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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • i got quoted 23k otd from a local dc dealer for an EX (i4).

    good or bad offer?
  • I've noticed the invoice they list to me is different than that of kbb. in fact, its lower. any ideas?
  • km283km283 Posts: 5
    lxdriver - Could you please share the dealer name? I am looking to buy one in DC and will appreciate it. Thanks !!
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    "A local dealership gave me the price of $25k"

    25K is a good price if it is OTD.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    "We can pay 2008 accord sedan at invoice price"

    You should get it BELOW invoice.. next time shop for below invoice.
  • bug4bug4 Posts: 370
    For some reason I'm always concerned about the first-time reader on this forum who sees a post like the one from jb_burner and tragically becomes dissatisfied that she just paid $1000 UNDER MSRP on an 08 Accord. If your out there . . . don't believe everything you read :) There are no dealer or customer incentives available on the 08 Accord right now and I think it is unlikely that most buyers can even get close to invoice on the new Accord. Sure, maybe there are some people who walk into a dealership and just happened to catch the sales manager one hour before he quits and while he is trying to submarine the dealership. . . but I wouldn't count on it. Also remember, the deal some guy got in suburban Chicago offers only limited relevance to the deal you can achieve in small-town Oregon. Often, the prices posted on this forum do not disclose the circumstances surrounding the deal. If your a bargain shopper and want an 08 Accord, do your homework, shop around and don't be afraid to walk away. Also, I believe this forum does establish that you shouldn't have to pay full MSRP. But, don't let this forum be the guide by which you measure your own car buying success. If you do, you will ALWAYS be disappointed!
  • Excellent advice! Well said.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    Very well worded advice.
  • agie1agie1 Posts: 23
    actually, I paid $20,680 for LXP auto including destination. how much lower should I pay?
    $10,000 below invoice?
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    In post 17939 you advertise for us to email you for a good price in NJ and NY and you are not sure how much you should pay?
  • I'm not even buying an accord from them as I've got mine on order from a RI dealer, haven't signed a firm price with them but will see what the "market price" is when my car comes in. Since it's rare no one else will have one so i'm kinda stuck to get it from my dealer - if they don't play ball they'll have to keep it!

    Before the price list was this intro:
    Here we go into the 2008 Model Year!

    And Herb Chambers Honda of Seekonk wants to get a jump on the market. Now through October 31st 2007 Herb Chambers will have a special offering of 2007 leftover Hondas and Special Priced 2008 models. That's right we are kicking of the 2008 season with
    SPECIAL PRICING for everyone

    Then they listed a lot of pricing, i only copied the Accord prices. Hope this could help negotiate a better deal from your own dealers!
  • hey everyone...i am the proud owner of an 08 Accord EX 5sp Auto. I paid 22,960 plus taxes and tags. I live in the DC area . There are NO dealership or factory incentives with the 08 Accord. My bank(federal credit union) had an already negotiated price at one of the area dealers and I did a little hassling about the freight and a couple option charges and i think i got 1 hell of a deal.
  • if u have a credit union account u can get an "already negotiated price of 22.860 at ken dixon honda in waldorf...23,860 is factory invoice...but pohanka honda in marlow heights are offering some good deals...they have a lifetime warranty on all new honda purchased there
  • dolfan1dolfan1 Posts: 217
    Went after an SE V6, dealer wouldn't go under 22.4 OTD in GA. Yet, some posters here are claiming 20K-21K OTD for the same car. There can't be that much difference in the various local & state taxes, etc.
  • Hello all,

    Just thought I would let you know what I was able to do on an 08 Accord, EXL with a 4 cyl.

    24,700 + TTL

    The dealership is Bay Ridge Honda. The salesperson was very professional and low pressure. I told them straight out that I was paying with cash, so we didn't have any discussions on monthly payments.

    I had negotiated a deal in Long Island for this car at invoice (the invoice they showed me was for $24,300 which is higher than what is listed in KBB), but they backed out of the deal. The salesman said that the owner vetoed the deal, but I think he may have agreed to a deal that hadn't been approved by the sales manager. The sales manager was particularly rude when I asked him why he couldn't honor the deal.

    Hopefully this will be useful for others.

  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Sure, there can be that much difference in taxes. You have some states with 200-300 hundred (or even nill if a trade), others over 1,500.

    That's why OTD is really not necessarily a good comparison across states.
  • nkvnkv Posts: 20
    I live in south west florida and I am interested in buying a 08 V-6 Honda Accord EX. I have a current offer of $24153 (invoice price)plus about $550 in dealership fees that they want in addition to it. All dealers are trying to add about $4oo to $500 as dealer prep fee. As the trim/color I want is in such a short supply, do you think it is a fair price to pay? How can I negotiate further? Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated. By the way, I test drove both the V-4 and V-6 and the latter seemed so smooth and VCM was hardly discernible.
  • I just bought 2008 EXL V4 for 24063 + ttl out of the door price came to $25832.

    I am in Chicago Area. I did all my negotiation online and worked out good for me.
  • They are selling the 2008 honda for invoice now , don't pay the 550 extra.I bought mine at invoice
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Where did you buy yours? City and state please. As bug said. It's irrelevant what you said you paid as the market for this vehicle is not the same nationwide.
  • not true. i emailed various dealers in my area. in fact, the dealer who is giving me the best offer was the only one i didnt e-mail about price until AFTER i went into the dealership. i was offered right off the bat a very good offer. the difference between the email quote and walk in? about $100.

    i then was curious as to the price difference between an EX and EX-L. i got a non hassle quote of $23k (EX) and $25k (EX-L) out the door price.

    there isnt any financing like the civics, but oh well.

    i had most dealers within the same price range withthe exception of one, who wanted about $500 off sticker.
  • is that OTD price? because mines $23k OTD for an EX and $25k OTD for an EX-L.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,602
    It's irrelevant what you said you paid as the market for this vehicle is not the same nationwide.


    Over 460 discussions in the Prices Paid forums... We think it's very relevant.. They sell 400K Accords each year.. In Alaska or Hawaii, the price may be a little higher, but I don't think it varies that much, otherwise...

    Of course, you may find certain dealers that won't give a good price... but, that's why the forums are here.. So, you know where the good deals are!



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  • jillejille Posts: 6
    I'm looking in the DC area too. Which dealer did you use?
  • I have to pay about $400 in TTL. Does that seem like a fair price to you?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    We also assume readers here have access to another car and/or airline tickets. If dealers in YOUR area will not deal then find one that will and go get your car. Or wait until your local dealers are hungrier for sales and lower the prices.

  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    In post 17939 you advertise for us to email you for a good price in NJ and NY and you are not sure how much you should pay?

    He was being sarcastic. He said he bought a new Accord for invoice price and was willing to share the details. You thought he didn't do good enough and thought he should have paid below invoice.

    If you bought an Accord for below invoice, then post the details. If you didn't, then you're just blowing hot air. Which is it?
  • agie1agie1 Posts: 23
    I paid $20,680 for 2008 honda accord sedan LXP auto 4 cyl including destination charge.
    I already bought and picked up this vehicle and the dealer did not have a problem to give this price to me. I don't understand why you and jb_turner have a problem with this.
  • does this price include tax, license and fees? what is the total price?
  • Can you tell me the name of the salesman at Boch? Iwould really appreciate it.
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