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Toyota Sequoia Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lumber2lumber2 Posts: 184
    Vinyl and leather react differently when pressed with say a finger. Vinyl (typically used even in leather equipped cars for the side of the seats) when pressed compresses evenly. Leather gets "wrinkled"
  • chetgchetg Posts: 3
    ">Is 31,700 your Invoice price for the 05 SR5? I'm curious cause I'm in the process of buying one except a lighter color here in arizona. What's your sales tax rate in FL? pls reply asap? -chet-
  • chetgchetg Posts: 3
    Sounds like u got a good deal. Did u mean $29,500 + TTL+fees.?
  • lumber2lumber2 Posts: 184
    Going out this weekend. Shortlisted to Sequoia and one other.
    What prices are people paying for sr5s with leather and the other typical options that come on those vehicles?
    Most Sr5s seem to be with fabric now, and Ltds coming with leather. Suspect thats part of the stealers plans to increase revenue.
  • amatuamatu Posts: 4
    I have a quote for the following:

    Sequoia Limited RWD
    NV: Navigation with JBL AM/FM CD player and ten speakers
    RL: Daytime Running Lights
    GY: Side Curtain Air Bags
    EJ: JBL 3-in-1 Premium Combo w/6-Disc CD Changer w/10 Speakers
    RF: Rear Spoiler
    Extra Mile Option Package E
    DVD Pre-Wire
    Exterior Body Color: Silver Sky Metalic
    Interior Color: Charcoal

    Price: $41400 After Rebates + TTL
    Drive-out Price $44200 (Texas New Car Tax is 6.25%)

    Is this a good price? Everything seems to be an option with Toyota. I am more used to Honda that has limited options.
  • amatuamatu Posts: 4
    The EJ option was removed!!! --- apparently in conflict with the NV option.
  • fsp38fsp38 Posts: 2
    hi,i'm new in is forum,i'm planning on to buy one,i'm in san francisco,can anyone tell me what prices and the dealer go to.Thank's
  • jmurfree1jmurfree1 Posts: 1
    I am in Atlanta and plan to purchase a 2005 Limited 2WD with the following options:
    1) Luxury Package
    2) Navigation
    3) Front and side curtain airbags
    4) Rear spoiler
    5) Daytime running lights
    6) Arctic Frost Pearl color(special paint cost of $200)
    7) Tinted windows
    8) Toyoguard Protection Plus

    I was quoted $40, 952 (includes $1000 rebate) plus $399.00 doc. fee, $41.00 tag and title fee. Drive Out price of $44, 278.32 (includes 7% tax). This turns out to be about $125 over invoice. Which I think is more than fair. Toyota dealers get about 4% holdback so they are not losing money and the sales people do eat. For Toyota, it is about volume. The dealer is Sandy Springs Toyota. They have been very cooperative. Also, when looking to purchase a Toyota, look for a dealer who has been awarded the Toyota President's Award. It recognizes that dealership to have excelled in customer saatisfaction in sales and service. :)
  • arnieharnieh Posts: 2
    Has anyone out there had any experience with this delaership in Orange County, CA? They have a Certified Preowned Sequoia 4x4 Limited offered at $36K. I called the dealership to schedule a test drive. they confirmed that the car was still available and the saleperson went an "touched the card with his own hands" I dragged my entire family in to learn that the General Sales manager of the dealership had loaned the car out to his family who was in from Boston and that it would be available the next day (could they not afford a rental car?). The next day, and the day after that passed. The dealership offered to bring the car to our house which is just a few minutes away, but then rescinded and said that they couldnt make any commitments. Is this typical?
  • tanakasantanakasan Posts: 7
    4x4s are harder to come by here in So. Cal. I went to Fresno (400 mi r/t) for my 05 ltd 4x4.

    Sounds like a "get you to come on in and we'll sell you something" deal. Until you see and touch the car, does it exist?

    They want to sell you an 05. Its late in the model year. A 2wd for the same $$. Call and see if they even have any 4x4s. I doubt it.

    I did find an internet dealer willing to sell me an 05 2wd ltd for $36k. Nice! But 4x4...lots tougher to find and deal. At least here.

    Good luck with your hunt!
  • gina171gina171 Posts: 4
    Just bought a Toyota Certified Used Sequoia in the Atlanta area. 2003, 30K miles, SR5, 4 wheel drive, leather, power sunroof, running boards, 3-in-1 stereo, roof rack, curtain airbags, power driver and passenger seats, jade green with the smoke/black chrome package (looks extremely nice!), dual AC, trailer hitch, tinted windows, bug guard (so much on it that it's almost a Limited), 30K Servicing already completed, 4 brand new gorgeous, huge Michelin tires....and the dealers don't budge on price at all for the Certified Toyotas. Pretty arrogant at times. Paid $32,900 for it. Had them drive it to my mechanic pre-purchase for an inspection, worth every penny ($100) for the mechanical peace of mind. Was able to get a 7yr/100K Toyota Platinum Warranty (with no deductible) for an additional $760, which will also provide enormous peace of mind....especially after reading some of these forums!
    I know we did not get a great deal, but for Atlanta, it was a fair price. And how long would we have to wait before a Certified Used Sequoia loaded with all the stuff we wanted showed up again on a dealer's lot? Like I said, it was a fair price, just a bit below what Edmund's said we should have paid. So far we are thrilled with the vehicle, satisfied with the price. If this Sequoia performs half as well as our 2000 Sienna has, we will be very, very happy!
    What are other folks paying for comparably loaded, 4-wheel drive 2003 Sequoias?
  • gina171gina171 Posts: 4
    So, it seems that the 4 wheel drive option is what makes dealers less willing to budge on price? That was certainly our experience, but I was surprised that this one option would make them so inflexible on price. Especially with the 2006's coming out soon.
    Can anyone confirm that the 4 wheel drive really does make the price much more expensive, and dealers less likely to bargain?
  • lumber2lumber2 Posts: 184
    4wd does make a vehicle more expensive, but less willing to negotiate? I don't think so....
  • mavricmavric Posts: 1

    I am currently shopping for a 05 Limited, 4x4 with read dvd, airbags etc... We were looking at the Nav system but do not want the 2nd row buckets. One dealer told us that the nav system is only available with the lux pkg on the Limited (He happens to have a limited coming in with out the nav system).. So is he just trying to steer me to the vehicle coming in or is it true that to get the nav system, you have to get the lux pkg?
  • tanakasantanakasan Posts: 7
    Here in So. Cal, its true. For every 4x4, there must be 100 2wd. Or more. Not much wiggle room if there are not any other trucks available. Dealer know what others have in stock. SR5/2wd tons. Ltd/2wd-tons. Here in L.A. county, most people are looking for loaded ltds...nav/dvd/lux, lux, lux. I went North 200 miles to get my 4x4.

    Once you get to Ltd/4x4, next (and usually last) step up is nav/dvd/lux pkg-usually all or none. Thats why I jumped on my ltd w/o dvd/nav/lux. 6CD, side curtain, everything but nav/dvd/lux. Nav would be nice, but needed dvd and already included lux-console and buckets a no go for me. I have a 61" home theater and doubt if my wife or I would ever sit in the 2nd row to watch a movie.

    Mavric probably could special order but your "dealing hand" goes even further south!
  • arnieharnieh Posts: 2
    it's alot less about the price than about the service. When a dealer offers a quote on a car that is at the lot then i expect it to be there. When they offer to bring it to my house and then rescind that offer, then I wonder if they're just playing games. Negotiation becomes alot easier if you decide what you want and how much you want to pay for it. Finding a dealer with good business ethics seems alot more difficult. I'd avoid Elmore Toyota at all costs. Power Toyota of irvine and Toyota of Orange seem much more reputable
  • mab4mab4 Posts: 1
    I want to report on a horrible experience I just had with Atlantic Toyota in Amityville, Long Island. I received an internet quote from them on a 2005 Toyota Sequoia, and after a bit of negotiation by phone and e-mail, we agreed on a price of $47,360 for a fully loaded Limited 4x4 (DVD, Nav, Luxury package, etc.). I had the price confirmed in e-mail with approval of the Internet manager. To make a long story short, when I went into the dealership (45 minutes drive from my home), they reneged and refused to sell the vehicle for less than $51k. And they were nasty - it was as if the customer just doesn't matter. Rather than apologize, the salesperson and internet manager refused to argue with the dealership manager, and I was ultmately offered the demo model for the agreed price. Needless to say, I walked out on this obvious bait and switch scam. I drove over to Millenium Toyota in Hempstead, did a similar deal (paid a few more bucks) but could not have received better service - they were great.

    Needless to say, I would recommend that all Toyota purchasers stay very clear of Atlantic Toyota in Amityville. They are unethical and downright nasty. please do not give them your business.
  • jmq0821jmq0821 Posts: 1
    I have been looking for the same thing and ran in to the same problem. We just moved from Dallas, Texas (Gulf States Toyota Distributor) to Atlanta, GA (Southeast Distributor) and found out that the Southeast Distributor does not like to order Navigation without the luxury package. In Texas, it was easier to find. So, we are having to give up the navigation system to get the 2nd row bench seat. We should have bought the Sequoia over there instead of waiting to move to GA.
    You have to special order it if you want Nav and Bench seat in the second row in the Southeast.
    Just curious, what kind of price are you getting? The best deal I have found is the following:

    4X2 Limited with 2nd row bench seat and the following options for $41,000

    Side Airbags
    DVD (10.4 Dropdown)
    Rearview Camera Mirror
    Rear Spoiler
    Sunroof wind deflector
    Molded Dash Applique
    Window Tint (in front windows)
    Daytime Running Lights
    Interior Light Package
    Carpet Mats
    Custom Pin Stripe

    Is this a good deal?

  • I am looking to buy a Sequoia LTD 4x4 in the very near future and was wondering if anyone on this board can help me out with info on price they've paid for a similar one. Any local dealers you would recommend?
  • sifi_007sifi_007 Posts: 10
    I got mine for $1,015 below invoice. It was a pretty good deal. Mine includes:
    - Sports package
    - Convinience Package
    - 6 CD changer
    - Running Boards
    - Tow hitch
    - Roof rack
    - Privacy Glass
    Its a great vehicle. My wife loves it. Especially when she got it for the lowest possible price. Invoice: $35,949, got it for 34,934!!!
  • krajkraj Posts: 4
    I am being quoted $37,000 for 2005 Sequoia SR5 4x4 with the following options

    AG : Alloy Package # 2 ( Includes Privacy Glass )
    DJ : JBL -> 10 speaker
    GY : Curtain and Side Airbags
    CQ : Convenience Package ( Compass, outside temp, garage )
    KE : Keyless Entry
    DR : Roofrack
    RL : Running day lights
    E5 : Exhaust Tip By Valor

    Is this a good price ? What would be appropriate for this ?
  • sifi_007sifi_007 Posts: 10
    Contact several dealers via email or fax and see what their offers are. Usually they'll bid for your business. Thats how I got my 05 Sequoia SR5 4x4 for $5,000 off MSRP, and $1,015 below invoice. Good luck.
  • lk888lk888 Posts: 3
    does any one know if I can purchase a new SR5 with Navigation system? It seems only the Limit come with the Nav option but I think the Limit is way too expensive. I'm in Connecticut and about 1 hour from New York City. I'm looking for the following options: 4x4, 3rd row seat, side airbag, roof rack, tow hitch, moon roof and the nav system. Thank you.
  • You can, but no one appears to stock them at all. Atleast not in NY (Long Island).
    I just picked up my SR5 yesterday and I really wanted NAV and DVD like I had in my Lexus. Not one dealer I went to could even get it for me.
    I'm putting it all in aftermarket. Gonna get a nice Alpine setup. I have a local installer that has done tons of work for me that gives me good deals and does good work. It'll cost me about $4k, but it should end up being nicer than the factory stuff.
    I think the NAV alone is about $2000. Two dealers actually told me to do it myself and one told me they would do it for me but with aftermarket products.
  • I got a 2006 4x2 LTD with the following options

    D0 (Extra mile Option Package D)
    EX - 10.4 DVD
    P4 - Vehicle Shield package

    for 41,800.
    No one in Dallas FortWorth area could beat this price or come close to this.
    Let me know if someone needs info on Dealership.
  • Ok, I guess I won't be able to get the SR5 4x4 with Nav. Could someone please provide me a good dealer/deal in NY, CT, NJ area for a 2005 SR5 4x4 with 3rd row seat, moonroof, running board, towing package and etc. etc.? Krusty46, may I know your purchase price and dealer? May I also have your installer contact info, I may do the same thing as you to install an aftermarket Nav after purchasing.

    Thanks a lot.

    Also, does anyone know if dealer is willing to give more discount for a truck like Sequoia with the current oil price?
  • I am looking for a similar 2006 Seq with Nav in Austin/Houston/Dallas area. Please send me the dealer info if it is allowed in this board.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 62,993
    Sure... dealer names and city/state are allowed...

    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.



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  • I got mine from Toyota of FortWorth. They had given by far the best deal in DFW area.
  • Hi. It sounds like you got a great deal, but your reference to salespeople being able to eat couldn't be more incorrect. A typical selsperson at a dealership doesn't ever get paid off of holdabck. That is designed to cover expenses, such as lights, lot damage, etc. Salespeople in all my years, I would say about 90% of the time get paid at between 25-40% commission on any amount you pay over invoice. If that amount is less than $100, then the dealer pays them waht is called a "mini". Which is $100 pay for selling you a $50,000 vehicle.
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