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Buick Rendezvous Accessories and Modifications



  • mnfish1mnfish1 Posts: 14
    just last week my 'new' buick rdv hitch arrived. it is a reese class 3 i has the u shaped configuration on the right for the exhaust. i am planning on installing it next week...that is if it warmes up in MN this week...any suggestions...
  • olrdvolrdv Posts: 53
    see my posting #3365 in the Rendezvous SUV board
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244
    Has *anybody* added running boards to their RDV? If so, can you share what kind and how much $? Thanks in advance.

    P.S. I do know that have some, but that is the only source I have been able to locate ($455 painted, not installed)
  • olrdvolrdv Posts: 53
    Did anyone try the cargo net system from the Aztek with 22 configurations?
    See Aztek accessory catalog, GM part# 12497093.
  • philly88philly88 Posts: 45
    Has anyone replaced the stock rear hatch lifters with something stronger? The stock lifters are strong enough and require help getting the hatche fully open. I would be very interested in finding stronger lifter to get the job done right.
  • nextmoonnextmoon Posts: 386
    Will stronger lifters also make the lid harder to close as well?
  • tmakogontmakogon Posts: 74
    I am trying to decide whether the taillights would actually look better or worse if painted around the edge to look curved. What do you think?


    If the image doesn't load, open it from

  • lswaidzlswaidz Posts: 92
    I think it's a good idea and all but one of the few nice lines on the RDV is the line from the pillar in the read that transisions into the tail lights assembly... it really cleans up the rear 1/4 of the car with the drasticly sloping glass and what not... I'd keep mine the way they are but to each their own I guess... one of the things that would look nice on the RDV are the "euro" style tail lenses... similar to what the RX330 has and many other cars... it would being a lot of continuity between the headlights and the taillights... too bad nobody makes them for the RDV... yet...

  • 03whitecxl03whitecxl Posts: 13
    These are the things I have done to our CXL. 1.Painted the front chrome Buick section of the grill to match the color of the car. (Mixed feelings of look but basicly like)
      Thinking about painting the amber part of the front headlights white to match the paint and the painted chrome grill to give a lower look to the front facia much like the Rainier. (would leave the front of the amber light unpainted for functionality)
    2. Bolted on a stainless steel exhaust square oval tip. (looks very good for a bolt on)
    3. Put in a K&N air filter. (seems to have a little more power)
    4. Since I just found this msg board was on my own search and I found Home Depot has some baseboard wall rubber which in nearly the color of my lower accent color and I used this to make a rear step protector using double sided 3m tape.
    (Was pre-cut, looks/works decent although not entirely professional looking)
  • nextmoonnextmoon Posts: 386
    If you can, post some pics of your mods.
  • philly88philly88 Posts: 45
    Hey, 03whitecxl, we'd love to see some pics. I haven't heard of many customized RDV and would love to see your results. especially the rear bumper guard. I have a big dog that goes along with me a lot and he has put some scratches on the rear bumper just by stepping on it while getting in and out.
  • 03whitecxl03whitecxl Posts: 13
    I did take some dig. pics yesterday but I need to find a host for them. Any recommendations (Car domain,Imagestation,) I do have Imagestation access. Will work at getting them available.
  • Here's a link to pics of some peoples Rendezvous.
    Some have the front door glass tinted, some have the window vent guards, some stereo upgrades, etc. BTW, Yesterday evening I bought a Sears 20V hard shell luggage carrier. It looks great since it is aero and is v-dark gray like my lower accent color. Only $154 on sale, installation kit included and it holds a lot of luggage. k&model=Rendezvous
  • tmakogontmakogon Posts: 74
    I found a fine example of what the 2002 Rendezvous looks like with the monotone paint and 20 inch wheels: gory=6144&item=2428555434

    The pictures will be there for a few days only.

  • netnerdnetnerd Posts: 118
    Thanks for the links to the pictures. They were fun to look at. C'mon, Lance, get your pix up, dude! ;-)

    I always wondered how the RDV would look with a solid paint job instead of the plastice lower trim on the sides. Those e-bay pix pretty much showed me.
  • I won some Pontiac Montana Std (not extended version)length running boards on Ebay for $100 +$91.00 fast shipping.
    I installed one of them today and I really like the way it looks. They Make the car look much more substantial and right. I will install the other one tomorrow. These are Aerotec brand with the built in mud flap ends. The only modifying needed it to round off the pointy corner ends of the lower side plastic. I will try to get pics some day but believe you me they look right. I also recently bought a dash pad in charcoal color which looks good but has a sparkely shine to it which is distracting in bright sunshine.
  • I also recently tinted the front 2 windows. This makes the styling much more continuous looking. On the installation of the running boards from a TransPort, they fit great. They can't stick out a huge distance so that they match up well on the end mud flaps and they must be in far enough to butt up against the metal ridge where the jack is placed to lift the vehicle. A jack can still be used in the front but I may trim some excess material off the back for the jack. In order to take out all gaps between the boards and the lower trim (which is not straight) I simple jacked up on the mounting brackets and tightened the bolts. I would feel it was stronger if it came with 3 mounting bracket pieces instead of 2, but I will look for another 1 to add for peace of mind.
  • - item=2442988281&category=33650
    And only $30 shipping / I paid $90 shipping.
    Doesn't have mounting hdwr but mine just had 2 adjustable Z shaped brackets which could very easily be fabricated.
    BTW. Doesn't anyone like my running board pics ?
    I am REALLY liking the looks of our Vous since these few mods. Feedback requested.
  • m2kappm2kapp Posts: 16
    I think it looks Great! I just bought my 03 CX w/plus package a couple weeks ago and we love it. I already installed a Class III Putnam hitch (got it new for under $100 shipped on the net!) Changed the oil to Mobil 1, gutted the airbox and put in a drop in K+N filter, Tinted the front windows, added Ventvisors and switched to Silvania Silverstar headlight bulbs. I have Kleen wheels brake dust shields and those ebay rear wheel well plugs on the way. All with less than 1000 miles on it!:-)

    How much did it cost you to get the running boards painted? Those ebay ones are Rendezvous specific. Are they better than your retrofitted Montana ones? Your RDV looks awesome!
  • Has anyone else found that the suspension on the CXL AWD is easily unsettled? Potholes cause my RDV to rock back and forth violently. Sometimes even hop on the road. DOn't know a great deal about this, but it appears the culprit would be super soft shocks. I say this because I have noticed a much more settled ride with a loaded vehicle. I think the added weight progressively stiffens the shock absorbers.

    Any thoughts on this? Does anyone know of any possible modifications or upgrades to improve the handling?
  • I didn't need to paint the R-boards because they were already dark charcoal impregnated color. They fit just like they were made for it although I am not familiar with the Montana/Transport under belly where the screws get driven into.
    Stated above is the installation issues which are very few. The visable difference between the 2 is mine have end flares which mount to the fender which looks slightly better in my opinion but both styles look real decent.
  • Hello, Does anyone know where the radio, switched, power supply wire comes through in the drivers compartment. I have had a Sirius Satellite Radio installed, but currently it is only powered when the key is in the battery or run position. I would like it to have the Aux. power like the radio does. I have removed the drivers side knee panel, just under the steering wheel, but removing the dash panel to get to the back of the radio appears to be a real pain. The installers already owe me a new shifter boot from when they removed this panel to install it. I did find a huge wiring bundle below the steering wheel, but unsure which wire, if any, is the one I want. Thanks for any info. By the way, the Sirius radio is very nice.
  • nosuvyetnosuvyet Posts: 72
    Hi all. I've modified a bumper skid plate from the Envoy for my RDV (it fits reasonably well and looks ok) and I would like to know if there is any particular glue that would work best for the RDV's plastic since I don't know exactly what type of plastic it consists of. I don't mind sanding or scoring the bumper surface for better adhesion. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • I bought a base RVD and was very happy at the level equipment included as base. When I bought it 2 years ago I was a single Dad with two kids. Now that I have a total of 4 kids from a newly blended family I needed seating for 6. Not wanting to get rid of my RVD I contacted a junkyard in my area and bought a third row seat complete with seatbelts and built it into the car. It is possible since the third row seat belt mounting anchor points are in the cars structure. You need to tap the holes (7 total) for threads then bolt in the seat belt bolt/anchor. The seat bolts right to the floor with 4 bolts using the existing threaded holes. Its all "factory" fresh and crash worthy or else I wouldn't put my kids back there. Be sure to use all the original bolts from the donor vehicle to be sure it is safe and be careful when tapping the threads. The bolts have to be tightened down hard with no stripping allowed. No bolts from Home Depot either since they are not specific or hardened enough to do the job right. The junkyard gave me everything, full leather seat, belts and package tray which bridges the gap to the rear hatch sill for $250. It took me about 2 hours to install and I'm real happy the kids aren't sitting back there on kiddy chairs trying to not tip over. The leather matches my steering wheel and center console so it's not too far of a stretch matching up with my other cloth seats. I work for GM and have questioned the lead engineer regarding why the A/C will blow hard out the IP vents but when you turn the temp knob to heat you hear a clunk and then only muffled airflow comes out the IP vents. She said that performance was "design intent", why? It's taken alot of JD Power hits over the HVAC category so I think my concerns are common. However there's a dealer fix available which I had done which helps a little. I also bought two roof rack cross bars for $10 each from the same junkyard so I can tie things down on the roof. I'm looking for an inside rear view mirror with temp and compass next to complete my wish list. It's been fun updating my RVD with used parts for a fraction of what they're worth brand new and nobody would know the difference.
  • cudaalcudaal Posts: 34
    3.4L begs for it!Roger that! What about suspension upograde Vue Red Line style? (which is a strock of genius)
  • cudaalcudaal Posts: 34
    K&N. Smart. have pictures of the step protector?

  • cudaalcudaal Posts: 34
    Wonder, if that void manufacturer warranty?
  • carlericcarleric Posts: 7
    Your post on RDV suspension is a bout 6 months old but was wondering what responses you received. I just bought an '04 RDV and would like to get rid of the cushy ride. any suggestions?
  • nidgenidge Posts: 18
    I noticed that you put a K&N filter in you car. I am about to do same. Did you have any problems with installation and what differences did you notice after installation. Hope for improvement with cost of filter. Please reply. Thank you.
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