Need some tips/advices on making a new purchase!!

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**Hi guys, I looked around online for some of the best forums regarding automobiles and came in as one of the top websites out there so here I am!

I currently drive a 08 Mazda 3 GS Sedan, its been very good to me and I couldn't complain a whole lot with its affordable fuel economy. BUT I think it is time for me to let her go and start looking around for a new vehicle. My budget is $15,000 ( I am a Student ) I have been looking at some used MK5 Jetta GLIs, G35 Coupes and as well as some MK5 GTIs from VW. I've found a lot of these 3 vehicles on kijji and auto trader within my budget but a lot of them have around 130,000km-180,000kms. Out of the 3 which would you recommend for a dailydriver? Also I know I can buy a Mazdaspeed 3 but I already own a Mazda and its not very appealing for me to go and buy another Mazda... any opinions/inputs and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

*If you have any other vehicles to recommend looking into please let me know as well. Cheers.**


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    Well I'll jump in here briefly. I'm not keen on miled-up VWs as paragons of reliability. How about a Honda Si----fun, fast, great shifter but somewhat crummy interior.

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    @Mr_Shiftright said:
    Well I'll jump in here briefly. I'm not keen on miled-up VWs as paragons of reliability. How about a Honda Si----fun, fast, great shifter but somewhat crummy interior.

    Thanks for your reply! I have a friend who currently drives an Si and personally I'm not digging the vehicle a whole lot. Just out of curiosity, why do you say the used VWs wouldnt be the best idea? Thanks again.

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    oops i tried to quote what you wrote and accidentally wrote my comment in the quote box, sorry I'm still new to this ! @Mr_Shiftright‌

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    Used VWs are pricy... We were shopping and just gave up, because of the value proposition.

    Spending $12K-$14K on a car that was expensive when new, is almost always going to be more expensive than you think... those cars will have a lot of miles, and usually require a lot of maintenance and repair. A G35 coupe might be more reliable than the VW, but they use a lot of fuel..

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    I had a G35, and I enjoyed owning it and it was a very reliable vehicle. However, it has a couple of downsides. As kyfdx mentioned, it's not light on fuel. Also, it chewed through rear brakes and rotors pretty regularly. And, consumables/repair items are pricier than they're likely to be on your Mazda. Check the tires, because my replacement cost was pretty expensive.
    It had some oddities as well, like you couldn't possibly change a burned out headlight bulb yourself. It actually took a local repair shop (non-Infiniti) about an hour to figure out how to do it.
    I'm not trying to dissuade you, because as I said, I enjoyed owning the vehicle, but I do want to prepare you for some of the added costs of "premium" brand ownership.

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    Thanks guys for your input! Yeah I've been doing more researching and reading and I feel like even buying these used high end cars will still cost me a lot to maintain..I may have to stick with Mazdas and maybe invest in a speed3 instead. I just wanna have some fun with a car and at the same time not have to drain my pocket trying to maintain it.. you guys think a speed3 would be the better choice? Thanks again.

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