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Acura MDX Accessories and Modifications



  • gamecubegamecube Posts: 1
    Has anyone tried to play a Nintendo Gamecube or Playstation on their DVD Entertainment Center? If so, does it play well and which inverter did you use?
  • dhanderdhander Posts: 41
    Has anyone made backup copies of their DVD's to play in the MDX's RES? If so, what type and brand of media did you use? DVD±R DVD±RW?
  • suv04suv04 Posts: 13
    People on this forum have discussed installing BSM by themselves. Are the instructions fairly easy for folks who are not mechanics? If I order from, should I order 2 Units i.e. one for each side or does 1 order cover both sides of the Acura.

    If someone has done the installation, please post detailed instructions.

  • One order covers both side and the instructions are on It comes with templates to line up the moldings and takes about 30 mins to do. A very easy DIY project, make sure you do it on a dry, warm, and not too windy day, and do it right the frist time because you dont have a second chance at it if you mess up.

    Good Luck
  • dhanderdhander Posts: 41
    I was going to apply the BSM's that I ordered online, however, when it came to actually pulling the trigger and applying them, I just couldn't do it. I called two Acura dealers and it cost me $60 to have them installed. A bargan IMHO when looking to appy them to a 35-42k car depending on what model and how much over invoice you paid.

    I did install the moonroof visor, front air deflector and the cargo tray cover myself. The visor and cargo tray were no-brainers. The air deflector has some tricks that you really only learn until you have done one.

    Good luck!
  • agoyalmdagoyalmd Posts: 4
    I have used Memorex 4x DVD-R in the RES system (2004 MDX) without any problem. The disk was burned using Nero software. Memorex 4x DVD+RW did not work.
  • sea1sea1 Posts: 2
    I need some inputs on Nose Mask for 04 MDX. Will it scratch the paint? Thanks
  • 12bluex12bluex Posts: 9
    I've also debated how to protect my shiny new MDX from rocks, dusts, bugs, etc., especially on long trips. Thought about Formfit deflector, Acura Nose mask, and clear bra (not lingere but Paint Protection Film). I didn't care too much for the deflector look which will also make it difficult to wash so I threw that idea out. Acura Nose mask has its problem. You'll have to wash and wax underneath regulary and got to be very careful duing install. You'll have to take it off when wet or washing the car and I've heard installing the Acura mask is tedious. Clear Bra (clear film made by 3M, Venture, Llumar, etc). It's a clear film that covers frontal area that prevents dings, chips, and scratches. The only drawback is the cost and you can see a barely slight line across the hood. After going researching, discussing, contemplating, I've decided to go with Clear Bra. It's getting installed tomorrow.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I managed to get my Thule Summit Box carrier on top of my MDX. I had to drill all new holes for the brackets, but it wasn't too hard. I just had to plan very carefully. I also had to remove the top of the radio antennae.

    There have been a lot of posts regarding whether these fit on the truck in the past, so I finally got around to putting it up there. It would probably been easier if I had a template, the Thule site just says you have to drill holes.
  • icec97icec97 Posts: 17
    I'm also interested in a front protector. Your idea of Clear Bra sounds like the way to go, please let us know the outcome...and the cost to have it done. Thank you.
  • lss63lss63 Posts: 4
    Im looking for Formfit front deflector for my 04 MDX. Can anyone give some direction.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817 sells the FormFit air deflector. They've got good prices and excellent service, I've purchased from them a few times.

    The FormFit is much more attractive than the Acura-issue one, IMHO.
  • 12bluex12bluex Posts: 9
    I just got it installed. Hard to say how effective they are until I drive around for awhile. I'll loop back within next couple of weeks.

    Pricing varies depending upon type of coverage you chose, installer, type of film, etc.. Regardless, this is probably the most expensive option. Plan on spending $600+ if you opt for full coverage for MDX. You can get the qualified installers/quotes from and 3M is the film manufacturer. Xpel is a pattern maker working with 3M.

    This is definetly not a DIY. If you decide to go DIY, you will probably end up costing you more at the end because it is easy to mess up the kit during install. For professional installer, they can pattern out a new kit using a bulk role film. If you mess up, you'll have to purchase another kit which will then completely wipe out any savings and actually put you in a hole. My professional installer had to go through several kits just to get it right. Highly recommend getting a reputable installer in your area.

    There are severl paint protection film manufactures; 3M, Avery, Llumar, and Venture. 3M seems to be in the business the longest but each installers has their preference and recommendation.
  • swcarawayswcaraway Posts: 1
    We just leased a 2004 MDX for my wife. After about a week she is becoming unhappy with the look of the simulated wood inserts that come standard on the Touring model. I have found a real wood dark burlwood dash trim kit made by ACP on for $354.

    Does anyone know what is involved in removing the original simulated wood inserts and then replacing them with the new real wood inserts? Additionally, do you think that this replacement of OEM parts would cause any problems for us at the end of the lease?
  • I would not modify anything on a leased car if I were you!!!!
  • texasmomtexasmom Posts: 114
    It's been a a month, has the clear film worked so far?
  • Looking for some technical help. I'd like to get Sirius satellite since it carries the NFL. Does anyone know (or have done this) if it can be hooked up directly to MDX base model radio?

    I know Honda/Acura is linked to XM, but they don't have the NFL which is why I'm going with Sirius. Also, if anyone did install satellite, where did you mount the receiver?
  • Do the wide body side moldings available in 2004 for the MDX help enough to warrant the price and more importantly change in look to the MDX? I love the way my (new) 2004 MDX looks and would rather not add the BSMs unless they are very helpful in preventing dings / scratches. Comments please.
  • With the wide range of vehicle heights I've found that body side moldings don't help prevent parking lot door dings as well as I would like. Certainly they help, but don't expect they will eliminate door dings.

    Three of my last 6 cars have not had body side molding (including my MDX). There hasn't been a noticeable difference between cars with or without.

    One of my current vehicles, with body side molding, has dings above and below the molding, as well as a mark on the molding.

    My Cruiser received two dings in the driver side rear door on the same day. Only one would have been prevented with molding. Paintless dent repair removed these two dings, plus another large one on the front fender. The cost was $50.

    My Acura dealer put a dent in my MDX's door with the door of another vehicle. The dent was much lower than where the body side molding would have been, so the molding would not have helped. Paintless dent repair worked.
  • I agree w/ you, MDX's with BSM and other cars with same, does'nt really prevent dings 100%. I've noticed cars with BSM and seen dings over or below BSM. I've ruled out putting one on my MDX 'cuz, how good would it be if I'll get one anyway. Honda Pilot got a better BSM 'cuz it's bulkier & wider but I don't think it would look good in MDX. I'd probably wait until I get a few and have a paintless dent repair.
  • Texasmom,

    I've had other problems with my MDX (long story) due to dealer's error. They ended up replacing my X with completely new X, hence, I have to get the PPF reinstalled again. Once I have a month to drive it around, I can provide feedback.

    The previuos X did get the PPF installed and you can hardly tell that it's there. That's all I know since I didn't get to drive it around much.
  • Has anybody here had back up sensors installed through the dealer? How good is it, and is it worth it? I'm thinking of having it installed through my dealer but they're charging $1100 (parts & labor), which is kind of pricy. I'm afraid to have a third party install it because my MDX might get messed up. Anyone?
  • Had back up sensors on two cars and found they are a nice feature. Wanted them on my MDX and found the kit cost of almost $600 expensive. I looked at the installation instructions and it didn't look bad, though it looked like a several hour job. Your dealer's labor charge seems excessive - as if they really don't want to do it.

    Try a different dealer and try a Honda dealer. The Pilot has a similar kit.

    I did not buy the kit.
  • todd53todd53 Posts: 47
    Is the Rear Deflector accessory color-keyed to match the color of the MDX for 2004/2005 or does it just come in black? I saw a black deflector on an older gold MDX and the color contrast didn't look right. Please advise.
  • * Special airflow design improves rear visibility during inclement weather.

    Does it reduce or increase wind noise? Does it really help in rain or snow?
    Does it accumulate dust in the crevice that becomes harder to clean?

  • todd53, If you want the Tailgate Deflector color keyed, you need to paint it yourself, or you can buy the rear spoiler, which comes painted from the factory.

    Firebird EOU, The Tailgate Deflector help to keep dust off the rear window. It doesn't do much to keep off rain or snow, and no noise differnce.
  • eddiemaceddiemac Posts: 141
    You can get the tailgate deflector for 297.70 at For an additional $125.00, they will paint it to match the color of your MDX.
  • But you can get the spoiler for almost the same price painted. The spoiler looks better in my opinion.
  • kssod1kssod1 Posts: 50
    Considering an 05 MDX Touring, but instead of the 7" RES I am thinking about replacing the headrests with built in 7" screens. Has anyone done this, and if so were did you find an aftermarket DVD player to fit inthe front like stock? My thoughts are to buy the DVD player from acura and have the stereo shop wire up like OEM. Also what about buying the 9" OEM popdown RES that is available on the 05 Odysssey? Thoughts?
  • Any1 who just purchased the new 05 MDX with Nav, can you inform me what brand is the navigation? How big is the screen and does the audio system able to play MP3's? I'm thinking of instead using the Pioneer AVIC-N1 navigation/car stereo.

    many thanks
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