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Acura MDX Accessories and Modifications



  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    If you want them...find them on the web and put them on yourself, there are many aftermarket bolt on ones including the acura ones available online.

    I would put these on for looks or for protection from brush...not for bumper protection. I don't think they should void the warranty. But with any add-on...if that can be pointed to as the cause they may not warranty the specific thing that breaks, but for example it should have no effect on the transmission coverage.

    I put a full steel bumper on my Trooper rather than a brush guard. I bang through brush and woods with it. In my opinion the guards are good for brush, but a minor fender bender or banging around will push those back into grill and probably cause more cosmetic damage ($$$) than anything else.
  • quangtranquangtran Posts: 8
    Anyboby know if the Pilot hitch fits in MDX or not. I use the hitch for bike rack only and HondAcuraworld does not sell hitch by itself on MDX but Pilot does. I got the hitch from Drawtite and I don't like the look of it. The price from pilot is $15 more than the Drawtite hitch (199.00 Pilot)
  • pinoy99pinoy99 Posts: 79
    It looks like the cheapest oem coolers I can find is $310.04 for both; install seems simple, just time consuming due to amount of bolts/clips that needed to be removed/reinstall to get access to the front mounting points. $230 (540-310) for install is way up there tho.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Pinoy and myself just put hiddenhitches on our MDX's. sells the same hitch for both the MDX and the Pilot, so I would assume that an MDX hitch from Acura would fit a Pilot. I paid $99 + $32 for shipping on the hiddenhitch. Places either had it for $129 with no shipping charge or $99++.

    I have thought about doing the coolers myself too. They seem very simple. The hardest part is definitely removing the front bumper/facia. Let us know if you do it and how hard it was. I am looking at the end of summer to do mine. I decided to add it in case I ever want to tow (however that will most likely be done with my Trooper) and if I ever decide to take the MDX out to the beach. Beach driving is a lot of hard work on the transmission and the cooler can only help.
  • aruca2aruca2 Posts: 1
  • Some of us had a long discussion about the MDX's base speakers. You can find those discussion at the " 2003 Acura MDX " forum, starting with posting #240.

    Good Luck
  • me38017me38017 Posts: 4
    Just curious, if you get the Nav system and the Acura rear entertainment DVD, where is the DVD slot? Dealer said it would be mounted under front passenger's seat facing back seat but that may have been for an aftermarket DVD.

  • eddiemaceddiemac Posts: 141
    Has anyone purchased an aftermarket DVD system for their MDX? If so, what kind did you install, how much does it cost(equipment and installation) and are you satisfied? Thanks in advance for your replies.
  • misc535misc535 Posts: 17
    Has anybody purchased, used, or know about the handsfree cellphone interface?
  • Just ordered Black 2004 MDX.
    Front and rear trim is satin chrome (new this year).
    Door handles shiny chrome.

    Ordering side steps:
    ? shiny chrome vs satin chrome.
    Went with shiny so far since feel will have better appearance from side.
    Time to change if necessary.

    What are others doing?
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Buy your side steps or running boards from and install them yourself. I save mucho $$ that way. They wanted $750 to install running boards on my '02. I got them for $350 no shipping on the web and it took about 3 hours for the install. All pre-drilled holes. You need a basic socket set and a torque wrench. I had to by the torque wrench for about $50 at Sears, however I have used it for many other projects too.
  • I am a very happy new owner of an MDX and would like to get a roof box. I've looked into Thule and Yakima boxes but apparantly (according to REI), Yakima's won't fit and with Thules you need an attachment. I would like to know if anyone has found a roof box that fits directly on the MDX rack and/or if anyone has had experience with the Acura box available at dealers. Thank you for the help!
  • I think the REI person does not know enough. I have Yakima Space Cadet box and it fit direcly to MDX roof rack. Most of the bracket are the same design and each of these box have difference distance of holes to fit different rack distance from 24" and up.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I think you should be able to get either Thule or Yakima boxes up there. I have a Thule box for my other truck, I haven't tried it on the MDX, however its brackets are 4" wide and 1+" high. Though I haven't tried, I am about 90% sure it would work.

    Find a shop that has them in stock and try one out. The width is adjustable and the brackets should fit the bars. You can also drill a new hole if the spacing isn't far enough apart. I know it sounds scary to drill something new, but a fairly simple thing once you see the box in person. is a great place to buy rack stuff online. I have always gotten what I think to be the best pricing available from them.
  • Thanks for the input. I was actually looking at the SpaceCadet so I'm thrilled to hear that it does fit right on. Is the SpaceCadet easy to get on and off as needed?
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Using a ladder to get it on and off makes it much easier. I haven't done any roof stuff on my MDX, however when I put my box on my Trooper, there is a lot of reaching in and tightening of finger bolts. Using my 8 ft ladder to do all the adjustments makes it a lot easier. Also, when I travel I try to park next to a stone wall or something (if possible) to load/unload. It isn't always possible, but just a couple of suggestions to make it easier.

    The extra access isn't required for use, it just makes it easier.
  • Hello Sbcooke,

    How is your experience with hidden hitch ?
    I am shopping for hitches and any inputs are well appreciated.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Good. I have only used it once, however it was affordable, fairly fast and was a breeze to put on.

    2 installation issues.

    One hitch (I bought 2 at the time, one for me and one for a friend) had a slight bend in the brace that attaches to the car. The L at the end wasn't 90 degrees but more like 110. I put my foot on it and pryed it like a lever into position...was really quite easy. At first I thought that was a "major" problem, however it was clear that it could have easily been bent in is an angle that bends easily off the car, but not once bolted.

    The second wasn't a problem, however I highly recommend something similar to aid with installation. Since I did mine by myself, I used jack stands to hold it up while I bolted each side, I could never have done it alone without.

    The HiddenHitch is good and affordable, however it isn't anymore hidden on the MDX than the stock Acura one. So either way you are good. or

    I think you should put it on yourself if only for a bike rack. If you plan to can still do the hitch yourself, but will need to consider the towing package (which can be installed at home, but is a little more involved). I am not towing so I skipped the towing package.
  • orkayorkay Posts: 2
    I would like to install a Roof rack (base model good enough) on my 2002 MDX.

    Can you please suggest options? - should I go to the dealer? or is it easy to install myself?
    I am little scared of doing it myself

  • The threaded holes are there, so it should be an easy job. Looks like it should be just pull off the roof strips, bolt on the rack, and snap in the roof strips specific for a rack. How much does the dealer want to do the job?
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