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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kronykrony Posts: 110
    that helps...thinking $8000 tops given I could be spending at leat a hundred or two a month to keep it going plus it'll be worth $6000 in another couple years. Still a bit concerned about reliability...I may pass on it...
  • Bought a new 2007 SE today with Dealer Preferred Package, trunk & floor mats and colored splashguards. MSRP = $32,725, Invoice = $29,748, Sales Price = $27,700. This was a $5025 discount off MSRP or $2048 under invoice, after $1500 in rebates. (I also negotiated a trade of a 1999 Ford Contour at $3700, which I thought was generous, so the net purchase price was $24,000 + tax, title, license and the inescapabe 'service fee' of $99; they also threw in wheel locks and paint protection at no charge.) This was an end of year deal in Milwaukee, WI (Gordie Boucher Nissan, December 30, 2006), but I thought $27,799 before TTL was a good price on a 2007 Maxima equipped this way, with a $32,824 MSRP (including the service fee). Though it took most of Saturday to get the deal done, the experience overall was pleasant and professional, with competent sales staff.
  • dat2dat2 Posts: 251
    Why you so concerned about reliability? I think a used Max is a very reliable car if it's maintained properly. You should expect to spend a few hundred dollars a few times a year to replace sensors, plus the usual wear items. The clutch should be good for another 50k unless it was abused. You can tell a lot about the car during a test drive, especially the way the shifter and clutch interact, whether or not it's been abused. This should be a really sweet car to drive! Remember that it cost over 30g new, too.
  • kronykrony Posts: 110
    Always have trouble spending close to $10K on a car with 100K...just never know what abuse it's had...especially on a Maxima that can burn 2 or 3 gears of rubber. I didn't care for the way it shifted so decided to pass on it.
  • dat2dat2 Posts: 251
    maybe good you passed on it, sounds like it may have had some issues.
  • I negotiated a lease deal with a $4000 capital cost reduction at 2 years with payments on $169 a month. They are giving me 12,000 miles per year, I can purchase the vehicle for $19,000 at the end of the lease. Is this a good deal or should I shop around? This car is a Maxima SE without any other dealer options.
  • icepigicepig Posts: 1
    I have been shopping around for a week and I settled for this:
    I leased a 2007 Maxima SE Sensory pkg at a Star nissan in NY

    $0 down (1st month, tax, doc fee)
    24 months
    15k miles
    $380 monthly
    2 year free- oil change
    Did I get a good deal?
  • cmyawncmyawn Posts: 43
    My wife and I just leased a new 2007 Maxima SE, with Drivers Preferred package (which includes all the other packages except the Elite package), electric sunroof, floor mats, and splash guards. We got the Frost leather interior. Feel like we got a good deal, paid $300 over invoice. Could have gotten a $1500 rebate but instead went for the .00087 24 month lease rate. Tried to negotiate out the $399.25 doc fee and the $550 Nissan Finance acquisition fee, but could not (they were at $500 over invoice and went to $300 over invoice instead of reducing these fees). So we went for it. The dealer found the one at a dealership 150 miles away, and we picked it up the next day, at a convenient location, 30 miles away. Really needed a car since I had sold my 2005 Mazda Millenia with 210K miles. Note that the "competing car" for us was an Acura TL, right now Acura is offering great lease rates ($1200 down, $369 a month plus taxes, tags, doc fees). The Nissan dealer with our deal was within $10 a month (but on a 2-year lease, the Acura deal is 3 years). The Acura TL was nice, sporty, but much smaller inside (cabin and trunk). I would say the Acura fit and finish were better). We also looked at Avalons, but they are just too stodgy. We actually had leased a Volvo C70 the week before but took it back due to quality problems.

    Some notes:
    1) To get the lease rate we had to get the SE instead of the SL. We really liked a blue SL on the lot, but the payments would have been $70 a month more... for a car that actually had a MSRP of $140 or less.
    2) The SE (with 18 inch wheels)prices out a bit higher ($140) than the "equivalent" SL (with 17 inch wheels and wood grain). I must say that I prefer the SE, in that the leather seats are perforated, and the aluminum-look front console in the SE seems nicer than the fake wood in the SL. My wife has the opposite opinion. But with the SE, the spoiler comes standard and we could have lived without it. The SL without spoiler could actually price out $500 less than the "equivalent" SE. But again, I could not get the lease rate on an SL (not offerred by Nissan).
    3) We got black with the frost leather interior. I do wish they would offer the frost leather with the blue exterior. Right now with blue you can get cafe latte leather on an SL (very nice)or black leather (SL or SE), but it is too hot for the southeast.
    4) The car rides wonderfully, has great pep and handling so far.
    5) I would say that fit and finish seem to be just average so far. Have found a couple of minor things, like spots of glue used in the interior construction that are oozing out of place.
    6) The keyfob is great, you never have to take it out of your pocket. I do wish that the car would recognize the seat settings with the keyfob automagically. It does recognize them if you unlock the car with the keyfob, or if you unlock it from the outside with the black button on the outside door handle while the keyfob is in your pocket, or if you hit the setting button on the inside door, or if you hit the keyfob unlock button while in the car. But it is not automatic, you have to hit a button somewhere. And since we leave the car unlocked while it is at home, that is a slight issue.
    7) I wish the map pockets were covered. Looks unsightly to have the maps in view.

    All in all, we are happy. I have two years to decide whether to keep it at lease-end (and if we do want to keep it, at that point in time based upon advice on this website I will try to negotiate a lower purchase price than what is in our lease agreement).

    Good Luck to all

  • I have done alot of research on 3 cars that are right around my price range. I am looking at 04 SE SL Maxima loaded up leather, moonroof, etc.. Also looking at 03' TL type S as well as 04' G35 AWD.

    I see edmunds Trade In Values are vastly different than some dealerships as much as 5k difference. For example I went to a Nissan dealership yesterday and they did not have the car I was looking for but I decided to test drive an 04 SL with 45k in which they were asking 23,900 which i thought was very high. They also had a G35x with 60k on it that i test drove they were asking 24,365 i think.

    I am looking to spend about 18-20k on a car while putting down 3-4k and financing the rest through my credit union which I have already been approved.

    Am I way off here or are these prices way too high?

    I saw a 04 SL when i went home and checked a different site with 40k miles and they were asking 21,900.

    any input would be greatly appreciated.
  • Just purchased a 2005 maxima se with the driver preferred package, the car has 16,900 miles. They were asking 23,999. I paid 21,500. What do you think??
  • ck949ck949 Posts: 4
    Have been shopping around Orange County (SoCal) this week. Below is my best quote --- I am thinking about jumping on it tommorow but would appreciate the thoughts of others:

    2007 Nissan Maxima 3.5 SE in radiant silver with charcoal leather
    -splash guards
    -floor mats
    -Driver Preferred Package

    List Price $32,725, your net SALE PRICE $27,716 after my discount and the rebate.

    This appears to more than $2,000 under the invoice of $29,748. Anyone seen anything better?? Thanks!!
  • Yes, this is just what I paid for essentially the same car at the end of December...see post #478. I think it's a good deal.
  • Er, make that posting #472.
  • About 84% of sticker is about as low as you can expect on these units. There is a $1,500 rebate on them now which is why it appears you're paying under invoice.
  • dealmadedealmade Posts: 5
    Just closed deal on 2007 Maxima SL with drv. pref. package, vdc, sunroof, mats and splash guards. MSRP 33,725, discount with rebate (1,500) was 28,420. With TTL and doc fee, out the door 30,695.14 no trade-in. Also dealer threw in free car detailing once a year for five years. Good deal?
  • nissmax07nissmax07 Posts: 1
    I just got a new lease on a Nissan Maxima SE 3.5L 2007. I paid taxes and fees upfront, but no additional down payment I believe the MSRP was around 29,400 w/ sunroof and no special pacakges. 39 month lease 12k miles/year, paying 365/month. Residual value 16,500. I want to know if I got a good deal, this is my first time leasing a car! I have good credit also! Thanks!
  • sian75sian75 Posts: 1
    I went to check 07 Maxima SE $ 28,995 MSRP with Rebate offered by a dealer. They are trying to charge 6% sale taxes from the initial price of the car (28, 995). I was under impression that I have to pay taxes only from final price which is $28,995 minus rebate.
    How Does it work?
    Thank you
  • maxlessmaxless Posts: 9
    Minneapolis area; purchased Precision Gray Metallic '07 SL. Moonroof, mudflaps, floormats. Edmunds lists total invoice @ $29,401; list @ $32,143. Purchased at $26,985 plus TTL. OTD $29,142 including $370 license; 34.50 title; $1754 tax. Stopped by the Wayzata Nissan dealer to see what they had on the lot. Just what I wanted and sat down and inked the deal in maybe 15 minutes. I may have been able to work the price down a little bit but I'm in sales and really don't have the time to screw around. From what I can tell, a pretty fair deal.
  • maxlessmaxless Posts: 9
    Sorry; I just posted the comments about the new '07 SL. Sales tax is based on purchase price. My purchase price was $26,985 and sales tax is 6.5% in Minnesota. Sales tax on the purchase agreement I inked at the dealer is $1754.03. Also, the $26,985 is less the available rebate.

    FYI - I found on the Internet that there might be an additional $500 available in rebate form. From what I can tell, it appears you need to use Nissan financing to qualify. I did not use Nissan financing and used the $2500 rebate number in my offer and the dealer was very close to $2500 below invoice ($2416) in the final purchase price.
  • puripuri Posts: 16
    where are you based out of? i am looking to lease a Maxima too.. which dealer? can you send me the contact
  • puripuri Posts: 16
    can you send me the car dealer dtls? i am looking to get one, and looks like you have a good deal...
  • I am from canada and want to buy a maxima there...there is currently a rebate but dealer said since canadian i cant have this true i cant find anything saying it or is dealer trying to make extra cash?
    i would love to get 2007 nissan se
  • ask him to provide it to you in writing where it says that offer is only for US citizens. My guess he is trying to get some extra cash.
  • where do i find the difference between the maxima SE and SL and why can you seem to get SL at same or lessor price
    does SL have a standard upgraded stereo?
  • SE is sportier has wider tires.
    SL has softer suspension and softer ride. Also they use fake wood.
    SL does not upgrade stereo.
    If I were you, I will get an SE, but if you are cross shopping with Avalon or Azera, SL is closer in its ride.
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    The Bose Stereo system and the Xenon Lights are standard on the SL, whereas, in the SE you have to upgrade to certain packages to get the Bose system and to an even higher package(Driver-Preferred package) to get the xenon lights.
  • I am planning on buying a Maxima in the Nashville area. This is the best price I have been given and would like feedback.

    Maxima 3.5SL Options: Platinum package, Mudguards, and Floor mats. MSRP of $32,425.
    Best price I have found for a White/ Latte leather interior is $26,500 after rebate plus tax, title, etc.

    This sounds like a good offer and would like to hear your thoughts.
  • gene22gene22 Posts: 34
    Noticed a sign at Landers Nissan in Southaven, MS (Memphis) that all 2008 Maximas are $5,500 off. Is this normal? Good deal?
  • Gene,

    I just bought a 2008 Maxima SL with Platinum package MSRP of $32,425 for $25,649. This is $6,776 below MSRP and $4051 below invoice. The rebates make this a great car for the money. I was going to buy a V-6 Accord EX-L which would have been more expensive and in my opinion just not as nice a car. This is from from someone whose last 4 cars were Hondas. I actually think I could have gotten the price a little lower but didn't feel like hassling a bunch for a couple hundred bucks.
  • Experts,
    I am working on two numbers, 07 SL (Drivers pref pkg) 5000 miles for 29411 OTD. I have a trade-in and they appraised 2500. Final deal is 26911(~27000).
    Another deal, 07 SE(Drivers pref Pkg) 2000 miles. OTD after TRADE-IN is 26378.
    Am I over-paying for 07? Any idea guys. experts, you can tell me and help me.
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