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Buick Rendezvous Accessories and Modifications



  • Can someone tell me what the output wattage is for a 2002 Buick Rendezvous sound system?I have the U1Q-ETR system. Thanks
  • Does anyone know where to find usable, reasonably priced cargo nets for the RDV? I'd like to get a product like the nets/organizer system offered for the Aztec. However, since the rear cargo area in the Aztec is shorter than the RDV, the Aztec nets don't look like they'll fit.

    Also, I'd like to find a protector for the top of the rear bumper. Most other SUVs come standard with this, or offer it as an option.
  • nextmoonnextmoon Posts: 386
    I too looked for a rubber step plate for the rear bumper on several online auto accessories sites. Unfortunately, my search has come up blank. If you do find something, please let us know. Thanks.
  • Can someone tell me what the output wattage is for a 2002 Buick Rendezvous sound system?I have the U1Q-ETR system. Thanks
  • Nextmoon, we're in luck! Your description of this protector as a "step plate" led me to a similar description that works - "step pad."

    I've found 2 sources:

    Pacer Step Pad Kit, made specifically for preventing scuffs on bumper sills, 6" x 4"
    Available from
    Made by Pacer Performance Products 5345 San Fernando Road W. Los Angeles,
    CA 90039, Fax: 818-507-5999 Email: They also make smaller scuff protectors, 10-3/8" L x 1-3/4" W 3/8" Thick sold in pairs. - this is a universal product, looks like 2 pieces ea. 4" x 17" I can't make out the Mfr's. name, though. Also looks like a more agressive tread design.
  • The first Pacer kit dimensions were supposed to be 6' (feet) by 4" (inches)
  • nextmoonnextmoon Posts: 386
    I will definitely look into it! Thanks for doing some of the leg work. Post back if you decide to go with one of these products.
  • nextmoonnextmoon Posts: 386
    I also found this sold by JC Whitney, one of the larger sellers.

    RIBBED NO-SLIP STEP PADS. Approx. 4" wide x 1/8" thick in either 6 or 20ft rolls.

  • Could you tell me which stereo the "U1Q-ETR" system is? How many speakers did your RDV come with and do you have the in-dash 6-CD changer.


  • My sound system is U1Q-ETR with single cd and tape player with a 8 speakers. I would like to know the power wattage
  • The stock systems put out about 10-20 watts (RMS) per channel at 4-ohm. are you planning on replacing your speakers or CD player in the near future? Let me know, I can help you out w/ some problems you're going to run into.


  • Lance, Thanks for the information. need your help on installing a CD changer. It is the type with a F.M modulator. My main question is what's the best way to access the back of the factory radio to install the modulator?Also what is your option on the location of the CD changer?
  • smofysmofy Posts: 1
    I saw some previous messages about cargo mats and was wondering if anyone has purchased the one sold thru GM, or tried another kind? Our RDV does not have the third seats. Would the one sold for the Aztec fit? Thanks.
  • lswaidzlswaidz Posts: 92
    Well, from what I remember (it's been about a year since I've done this) the easiest way to get everything off is to remove the whole plastic cover on the dash around the stock radio with a butter knife or if you can get one, a panel removal tool, sells one, it seems to reduce any sort of scratching. Once you get the panel off there should be 2 bolts, one on each side of the radio. I think they're 7mm, but I could be wrong. Once you get those off you can just pull the radio out and get at the plugs and what not.

    As far as where you put a CD changer, you can fit in easily in the glove box, or in the center console thing where we're supposed to put our lap tops, since we all carry laptop computers in a cars. Hehehe. Anyway, that should get your going, let me know if you run into any other problems.

  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    You mean you don't carry a laptop with you in your RDV?

    I use mine to record acceleration and cornering forces when I autocross my RDV to compare different tire/suspension setups. The console really helps keep the laptop from flying around the cockpit.

    Still hunting for that 1.0g...
  • lswaidzlswaidz Posts: 92
    Oh no, I use my Formula 1 RaceLink system to download engine data and what not directly into my crew's truck which follows me around every where. You should look into it since it really cuts down weight and we all know, every pound counts. ;-)

  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Sorry, I haven't the budget to support a full crew...yet.

    I'm still waiting to hear back from Tiger's "people" about sponsoring me.
  • Lance,
    Thanks for your advice.I had already installed the cd changer my the time I saw your reply. It did go pretty much the way you said. You have some good ideas on there to install the changer. ended up putting it under the front passenger seat.
  • lswaidzlswaidz Posts: 92
    You've got to be careful putting electronics under the seat. I was going to put my Pioneer Digital Processor under the seat for my audio system but I got a little worried when I saw there was in fact an auxillary heat duct under the seat for the rear passenger's feet. The type of heat that comes out of there would probably overheat any electronic device put under there, if not it would add to the heat already produced by electronics and greatly shorten the life of your components... just be careful.

  • I did notice the heater vent under the seat before I installed the changer.I was careful not be put the change directly in front of the vent.I hope that helps with the overheating issuse.Your advice is greatly appericate
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