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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • erk3erk3 Posts: 4
    I bought a package 2 with auto for 11700 in central Ohio. This dealer is #1 in many things and trying to be same in Hyundai sales.
  • 2001 ELANTRA GT/auto with all options= $15,440.00
    extended warrenty at 5.9% FINANCING for $6,000.00
    Now whole warrenty is 10yr/100000 miles bumper to bumper,powertrain,road assistance,rust protection.
    Payments on $6,000.00 over 60 mnths at $159.00 a month (can pay it off anytime,non-penalty). Trade-in of 1996 GMC Sierra P/U (with 161,000 miles)= $4,300.00. I used AAA for buying NEW Cars...they got me the deal at fleet rates,no hassle at all.The whole experience was GREAT!
  • 2002 Elantra GT, Cobalt Blue, auto, ABS,alarm, everything....$15,300(includes dest. fee, and there was no advertising fee or any of that bull) + IL tax(6.75%) and $80 doc fee.

    About 25 miles north of Chicago.
    Just bought it on 10/20...loving it so far!
  • I bought new a 2002 gls automatic with the option 3 package. option 2 keyless remote, alarm and cruise. option 3 cd player. $13000.00 Could of gotten a new '02 gls automatic with option 2 package for $12675.00. West suburbs of chicago. Obsidian black in color.
  • Does anyone know if Hyundai is providing dealer cash to dealers on sales of 2002 Elantras? I have seen some advertisements by some Dealers that makes me think that there is $500 to $750 available beyond holdback to bargain with? For example a dealer in Aurora IL, advertises a 2002 Elantra (which I assume is bare bones) for $10,999
    and a dealer in National City, CA, advertises the same for 10,995. The invoice for a barebones 2002 Elantra minus 2% for Holdback is about $11,800? I have not found any website (including Edmunds)which mention a Hyundai Elantra 2002, manufacture to dealer incentive. I would like to know the bottom before I go negotiate. Thanks
  • Been looking for a 2002 elantra gls, got offer for 13200 - automatic, option 3 package, keyless remote, cruise and cd. Not include Tax Title & Licence, in Houston area, not much dealership as yet, is this a good price to pay? No rebate offer, should I wait. Thanks for feedback.
  • I have been looking for a GT Elantra with ABS in the Memphis area. I even tried as far as Atlanta through AAA. So far unable to find a single car. Does anyone have any suggestions.

  • Just picked up my 2002 GT (obsidian black, automatic w/ sunroof) last night. Paid $13,800 plus tax & lic. Came out to below the TMV, so I was pleased. Bought it in N. Plainfield, NJ. Got less for my trade-in (1997 Saturn SC2) than I would have liked, but with this price, it still wound up being a good deal for me.

  • I just bought an automatic 2002 GLS with package 2 (cruise control and keyless entry/alarm), mudguards, and floor mats for $11,899, not including tax and title. Color is pewter.

    I had a good experience with the dealer and so far have very much enjoyed the car. Granted, it's only been a week, but so far so good.
  • That sounds like a real good deal. did you have a trade in that may have influenced that low price?
  • They offered me $100 for my 1986 Ford LTD, but I figured I'd take my chances selling it.

    The dealership I ended up buying from ran an ad in the local paper for that price around the same time I decided on the Elantra, so it worked out well. I tried to get two dealers closer to my home to match the price in the ad, but they wouldn't go for it. The dealership I bought from offered lousy financing, but I was able to go elsewhere and get a much better rate.

    All in all, I was pretty pleased with the deal. The Elantra is a great value.
  • Picked up a 2002 Elantra GLS, 5-Speed manual, Package 5 (ABS & TCS) for invoice price - $13,600 (US). Note that the invoice price includes the corporate advertising fees which my local dealer would not take off. Also note that this advertising fee seems to vary. The car was Dealer Exchanged from another zone where this fee was about $160 higher than what was printed on my dealer's invoices. Oh well.

    I waited 10 weeks for this car to come in on dealer allocation. I was very particular on my color. Nothing.

    So, I finally took the one they found at another dealer that had been sitting around for a couple months. It had more miles than I would have liked, but I didn't want to wait another month, or two, or ...

    If you are in the Dayton - Columbus Ohio area, consider Jeff Wyler in Springfield. I feel they did me well. Very easy to work with.
  • cost us 14,990. We got it in black, 5 speed, abs and traction control, moonroof, mud guards and floormats. We love it and the haggling was good-natured. The strange thing is that these cars are so hard to find!! Dealers are all from 45-60 minutes away from here and between 3 of them, there were only 2 5 speeds available.....both red, which we didn't want. They had scores of gls's in the lots but the GTs are rare around here. The short supply made the deal even better I think. We waited a long time, hoping a black 5 spd. would show up somewhere and it finally did. We also insisted on the 2002 at this point. (dec.)
  • estoesto Posts: 136
    Could you tell us where you're located? Sounds like you got a great deal!
    You're right about it being hard to find a 5 speed GT with ABS; there's
    lots more auto GTs around. I'm looking for the exact same configuration as yours.

  • Hi just got 02 gt 5 speed with abs in gray MSRP $15945 got it for $14734.83 + tax and plates no trade in no advertising fees salesman Mike so far the best person to deal I went to almost every dealer best experience.
  • Sorry esto, but we live in pennsylvania--pretty far from you. And you are right, there are far more automatics here than standards too. I have to tell you that we are so glad we got the standard trans because it is so fun to drive. Have you tried exploring the idea of an online purchase? It might be easier to get the configuration you want. Another thing I have done in the past (with a 2000 toyota camry) that worked really well was to email several dealerships in the area and ask for availability and best price. If you have actually test driven the car you want and have decided on the GT, this can work really well for you in getting a good price. Some dealers hate it and are pretty stinky about it, some are more willing and very fair. good luck, esto!
  • Bought a Champagne 2001 GLS from Sunrise Hyundai in Fontana, CA. Options are cruise, keyless entry, mud flaps, cargo net, floor mats. I paid $12, 410 out the door (tax, title, registration included).
  • fdnyfdny Posts: 5
    12-17 Bought an 01 Elantra GT auto, package #7 for $14,700 + $74 for reg. fee, $20 for title/licence and $10 for inspection. Unfortunately, NY 8.25% tax couldn't be haggled. Got it from a Mr.Cotter at Atlantic Auto Mall in West Islip. He gave me the price over the phone after I told him my other offers. Only complaint is 18 mpg but only 400 miles so far.
  • tmk01tmk01 Posts: 2
    I paid just over $17k (ouch!) for my Elantra. But I was determined to get ABS and TCS. But because the option 5 is only in about 3% or lower production, I was going to settle on option 4. Until I pulled into a dealer who just happened to have my option 5 in the exact color (Obsidian black) and interior, etc. I wanted. The sales manager had two more phone calls for that exact model while I was sitting there signing the paper work. Still a good deal thought if you compare that price to other like models with the same features.
  • Got my GT for 13900 + tax reg lic fee's . Got the base model with mats net and mudflaps . Very happy with it in Chanti red ( burgandy ) . With the limited #'s out there i don't think i will see one next to me at a stop light for a while :).
    Also i am in Nor Cal . Got mine at Maita Hyundai . had to do some ummm talking ya ya thats it talking . But that started at 14999 and i started at 13800 and held my guns . Unless u want abs and tcs hold your guns and i bet you can get the GT for under 14k like me and others .....
  • amcdan1amcdan1 Posts: 14
    The GT doesn't seem very common in this area. Anyone buy from an Indianapolis, IN dealer? If so, any comments - positive or negative - you can provide?

  • dmarzo1dmarzo1 Posts: 37

    I am the happy new owner of a Hyundai Elantra GT; 2001 new with ABS, traction control, moon roof and auto trans.

    Purchase price was $14,600....after tax et al, final bill was $15,350. I feel like I got a good deal and am happy with it

  • I'm about to start looking for a 2002 GT (with moon and ABS) in the Boston metro area. Any advice on honest dealerships and good prices? Thanks!
  • storkdudestorkdude Omaha, NE. Formerly Tokyo, Japan/ Dayton, OH/ Wash, DC, Minot, ND, etc. etc.Posts: 26
    I paid 850 below MSRP for auto/ moonroof/ abs/ tc/ mats and mudguards. I really didn't haggle much as I didn't have the time--bought it over the phone. I don't regret it.
  • mklambmklamb Posts: 1
    Paid $14,150+TT&L for Pewter, Manual Trans, Package 11 (ABS+TCS, Sunroof) + Floor mats + Mudguards. Did not haggle at all - bought it over e-mail. Met the person only after the deal was agreed upon. Perfect buying experience. Shameless plug - contact Ryan Shoupe at Gillman Hyundai in Austin : (800) 955-3980.
  • I live 6 hours away from a large city in which they are advertising the base GLS for less than 11000.00. My local, small town, dealer wants closer to 14000.00. I plan to make a trip and go after the cheaper ones, however, I am concerned that they may be bait and switch type ploys. Has anyone had trouble getting the car they wanted from the dealer advertising?
  • There are two key phrases in the small print of the ads to look for:

    - "Dealer options additional": This is usually a sure sign they will charge you $800 (give or take) for an appearance package (pinstripes)--it is an option of the dealer, not yours

    - "Includes all incentives" One of the big Hyundai incentives right now (I think it is still available) is the loyalty program. If you currently own a Hyundai, you get $1000 rebate if you buy a new one. If not you don't. The ad may factor that $1000 in eventhough you may not qualify for it

    Before you drive all that way, a call to the salesoffice is a good idea. Just call and say, I see your add for $11K...what does that include? what else gets added in to that price? do I have to qualify for any rebates? If they cant answer those questions simply, I would not deal with them

    I think you will find the gap (between your local dealer and the other) to narrow significantly if you factor it all in but you never know. I would drive 6 hours to save 3K. I would not do it to save $500--and my guess is that the gap is smaller than you think

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    The other thing to look for in the ad is whether there is an invoice number by the car in the add. This is another way of saying, "There is only one car at this price", in other words, it's a loss-leader to draw people into the showroom. This happened to me back in the fall of 2000 when I was shopping for the brand-new '01 Elantra GLS. A dealer was advertising a base model for $11,300, which I thought was a good price at that time, for my area. I went there and indeed, they did have one car at that price. I decided not to buy it that day, however, and went home to think it over. The next day I decided I wanted the car and called the salesman, who told me the car was gone. They did have other Elantras, at much higher prices of course. The next day, I saw the same ad running--$11,300. I called the salesman and asked him why they were running ads on cars they did not have. He explained it took awhile to cancel an ad. OK. But the same ad ran the next day. And the next day. Plenty of time to cancel an ad. So I called the sales manager and asked him about the ad. He said they would honor the ad price on a base model that was due in with their next shipment, in a couple of days. I asked about color. He didn't know, but if I didn't like it I could get my deposit back. I made a $500 deposit, applicable to the purchase price. The car came in, and it wasn't a color I liked. The sales manager told me I could have a car with package 2 for $11,700. They had one 5-speed, ocean blue. Not a bad color, but I already have a blue minivan. Anyway, I started calling other dealers and found one with a package 2 in the color I wanted, and after some negotiating with the sales manager was able to get down to the other dealer's price.
    Sorry for the rambling. The moral of this story is to check all the fine print, talk directly with the dealership (preferably the sales manager), and get at least a verbal agreement (better yet a written one via fax or email) before making a 6-hour trip. You might also put a deposit down, by credit card (can be cancelled), which is refundable if you don't like the car for any reason, to hold the car until you get there.
  • Just picked up my new GT on friday. I love it. Just to post I paid something like $15050 and then adding tax and such brought it to $16900. I live in cook county and the sales tax is high. Bought it at Terry's Hyundai and had to haggle quite a bit but would up get the price and financing that I needed to walk out of there.
  • risa5risa5 Posts: 23
    Bought my 2002 GT/automatic with ABS/moonroof/floormats/mudguards for $15,550 + tax, documentation fee and licence and registration. That brought my total to $16,613.
    No haggling involved. I emailed my offer of $15,550 to the internet sales rep at Extreme Hyundai in Bloomington,IL. He found the car for me and I was able to pick up the car in just over 24 hours from when I made my offer. I'm very happy -- my first new car buy and totally on my own except for advice from Edmunds.
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