Honda Accord Quality Control Issues



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    One of my biggest gripes with Honda is they do not provide affordable aftermarket Accord parts like Toyota does with TRD. It is well known that Mugen (performance parts for Hondas) is owned by the son of the Honda founder. Yet, there is only one distributor in the entire USA which is located in Wisconsin!

    My feeling is Honda doesn't want you to upgrade their vehicles and only want you to buy factory parts. Ironically, an entire factory OEM catback exhaust costs just as much as a stainless steel exhaust from DC Sports. (That's where I get my nickname from by the way). If anyone is interested, here is their website:

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    I may be mistaken but isn't the entire left coast populated with "upgraded" Hondas.
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    yes there are a lot of modded hondas out there, but all with aftermarket parts, not provided by honda.. as opposed to toyota racing development that keeps it in the family. i believe that's what dc sports is trying to say.
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    Honda is missing the boat on modifications. You would think that they would love to cash in on that type of business at their dealerships. Toyota definitely has the better marketing arm when it comes to modifications for their cars.

    The problem with Mugen is their parts are so expensive. A Mugen muffler can run you around $800.00 alone!
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    The way I drive, I'd expect about another 25K miles out of them. But, hey, my son turned 16 last Feb. and got his license. I'm sure he "babies" the CRV just like dear old dad...LOL
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    Honda disk brake pad life on my 80 accord was 25K and sometimes 30 but no more. Now on my 97, i got 112K on the original pads and had maybe another 10K left. Used to get around 75K on the rear shoes. At 112K my rear shoes are hardly worn-probably get at least 200K out of them.

    I drive in LA on several times a year and I can understand how regular rush hour commuters could be happy getting 25K on a set of pads.

    Still am amazed to see so many people driving down the road with their brake lights on-their mechanics love them.
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    of Taurus and Chrysler Mini Van transmissions crap out.Isellhondas - you love to knock domestics; one of your previous comments mentioned motor mounts on the Taurus. Never heard of a complaint like that. Sorry, you may sell cars, but you're biased as all hell!
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    Ironically, the Honda mechanic at the dealership who works on my car (26 years experience on Hondas)also has the same complaint regarding performance upgrades. Honda should sell their own brand of performance upgrades. (Mugen would be an excellent choice). He talked me into buying a K&N air filter for my Accord and I love it.

    riswami: isellhondas means well but is what I would term as a Honda "MARK".

    rbruehl: Sorry about your transmission but I do remember that isellhondas apologized to you sometime ago. I guess he realized that V-6 transmissions do fail no matter how many times you back up an Accord in a dealer's lot.
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    I am not quoting isellhondas but I think he was trying to be fatuous in his remarks regarding Ford and Chrysler transmissions. What he failed to mention was all cars in extreme cold climates such as Canada, North Eastern USA and the upper plain states have motor mount problems on their cars. This is due to the extreme cold starting conditions and the tons of rock salt that is placed on the roads. Mounts do rust out if not treated properly.

    Sure isellhondas is bias; he sells Hondas for a living so you have to expect those kinds of answers from him.
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    Of course I wasn't serious about a 100% failure rate for Taurus and Chrysler transmissions!

    these do, however have a VERY high failure rate. Ask any transmission shop.

    And...sorry, but early Taurus and Sables break front engine mounts like mad when equipped with the 3.8 engines.

    I know you don't believe me but ANY mechanic or shop will fill you in on the motor mount problem.

    Nasty suckers to replace too!
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    In the January Consumer Reports, the Accord placed third behind the VW Passat and Toyota Camry. It narrowly beat out for 3rd place the new Nissan Altima that higher test scored below average in fit and finish.

    Of note in the article, the Accord transmission (automatic) was not as smooth shifting as the others in its class. Cabin noise was also more pronounced than the others being tested. The Accord reliability was outstanding according to the article though.
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    do you maintain a motor mount? Would you spray something on them?
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    So there's no confusion it was an I4 that was tested. I interpret "not smooth" to mean crisp. You know when a Honda automatic shifts and I find nothing wrong with that. Yep got to love the reliability....only one to get outstanding in the test as I recall.
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    Had the main cross beam which connects the front wheels and runs under the engine to rust out on an 80 accord. No problems with the engine mounts.

    Honda shifts rather abruptly due to the design-Honda and a few other manufacturer's auto design is similiar to a stick shift which supposedly increases reliability but exhibits a bit of a jerk when shifting. I will take reliability any day. To keep Honda auto trannies happy, I would suggest changing ATF every 35K (using Honda ATF), not 90K as suggested in the manual. Got a tranny CEL code at 70K-changed the ATF and no problems for the next 54K.
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    I have been told to undercoat the complete underbody of the car. The coating is suppose to protect the motor mounts from rusting. An old retired steel worker told me to utilize cozmoline in critical areas of a cars underbody that is prone to rust. This yellowish clear mixture is what they used on steel so it would not rust before shipment.
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    For my money, a Honda or Toyota is more reliable than a VW product. Heard to many horror stories regarding VW service and COST OF PARTS.

    The only thing I like that VW has is a 12 year rust through warranty. Still cannot understand why Honda only has a 3 year 36K power train warranty compared to its competition.
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    Maybe Honda knows something about the power train that we do not know about as consumers? Could it be repairs that they want the consumer to pick up? Maybe this is why the 36K power train warranty. Honda should be at least 5 year 50K.

    I have seen Passat's and they look nice but I question the VW reliability. It seems like once a VW hits the 80K mark, it is one repair after another.
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    Honda is a proven product with a history of reliability. A 3/36 warranty is acceptable to the masses because of this. If a customer wants the warm feeling of a longer warranty, they can sign up for Hondacare which extends the basic warranty.

    Of course, the longer the warranty the greater the expense to the company. People who buy Korean cars are actually paying for the costs of these longer warranties in the price of the cars!

    I do know, however, that the length of a warranty can be the main reason for buying a particular car. Sometimes, I wish Honda would go to maybe a
    5/60 warranty and just raise the price of the cars a few hundred dollars or whatever to fund this.

    But...I'm sure their marketing people are smarter than me.
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    I disagree with you isellhondas, Honda's warranty of 3yr/36K power train isn't acceptable to the masses. It is a cost cutting move on Honda's part and to purchase the Honda Care warranty is added money into corporate Honda. It's a win/win situation for Honda.

    It was like pulling teeth for Honda to do anything regarding my V-6 transmission replacement outside of a lawsuit. That would have been the next step. Honda finally gave in and replaced my transmission. Probably had more to do with me purchasing Hondas at the same dealership over the past 15 years.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,336
    It doesn't come up all that often. As far as I know, it's always been 3/36 so I don't think it's a cost cutting issue.

    Still, I would be happy to see prices go up a bit for a longer warranty to please folks like yourself.

    And, I'm sure I've had people buy A Hyundai or a Kia strictly based on the warranty.

    Not a wise move in my opinion but everyone has different "hot buttons".
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    VW Passat----5 year/60,000 miles

    Toyota Camry-5 year/60,000 miles

    Nissan Altima-5 year/60,000 miles

    Honda Accord--3year/36,000 miles

    Honda's competition provides the warranty coverage on the power train which everyone expects. Honda's 3 year package is nothing more than Honda saving itself repair costs. This is why all Honda dealership push the Honda Care package which gives you peace of mind.

    Honda needs to adjust its power train warranty accordingly. As far as Hyundai and Kia's warranties, you are comparing apples to oranges isellhondas! Hyundais and Kias are not as reliable as Hondas, Toyotas or Nissans and this is how they stay in the ball park sales wise. If you have an unreliable car, you want a good warranty and both Hyundai and Kia offer these to its customers.
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    Any photos of the new Honda Accord 2003 out yet?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,336
    Well, apparantly to the marketing folks at Honda, the lack of a longer warranty isn't costing them enough sales to make a change I guess.

    It is, simply a marketing decision.

    As a shareholder I'm sure you would want a good return on your investment as well?

    And, again, this isn't something I hear a great deal about from my customers. It comes up rarely.

    Lengthing the warranty at a modest increase in price wouldn't bother me at all.
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    Just crawled under my 97 accord and no major rust issues and I live in snow country. Had an older accord undercoated and IMHO opinion they did more harm than good. Just wash them down with a DIY wand wash that uses fresh and not recycled (full of salt) water. A lot of the drive thru places use recycled water-one guy told me they filtered out the salt.
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    I have noticed a lot of 1994, 1995, and 1996 Accords that have rust above the rear wheel well at the seem where the bumper meets. It is my understanding this was an area that needs to be rustproofed. It seems that water would collect in that area along with salt during the winter.

    All cars washes in the Northeastern USA use recycled water. Minerals are not eliminated in the recycling process. Halite known as rock salt is not removed in the recycling process.
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    My father noticed transmission fluid on his driveway this past week, he took his 2000 accord to our independent mechanic - who told him to go to Honda (the 2000 EX was still under warranty).

    Turns out the car needs a new transmission - after 5 straight Hondas, we were quite surprised and VERY disappointed

    We even more surprised when the Honda mechanic quietly mentioned to my father "this has happened to a few others too"

    I'm glad I've got the 5 speed and not the auto in mine!
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    with buyers.The latest sales figure show Hyundai second to Toyota in import sales.Honda coming in third quite a ways back with Nissan breathing down their back.
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    Honda's transmissions since 1998 have been problematic and well documented. Everyone knows of the problems with the exception of isellhondas for reasons quite apparent.

    You are absolutely right, take the car to the dealer to have the transmission replaced and don't let them give you the round around. They are well aware of the problem at Honda.

    Honda utilizes the 3yr/36K powertrain warranty to its advantage. Of course the consumer wants a 5 year 60K power train warranty or better.
    Figures do not lie!
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    Is your father's EX a V6 or I4? You say you are glad you have the 5 speed so I'm assuming your father has the I4 (since no manual is available with the V6 your comment wouldn't make great sense if his was a V6). So does Honda have a transmission problem with its 4 banger too???

    Lugwrench you seem very quick to constantly point out that the Accord transmission is "problematic and well documented". So what are you referring to? The transmission on the V6 or the I4? and more importantly, since you drive a Toyota why do you care?????????
  • carguy62carguy62 Member Posts: 545
    Someone on the Elantra board mentioned they bought an extended warranty. Since the 10 year is not all inclusive apparently some people feel the need to augment it. There will always be people who feel this way whether the base warranty is 3/36 or10/100.

    Honda had huge sales increases in November without zero financing or any other real gimmicks. So tell me lugwrench how do those figures "lie"??? And the close to 400K sales each of Civics AND Accords each year? Do those figures "lie" too???? It doesn't seem like the Honda warranty is scaring anybody away (or maybe they would sell 500K each with a longer warranty!!). Warranty may be important to some but a well engineered and built vehicle is more important to me (and many others) than a longer warranty.

    You are right, "figures don't lie" and Honda sales figures speak volumes.
  • lugwrenchlugwrench Member Posts: 213
    You are absolutely right, I do own a Toyota but I also own a HONDA ACCORD. If you would read my previous posts, you would notice this fact.

    It is well documented that their are transmission problems in the 6th Generation Accords. If you would spend more time reading some of the posts here at Edmunds and at the NHSTA you would notice the trend. Especially problematic are the 6th generation V-6 transmission. Talk to any transmission specialist and they will also inform you of this trend.

    If you would spend more time reading comments than attacking posts, you might be enlightened regarding this issue. By the way, figures don't lie and consumers are educated to the fact that a power train warranty is important. You just answered your own rhetorical question--yes Honda might sell 500K cars per year instead of 400K.
  • gaspeegaspee Member Posts: 2
    dad's is a 2000EX 4 cyl auto

    mine is a 2001EX 4 cyl 5sp....

    are we happy now?
  • carguy62carguy62 Member Posts: 545
    Honda already sells well over 500K vehicles/year. And I'm well aware of the "problem" with transmissions that you like to chicken little over. My V6 Accord had no transmission problem but I don't go around shouting it out. Why don't you use your extensive knowledge of the "problem" and post some percentages. Then we will see if it is "problematic and well documented" as you like to say.

    And in regards to warranties I'll say it 'till the cows come home, I'll take a Honda with NO warranty over a Hyundai with 10 years. In my book quality sells, if someone makes the warranty their deciding factor I hope they enjoy their vehicle and the service department.
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    In case you don't "know" lugwrench, he is a guy who rubs his hands together with glee whenever he hears of a honda with troubles.

    He especially enjoys bringing up the long solved V-6 transmission issues for the benefit of people new to these forums.

    But...will an ocassional transmission ANY make or model? Of course! It's a rare thing that CAN happen.

    And, I have NEVER heard of a 4 cylinder late model Honda with a transmission problem until just now.

    gaspee, sorry, but your (or any) five speed can have a glitch too. Stuff happens!
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,336
    Did I read your post wrong? hyundai in second place ahead of Honda? Can you post a link?

    I hardly think this is the case. Around here anyway they are seldom even seen and are almost impossible to sell as used cars.
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    I have read your comments with interest and it seems that you are always looking to pick a fight with lugwrench. Ever since he implied you were out of shape in a previous post you have been on a vendetta. I haven't seen any figures from your side regarding Hondas. It seems as if you want everyone to do the legwork for you.

    I own a Honda Accord and for the most part I am very happy with it. As a consumer, I would love to have a 5 year 60K power train warranty from Honda and anyone that wouldn't, I would have to question their sanity.

    Honda owners have a tendency of "denial" when anything is mentioned to the contrary regarding Hondas. Instead of doing their own research, they usually are the first to criticize. Most love to stick their heads in the sand and pretend that problems do not happen on Hondas.

    It is about time that people be realistic in their postings. This is the real world and things happen even to Hondas!

    In conclusion carguy62, a little compassion on your part would be welcome in addition to some facts regarding your posts. I see to much "hip shooting" on your part.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,336
    I don't think anyone disputes the fact that Hondas can and do have problems from time to time.

    Compared to most other cars though I think it can be honestly stated that these problems are pretty minimal.

    I think carguy is simply fed up with lugwrench constantly jumping from forum to forum pouncing on anything anti-Honda ad nauseum...
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    I think that sales figure(where Hyundai is ahead of Honda) is for "imported" cars only. Hence all the US made Hondas are excluded from that figure. Thus the low volume.
  • lleroilleroi Member Posts: 112
    the figures I saw were for imported vehicles.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,336
    Now it makes sense since the majority of Accords are built in Ohio.

    I couldn't believe my eyes for a moment!
  • carguy62carguy62 Member Posts: 545
    I hadn't thought about that out of shape comment since he wrote it, thanks for reminding me (funny how he can get away with name calling but if anyone else does it they are out of line).

    I have no reason to come up with numbers relating to good or bad transmissions. I'm not the one constantly shouting about it. If someone constantly says it is "well documented" why don't they show us all????

    Perhaps some Honda loyalists go around with blinders but I am realistic enough to know that any piece of machinery can have a problem.
  • lugwrenchlugwrench Member Posts: 213
    First of all, I do not jump around forum to forum and complain about Hondas. I spend most of my time here at this forum. MikeGold_1966, thanks for the support and the reality check. It was you who termed isellhondas a "gadfly" and you are absolutely correct. If anyone jumps around from forum to forum, it is our "resident gadfly" (Mike-I love the term by the way, it fits him to a T) isellhondas. I have seen him all over the place adding his two cents. He is ok but at times he sounds like the Honda PR machine at work. He interjects constantly without any facts. I always love his term--"in another life" that he uses for reinforcement.

    I termed him a Honda "Mark" but I love your term of "resident gadfly" better. At least this forum discusses Honda Quality Issues and doesn't get to personal. (cough, cough).
  • dc_sports_ruledc_sports_rule Member Posts: 134
    I have seen isellhondas all over Edmunds injecting at will. Lugwrench you are absolutely right, I don't see your name in print outside of this forum. Edmunds is a place where we discuss various issues whether it be here or in numerous other forums.

    I noticed that objectivity isn't a strong point of isellhondas. Some of his replies have merit but most are and I will quote Lugwrench are "Sounds like the Honda PR machine". MikeGold_1966's term "gadfly" is a perfect definition of isellhondas.

    Don't get me wrong, everyone has a right to express their own opinions but there are a few here that seem to stir up trouble. (isellhondas and carguy62 come to mind). It is fine being negative but don't be negative and attack others.
    Case in point is isellhondas saying that Lugwrench posts on other boards in a negative fashion.

    Let's discuss issues here ladies and gentlemen. Honda does have its share of problems like other manufacturers but there has been a trend that Hondas have become more problematic lately.
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    I love Honda Accords and have always been impressed with their styling and reliability. Also enjoy coming here to this topic to gain knowledge on Accords in general.

    Will have to say one thing though, isellhondas is a little to zealous. He accused Lugwrench of rubbing his hands with glee when a defective transmission is mentioned. I fail to see his reasoning and his negative comments. isellhondas has offered little regarding Honda Accord Quality Control Issues. Instead, he sounds like a broken record when something isn't to his liking. His so-called knowledge seems little and his aggressive comments are alarming.

    If a car has a transmission problem, so be it but don't accuse others of being joyful. Maturity has a place in this discussion and I see very little from isellhondas.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Member Posts: 2,882
    Can we stop the personal attacks and name calling? I really dread reading all that stuff. It's good to have differing opinions, but let's keep the discussion civil.

    This board is titled "Accord Quality Control Issues". There is no board like that on any of the Honda Owner's clubs, not the Civic, CRV, or Odyssey. So it would seem to me that there is perception among more than just a few people that quality has been slipping over the years with Accords. Let's keep the discussion to that.
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    Heaven forbid I am accused of stirring up trouble (btw I expect an apolgy from dc for that uncalled for remark) so let's start at the beginning.

    A poster said the following "Honda's transmissions since 1998 have been problematic and well documented. Everyone knows of the problems with the exception of isellhondas for reasons quite apparent."

    I will ask again. Show me the evidence, numbers, percentages, etc. to back up this statement. While many reading this forum may be aware of some problems with the V6 transmission, the above stament is more general and misleading and makes a very big error in assuming "everyone" knows. At the very least that statement is an exaggeration, and quite possibly an out and out lie. A person who makes that kind of blanket statement is stirring up trouble.
    So I will patiently wait for the data to back up that statement.
  • timadamstimadams Member Posts: 294
    I agree with you, carguy. Let's see some data to back up "problematic and well documented". The only "documentation" I've seen posted are the same "sky is falling" stories repeated ad nauseum by a few posters.

    Just how widespread are these V-6 tranny problems, and how do they compare with industry averages?

    Please note that I am not calling anyone a liar regarding their own experience. I am questioning how realistic it is to project one's own problem onto all cars.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,336
    A good post.

    I just get weary of seeing problems blown up out of proportion. If this makes me a bad guy, immature, or a "gadfly" than so be it.

    And lugwrench I may have confused your postings with those of the other honda detractor who seems to have disappeared. Sorry if this is the case.
  • anselmo1anselmo1 Member Posts: 163
    I started this topic way back with post #1. The topic is intended to discuss Honda Accord's quality assurance and control issues.

    I started this topic basically due to the high amount of transmission problems regarding the Accord V-6. In addition, I wanted to cover other Honda quality control issues that have appeared over the past 5 years.

    There have been numerous posts regarding transmission problems. Some of you believe there are problems and others don't! Most of the others that don't stem around isellhondas. He sells Hondas for a living and he will defend Accords and other Honda vehicles at all costs. There isn't much introspective knowledge on his part that doesn't defend Honda.

    Honda does not share its failure rates of any one item with any service reporting agencies as some other car manufacturers do. Simply put, you have to go to the NHSTA or forums such as this nature.

    Every time someone posts about a transmission failure, 95% of this board takes the information as a quality assurance issue. The other 5% debates the issues demanding facts and basically are in a state of denial.

    As far as personal attacks, most have revolved around one poster, isellhondas. He did apologize to Lugwrench since he accused him stirring up trouble on other boards that just wasn't the case.

    So let's all start at the beginning and keep this forum civil and informative! Everyone now has a fresh start so let's start helping each other instead of causing problems.
  • mikegold_1966mikegold_1966 Member Posts: 138
    As a Honda Accord owner, I enjoy discussing the quality assurance issues. Anselmo1--you are absolutely correct. Honda does not supply any details of defective parts or problems unless the NHSTA forces their hand. If you go to the NHSTA site, you will see all the posts regarding the defective balancer shaft seal that took Honda 4 years to issue a directive on to correct the problem.

    It wouldn't surprise in the least regarding Honda Accord transmissions. It seems from various posts and other forums, the V-6 as well as the I-4 have transmission irregularities in the 6th generation model. It was interesting that someone posted here that Honda was looking to hire an engineer for their transmission plant/supplier.

    The 95% factor is a little low, I would save 97% of the posters take a positive approach to the information supplied on this topic. Sorry, isellhondas, but you have been the perpetrator on many of the issues that evolve into a slugfest. As a salesman, I can see your point but you need to take a realistic approach.

    Didn't Rodney King say "Why can't we just all get along"? Good advice that needs to be taken to heart.
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