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Hyundai Elantra Maintenance and Repair



  • Steve9186,

    I have the same sound coming from my 2 week old 2002 Elantra GT auto. It sounds like someone is crinkling plastic bags. I don't hear it when the road is perfectly smooth. However, when I go over a little bump I hear the crinkling. The noise I hear is not a motor noise and is not tied to RPM's. I thought it might be from a loose wiring harness. It only happens when I go over bumps, even small ones.

    Also, I'm sure I hear it after the car warms up. I don't think I hear it in the first 5-7 minutes of operation.

    Does my crinkling sound appear to be the "windshield" problem?

    If so, where did you see other posts?

  • Hey Everyone,

    I just decided today to have my vehicle replaced under the lemon law. I really like Hyundai, and so I don't want the money back but I just had too many problems with my current car, so I want them to get me a new car. First, I constantly have rattles in my doors, which they tried to fix once with no luck, and the second time they said they couln't here them. It is true that they where not present at that time but I don't have time to go to the dealer right after my door starts rattling. The door seal had to be glued as well and it is still sticking out a little bit. Then the main problem I started to get was a cluch noise, resistance. The first dealer tried to fix it once, which did not help, and then they tried to order and replace some switch which even I knew was not a problem that was causing the noise. They returned the car to me with the same problem like it was already fixed. I thus went to another dealer. There, they replaced the main clutch cylinder, which did not help, and finally decided to rebuilt the whole clutch assambly which fixed the problem. After 3 months of driving, I am starting to get the same problem with the clutch (rubbing noise). They tried to fix it more then 4 times and they did not fix it so I have a reason to file a claim, and I am just doing that because I don't have time to go to the dealer everymonth with a 9 mo old (now) car. Also during the summer, my instrument pannel window cracked from the heat. They replaced that, but I had to go back because a piece of plastic was sticking up from the instrument pannel which they had to adjust. Just a lot of bad service. Currently I still have steering wheel shaking while braking in high speeds, so I assume the breaks or rottors are going bad, and I won't even bug them to fix it because it is too much trouble. I also have a wistleing noise comming from the left top driver side when going above 85 miles per hour, which they can never check, and finaly my trunk starts to squeek. You can see how many problems I have and it should not happen on a new car. The thing is, I love the car for the price. You get everything in it, plus a great ride and performance. I just don't want it to break that much. I hope they will give me a new car, and it will be more reliable.
    Just wanted to share it with all of you.
  • As has been mentioned, the sound only occurs when I go over a bump. The crackling sound is there thruout the ride though. I will be having the dealer look at this, when I get the first oil change completed. Will let you know if the windshield was the problem.
    Also, within the last week of having the car the drivers window won't go down with the "one touch" feature. Sure it's a switch replacement.
    Have all of 600 miles on the car, even with the above hopefully minor problems, I certainly do not regret the purchase. Enjoy the drive.
  • Ok, this is an update for the transmission noise i had before. They called up the Hyundai and Hyundai decided to replace my whole transmission. if u have the same problem, talk to your dealer. they will replace it for you..
  • saw my rep today. he's authorizing a paint job! i was pleasantly surprised. no hassle,although i was ready to argue with him! this is an update from message #393.....
  • byr1byr1 Posts: 6
    plastic wing on trunklid 6 months ago and now too from plastic rear bumper. Pewter 2000 with 22,000 miles. Dealer repainted wing. I expect they'll be happy to fix the bumper too.
  • byr1byr1 Posts: 6
    according to recent note in Car and Driver (or was it Road & Track?) magazine. Additional warranty time being awarded on affected cars. Seems the factory put out the horsepower specs but failed to test the motors to make sure they were actually producing the claimed power. Anyone hear or have experience of this?
  • byr1byr1 Posts: 6
    what I paid. Biggest complaint is shifter is notchy and hard to get into 1st at rest and between 1 & 2 and between 2 & 3 while accelerating. Dealer tried to help it at 5,000 miles or so with little success. Anyone else?
  • byr1byr1 Posts: 6
    22,000 miles, 2 years old. 2 broken window regulators, balky stick shift, paint clearcoat bubbling and peeling, tires shot, door panel upholstery coming unglued, floormats self-destructed, poor fitting glovebox door requiring replacement, battery pooped out in less than 2 years, excess wind noise at drivers door, rough motor especially at idle, overly fragile interior door pulls broke, soft paint which is easily damaged...
    But, brand new purchase price under $10,000 with cruise, mudguards, and wing, all repairs done free under generous warranty by my friendly dealer, decent power and handling, roomy interior, loads of comfort and convenience features, good ergonomics, comfortable seats, acceptable gas mileage for car of this interior volume and engine power, and the prestige associated with owning a genuine exotic Korean car...
    Yeah, I'll keep this one in the family for a long time. And probably buy a couple more over the years (4 kids here). The improvement in the Elantras over the last 5 years (and company growth) is amazing. If it continues and the car remains available at the bargain price relative to the competition, I may not buy any other brand. I may replace our aging Ford Windstar with a Kia (Hyundai) Sedona van soon too.
  • I just purchased a 2003 Elantra GLS. The first day I bought it ,it rained. The wipers make an awful squeeking noise as they move across the windshield. The next day when it was dry, I looked at the blades, and they look to be 3/4s some type of nylon material. What happened to the rubber? And is this the norm???
  • Dealer should replace those for you as a warranty "adjustment" since they are clearly inferior. My originals were good after a year.
  • andil1andil1 Posts: 97
    Make sure that the dealer didn't forget to take the temporary covers off your wipers. I actually drove with mine for a month (duh!) before I figured it out. Couldn't figure out why the blades were streaking and squeeking so badly. If your wiper blades look like white plastic with a really short black blade, try pulling them off. The "real" blades are underneath.
  • Further to my #395 I finally had my Elantra in for its first service and they seem to have fixed the cracking/snapping noise which seemed to come from the driver side instrument panel/windshield. They adjusted the strut mount bolts to factory specs - tightened about 1/2 turn - and all is OK at the moment. Re the wind noise this isn't too serious, have compared with a couple of Hondas and its about the same. Even so the dealer figures they can improve it - but need the car on a dry day so they can hear it better. Makes sense.
    Bottom line - still very happy and car seems to run even better as it gets more mileage. Only negative is lack of lighting in back seat area.
  • Hello:
    I just purchased my 2003 Elantra GLS yesterday and I have that same whisteling noise comming from the driver's side window. Did you find out what it was?
  • I have a 1998 Hyundai Elantra. Yesterday morning and afternoon at lunch, the car was running fine. We had a dip in temp. where I live and when I got in my car to drive home, the check engine light started flashing. Not staying on, but flashing. Has anyone else had this problem? I am not driving it today, and will take it to the shop but wanted to know if anyone else has had their check engine light actually continually flash.
  • bartbikerw - regards to your defective elantra and not wanting to bother them with the shaking wheel/brakes and rotors; you should really bring that up too - it will certainly lend strength to your lemon claim, especially if it is a problem truly worth repair or correction.

    I am glad to hear that you have not given up on the company (I may have if I were in a similar situation). My '02 GT has been really great - I am happy with its features, value and cost. We have had no problems whatsoever - so, stay determined and politely insist that they address and document every problem.
  • I was just wondering if anyone had a similar situation with a whisteling noise comming from the driver's side window when traveling above 80mph. I am going to take the car in, but would like to be more informed as to what the noise is exactly. I would appreciate any input. My car is a 2003 Elantra if that helps.

  • I need your help on the whisteling noise comming from the drivers side, do you know what it is
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    You can try to take your car in for a wind noise that happens above 80 mph, but it is likely the service manager will refuse to test-drive it at that speed. But it's worth a shot I suppose. A few things you could try are to treat the door gaskets with Armor-All (or similar), check them to make sure they are properly seated, and see if the driver's door is fitted properly.
  • I found quite a bit of wind noise coming from the sunroof, when closed that is but with the sunshade open(the plastic cover that you pull closed inside the car). For about a month in the summer I was trying to figure out which side the wind noise was coming from, I couldn't figure out if it was the passenger side or drivers side?? then one day I closed the sunshade of the sunroof and noticed that the car was quiet! I had a good laugh about it...
    Not to say that's what your wind noise is, just thought I'd share that little tid bit.

    have a good one.
  • I bought a 2002 GT a couple of months ago and have noticed something really strange. Occasionally when I first start the car, the speedometer will jump up and down (like I'm going 0-10-0-10-0-10 etc.) It doesn't seem to be affecting anything mechanically, but it is a little disconcerting. Anyone else seen this and have a solution?
  • hi all. my 2002 elantra is making what i would call a buzzing noise. i hear it whenever the air conditioner kicks on and recently realized that i also hear it when i use the driver side door lock to lock all the doors. it's sort of a short "zzzzzzt," and sounds like it might be electrical. only happens when the mechanisms switch on......not continual. any ideas?
  • I just bought a 03 Elantra and other than a rattle above my head closer to the passenger side I think - I love it. I had a 00 Elantra and when my check engine light came on and stayed on flashing I knew something terrible was wrong (the coil went) but it was obvious to just not drive it - the dealer told me when the light actually stays flashing as opposed to steady DON'T DRIVE IT
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    You probably already checked this, but the first thing I do when I hear a rattle overhead is check the sunglasses holder, and sure enough it's always my wire-rimmed sunglasses rattling.
  • I posted several months ago that I was experiencing the wind noise that many others are experiencing. Described as a sound similar to letting the air out of a balloon or blowing across a bottle. The sound makes you and your passengers feel uneasy(I am getting used to it, but not my wife)
    It is hard to describe where the sound comes from.
    My last post said that the dealer was going to seal the windshield. They sealed it, and the frequency of occurences has dropped a little, but not enough.
    Two of my visits resulted in the mechanics driving my car 30 to 50 miles per visit. A good tactic by the dealer to make me give up and not want to bring my car to them.
    Oh well, if someone knows a solution that really works let us know. I will eventually try a few things like duct taping suspected areas and maybe pulling off the hub caps.
    Otherwise the car has been great! Except for the gas mileage(22-26MPG) but than maybe I shouldn't be going 80+ mph...
  • Hello Everyone,

    I am still in the process of the lemon law complain, but I think everyone should know what happened to me today. So after a place to complain with the BBB, Hyundai contacted me to make an appointment with Loren Hyundai in Glenview, IL. where one of the repairs was made to show them my problem. So I made an appointment for today morning. I went to the dealership and asked for the service menager with whom I talked on the phone. He came over and said that I have made an appointment for yesturday and that I did not show up and he called HMA and said that the problem was resolved. I told him that the person who I have talked to must have made a mistake because, although he mentions about comming thursday, I told him that I couldn't and with both agreed to make the appointment for this friday. He answered with an attitude that it is not the other person that made a mistake but I have made a mistake and I have come in the wrong day when he only had one mechanic. (first) Then I told his that it only takes a few minutes to check that I have a problem with my squeeking clutch, and I can do it right there. So he made a face, and came to my car. You know what he said, that the squicking and rubbing is normal and that there is nothing wrong with the clutch. I asked him how come they tried to fix it if there the last 4 times if it was the same thing, but he had no answer (ofcourse because the clutch is broken again) and said that he does not know what they did before but this is normal. (second) Finally I told him that he should call the HMA and we have to straighten this out, and he said that I should call them myself, and when I asked him if he has the number he said that he wouldn't, and finally he told me that if I don't have the number I should call the BBB. (third) Finally I told him that I don't know what his is talking about, but the clutch is not supposed to sequeek or rub like that. I told him that my girlfriend has bought 2003 toyota corrolla and I drowed it many times and the clutch is butter smooth. You know what he said. That maybe I should get a Toyota, and that hyundai is not toyota. (fourth). I could not believe it. I went to the dealer where I got the car and ofcourse he said that the clutch was broken. I got the number for HMA there and I called them and made a complain there. I don't know if that is going to do anything though. Is there other place I can complain to so I can get this guy fired. It is kind of hard to get those guys since he is the service menager. This is ridiculus. Also HMA told me to make an appointment again with the other dealer, but when I call him he told me that he has nothing to do with is and I should contact HMA. (nice little cirle). So I'll call BBB on monday and make some more complains. Ohhh, and by the way, before I told you guys that I just wanted an exchange, no I just want all my money back with no subtractions, and I told that to BBB today. I am going to buy a Toyota like the guy told me. Maybe he was right :-). I will never buy Hyundai again. They are very nice when nothing is wrong and when you pay them.
  • i also am having the same sound as some others,a gravel-like or clattering sound,from the front-passenger side of the car, in the first 10 minutes of driving--temp. outside around 25 degrees. it sounds like maybe the lifters,maybe a wheel bearing,or possibly something else--i am not really sure. after 10 minutes,the sound is gone totally. only occurs upon ACCELERATION, not at idle. could this be something serious? just curious if someone knows about this sound,before i go to the dealer(2003 elantra gt---250 miles, owned 2 weeks. thanks, r.j.
  • I was drawn to Hyundai because of the unbelievably low price and warranty. I purchased the Hyundai Elantra new in 1999. I had taken it to the dealer three times because of the rubbing noise and they were unable to find it. Now there is an oil leak from the oil pan and no matter what I do my driveway always gets oil drops. I should have bougt a Toyota instead.

    What good is the incredible warranty if you always have to take the car to the shop instead of driving it? And if you drive it, it is never a pleasant, comfortable, noise-free drive.

    I can't wait to have some money to trade it in for a Toyota or Nissan.

  • n2vswn2vsw Posts: 11
    Your problem sounds more like it's the dealer's service department rather than the car itself. If, let's say, you took the car in three times for the rubbing noise and they fixed it every time only to have the problem return, then I would blame the car/hyundai. That's like saying you went to the doctor three times for a pain in your chest and he could'nt find anything, does that mean you have a defective body? or should you maybe find a different doctor? In regards to the oil leak, hey no car is perfect, not even toyota. I know a toyota owner who wouldnt own another one if it was the latest model given to him as a gift. Honda? Yeah check around and see how much grief people get on warranty repairs. After all it's a Honda and NOTHING goes wrong with Hondas so surely the owner must have done something wrong. My point is that every type of vehicle has problems (ask any Mercedes owner) the frequency and the percentage of owners who do is what determines a vehicles quality or design flaws.
  • n2vswn2vsw Posts: 11
    The speedometer on the Elantra is cable driven. I don't know where you live but most likely the cold is a contributing factor. There is grease inside the cable housing to lubricate the cable as it turns. When it's very cold the cable does not spin freely. Eventually this goes away because the friction created as you drive the car warms the cable. Lubricating the cable should solve it. You may want to check the cable routing and make sure there are no sharp bends in it, this will also cause binding and give you the same symptoms. Hope this helps
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