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Acura MDX Accessories and Modifications



  • gty62gty62 Posts: 25
    I can talk to the color matching question - as I just had BSM's installed on my'04. I looked hard, and, if it IS off, it's off by sooooo little that it's really hard to see - the metallic paint (sagebrush) really helps hide any mismatch ('course, I put new moldings on a new car, so car paint fade was not an issue!).

    As for the self installs, the side steps/running boards seem straight forward enough, as all holes are pre-drilled at the factory. The Tailgate deflector, on the other hand, requires you to drill thru the paint . .. . I'm with chen and kinda leery of putting holes in a $41K car .. .. (not to say it can't be done.)

    Good Luck!
  • mchen:

    What brand dvd-r did you use? I tried Princo in my MDX I got today and they didn't work? Thanks!
  • Just picked up Touring with Aspen White.
    I intended to add the fender flairs , front bumper and spoiler myself.

    I am looking for opinions.

    What does anyone think of adding these trim items colored sandstone or burnished bronze instead of color matching the Aspen white? After that I was thinking of switching hardware with the gold package.

    Any thoughts?
  • tbooth2tbooth2 Posts: 33

    Trying to turn in your MDX into an Eddie Bauer Edition? I'd forego any of these gaudy treatments. They just take away from the clean lines. My color of choiceis Silver over Black with white over gray coming in second. They may not turn heads, but they retain their value better than trendy colors. You can always dress the look up with a nice set of non-stock rims and tires, but I'd leave the body configuration alone. Just my opinion, not the gospel word.
  • nerdaknerdak Posts: 12
    I intend to add the side steps to my 04 MDX. After looking at the instructions

    when I want to install one bracket assembly using 4 flange bolts, I find only 2 holes, so where do two other bolts go?

    Please let me know how to install side steps if you have experience in installing side steps or you already have in your car and can take a look at under your MDX.

  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I installed the running boards myself. It was very easy and took about 3 hours.

    I am not sure I follow your question. The instructions show 4 bolts used to attach bracket B, 4 to attach the bracket to the car and 4 more to attach the step to the bracket. Each bracket has to be assembled separately before you attach it to the vehicle...maybe that is where you are confused?

    I put the brackets together the night before and then attached everything to the car the next day. When it says to only tighten the brackets to the car 3/4 threads it means it...I thought I would get ahead and tighten them more, the brackets need to be loose in order to slide the steps onto them for attachment...I had to back out all the brackets to make it loose enough to get my boards to fit on top and then re-tighten them.

    You will need a torque wrench. $60 at sears and it is a good investment anyway.
  • nerdaknerdak Posts: 12
    Thanks sbcooke. To install an assembled bracket to the vehicle, I found 2 holes close to the edge of the body but I couldn't find the other two which suppoded to be further in underneath the vehicle to install the assembled bracket.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    They should have plastic plugs in them that have to be removed. Perhaps they are caked over with dirt...I would suggest a car wash with an underbody cycle prior to installation.
  • nerdak, sbcooke:

    This interests me because I am removing the side steps from my '04 MDX and plugging back the holes with new clips.

    I do see the 4 mounting holes under the car for each bracket (3 brackets per side). 2 are close to the edge and the other 2 a little further in underneath the vehicle on a structural frame.

    According to instructions, there are only 6 clips per side which presumably are to prevent dirt accumulation.

    Are the plastic clips covering the 2 holes at the edge or the 2 further in?
  • sjs18sjs18 Posts: 1
    Anybody know where I can purchase a kit (or module) for daytime running lights for a 2004 MDX. Dealer and Acura do not offer it for the 2004's. They say the Canadian models have different wiring system to accomodate DRL's. Thanks for any clues.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I don't remember whether the clips were inside or outside?
  • vannyvanny Posts: 3
    I'm waiting for delivery of a 2004 Touring MDX so can't check this out myself. Will the mini-jack in the rear (I guess for gamers) accept mp3 players and send the audio to the car stereo? I kind of doubt it would.

    If not, has anyone modified their MDX stereo to accept the mini-jack? I think the best place to put it is the well storage between the front seats. It would be nice not to have to use the cassette adapter.
  • suv04suv04 Posts: 13
    What is the difference between the Satin Chrome Side Steps and the other one? I just got a Sandstone Metallic and was wondering if the Satin Chrome may go well with it.

  • gty62gty62 Posts: 25
    The satin chrome is a 'brushed finish' - not too shiny (think of a brushed aluminum door frame.) The chrome finish is a 'high gloss' - shiny chrome. both have black rubber foot pads.

    As to which will go better, that's up to you: the chrome will match the door handles, and the satin will match (kinda) the wheels. I got the chrome with my sagebrush pearl, and am happy with that choice.

    Good luck!
  • johnrph1johnrph1 Posts: 6
    I just finished installing the following options myself. Bright Chrome Side Steps (sandstone MDX) and Gold Grille and Emblem Package.

    Note the instructions on Hondacuraworld and other websites are for 2003, you must email them to get 04 instructions which are slightly different. There are less bolts on the 04 installation of side steps because only the front bracket on each side is two pieces the other two are now a one piece bracket. I completed the install in about 3 hours after, getting the correct instructions! I bought a mechanics creeper from Sears for 25 dollars that made the install much easier. Quick tip, to knock out the plugs in the body, tap the center of the plugs with a knife point. The plastic tab in the center breaks and the tab pops right out. Make sure to leave the brackets loosely screwed together until you have all bolts in, this makes the job very easy.
    On to the grille and gold emblems.

    The bumper is a real shocker,definitely light weight plastic. The really bumper is heavy weight steel underneath the plastic and you do not touch that. After removing the screws, bolts you realize that the bolts are just screwed into very light weight plastic. I laid the bumper on my creeper and this set it high enough to allow me to remove the fog lights. The instructions are a little vague here. I actually took the lamps out of there housing by turning them 1/4 turn. This was easier than pulling the wiring harness off. I got the bumper off in less than 30 minutes, being very careful. Installing new grille was a snap. (Really light weight plastic, they really make money on these accessories). It took me about 10 minutes to put the bumper back on, except for one "bolt" that did not want to thread back into its cheap tin clip that is actually attached to very light weight plastic. Be careful when putting these bolts back in so you will not over tighten or rip plastic. Emblems were as instructions say, just floss them off and remove adhesive and replace. Once again, you realize that Acura makes big bucks on this lightweight plastic. Still everything looks great in the end. I am an average handyman at best and had no problems with this. The creeper really made things easy. I rested the side step on my lap while rolling my legs under the MDX and this made the side step easy to align and attach.
  • patmc102patmc102 Posts: 6
    I am thinking of ordering the following from instead of having the dealer install them on the 2004 MDX that I will be ordering. They are body side molding, cargo cover, rear splash guards,wood grain trim kit. Are these difficult to install or can a 55 year old lady who has put many a toy and vacum cleaner together handle it. Thanks for any imput.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    You should not have any problems installing these items. The BSM comes with templates you tape to the vehicle to help line them up. A good eye and some patience will get them perfect.

    The cargo cover is a no-brainer; I can't believe some dealers try to charge an "installation" fee! It just snaps into two slots in the interior's sides! You just push in the end of the cargo cover and keep it pushed down so it can pop into place.

    The wood grain trim kit just requires patience in aligning the pieces, and some prep work in cleaning the areas so that the adhesive sticks well.

    Arguably the most difficult item in your list are the rear splash guards. Two of the screw and clip combos are pretty easy to put in. The third is a bit of a nuisance because the tire gets in the way of most screwdrivers. It helps to have a very short screwdriver or one of those that let you screw from the side. Some folks have removed the tire to make it easier! Some folks just leave out the third screw.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    If you still want the dealer to install them, you can use the web pricing to negotiate...i.e. if they want $300 to install a $50 item, tell them you will buy it and they can install it...they may then bring their pricing down to a more reasonable level so they can still make some markup on the purchase.
  • noodleggnoodlegg Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2004 touring mdx w/ roof rack. I would like to mount my Sears 15 cu. ft box on the rack but the rack is not on movable sliding rail. Sears does not have a kit to fit this rack. I noticed that Yakima and Thule also do do not support the MDX. Do we have to buy the Acura Box or does anybody have a suggestion to make my box fit. Thanks
  • tbooth2tbooth2 Posts: 33
    I'm surprised by this, because I saw Honda Pilot (similar or same configuration as MDX) up at ski resort with Yakima box, so I advise that you investigate further for reaching this conclusion.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I have a Thule Summit. I have not tried mounting it on the MDX yet, but am sure I can. It has very adjustable clamps. If the few bolt holes that are available for adjustment won't fit, I will simply drill new ones. I believe it should fit without having to drill, but I imagine if I had to drill it would only be 2 new (1 per side) as opposed to having to drill all new holes for each clamp (2 per clamp/4 clamps). Then just cover the extra unused with electrical tape.

    The MDX box might not be not be bad also, if you don't want to muck around with drilling a new box (mine is several years old, so modifications don't worry me).
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Just checked the Thule website. They list a lot of boxes that fit. Just select option 2 when doing the fit guide-->boxes...option 1 points you to buying a whole rack system first.

    You could also email yakima and Thule just to be sure.
  • Can anyone let me know what the speakers sizes are for the MDX Base Model? I tried looking on but their database did not come up with any match.

    Does anyone have reccomendations on brand and models? Also, any installation tips would be great.
  • dshedrickdshedrick Posts: 3
    Has anyone had the rear spoiler added to their 04 MDX? I'm curious to see what it looks like before I install one.
  • edog11edog11 Posts: 12
    dshedrick, I was hesitant like you until I finally got a glimpse of a MDX with the rear spoiler installed. You will not see many, but I believe it distinguishes your MDX from others and it looks real good. I purchased my spoiler via hondaacura world and had my local dealer install it for $80.00. Unfortunately, I don't know how to post a picture of my MDX for you to see it.
  • dhanderdhander Posts: 41
    Given the less than stellar braking performance, I thought about upgrading the rotor, pads etc.

    Has anyone considered making modifications to the brakes on their MDX?
  • fndlyfmrflyrfndlyfmrflyr Posts: 668
    You might try better tires first. Big high performance brakes won't help much if the tires don't have enough grip.

    Brake feel won't change with better tires, but my experience has been that much shorter emergency stopping distances have resulted when I put better tires on my cars.
  • vannyvanny Posts: 3
    I need to lower the exhaust pipes in order to install the hitch. How do you remove the rubber muffler hangers? Do you just force the metal arm through the hanger? The arm has a tip to prevent that from happening. Thanks.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I had to move things around a little, but did not have to remove any muffler components to get mine on. I have an '02, maybe the newer ones are different?
  • dhanderdhander Posts: 41
    I just installed the moon roof visor and Air deflector yesterday and here are some tips for those who are considering doing it.

    Moon roof visor: Careful of the clear grease within the moon roof itself. It's CLEAR, if you accidentally get some on your arm or hand you will have it all over your roof. This was easy to install, only took about 10 minutes.

    Air deflector: Be sure to know the parts before you start! There were two screws that had a semi clear bushing on them so I mistook them for a different set of screws.

    Attaching the two side supports: The directions call for you to measure 15mm from the front edge of the hood. Forget that… Try attaching the supports first to the air deflector with the appropriate screw and then attach the visor to the hood you can use a piece of white soap to mark the edges of the supports so they line up properly. I made the mistake of following the directions and holes in the unit weren’t accurate. I had to twist the screw sideways into the hole.

    This weekend I will be tackling the body side moldings. I think I will use the soap line method for that install and see how that works. Has anyone else already installed these? Do you have any tips?

    The Acura dealership wanted $98/hr to install accessories… Yeah right!!!
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