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Buick Rendezvous Accessories and Modifications

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
edited June 2014 in Buick
What accessories and/or modifications have you added to your Rendezvous?

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  • john325john325 Posts: 237
    I've ordered the tow hitch, and have already picked up the GM bike rack; I'm still waiting for the tow hitch to arrive. I know buzzbo has already received his. I'm hoping to have ours before our end-of-the-month Yosemite trip. - I'm not planning on towing anything, just lugging bikes around without scratching up the RDV.

    John B.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Anyone know anything about roof top luggage carriers? I'm thinking about one of those bullet shaped ones for my RDV.

    I'm wondering if there are aftermarket ones that mount to the existing cross bars or do I need to get something from GM?

    BTW, just what are those cross bars for? Are they universal to most aftermarket attachments for luggage carriers, bike racks, etc?
  • john325john325 Posts: 237

    Bullet-shaped??? - - You're working too hard Brian. Seriously, have you considered one of the cloth/fabric type carriers. The plus-side is once you get to your destination, you can unpack and fold-up/pack-away the fabric carrier.

    The downside for this type is that it rests directly on the roof, rather than on the croossbars. It just occurred to me that I believe you have the sunroof - - would that prevent you from using the fabric-type carrier that rests on the roof-top?

    We've used the cloth-fabric carrier in the past & will probably continue to use it w/ the RDV; you can really fit quite a bit in them. Just an idea...

    John B.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Sorry, Freudian slip.

    John, I don't think I've ever seen a fabric one before...I can't picture it.

    The one I'm thinking of is hard plastic and shaped aerodynamically. It mounts on the cross bars and rides above the roof. It kind of looks like a Kayak, and rather sporty, in a "I'm a renaissance man" sort of way.

    BTW, you're right about the sunroof. The owners manual says that the front cross bar must be in the rear most position in order to open the sunroof. I don't know yet how that will effect accessories. As often as I will carry stuff on top, it's no big deal.

    I will admit that it was a surprise when I took delivery yesterday because I never knew that the roof slid back ON TOP OF the roof (a la Honda CRX). I don't know why they did it that way as there is more than enough head room for a "normal" sunroof.
  • mmeehanmmeehan Posts: 66
    Now that you mention it, it is kind of strange to have the sunroof glass go back on top of the roof. I never noticed that (I guess because I'm always driving the RDV and not looking at it from the outside). It may limit what kind of luggage carrier we who have sunroofs can install. I did notice that the sunroof seemed rather narrow (from front to back) and was wondering why it wasn't larger. Maybe because of the fact that it goes back outside on to the roof.
  • habitanthabitant Posts: 7
    G M in their Buick Rendez Vous accessory catalog have both the rigid and the
    fabric luggage carriers.Apparently the soft one can be fixed to your roof rack,
    openes from two sides and can be locked. The part number 12497827
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Thanks for the info. I'll go check out the Buick model. I think I'll go to REI and ask them if they have any advice. Maybe Yakima makes something?
  • lance_wlance_w Posts: 8
    I don't know if anyone knows the answer to this or not, but it's worth a try...

    I'll be upgrading the stereo in my RDV very soon and I was wondering if the Metra wiring harness from a 93+ Firebird (standard GM) will fit the RDV's? I haven't seen anyone advertising a harness that will fit anything above a 2000 so I'm just wondering if there will be any issues...?
  • john325john325 Posts: 237
    Brian: the one you're speaking of sounds cool; I'm sure I've seen something like that on the road.

    Habitant: the fabric carrier that attaches to the rack sounds pretty good; the one I've used in the past just sits on the roof and can be strapped to the roof rack or whatever. I'll have to look into the GM/RDV catalog for the one you spoke about. - - I like the fact that the fabric ones can be folded up and put away, saving lots of space.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    John, that's a good point about folding it and putting it away. Storage space is prime real estate in our garage and I'm not sure where I would keep a big plastic behemoth!

    Fortunately it's not an urgent requirement. I can take my time and fully investigate my options. The fabric is sounding better.
  • john325john325 Posts: 237
    Just got a call from my dealer that the tow hitch arrived. I guess it took about 3-4 weeks. I'll have it installed next week. With that and the bike rack that I purchased, we'll be all ready for our Yosemite trip.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    I think you made the right choice. I think I was reading the RX300 forum where owners were complaining that the roof-top racks generated a lot of noise (several people mentioned the cross tubes being especially noisy). It is also hard to reach up there.
  • john325john325 Posts: 237
    See Post #5 at Rendezvous Problems & Solutions before adding GM bike rack.
  • john325john325 Posts: 237
    The above link I posted is not connecting properly. So, hopefully this will work. Try clicking this link & reading posts #3-7 before buying GM bike rack.

    Rendezvous Problems & Solutions
  • rem933rem933 Posts: 10
    I went out and purchased rubber mats for the RDV.
    I bought the Weathertech mats from MacNeil. They are high quality and should do a great job protecting the carpets.
    The front mats fit perfectly. The center mats (I have captain chairs) fit a number of different vehicles and require some trimming to fit correctly. They have grooves along which the edges to trim along, and is quite easy with a utility knife.
    Currently, a cargo mat is not available for RDV's with a third seat. The front and center mats are the same as the ones used in the Aztek. With the third seat option, the cargo mats they have will not fit. Apperantly the seats don't fold down low and flat enough for the Aztek mats to fit. The folks there said that they still haven't tried them in a RDV without the third seat, so they may have one that works. They also said they weren't going to be making custom mat until the sales numbers go up. They may have gotten stung by the Aztek.
    Although they are not in the catalog, they found small mats that fit the third seat.
  • Rich, thanks for the info....I'm still a little
    puzzled....I will not have the 3rd seat in my
    vehicle and my 2nd row will be out as well - it's uncertain wether the Aztek mat will fit is that correct? I know it will not go all the way to the front seats obviously.
    Any ideas then what to use between the cargo mat and up to front seats...? I'm sure I'll just have to make do with a "mix & match" of mats...
    The Weathertech mats do look attractive and I am considering them.
  • They weren't sure if the Aztek mats would fit without the 3rd seat. When they saw me pull up in the RDV, someone ran out to ask if I had the 3rd seat. no luck.

    They do have a wide variety of mats, and VERY helpful, so they might be able to help.
  • Can't answer your question but do know that the Rendezvous is a half foot longer that the Aztek. So if the half foot is mostly longer cargo space, perhaps the Aztek product might not be a perfect fit.

  • Has anyone found a cargo liner for a third row seat RDV? I'd like to get one. Thanks.
  • wlo98wlo98 Posts: 10
    Does anybody know where to get a stone/bug hood deflector for the Rendezvous yet ?

    I tried all my local stores and dealers and they said no.

  • jwsmithjwsmith Posts: 46
    Got our Dash Mat today (smoke) and it had all the cut outs for HUD, security, and auto lights. Looks great! It was ordered through Cabela's site.
  • venettavenetta Posts: 18
    Well, finally got the digital camera working...

    Here are the photos of the wood dash we put into our brand new RDV. We love the look of the wood dash. I was skeptical of the "synthetic" look, but it's beautiful. We still haven't put all 24 pieces in, but I am happy with the results so far. Let me know what everyone thinks!




  • kenymkenym Posts: 405
    Venetta I think it looks great. It looks complete to me what else is there to install?
  • venettavenetta Posts: 18
    Ken, the kit also came with side door trim pieces, but my husband really likes the silver/gray trim that's there already. The other 2 pieces are the pieces that cover the cell phone holder and ashtray in the front console. We are undecided on those pieces at this point. I didn't want the wood dash to be overwelming so I think we like it better with those pieces off.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Thanks for posting your photos. I am still undecided on wood trim for my RDV as I can't tell from photos how "tacked on" the flat pieces really look. I think I need to see it in person before I take the plunge.

    BTW, What about the silver trim piece along the glove box door? Did your kit come with that piece too? How well do these parts cover the original pieces since they are somewhat three dimensional?
  • kenymkenym Posts: 405
    Venetta would you mind if I posted the picture of your wood dash kit on my web page? Thanks
  • venettavenetta Posts: 18
    Ken, feel free to post my pictures on your webpage.

    As for the "tacked on" look, you have to be real careful at the kind of kit you buy. A lot of the flat kits do not have a molded edge like ours came with which gives it the "factory" look. The kit did come with the side trim pieces, but we have decided (for now) to keep those pieces off. My husband really likes that trim and doesn't want to cover it up. We did cover the front trim piece on the dash and when I get a moment, I will post that photo. This is the only piece that doesn't look 100%. You can see a little bit of the trim on top of the trim piece since the wood piece didn't actually wrap into the dash. Besides this piece, everything else looks factory installed in my opinion. If you are not sure, I would definitely see one in person before you take the plunge. Good Luck!
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Thanks venetta. The fit of the trim piece into the dash is exactly what I was wondering about. I'll wait for your photo of it since that is going to be a decider for me.
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