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Honda Accord Quality Control Issues



  • mikefm58mikefm58 Member Posts: 2,882
    Well since I've been a Honda owner for just a few years, I don't have alot of experience, but in general I'd rate it as just average. I do almost all the maintenance myself so have very little need to go in. I've never had the '99 CRV or '01 Accord in for warranty work, but had the '99 Odyssey in several times.

    The most prevelant problems with the Odyssey were the brakes and a high pitched wheel vibration. The brakes would get a grinding noise, especially noisy in reverse. The first few times, the dealer would simply adjust the brakes. The pads, rotors, calipers, shoes, etc. all checked out fine. Eventually Honda refused to pay for it even though it was still under warranty saying "brakes are a wearable item". I had the vehicle 2 1/2 years and the brakes service about 4 times. I b*itched like hell to the dealer and regional, but no luck.

    They were excellent though with the high pitched vibration at higher speeds, but had to take it in several times, each time they gave us a rental car. From reading other Odyssey message boards, this seems to be a common problem with the Odyssey, with no easy fix.

    From talking with co-workers who are loyal Honda owners, they feel that Honda cars in general are very finicky (sp?) in regards to the vibrations. I've also noticed my CRV is getting like that but my tires need to be replaced so I'll take care of it then.
  • ravynravyn Member Posts: 101
    i was just recently perusing their previously-owned car lot (one day when i was particularly mad at corporate honda customer service at the way i was being treated over the poor paint job on my car), and was very impressed at how i was treated, even though i was only looking at purchasing a pre-owned SC series, 1996 and up (which start only a few thousand more than a new ex-v6 accord).

    generally you take a cue from your "higer-ups" and when corporate immediately assumes a negative slant on things, it will trickle down and affect your everyday dealers. why should they go above and beyond when they can go back and say, "well, corporate wouldn't do this, so why should we?"

    and again, that doesn't apply to ALL honda dealerships. but it's something i've noticed.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,350
    I mean it...really. I have no other Honda dealership experience to compare with ours.

    I do know we get a lot of customers from out of the area customers who perfer our service department to their local one.

    But I'm sure we've ticked some folks off too.

    It's not easy to run a profitable auto repair shop where all of the customers are happy all of the time.

    Still, the overall attitudes determine everything.
  • mikegold_1966mikegold_1966 Member Posts: 138
    I was wondering if anyone has any experiences with Acura service departments in comparison to Honda's? Noticed that my Honda dealership has a big sign stating: "We work on Acuras".

    In addition, how does the show room compare between Acura and Honda. I would assume that Acura is more professional and customer service friendly.
  • paulo3paulo3 Member Posts: 113
    If the quality of Honda Accords is slipping, you will see a reflection of this fact at the servicing dealership. Look around the next time you are in for servicing and notice all the Accords coming in for repair work. While in the waiting room, ask other customers what their car is in for at the service department. Some will say oil and filter changes but the mass majority will be in for some type of unscheduled service.

    I am bringing this up as today, I took my car in for an oil change at my Honda servicing dealership. While in the waiting room, one lady told me she had steering problems on her 1999 Accord. Another man told me he had brake problems on his 2000 Accord. Then I noticed a car being towed in to service. It was a 2001 V-6 Accord and the man was telling the service advisor that the transmission wouldn't engage and all the car did was rev!
  • prmartin1prmartin1 Member Posts: 14
    You can go to the Better Business Bureau web page:

    Enter the name of the dealership, city, state and look at the number of complaints that have been filed against a dealer. Also check out who gets their BBB membership revoked for 'bad' behavior.

    I guess we have to put such information into perspective, check with friends and neighbours to see if they've had experience with a dealership too.

    I'm driving a 2000 EXV6 and I think it's a wonderful car (touch wood). After reading some of the bulletins in Edmunds I visited a dealership to checkout some of the issues and the dealership corrected these ok (rattling sunroof, wing mirrors).

    Has anyone had problems with the rubber seal on the top of the passenger door behind the driver. At the end of the rubber strip, the plastic grommets don't grip correctly so sometimes it sticks out when the door closes???

  • lugwrenchlugwrench Member Posts: 213
    My cousin owns an Acura and there is a world of difference in comparing Acura and Honda dealerships. The Acura dealership is more professional and customer relations conscious than Honda. The service department at Acura rivals that of a Saturn or Lexus dealership.

    Went with him for an oil and filter change and noticed more of the "white glove" treatment. The car was hand washed and vacuumed after service. The inside and outside glass was also cleaned.

    I guess when you pay more than $35K for a car, you get better service!
  • black_tulipblack_tulip Member Posts: 438
    You don't have to pay 35K for admission. Buying a lowly Integra will get you admission into the club. But, when you compare Acura servicing prices with those of Honda, you will know where that service is coming from.
  • semezsemez Member Posts: 36
    Anyone having problems with 2000 V6 hondas starting. I have had this problem a few time since we purchased the car. It seems that it is not getting gas and i have to continue to try and start with my foot feathering the gas pedal until it finally will run smoothly. The Check Engine light stayed on and when i took it to the honda dealer they couldnt find anything wrong. They checked the computer printout and said the only thing they could find was a few cylinders didnt fire correctly. I put some dry gas in the tank thinking mabe water in the gas and that seem to help but it happend several times after that. The dealer cant do anything because by the time i get the car started and take it to them it runs fine...go figure!!!
  • yankeryanker Member Posts: 156
    This is a love hate relationship. We had four Subaru Legacy 92 to 95. Dealer gave out loaners all though some of them were 160,000 beauts But they did it and $10 oil changes. Honda did give out loaner cars. Another Honda dealer in our own Rochester suburb told me a new clutch put in on the road 160 miles away was no good and would not honor the other dealers work after 1000 miles and said I needed another clutch. I had it fixed for
    $10 at a nearby garage. Hence no more Honda work at that dealership. Toyota is a little better but too expensive.
  • ravynravyn Member Posts: 101
    my boyfriend and i take our cars, an '00 civic si, and '00 accord respectively, there to be serviced. i've always like the way service we get from pohanka acura in chantilly, va. they do charge a few bucks more for the same oil change you'd get from a honda dealership, but since i bring my own oil, the price equals out. however i DID call for pricing for the 30k mile service, and they were $80 more than a couple of the honda dealers i'd called.
  • rbruehlrbruehl Member Posts: 85
    My dealership charges $19.95 for 5W30 Castrol oil in the bottle and a Honda oil filter. You do have to make an appointment though.
  • paulo3paulo3 Member Posts: 113
    I do my own oil changes with synthetic Castrol motor oil. Buy the filters by the case from Manchester Honda on-line. Figure my oil change costs me around $12.00 including parts.
  • mikegold_1966mikegold_1966 Member Posts: 138
    I purchased my Accord at "Dealer A" but have my card service at "Dealer B". The reason is that the selling dealer had a printed service mileage bulletin that stated at 7.5K you needed your fuel injectors cleaned for $69.95 and at 15K that you needed your transmission fluid changed. When I showed the service writer the Honda maintenance schedule, he added this was preventative maintenance that Hondas need. What a rip-off! That was the last time I took my Accord there!

    Dealer B follows the printed Honda maintenance schedule as indicated in the owners manual. The service writer there made me feel comfortable.

    I guess the moral of my story is to check around for Honda service. You might be surprised.
  • accord_loveraccord_lover Member Posts: 27
    I have a rattling heat shield on my Accord. Is this a common problem since the dealership wants to charge me $80.00 to have it replaced?
  • dash400mdash400m Member Posts: 55
    You may want to try Pohanka Honda in Fredericksburg. I've used Pohanka for three years, and have found their service reps and techs to be outstanding/highly skilled. I've gone through minor and major service schedules (two Civics and one Accord), including a new engine installation on my '85 Civic @235,000 miles. Prices are competitive.

    Hey Auburn63: Come on down to central VA from Jersey. Hope you're staying busy...

  • rbruehlrbruehl Member Posts: 85
    I have noticed my Accord has extremely thin sheet metal and is prone to dings. So far this year, I have spent over $175.00 on dent removal. The process used is that the dent is massaged out from the inside out.

    Has anyone else noticed the thin sheet metal on Accords?
  • ed_swansfegered_swansfeger Member Posts: 45
    Think you opened up a can of worms on this topic!
    The sheet metal on all Honda products is very thin as compared to the competition. At one time, it was blamed on imported steel but Hondas are built with US produced steel.

    Compared to other car lines, I would agree that Honda's sheet metal is a lot thinner than most. Don't think that it would influence many on the future purchase of an Accord though!
  • trip3564trip3564 Member Posts: 2
    i'm considering going back to honda after driving german cars for awhile. i love the my audis and passats but i want to get back into a less expensive car and something that is more fuel efficient - but i don't want to sacrifice too much power. i loved the driving dynamics of my '98 accord but it fell apart on me. my experinces are telling me that there is a marked decline in honda quality since sourcing 100% of the parts in the good ol' USA.

    among the failures in 1 year and less than 20,000 miles: clutch slave cylinder replaced, brake master cylinder replaced, fuel system problem caused the engine to vibrate violently in colder weather, "tea kettle" whistling from the rear even when stopped that the dealer could never diagnose, the list goes on . . . the final straw was at 20,000 miles and warped brake rotors which i was supposed to pay for because they are consumable items - at 20,000 miles!?!?!? i've owned 6 accords previously, some with nearly 100,000 miles on. i'm easy on the brakes and have NEVER replaced rotors on a honda before. interestingly enough, i read in car & driver shortly after i purchased my first A4, that ford had recalled vehicles because of warping brake rotors (hmmmm, same part supplier??)

    and yes, maybe it was the part suppliers that underminded honda. as isellhondas mentioned in an earlier post, sometimes it is the part supplier that is truly to blame. but that's where the problem is. USA doesn't seem to have the infrastructure to support the quality parts that honda specifies in their cars. my brother's prelude and a friends CRV are noticably better than the 98 accord i had in terms of interior material quality and structural integrity. my brother beats the crap out of his 1999 prelude but the interior is squeak free yet and the car had not had a single problem. previously i had a few problems with my 95 EX coupe and then the lid blew off of my '98. it seems as more parts were sourced in the usa, the quality was dropping.

    when i used to browse honda message boards on the net it seemed the only posts were about new features coming out or how people loved their hondas or what mods were out there. i've been lurking on boards for a couple of months now and the negative responses are overwhelming. rather than get rid of my autobahn bullet, i think i'll refinance it to lower my payments and just swallow the fuel consumption
  • rbruehlrbruehl Member Posts: 85
    trip3564: I believe Honda's quality has also slipped due to US Part manufacturers. Who would have ever believed 10 years ago that a Honda transmission would have failed? I should know, I had mine replaced in my V-6 Accord.

    The Accord sheet metal is flimsy but I noticed other car companies have roughly the same quality. I guess the US has now set the norm for thin sheet metal.
  • ed_swansfegered_swansfeger Member Posts: 45
    With more and more Accords being produced for domestic purchase and for export, I to believe quality at the Ohio plant has slipped. The transmission seems to have been more troublesome since 1998.

    Honda seems its biggest problem are domestic suppliers that seem to produce troublesome parts. Most of these suppliers also supply GM, Ford, and Chrysler so you can now make your own conclusions.
  • mikegold_1966mikegold_1966 Member Posts: 138
    Since both the Accord and Camry are made now in the United States, what is the general consensus regarding quality by manufacturer?

    Does Honda or Toyota have less problems in domestic production?
  • ed_swansfegered_swansfeger Member Posts: 45
    Just read a new Edmunds topic pertaining to the Acura MDX and a transmission failure. Isn't it strange that the V-6 has a problematic transmission?
  • hbund216hbund216 Member Posts: 162
    While I love the engine the quality is not at all what I would expect. Here are some of the problems I've had on my 2000:

    Parts in glove box came loose and would rattle
    Front door foot panels were installed improperly
    Seat would move in its track and needed replacement
    The windshield was installed at an angle and needed to be removed and reinstalled
    The interior lights pulsate when slowing down
    Parts fell off in the door
    Parts in sunroof became loose and sunroof would not close.

    it's funny my dealer was saying the ones that they are building in Mexico have bad paint.

    As for the thin sheetmetal...Yes it is thin but it is part of the attribute that makes the car fun to drive and tossable.
  • ravynravyn Member Posts: 101
    actually, that IS who i bought my car from.. at the time, i thought the service was great... but i wasn't impressed with the follow-up, or the fact that i had to hound them to get touch-up paint, and my window sticker (which they lost and never got me a new one)..

    however, i do still receive birthday cards from them. a nice touch.

    and if their prices are competitive, then i'll probably call them for 30k service prices.

    but thanks for the info. =)
  • dc_sports_ruledc_sports_rule Member Posts: 134
    The dealership where I bought my Accord also was very accommodating in the beginning. Later, each time I took my car in for service, they tried to talk me into service which was not needed like changing the transmission fluid at 7.5K and at 15K as well as the air filter at the same intervals. Had to show them the owners manual which made them look foolish.

    Biggest problem I had was with my air conditioner, they just didn't seem to know how to adjust it to make it colder. Finally took it to another dealer who got it right the first time.

    One thing I did notice at the dealership where I purchased my Accord--new salesmen each time I walked into the show room during servicing. They would last 3 months then move on. The position of sales manager changed so often you couldn't keep track.
  • canccanc Member Posts: 715
    Sorry for lurking here for a while, but I thought I'd catch up on the threads here before posting. Anyway, I'm looking to buy a car next year, and my choices are mainly either the Toyota Solara or the Honda Accord SE V6. Both cars seem to be one of the best of their category, yet after seeing some of the posts here, I'm not too sure about the Accord's expected reliability. Also, I was told that the amount of noise dampening materials varied by the model of Accord you buy. This makes me put in question Honda, and how they could cut corners like that. In all, my question is, after all that you've experienced, would you be able to recommend a Honda Accord to me?

    Thanks in advance for any comments you may have.
  • hbund216hbund216 Member Posts: 162
    I would not. I've had GM cars and a Hyundai and they had less problems. Although the interior on the honda beats anything in its class (IMO).
  • timadamstimadams Member Posts: 294
    I would recommend an Accord. I have a 98 V6 Accord and have had very little trouble in four years and 58k miles. The only problem has been the fuel gauge, which I have had repaired twice under warranty. Hardly a roadside-stranding problem. That's the only thing my car has been in the garage for other than normal scheduled maintenance.

    Take all of these complaints you read with a grain (big) of salt. I'm not saying that they are untrue, but remember that Honda sells 400,000 Accords a year. Who's the most likely to go out of their way to complain, satisfied customers or those with a gripe? And the same complaints are repeated over and over here on Edmunds.

    I'm not saying Honda is perfect. I'm not even saying that their quality might not have slipped over the past decade. But I still think they are one of the premier auto makers when it comes to quality and reliability. The same goes for Toyota, of course, and the Solara would likely be a good car, too. But don't let a few oft-repeated harangues scare you away from Honda.
  • rbruehlrbruehl Member Posts: 85
    For years, Honda was one of the leaders in quality and design. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend the Honda Accord V-6. The transmission failure that I experienced in my Accord is the prime reason. As far as sound dampening material on the Accord, road noise has always been a problem with my Accord. Honda has cut corners when it comes to sound dampening materials.

    5 years ago, I would have recommended the Accord in a flash but unfortunately, there are better choices today in the automotive market.
  • carguy62carguy62 Member Posts: 545
    A recent auto mag rated the Accord number one over several newer and supposedly more sophisticated models. Take that for what it's worth.

    Also since you aren't buying until next year an all new Accord will be out by then. I believe the Solara is still based off the old Camry platform.

    IMO another benefit to buying a Honda (at least in the US) is the simplicity of their models. You want the sunroof you get an EX (US). Toyota drives you crazy with their options. *rant coming* Once upon a time Japanese cars were supposed to be a simpler alternative to domestics. Honda still subscribes to this theory, Toyota and others do not (my opinion of course).
  • lugwrenchlugwrench Member Posts: 213
    Car and Driver recommended the Honda Accord as the top vote winner in their last issue. One thing Car and Driver never discusses in detail is road noise. Never bring it up in detail. In addition, C & D never talks about reliability in detail. Their magazine (which I subscribe to by the way) seems to be more interested in performance issues.

    I have driven the Accord V-6 Coupe as well as the Solara V-6 and their is no comparison. The road noise in the Solara is virtually non-existant whereas the Accord is more pronounced. The Accord handles better on turns etc. I suppose if you get the TRD upper strut tower brace for the Solara, it would handle as well as the Accord. The Solara V-6's transmission shifts flawlessly whereas the Accord isn't as smooth. The Accord V-6's transmission has been troublesome. This alone would switch me to the Solara V-6 if I was considering a new vehicle.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,350
    *sigh*....Except for a brief period of time, long since fixed, the Accord's transmissions have NOT been troublesome.

    A couple of anti-Honda people in these forums just love dragging this long solved problem through the dirt ad nauseum...
  • canccanc Member Posts: 715
    I've also found that C&D are more performance-oriented, and don't really take into consideration that the car could be used as a daily commuter, or that you don't want a performance-oriented ride when you're tired or just want to relax.
  • bolivarbolivar Member Posts: 2,316
    I just bought a new Accord.

    But look closely at the C&D article where the Accord came out first.
    There was only one point between first and second. I bet there was not any statistical difference in the top 3 or 4 cars they tested.
  • dcfelladcfella Member Posts: 31
    I've got a 2001 EX V6 with over 15000 miles on it. So far, there's been no problems at all and it's been as good as i'd hoped when i got it. I don't find the wind noise when driving to be very loud either.
  • timadamstimadams Member Posts: 294
    C&D often comments on road noise and ride harshness. They even measure the exact noise level of each car they test.

    They don't talk much about long-term reliability, except for their long-term tests. How can a car magazine make conclusions about reliability on cars they probably have for only a week?

    I think the Camry is a good car, but so is the Accord. Where are the stats on the number of bad V6 Accord transmissions? I have a good one, which I guess I can repeat every time that lugwrench repeats about his bad one.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Member Posts: 2,882
    Here's my vote for good Accord transmissions, only had my 2001 LX for 7 months, but it's been perfect so far.

    Oh, and I just had my first repair on my 99 CRV with 50K miles, had to replace the front disc pads. What do ya think lugwrench? Do all CRVs have brake problems now?
  • rbruehlrbruehl Member Posts: 85
    Lugwrench isn't to far off the mark regarding defective V-6 transmissions. Mine was replaced two months ago and knock on wood, the new one is doing fine. Did talk to the Honda service advisor that took care of me and he said quote, "the V-6 transmission has been troublesome in the Accord V-6 as compared to the I-4" ---end of quote.

    Take that for what it is worth. As far as brake problems mikefm58, I think your analogy is a little overboard.
  • lugwrenchlugwrench Member Posts: 213
    Since you sell Hondas, we are giving you the benefit of the doubt regarding your "insight" regarding the V-6 transmission on the Accord. I know, according to you there are only remote cases due to a supplier problem in the beginning. My question is, why is there an ongoing problem then? Look at all the posts at Edmunds alone and you have to wonder!

    Hey mikefm58, you should have gotten another 10K out of those pads. Must be riding the brake a lot. (snicker, snicker) Have a friend that got 65K on his CRV pads.
  • lmc4lmc4 Member Posts: 2
    The other day the window on the drivers side of my Accord fell down into the door. Dealer put it back in and replaced the window regulator. Cost me $329.00. I have never had this happen on any car and when the dealer told me they had the parts on hand and could fix it in 2hrs, I suspected that Honda knew they had a problem. I checked the internet and found a Honda technical service bulletin telling the dealers about the problem and how to fix it. This car only has 62,000 miles on it and is driven by my wife. I would like to know if anyone else has had this problem and what they did about it. Frankly, even though it is out of warrenty, I'm taking this issue to the factory service rep. and telling him that Honda should pay for the repairs. I expect better quality from a Honda.
  • bolivarbolivar Member Posts: 2,316
    Gee, if Hondas get any better, people like you will be wanting the factory to fix things up to 100,000 miles and 10 years......

    (Now just wait, my new Honda will be a POS, and I will be yelling at Honda Motor Company at the top of my lungs.)
  • lugwrenchlugwrench Member Posts: 213
    The dealership where I purchased my Accord, the Service Advisor has a huge 3 ring binder with Honda Technical Service bulletins. In it is listed items such as the vaunted "buzz kit", the so-called reliable (according to isellhondas) V-6 transmission problem, balancer shaft seal clip for balancer shaft seals etc. The list goes on and on.

    Imc4--you are absolutely correct. Make Honda pay for the failed part. They do know about since they have a TSB on it. Honda will give you "one time" good faith repair if you press the issue. Doesn't matter if the car is out of warranty. If not, contact your State's respective Attorney General's Office and lodge a complaint.
  • accord_loveraccord_lover Member Posts: 27
    The service advisor where I bought my car told me that the V-6 transmission has had its share of problems. Out of all transmission repairs, the V-6 has seen the repair rack the most. The Honda transmission in the V-6 has had it share of bugs. Hope the problem is resolved by now.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,350
    ALL models of cars have TSB's!

    Try a domestic dealer sometime. You probably wouldn't be able to lift the binder!

    You delight in amplifing the few problems Hondas can sometimes have. you don't say much about the many others that cause no problems/
  • mikegold_1966mikegold_1966 Member Posts: 138
    Of course all automotive manufacturers have technical service bulletins issued to dealerships.
    But think about it isellhondas, was that binder as filled 10 years ago? You expect better from Honda and not to bottom out to the level of the domestic manufacturers.

    As our "resident gadfly" you sure come up with interesting approaches to address quality assurance problems. You have the approach that Honda can do no wrong and everyone else doesn't compare quality wise. The repeated denial on Honda connected problems amazes me.

    I guess many of us here have to come to the understanding that isellhondas means well but just is a little piece of the Honda PR machine at work.
  • robr2robr2 BostonMember Posts: 8,863
    I'll chime in here. I have owned 3 Hondas in the past 10 years. Been absolutely happy with them. Is my 98 Accord worse than my 91? Statistically no. I've had almost zero warranty related problems with any of my Hondas. Is it different? Yes, it has many more features and a couple of minor things are not as good as in my 91. But every manufacturer looks to save costs. Maybe I'm just lucky, but then again I had a Mexico built 93 Escort that I put 80K on with only two warranty issues.

    What bothers me is that this thread will be going along with good questions and responses on many issues. Then someone continuously chimes in with basically "V6 transmission is a POS". No one has even talked about that for 2 weeks and it seems this one poster has a penchant for concentrating one this one issue.

    Perhaps isell does dismiss it too easily. I don't think he denies Honda problems. He has admitted to hearing of problems, but one person makes it seem as if every Honda V6 transmission fails which is simply not true. I would love to see the actual figures but we never will (from any manufacturer).

    Modern cars are technical wonders made up of thousands of components that typically work flawlessly. If we truly expect 100% quality for the life of the vehicle, we'd be paying much more for Accords and Camrys than we do.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,350
    This transmission issue has been beaten to death. Yes, a number of V-6 transmissions had a problem with a clunk in reverse or a "shuddering" problem as they shifted.

    Believe this or not...I have literally backed up HUNDREDS of these cars and have never heard this clunk. YES!! some cars did have the problem and Honda fixed them under warranty.

    I guess I get annoyed when this beat to death subject keeps getting revived by a certain person over and over. Knowing there are people new to these forums who aren't aware of former discussions I just feel compelled to respond.

    Mikegold...the name caller.

    If I have ever stated that Honda "can do no wrong" or said they were totally troublefree, than I am wrong. All makes and models of cars can and will have ocassional problems.

    If this makes me a "resident gadfly" so be it!

    And I don't think I have ever said that no other make compares quality wise to Honda either.

    My biggest competition comes from Toyota.

    In another thread, there is a subject related to Engine Sludge in Toyotas. Personally, I don't believe this problem is the fault of the car and have even jumped into that forum and said that.

    When you find a perfect car, let me know!
  • rbruehlrbruehl Member Posts: 85
    Back a while back, I noted that my V-6 transmission had to be replaced by Honda. Honda did an excellent job in replacing the transmission. I had to complain to Honda's regional office and Honda corportate before the transmission was replaced but they did come through.

    Let me tell you one thing though regarding the V-6 transmission, there are problems and there are on going problems. Don't let anyone kid you, the V-6 transmission needs perfecting. The dealership that replaced my transmission told me I wasn't the first V-6 customer that has had his transmission replaced. It sounded as if, they see this problem all the time.

    My new transmission runs fine but I always wonder now if it will hold up or should I trade it in. If I had to do it all over again, I should have bought an EX I-4. This is my two cents to the conversation.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,350
    What is the percentage of problem transmissions?

    On a Taurus or Chrysler mini-van it seems like that number is close to 100% although I have taken trade-ins with well over 100,000 miles and no problems.

    Of course, the troublesome cars get all of the attention, like anything else. I'm sure that once a person has had a problem than they may be forever scared it'll reoccur.

    My 99 EX V-6 coupe with 42,000 miles has been flawless. I've had the fluid changed twice and that's it. It doesn't clunk, thunk or anything else.
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