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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Got a quote and about to pick up a '04 SL with Driver preferred package, sunroof, mats, and VDC for $200 over invoice. Almost got them to go net, net, net (invoice price). My suggestion is to find a volume dealer (versus "regular" dealer) because a volume dealer works to get their holdback and not profit on the individual car.
  • ericuericu Posts: 16
    Believe it or not, last month I paid $625 UNDER invoice for a black on black maxima with rear spoiler, floor mats/trunk mat, and splash guards.
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    Wow! Nissan is already selling the brand new 04 Max for $625 below invoice... that is incredible. I remember the dealers wanted MSRP 6 months ago. That is a drop of $3500(?) in 6 months.
    Enjoy your new car and post your comments on the Max board, where all Max members meet.
  • ericuericu Posts: 16
    I just realized that I included the $540 destination charge in calculating the amount I paid below invoice. So I actually paid $1165 under invoice. (Invoice = 24734; paid = 23960). Maybe the key is buying from a volume dealer.
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    Thanks for the elaboration. FYI, most of the people on these boards understand that a price quote usually includes destination charges. The only items not included are taxes, registration fees and handling charges. It appears that you have bought a stock car off the dealer's lot, which usually gets you a better deal than ordering a tailor-made car.
  • champuchampu Posts: 3
    Planning to buy New 2004 Maxima SE in Minneapolis MN. Any idea of price being paid in MN and Any other piece of advice is greatly appreciated.
  • Planning to buy a new car and am wondering what is the actual dealer cost of the car with Automatic, std. skyview roof, leather package and destination charges. Canadian prices would be great but even US prices would be helpful if MSRLP quoted alongside to see what discounts are available.
  • We bought a 2004 Maxima SL in January 2004 on the St. Paul side of town for $28,800. MSRP was $31,400 including destination charge (common option selection).
    I think we could have done a little better if we played a couple of dealers off each other, but we liked the salesman. HOpe this helps.
  • Did anybody else (besides ericu) pay below invoice on their '04 Maxima?
  • Momzmax, Did you buy one from the Lot? I actually ordered one almost for the same price 2600 off MSRP.
  • ocuihsocuihs Posts: 138
    "kennyg5 Jan 05, 2004 (9:14 pm)
    Thanks for the elaboration. FYI, most of the people on these boards understand that a price quote usually includes destination charges. The only items not included are taxes, registration fees and handling charges. It appears that you have bought a stock car off the dealer's lot, which usually gets you a better deal than ordering a tailor-made car."

    The cars sitting on the dealer lots cost more than the factory-ordered cars (to your exact packages, colors, etc. A matter of time to get them). For example they need to pay insurance on them on the lots whereas coming off the trailer and sold them immediately almost zero.

    Of course the dealers want to sell the cars on their lots first, the longer they sit, the more money they have to pay for them.
  • momzmaxmomzmax Posts: 6
    They did a dealer search for the color combo we wanted. So it came from another dealer's lot in town.

  • ne0ne0 Posts: 10
    Can anyone refer me to a great deal like EricU? That is a bargain, the dealers in Jersey City, NJ are still charging full price for this car. EricU, if your reading, please send me the information on where you purchased your car from.. I'm about to trade in my honda civic 2001 ex for a nice Maxima... What are other good deals for this car? I would like to get one with a sunroof & auto and xenon lights. SE would be nice with the tipotronic transmission, but required. please share your experinces on purchasing a new maxima in the NJ/NY area.

    Thanx in advance...
  • ericuericu Posts: 16
    I bought my 04 max from Star Nissan in Bayside Queens, NY. They initially offered me whatever I wanted for $100 over total invoice price (with options). You tell them what options you want and they will locate the car. Somehow I ended up paying below invoice. They just asked me what would it take for me to buy one today. So I said 24K and gave them my credit card to make a $500 deposit. Three weeks later I had my car. Just don't seem eager about buying. Pretend hesitation. I thought they would give me a lemon after that, but now 2400 mi later, the car is great. It originally only had 33 mi on it. Good luck.
  • ne0ne0 Posts: 10
    EricU, Is it possbile you can email or fax me your invoice price or something I can bring to a nissan dealer and say hey if they can match the price? My cousin did a pricematch for a toyota camry here in NJ. EricU, thank you for your quick response...
  • I was curious to know how much you save by using the VPP program that Nissan gives to its vendors like IBM and Cisco etc. Any thoughts?
  • bocreekbocreek Posts: 1
    I just bought a MAXIMA with MSRP of $33,500 and I paid $28,860. Work your deals
  • cookprcookpr Posts: 6
    Lets keep this post going. I hae to beleive the Maxima prices have come way down since they were first out and the excitement was keeping prices near MSRP.

    Bocreek - Where are you located? Any info on the deal you got would be great.

    I am in Chicago and it appears you can get one anywhere from $300 to $1000 below invoice.

    Anyone with fresh thoughts??
  • 04max04max Posts: 15
    I just bought my 04 SE, DPP, VDC at invoice @1.9% APR, am from south Minneapolis.
  • 04max04max Posts: 15
    As of i know, everyone around minneapolis are selling the new 04 Max at or below invoice. But the TMV value at edmunds is way high, by atleast $1300. Why is this big difference? is the price not getting updated properly? I dont want see some wrong data in TMV, which most of us use to negotiate. Can someone clarify?
  • klee3klee3 Posts: 55
    Has anyone bought a Maxima SL in the Houston area recently? I'm thinking about buying one. What were the drive-out prices you have paid? Please let me know. Thanks.
  • rampedramped Posts: 358
    I wonder if anyone is buying Maximas anywhere these days?
  • klee3klee3 Posts: 55
    I haven't seen that many new Maximas on the road. Also, like you said, there seems to be a lack of board activity. BTW, I saw an ad over the weekend that new Maximas are discounted $3000 off MSRP at a dealership in the Houston area. They must be hurting for business. I'm considering the new TL's as well as the Maxima. I have a 97 Maxima and I love it so I'd like to give Nissan a shot first. Still prefer TL over Maxima now. However, if I can buy Maxima $5000 less than TL, then I might do it.
  • rampedramped Posts: 358
    I can see your point, but you have to figure that the eventual resale of the TL may make up for that initial savings. Plus, the interior of the TL is light years better than that of the Maxima.
  • klee3klee3 Posts: 55
    Yeah, I agree with you that TL's interior quality is way better than the Maxima (I've found my 97 Maxima GLE's interior materials to be much better than the new ones. The materials for later designs feel and look so cheap). That's one of the reasons I'm leaning toward the TL, not to mention Acura's service. Nissan's service department is terrible. However, resale value shouldn't matter since I usually keep the car for at least 8 years. I just have to weigh the pros/cons of both cars if the difference is indeed $5000.
  • carzcarz Posts: 25
    I just purchased a Maxima SE at Nemet Nissan in Jamaica (Queens) NYC.

    Auto Trans
    Driver Preferred Package
    Power Sun Roof
    VDC / Full Spare
    Splash Guards
    Floor and Trunk Mats

    MSRP $33,220
    INV $30,134

    PAID $29,934
  • Just paid $32,600 for a Winter Frost SE with:
    Driver prefered
    Floor mats
    Splash guards
    Dealer: Jeff Schmidt, Beavercreek, Ohio
  • maxboundmaxbound Posts: 4
    Received quote from dealer today:

    Red OP color out/leather int
    All bells/whistles EXCEPT NAV and rear bucket seats
    MSRP = $32,620
    Dealer quote = $30,799 & 1.9% for any term financing

    Tax and license takes the cost back to MSRP (almost exactly, imagine that!) and very close to TMV What Others Are Paying quote.

    Dealer says they don't/won't deal any more than that. Live in Grand Rapids, MI area.

  • cjs2002cjs2002 Posts: 341
    looked at a 3.5 SL today and the only thing that I want on it is the Elite package for the back seats... any clue as to what I might or should at least try to shot for in terms of a good deal on em.. there hard to find in ohio but I just came back from a trip to omaha nebraska and I stopped in a dealorship.. they have 20+ all with the Elite package on them... they say they just can't move em... people don't like it... whats the chances of getting a good price @ a dealor in ohio to have them bring in one from nebraska... its not like they'd need to actually do any looking... cause I know the dealorship that has em already... any comments
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Since some buyers are comparing both, FWIW I paid $33,310 for a TL 6-speed w/ Navigation and HPT (High performance tire) package. Those are the only options you can get on a TL. That price equates to around $1,000 over invoice. Deals on non-Nav, non-HPT models as low as $300-$500 over invoice ($30,500 +/-) have been reported.

    I think the Maxima is a fine car at $25-26k. But if I got up to or approaching $30k, I would lean heavily towards the TL, myself. The interior is in a different league and I prefer it's smoother higher revving engine to the Maxima's slightly torquier, but lower revving engine.

    P.S. I've kept my 1995 Maxima SE w/ 153k miles. It's a great car that just won't quit. Got it for $21k in 1994 with the only option being ABS brakes.
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