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Toyota Sequoia Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • What part of the country has a 4K rebate? We are pricing an sr5 with leather and saw a 1500 rebate. I am wondering if I should wait and see it toyota ups the rebate.

  • San Diego, where gas price is pushing $4/gal. If I am you I would consider flying to San Diego to buy a Sequoia and drive to home. You will save $2500. Let me know and I can give you contacts of the internet sales people that I have been dealing with.
  • please send me the contact info. thanks.
  • Shoot me an email. -
  • A lot of Vietnamese salesman in the area. You can deal with them if you prefer to speak in your own language. I don't think the dealers can sell these trucks nowaday when gas price is around $4.
  • I live to far - but love the rebate.

    This is what I have been offered. 33,995 (price includes 1500 rebate) Please tell me what you think.

    alloy wheels
    park pilot
    leather (not factory)
    bench seat
    roof rack
  • It's hard to calculate the right price because of the options. I was offered the SR5 without (alloy wheels and leather seats) for $28,000 (after $4000 rebate) . So, your options must worth $6000 to justify that price.
  • I went to dealer yesterday...choosing between this and Escalade for the wife.....Does anyone know what the invoice price to dealer is on a $55,034 sticker for a Limiited? Crazy as this sounds they could not find the paperwork on the vehicle.

    On an SR5 a sticker of $48,386 came to a $42,843 sticker which they said i could buy the vehicle at that price.....

    Also obviouldy the dealer is making money on the vehicle even selling it to me at invoice - does anyone know how much profit is built in for them?

    Thanks for your help.
  • Wow - they will sell at invoice price. That sounds almost identical to the one I got today. My invoice price and MSRP were within $200 of that. There is around $1000 holdback. I could look it up, but that is approx what they are still making. Or more if there is a document fee.

    Also just learned my SR5 has bluetooth. Now that I see how it works, I love it.
  • I am looking at the 08 Sequoia Limited 4X2 w/ Navigation at $40,359 out the door price (that includes, taxes of 7.75%, fees, etc)..... Does this sound like a fair price? I am in Las Vegas Nevada.
  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176
    Well, considering invoice price with tax added is just about $46,000, I would say it is impossible. Your dealer is taking a $4500 loss even after holdback is figured in.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    Are you sure he is not quoting a 2007 Sequoia Limited. That sounds too good to be true. If you like the truck and that is the price you best take it. If it is a 2007 it is not that great of a deal.
  • I am looking to lease (48 months/48,000 miles) or purchase an 08 Sequoia Limited sticker $50,500...anyone have any lease or purchase prices? Think the dealers are unaware that the economy is in a recession?
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    Think the dealers are unaware that the economy is in a recession?

    You have to remind them of it. Be ready to walk out the door if they are not willing to get close to invoice. Better yet email all the dealers and tell them you want an email with their best price, no nonsense tolerated.
  • >>Think the dealers are unaware that the economy is in a recession?

    Or that gas is over $3 a gallon and NO ONE is buying gas guzzlers unless they can write it off . . .
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    I wouldn't necessarily say "NO ONE is buying gas guzzlers unless they can write them off". There's still plenty of Ferraris, Land Rovers and Escalades being purchased that have nothing to do with business yet still meet the needs of their owners. In the bigger scheme of things the cost of gas is somewhat irrelevant when purchasing luxury SUVs.

    If the average buyer of these types of vehicles drives 12,000 miles a year and gets 15mpg then the difference in fuel cost between $3/gal and $4/gal is $800 (12,000/15mpg X $1.00 = $800). An additional $66/month in fuel cost is really not a factor in purchasing these vehicles when you consider the cost of fuel for the boat towed by a Sequoia or the feed and vet bills for the horse towed by an Escalade.

    What higher gas does is help people to make more prudent decisions about the vehicle they "really" need for their lifestyle. Those potential buyers that don't really need or want this type of vehicle may purchase a more modest size SUV, but I wouldn't go so far as to say the only buyers of "gas-guzzlers" are those that can "write it off". I know I'm purchasing a Platinum Sequoia and the tax consequences and fuel costs were non factors in my decision-making.

    The fuel for luxury SUVs is hardly a consideration for the typical buyer of these vehicles. If a buyer is financially concerned about $800 higher annual fuel costs, then the buyer is probably not able to afford a $50,000-$75,000 luxury SUV and the insurance that goes with it.

    If they're able to write the vehicle expense off, that's a bonus. If they aren't, it's not likely to be a factor in deciding whether or not to purchase the vehicle that best meets their lifestyle needs.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    You are correct. I wanted an SUV that gets 25-30 MPG on the highway. They are not offered in CA for sale. So I bought a Sequoia. I would not give up the safety and comfort of a large SUV because of high priced fuel Mine and my wife's comfort and safety are foremost. It had nothing to do with write-offs as we are retired. Most of the SUVs I see are family vehicles. Some may be business related. Not many I would guess.

    One thing the insurance on our 2007 Sequoia Limited 4WD, is $400 per year less than our 2005 Passat wagon. I believe it is less because it has a better safety rating by the insurance institute than most all of the sedans.
  • Look at the data. Suv sales are in a tailspin. That's why the companies that have made them either (1) make fewer or (2) offer incentives.
  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176
    Toyota knew that and is not making that many of them. For me I needed something over 6000 GRVW to get the tax credit. The Sequoia actually cost me less than if I bought a Highlander. It is like getting free gas for the first 60,000 miles.
  • Tampa dealer's internet sales dept asking for MSRP of around $50,500 on purchase of a Limited 4x2 or lease for $800 per month including tax (7%) for 48 mos and 48,000 miles and $1500 start up...told them I can wait/no rush and that making $6000 on the truck not realistic.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    I'm not sure what "SUV sales in a tail spin" has to do with whether tax write-offs are a significant driver of Luxury SUV sales. My view is that a tax write-off is a relatively minor factor to the buyer of a luxury SUV. Seems like you're off on a tangent, but I'll play along.

    Actually, car sales for 2007 are down by mid-single digits. If you include x-over SUVs, then SUV sales are actually up by 3.7% in 2007. Of the large SUV types, the luxury SUVs are down the least at -2.7% over 2006 and are down less than cars. This supports the argument that the sale of luxury SUVs are somewhat immune to gas prices however the non-luxury large SUVs have been sharply reduced. This is a good thing since it means that the price of gas is helping folks to buy the type of vehicle they "need" not necessarily the "image they want" (unless money isn't a significant factor in their buying decision). This has resulted in the sharp increase of small and x-over SUVs at the expense of mid and large non-luxury SUVs.
  • Large SUV sales are down 25% from a year ago. What you need to know is what % of people who buy these things write 'em off. Probably a bigger % now than 12/06 but I don't know.

    But whatever.
  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176
    I bought it to write off. Over 6000lb GWVR and you get like a $25,000 writeoff in the first year which makes an SR5 loaded Sequoia 5.7 4x4 cheaper than a Highlander. I wanted a full-size anyway given what I had to move, but I was worried about the gas consumption. When I factored in the writeoff it made it silly to get the smaller one as the savings on this is enough to buy 60,000 miles worth of gas.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    Its a nice bonus when you can write-off the expense of a large SUV. I just don't think the business tax- write-off comes in to play for most folks when buying a luxury suv. No facts to support my opinion, however I'd be curious if anyone else purchased a luxury suv and if the tax write-off for business purposes was a major factor?
  • What dealer made you that offer?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    It's not just writing off the expense.. Every business can do that, with any car..

    It's the special accelerated write-off for vehicles that have a GVWR of over 6000 LBs.. A business can save an extra $10K in income taxes in the first year, over a comparably priced vehicle that doesn't qualify..

    For those luxury SUVs that have that 6000+ lb. GVWR rating, it probably doubles their sales.. (IMHO.. ;) )

    You gotta love those special tax rules... :surprise:



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    So you think have of the large suvs sold in the US are purchased by business owners that are taking the acclerated write-off for vehicles over 6000lbs? My gut tells me that its probably more like 10% of the sales of SUVs over 6000lbs, not 50%, but I have no facts to support it other than large SUV sales seem to be very influenced by gas prices (sales were off 9.2% in 2007 for large SUVs).

    If half the large SUV sales were to business owners that were taking the accelerated tax write-off, I would think that large SUV sales would not be influenced that much by gas prices.
  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176
    "If half the large SUV sales were to business owners that were taking the accelerated tax write-off, I would think that large SUV sales would not be influenced that much by gas prices."

    The road is floaded with giant SUVs and gas prices have been in the news for a few years. Part of this is that gas prices are just not high enough yet and the news complains about it more than the buyers of SUVs really care. Part of it is the tax bonus. I actually forgot about the tax bonus when I decided to get a full size so I cannot say that was the reason for me but then I remembered about the tax bonus and realized that the Sequoia would cost me less than a Highlander. That made it a no-brainer.
  • amheck1amheck1 Posts: 44
    could anyone put the 6000-lb truck tax deduction in laymans terms, or maybe provide a link to something that explains it well? Trying to convey the info to my wife. Does it apply to leases, too, or just purchases?
  • amheck1amheck1 Posts: 44
    sstampa, try Stadium Toyota. We bought our 4Runner from there, and I contacted them about a Sequoia and they said $500 over invoice. He said it was because we'd be returning customers, but hey, it never hurts to ask......
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