through the dealer or aftermarket. Anyway, you can compare but I've realized on the forum, there's always someone who has gotten a "better deal".
  • Which dealership did you get it from?
  • Friends...We are looking at a new 2008 Platinum. We are struggling with the purchase at we understand that 2010's will be on the lots in late April or early May (or so our dealer said....). What in the world is a 2008 with an MSRP @ $50 really worth (cash deal)? Should we wait until April/May to bid on the 2008? We are in the Southeast. Any help would be appreciated...
  • I think it depends on inventory. If your dealer has many 2008s left, then they will most likely have some left in May when the 2010's come out. If so, they will be anxious to move the 2008s with good deals. Certainly you won't get as good a deal on a 2010 than a 2008. But if you wait, you risk not getting what you want. Also, I doubt the deals on the 2008s will be drastically better in May than now (maybe slightly). I bought a Platinum about one month ago. Overall I am very happy with it. Mine listed at $49K and I paid $37K in MA. Some have done better and some have done worse but I was happy with that. You should be able to get $10K off list without too much hassle. Good luck!

  • Thanks for the info. Were you able to find out what your dealer's true invoice was? I'm just trying to find a starting point for negotiations (I haven't bought a car since 01' so this is kind of a new game to me). Thanks
  • shwaaagshwaaag Posts: 9
    Anyone else notice that dealerships in the San Diego area aren't really giving out deals on their Sequoia stock? Also, Toyota pulled back all the incentives here a while ago, does anyone know why that is?

    I've been reading this forum for a few weeks now, and I've found that some of you have got some really good deals. I'm hoping to hear from somebody in the So Cal area that with the same news....

  • I'm in the same boat as you it although it does look like they did add 4K down south I checked Longo Toyota. But I don't really see anybody getting 10K+ off MSRP. Hopefully people who have bought will chime in. I was actually looking at going down south and buying there. This month Toyota does not have any good financing. just the 4K.
  • shwaaagshwaaag Posts: 9
    Hmm. I'll check Longo's site...have you called and verified it? I sometimes think these car dealerships aren't very proactive with their websites...and is more of an afterthought (better have one up because corporate mandates it, or because the other dealership down the road has one up).

    Also, I've noticed when they were offering the incentive (on the Tundra) they advertised/negotiated as if the 4K was taken off the price of the vehicle, when really, the incentive is taken out AFTER tax/title/license (thanks CA) - telling you that you're paying 40K for a truck after rebate/incentive, but the cost is actually 44K. I find it a little underhanded...maybe it was just the dealership I was at. Hard to believe it was a simple "oversight" (as it was explained) for an "experienced" salesman not to mention up front, and only "clarified" after really pressing him for why the numbers didn't add up.

    Also, I've expanded my search to NorCal (Bay Area specifically - where I'm from originally) and I've found some really good deals on the Platinum 4x4 models, but the one in particular was a corporate demo with over 10K miles...not sure if I'd be willing to buy one of those even at the discount they're offering them at. But I'm not sure, and would appreciate any thoughts on that, or if anyone has bought a corporate demo and would like to share their experiences with it...

    Thanks again.
  • shwaaagshwaaag Posts: 9
    Actually, I just checked a few dealer sites down here (in the San Diego area) and it seems that a few are also listing the $4K rebate. I wonder if that's different than the "Manufacturer to Customer Incentive" they had on the Tundras? It would be nice to actually take 4K off the cost instead of getting the money back after taxes.

    I'm wondering if all dealers in SoCal are seeing this come up, and some are just slower in updating their site....?
  • Looks like Toyota has this offer as regional up in the SF Bay Area its only 3K. I wold like to see what people are paying. I got a quote from a SF dealer for $43888.00 on a $50890.00 MSRP. It should be better than this. The lease option is horrible right now on these, they really low balled the Residual value.
  • Any phone or internet quote you get will certainly not be the lowest they will go. Your job is to try to get to that magic number. It starts with you making an offer. For the Plat that I bought (list $50K, paid $38K), I offered $36K initially. After the usual back and forth, they finally settled on $38K. At the time, I said no because I wanted to look around. That was the first place I ahd checked so I had no isea if I could do better. After checking, I realized I could not. So I offered $38K and got it. There is no magic answer. You just have to start with an offer. It can be low but it has to be real. If they accept it, you are set.

    Looking back, that doesn't sound too helpful. Oh well.

  • shwaaagshwaaag Posts: 9
    Heh! I definitely understand the gist of what you're saying. However, a quick question for you, warwick, where in the heck did you get an MSRP of $50K on a PLATINUM? I can't even find a Limited here in SoCal for that! Every Platinum I've seen is right around 58K or 59K (MSRP that is).

    I just got a quote for a Limited 4x4 for 41K, but that's with the current rebate applied...
  • I understand as well warwickmon as that is the what most buyers will do that have done their research, which is why I have posed the question as to what CA buyers are paying, but I would have to agree where are you finding these prices on a PLATINUM in CA?
  • shwaaagshwaaag Posts: 9
    Sequoiahunter, how goes your search?

    I just got an initial "Internet Price" from DCH Toyota in SimiValley for $10K off the MSRP off a Limited. Also, have you heard about any rollout dates of the 2010 models of the Sequoia? I've heard rumblings of the new models rolling out in April (generally speaking that is, nothing specific about Sequoias). I figure that if we can hang off a little longer, with '08 inventory sitting on dealer lots, Toyota might sweeten the pot even further (and maybe even direct dealer discounts). While I don't think this is a very new idea, and was already mentioned earlier as a possible strategy in this forum...I think that the crippled auto industry is in uncharted waters here, and might be willing to take extraordinary measures to get vehicles into the driveways of consumers....but that could be me being optimistic...
  • Yes the search still continues. I heard the same thing about the 2010 arriving in April. I do see some dealers listing 09 in their inventory and I was thinking the same thing about holding out till then unless some can’t refuse deal comes up. The financing terms right now are horrible not to mention the leasing terms and the residual is in the tank well below 20K, maybe with all this money being pumped into the banking system will bring about better rates but you know how that goes. We’re the last benefit if we do in-fact benefit from what’s going on. Hopefully and it does seem that there is still a lot of 08’s in California.
  • Wow! Did I screw up. Sorry about the misinformation. I meant to say $60K (not $50K) and that I paid $42K with tradein. Assuming $6K for my trade in, I paid $48K. That's what happens when you type at 2 in the morning. Here is a link (Post 1491) to my previous post describing what I got and to my buying experience (Post 1475).

    Keep in mind that I live in MA. Pricing is very regional. Pricing in southern CA could be different. But if inventory is plentiful and not moving, you should be able to get a deal. $41K for a Limited 4x4 sounds pretty good.
  • shwaaagshwaaag Posts: 9
    Ah, thanks for clearing that up. I was going to ask you where you bought yours at because I would have flown across the country to pickup a Platinum for 38K!
  • I've decide to hold out as well until after April/May...The inventory in the SouthEast US for 2008's is still over 300. Until I see a 2010, I'm not convinced that Toyota is even going to truly resume making the car. The last thing I want to do is to pay for a 2008 in spring 2009 that has been discontinued. Not to mention, if they DO have new ones hit the lot in April/May, the price on the several hundred remaining 08's in my region has got to go down (especially if the Dow continues to plummet)-10K of MSRP should be just the start. I just feel like I could really throw alot of money out the window if I don't wait. I guess my risk is lack of availabiltiy, but my dealership looks like a ghost town. Do you agree sequoiahunter?
  • shwaaagshwaaag Posts: 9

    Even though you didn't ask me, I totally agree with you. If we really look at it, the '08's are two years old (model years that is). I'm also reluctant to pay even 10K less of MSRP for a vehicle that's essentially two years old. What I find really intriguing is that I've been able to find a couple of used '08 Sequoias that dealers are listing for the almost the same price as a new one....Of course everyone assumes that nobody would actually pay the list price for a used car, but the audacity to even list at these prices makes me scratch my head.

    I'm pretty confident Toyota isn't going to scrap the Tundra or Sequoia. In fact, Toyota already announced a few of the 2010 Tundra trims already (a work package and the Platinum). I doubt there will be any significant changes (if any) to the 2010 Sequoia, however, the lack of any news of a 2010 Sequoia does raise a flag with me. Also, I believe that the Tundra/Sequoia will someday have hybrid and/or diesel option, I don't believe it will be in 2010, as some forums suggest. With that said, I feel that Toyota will be producing 2010 Tundra/Sequoias, just not at the levels they produced in 2007/2008.

    So I'm with you, I'm going to be patient, and see how it all plays out. I've already considered the possibility of buying a used '08 Sequoia if I can find one with the options I want (assuming there aren't any new ones left on the dealer lots). Again, I agree with you about the risks of waiting. Another risk to consider is that dealerships will, undoubtedly, carry a lot less inventory during this whole economic mess. How that affects negotiating/bargaining power on the 2010's, or even '09's, remains to be seen. Just something to think about I guess.

    BTW, If you don't me asking, where'd did you get the 300+ for the Southeast from? I would like to know what the inventory for my area (San Diego - So Cal) is....
  • kingfans1kingfans1 Posts: 137
    hello I think you can get great deal on 2008 model sequoia.. 2009, 2010 models you are not going to get greal deal. ( since car company producing less car ).... anyone know when toyota going to offer 0% or 1.9 APR on sequoia???? I am ready to buy a sequoia SR5 4x4... I look nissan armada, and didn't like it.. ( not reliable as sequoia)..
  • Go to and search on Atlanta, GA. I tried it for your area, but it seems that the CA dealers have a different set up. At least if you try our region, you can see where my reference came from. (It will force you to pick a dealership, but you will still get the stats for the whole southeast region as you move forward in the site).

    Thanks for the validation on my thoughts....Maybe I'm not completely crazy after all...

    By the way, one of my local dealers is offering a 2008 Platinum DEMO for $10,000 off the MSRP of $56. It has almost 8,000 miles on it and has obviously had some pretty hard wear and tear. It shook pretty considerably when it drove which the salesperson said could be attributed to it being out of alignment....Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks that this is quite a bit for a USED car, as the offer has been up for weeks and the car is still there.

    By the way, if this car does not hit the lots in spring are you going to drop it from consideration....nosy question if you don't mind.....
  • shwaaagshwaaag Posts: 9
    Hmm, I'll definitely check out that site...thanks for the info.

    Also, to answer your depends. I'm certainly in no rush to buy a Sequoia today. If no new Sequoia model rolls out during the Spring, I think I might hold off until I get some news on what Toyota plans to do. I can certainly save myself a few thousand by picking up a Tundra (which is what I wanted originally), and so I may start looking at those again. However, the question is, at what price would I pick on up at? I mean the entire idea of waiting until April/May hoping that an 2010 model rolls out is to hope that they lower the prices even really I guess the question that should be asked, is at what price point would it take me to buy a Sequoia today?

    I think for the Limited 4x4 that I want, configured the way that I want it, it would have to be under $38K...

    At one point, I was trying to keep an open mind by looking at some domestics, but there's just no way...maybe in a few years when we know who's still around...

    BTW, I just don't think a demo/rental model is worth it. I'm almost certain you could get $10K off a non-demo model just by contacting the Internet/Fleet manager. I've been emailing dealers about prices and the least amount I've been able to get off is around 7K, the most being 10K...these being their initial offers (haven't countered yet), and probably safe to say that I'd be able to negotiate them down a bit further.

    It's funny that even with a vehicle with 10K miles on it, how much they still want for it, just because it hasn't been "titled"...but any way you look at it, you're buying a used car. Try buying a new car, putting that many miles on it, then turning it around and asking them for the same price they're asking for, they'd laugh at you..

    Anyway, hope that answers your question
  • odoxeyodoxey Posts: 2
    I have been in the same situation ya'll are in I am wanting to hold out until Toyota sweetens the deal. I have driven the Enclave, Armada, I don't even want to test drive a Tahoe. The Sequoia handles, rides, and has more room for passengers than any of the others. I live in East Texas and have been dealing with the local deal and have got on the internet and dealt with dealers from Dallas to Shreveport and from Mt Pleasant to Lufkin and everyone of them are pricing them roughly the same. MRSP from 48 to 52K (for limited) and pricing them to me for 42500 to 44100. I feel the same as ya'll that Toyota's incentives well get bigger currently $3K off, I am looking for 0% or 1.9APR. I well keep ya'll posted on any dealer that makes a better off as the month closes.
  • kingfans1kingfans1 Posts: 137
    me too. i am waiting for low apr like 0% or 1.9% finciancing.. i am ready to purchase a 08 sequoia sr5 4x4.. :)
  • tenekramtenekram Posts: 6
    Hi, I am new to this forum and find it very interesting, hopefully I am following the concept here which is replying to the previous post. Anyway, I, like many of you am anticipating the arrival of the 2010, which eventually will determine the future retail value of the 2008. I have been going through USAA to determine the price of 08 SR5 (4x2) in Raleigh, NC and Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The prices that I was quoted were averaging 27k and 28k. Do you think I should go with these prices, or hold on just a little longer.
  • odoxeyodoxey Posts: 2
    That seems like a great price, what is the USAA? Things can only get better if you what is what i am thinking, no one is just going to turn around the auto industry, I read an article on CNN Money about GM, Ford, and Toyota sells last month were down 40%.
  • mil001mil001 Posts: 6
    I have been looking the last three months. I started with the 0% financing deal trying to get a fully loaded LTD 4x4 (usually with MSRP around $56-57k) or Plat (usually 60-61k MSRP). I was trying to reach 15% off of MSRP with 0% and was getting close when 0% ended. I am not longer interested in a two year old car at those prices, but for the heck of it, I tried 20% off MSRP current models (same config, 4x4 loaded LTD or Plat). I was not able to achieve that. Thus, I am waiting for 0% to return or new models. No Rush.

    I have to say, I'm looking at Suburban LTZ, GMC Yukon XL Denali or Escalade ESV in a 2008 or 2009 used model. Those things dropped like a rock in the used market and I really do like the extra space behind the rear seats (but hate the non-flat seats). If I run across the right deal, I may go for it.
  • Has anyone seen a Limited configured with captain's chairs? It IS an option according to the 2008 brochure, but my dealer claims that there were not any in my region....Of course, my dealer also tried to sell me the Brooklyn Bridge....
  • dchellerdcheller Posts: 6
    Yes, they are around. Your dealer is wrong, same thing happened to me. Found one in MA last week but it didn't have Nav so I didn't buy it. MSRP - $50,757, selling for $40,908! Great deal...
  • How did you find one?
  • tenekramtenekram Posts: 6
    There are plenty in NC in the triangle area, Raliegh, Durham, Fayetteville Dealerships.
  • Limiteds? Really?
  • shwaaagshwaaag Posts: 9
    I've also seen Limiteds with the captains chairs around here too. I've been checking all the car sites, and periodically I'll see a few with that option...yes, on the LTD :)

    I've been looking on and
  • thollettthollett Posts: 2
    sorry if I missed doing my due diligence on the board, but can folks give me opinions on the following?

    08 LTD Sequoia, MSRP $51,973, is a demo still eligible for rebate but has about 3900 miles on it (has most everything the typical limited has except DVD, NAV with backup camera)

    Is $40,973 a good deal (this includes rebate)? If it were not a demo, I wouldn't really be asking. However, with all the dealers here in OH talking about how Toyota has stopped production, reducing future allocations, etc. I don't want to miss a good deal on a vehicle that everywhere else is coming in at the mid-$40's. Of course, everywhere else also means truly new and not a demo. Our dealers here all claim that they are doing well in spite of what the media is saying about sales down 40%.

    Thanks for any insights.
  • I don't think that is a great deal I have a problem with dealers calling demos new cars. New means new. 4000 miles is used and the price should reflect that. To me, $41K does not reflect that. But that is just my opinion. I would rather pay $45K for brand new than $42K for used. Like I have said before, good deal prices are a regional thing. Have you actually put an offer in for these cars you say are "coming in at the mid 40's". Try offering $43k (for a new one) and be adamant about not wanting a demo and see what happens. But be prepared to buy and I bet you get it. :)
  • You might want to go back and check out posts 1527-1530...many of us are considering waiting until April/May.....
  • 774774 Posts: 101
    Just heard on the news today Toyota sales down 50% world wide. Toyota is looking for help from their government. New Sequoias are almost two years old and are not selling.Inventory levels listed at 350 plus in the southeast. I would like to buy one but not without some real incetive to buy a two year old vehicle. I think 15,000 off sticker price would be a good starting price. 2008 Tundra inventory levels were listed at 2000 plus. I will wait for some real incentive to buy or wait for 2010 models.
  • thollettthollett Posts: 2
    Thanks for the helpful advice. We have decided to consider an SR5 we found at another dealer that is brand new and they are willing to sell for about $10,000 off msrp. It lacks a few amenities, but we have a neighbor who owns a local customization shop that can install the most important amenities the wife wants. The key features, such as towing, 4x4, sunroof, spoiler are all there and it's the color she wants. All about the looks for the wife. At any rate, this strikes me as a much more reasonable deal.
  • jerkyboyjerkyboy Posts: 2
    I know they are around, because I have one in my garage.
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