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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Why not? Toyota's offering $1000 rebate on 2006 Camrys.
  • gtgraygtgray Posts: 22
    Has anyone added XM or Sirius to their Maxima after purchasing it? The 2004 -2006 radio is already set up for satellite radio control. I was wondering what people paid to add it. Thanks.
  • dashbbdashbb Posts: 119
    Bought a brand shiny new 2006 Maxima SE last weekend for $1000 below factory invoice from Continental Nissan (Chicago suburbs).
    MSRP: $28,620
    Invoice: $26,173
    Paid: $25,173
    Excellent car!! :)
  • i just wanted to know what kind of end of year clearance deals are being given on the 05 maximas. is anyone getting invoice plus rebate off?
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Good luck on finding any/many 2005 Maxs around. My local dealers only have 2006s.....
  • i just wanted to know what kind of end of year clearance deals are being given on the 05 maximas. is anyone getting invoice plus rebate off?

    Unfortunately, it appears that Nissan has currently ended their incentives on both 05 and 06 Maximas. During October they were offering a $1750 rebate on 05s and $1000 on 06s or low interest financing offers.

    There are still a few 05s around here (Puget Sound/Western WA), but they are definitely becoming fewer and farther in between.

    We purchased one of the last remaining 2 new 05s at a local dealer, a Liquid Silver SE with Driver Preferred Package, Sunroof, Floor/Trunk Mats, Splash Guards, and Chrome Wheels on 10/29.
    MSRP $34,290
    Invoice $30,900
    Dealer quoted $29,999 over the phone
    - $1750 facory rebate
    $28,249 + T&L
    $30,880 out the door.
  • Hi every one
    I'm new here, can any one tell me what the different between the SE & SL
    And any one out there have opion how much for 06'MAXIMA if I buy how much I will pay for that.
    the option (Liquid Silver SE with Driver Preferred Package, Sunroof, rear spoile, floor&Trunk Mats,splash Guards)The sticker price $32,565.00 in the dealer ( I live in PENNSYLVANIA)
  • Just leased a 2006 Nissan Maxima I'm having them install a remote starter. Has anyone had experience with this? Is it worth it?
  • is this a good deal

    2006 maxima sl
    ext. spirited bronze
    int. caffee lattee
    nissan navagational system
    power sunroof
    driver preffered package
    blue tooth hands free
    splash guards
    carpeted trunk and floor mats

    he said that with the rebate 30,800 and i was reasponsible for the title and tags. i just want to make sure my wife test drove it and fell in love im in iraq and not at home to deal so i have to take his word and make sure that my wife is not getting beaten. i dont really have a lot of time on the comp to look things up but i typed in the questioin and it sent me to this forum any help will be greatly appreciated.
  • Hi, I'm driving a 2006 se right now and going back to the dealer tonight. The Se is a sport model 18" wheels really great a little rough ride, the Sl is a larger car 17" wheel smoth ride; it comes w/wood trim standard ugly. But they can get it w/crome. I'm having problems w/the dealer(sales) not Nissan this car I've been driving for a week; tire going flat will not give me a new tire.

    Good luck
  • Thank you for reply
    As of today I have 2 dealer offer me $28,877.00 + T & L
    for SE with option
    Packages and Options

    Power Glass Sunroof $900

    Driver Preferred Package $3650

    3.5 SE Sensory Package Incl.

    Bluetooth® Hands-Free Phone System Incl.

    Rear Spoiler Incl.

    Splash Guards $130

    3.5 SE Premium Audio Package Incl.


    Carpeted Floor & Trunk Mats $160

    Base MSRP $27,750.00

    Total Packages, Options, & Accessories $4,840.00

    Destination & Handling $605.00

    Total Configured MSRP† $33,195.00
    You think good deal for this car.
  • Nissan is currently giving $1,250 cash back on the Maxima. Can I get this I lease the car or is it only available if I purchase the car?
  • Just bought a 06 SE MSRP $31240 for $28419 plus 194 doc fee and sales tax and tag
    I leased for 36 months, $344.30 (inc tax) for 36 months
    I added $1900 cash up front so total amount due at signing $2931. Purchased outside Atlanta GA.
  • 2006 Nissian Maxima SE MRSP $27750
    splash guards,mats,rear spoler with options listed MRSP $28890. Dealer invoice $26380 neg price 26880- rebate $1250 Finally price after rebate $25630
  • Our family owns 2002 GLE. We like it a lot.

    In market to replace my car (Integra). Really like the Maxima's power and interior features. Saw the price and we jumped back.

    Don't get me wrong. Maximas are great cars but, fully loaded Maxima SL (other than Nav.), you are looking at TL and ES330 price range (with $1,000). Not to mention the price range of G35.

    Why did the price jump $6,000 from the 2002 model?
  • Still waiting on the car to come in from the factory (next week sometime). I put down $250 to secure my name to the car when it comes in. Haven't signed papers yet, but here are the details of the deal we struck.

    '06 Maxima SL
    Bluetooth system
    Splash Guards
    Floor mats
    MSRP = $31,195
    Cap Cost = $28617 (Invoice + $100)
    Lease Terms = 36 months/12K miles
    Residual = 58%
    Money Factor = .00176
    Cash Down = $3000
    Cap cost reduction (after fees and taxes on CCR) = $1682.44
    Pre tax monthly payment = $324.85
    After tax (9.1%) monthly payment = $354.41

    Thoughts on my deal? I normally hate putting money down on a lease, but I really wanted to keep my payments at $350/month. Obviously I can still back out as I haven't signed any papers, so I'd love to hear feedback on this. I'm also interested in hearing about everyone elses's experience with dealer/NMAC fees and if they were able to negotiate any of them down. Here's the breakdown of why my cap cost reduction was reduced from $3000 to $1682.44.

    $3000 : Cash down
    - 354.41 : First month payment
    - 175.00 : License fee
    - 35.00 : Doc fee (basically a dealership filing fee)
    - 550.00 : NMAC lease admin fee
    - 203.15 : Tax on my down payment
    = 1682.44: Actual cap reduction

  • leirexleirex Posts: 50
    I just got this 06 SL (Liquid Silver with black interior) for $28600 before $1500 rebate & taxes/fees. $351 below invoice price which is $28951. It seems that price has gone up recently, say $150 as some site reported $150 more than it used to be.
  • anycallanycall Posts: 10
    Two days ago I purchased 06 Maxima SL with Driver Peferred Package for $27150 after $1500 rebate. I was trying to see if I can get 05 for little more savings but not may left around her I guess.... Do you think I got pretty good deal or I could've gotten better?
  • plapla Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I would just like to say that I own a 04 Maxima SE. I bought it brand new when they first came out in June of 03 (mistake). I think I paid like $29,800 for it. Now because of this, I will take a cut in value when I go to sell it because it appears it has high miles, (actually has 32,300), but since I got it half way into 03, it looks like high mileage. It's in excellent condition though. The only reason it has 32,300 miles is because it's been to Tenn (from Okla) like 5 times. If it wasn't for that, it would probably only have about 20,000 miles.

    I will never buy another "new" car again. I will take a major depreciation on this car when I go to sell it. From now on, I will only buy a used newer model with low mileage.

    I would recommend this to anyone buying a "new" car.

    I am not 100% happy with my maxima. I just wish I would have drove the car for like a week instead of 15 mins before I bought it. Rough ride, horrible turning radius. But I do LOVE the getty up it has and the look!

    FYI for anyone who wants to listen: Don't buy new and drive the car for at least several days before you buy. Even if you have to, rent one first.
  • gabejgabej Posts: 4
    Yesterday I purchased an '05 SE with floormats and wheel locks. MSRP is 27500. After rebate purchase price of 23,995.

    Is this a good deal? :confuse:

  • gabejgabej Posts: 4
    I forgot to mention that it's the six speed manual transmission. I love it!

    Did I get a good deal?

  • Did you do the lease? I'm going to the dealer on Sat 2/18 to look at an 06 Max Sl. Did yours have power moon roof?
    Anyone else with #'s on simalar Max?
  • gabejgabej Posts: 4
    My 05 was a purchase. It doesn't have a sunroof.
  • Well if you look a few post up you will see that I got a brand new Max, with the same features you described for even less.
  • gabejgabej Posts: 4

    You got a lot more stuff with yours but you paid 2500 more than I did. I paid 23995. It seems like we both did well.

  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    2006 SL w/ Nav,, Bluetooth, Driver Preferred, Power Roof, Carpeted Mats and Splash Guards.

    MSRP - 34545
    Invoice - 31428
    Price Quoted Before Rebate - 32078

    Any thoughts on whether I should be able to get down to invoice or below?

    I'm also getting $13k trade on an '03 Maxima SE w/ 45k miles, cloth interior. That includes paying off $5500 that I still owe on it.

    I feel like I'm getting a great trade, but not sure I've gotten my best overall deal yet. Any thoughts on what I should be able to get in the end? Car won't hit the lot until 3/24 so I've got some time.
  • That's a good deal Poodog13

    I got a sweet deal on my 06 SE- $30,000
    I paid way under invoice as it was the end of the year when I bought it. The Dealers are desperate for sales.

    Power Glass Sunroof

    Driver Preferred Package

    Splash Guards


    XM SAT


    Carpeted Floor & Trunk Mats
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    Anyone heard yet about what changes are coming in March?
  • bigtightbigtight Posts: 4
    I have not heard any specific's; however, the Nissan Maxima rebates usually range from $1200-$1500. As I am in the market and was at a dealership earlier today, I asked a salesperson about the March 2006 rebates. At the time, he was not privy to the information, but he did state he would not be surprised if the rebate was in the range of $1700-$1750.
  • citymomcitymom Posts: 8
    2006 SL
    red oplence
    biege leather
    $2650 down
    12k yr
    36 months
    $589 month + tax.....
    cave price of car $35000 including GA taxes...

    I gave them assumption i have a 630 credit score....
    I also owe about $4500 on chrysler lease...they said they would write me a check for that amoutn, but no one could answer if that was rolling into my new payments.......

    Isnt that alot of money a month for a dang maxima?
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