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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • yootsyoots Posts: 1
    The ad price for an automatic elantra GLS $10295 is a lie. It is from Bob Lewis Hyundai, and the price turned out to be for manual, not automatic!!
    I purchased an elantra GLS, automatic, pkg 2, carpet, mug today. I paid $12,700 with cash, which includes tax, fees and $1,000 rebate. Does anyone know if mine was a good deal or not?
  • codepoetcodepoet Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info, teamjdc! Do you have a link that you would care to share where I can research this a little further myself?

    As for the Protege vs. Elantra, it's the console layout/style of the Protege in particular that I like. I agree that, overall, the Elantra is roomier and the better choice for us.

    Thanks again!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,922
    It would help if you would leave taxes and fees out of your posted price, since those of us who don't live in the Bay Area have no basis for comparison with those added expenses. But it looks like you got a very good deal, close to or even under invoice (allowing for the rebate).
  • dlaing1dlaing1 Posts: 17
    Yes, You got a very good deal.Probably better than 90% of the deals that others get. OkeyDokey got a better price, I'll bet by hypnotising the dealer into making him think that he was selling him an Accent. Very clever! There is definitely an art to buying a car. Most dealers are stubborn and greedy. You have to be more stubborn and greedy than they are;)
  • okeydokeyokeydokey Posts: 12
    Went in to buy the sonata, but when I saw they had a lot of elantras on the lot, I decided to change my mind. just have to stick to your guns, don't let them BS you into paying too much more than their advertised price. just drove to las vegas in that car to spend the 2k I saved, the car performs marvelously even in 105 degrees F, climbing 5000ft pass with air conditioning blasting. the automatic transmission stayed in the top gear 90% of the time during the climb, only downshifting when passing. went 90mph couple of times without noticing (my car is the basic one without cruise control) the temperature gauge didn't even move (compared with flat terrains) I am very happy with the performance of the Elantra.

    ps. made $61 net in vegas after 2 days. :)

  • okeydokeyokeydokey Posts: 12
    Yes, I stand corrected, it was one of the two, steven Creek or Bob Lewis. I had the same experience with them 2 months ago with BOB LEWIS. they advertised an elantra with an automatic, and tried a BAIT and SWITCH. I sure hope you did not buy the car from them, after they pulled that on you. I didn't. Message to everybody shopping for a car: Drive a few miles (in my case 100mi) and find a decent dealer/salesperson... hard to find, but they are out there.

    PS. I too paid cash.

  • qraqraqraqra Posts: 1
    $12400 after $750rebate. Mudgaurds and mats only option. Automatic 4 door GLS Elantra. Route 2 Hyundi Leominster Massachusettes. I paid a tad much but compare this car to protege, sentra and coralla or civic. For the price. hey I got a good car. I drive near 70 miles a day round trip.
  • sri4sri4 Posts: 6
    Pewter 2002 GT, automatic, Mud Gaurds, Floor mats and Cargo Net. The lowest offer is $14300.
    Should I go for this?

  • jpgolf55jpgolf55 Posts: 34
    I just got an Elentra GT, Auto, Sunroof (pkg 10) in Pewter Silver for $14,000 plus tax in Brooklyn, New York. My only complaint; the tires had over 50 PSI causing the car to pull towards the right. Makes me wonder if they did a full prep job on the car. Other than that at 200 miles we love it. Joel
  • sri4sri4 Posts: 6
    jpgolf55 wrote...

    "I just got an Elentra GT, Auto, Sunroof (pkg 10) in Pewter Silver for $14,000 plus tax in Brooklyn, New York.."

    I don't know why dealers around Boston are not willing to go below $14300 without moonroof? I am not sure why folks in Brooklyn, NY and Chicago, IL are getting pretty good deals.

    Any ideas?
  • ajenkins23ajenkins23 Posts: 15
    I had a good experience with my dealer on the North Shore. I ended up with a 5-speed with sunroof for $14,400 (I had a trade-in). With tax and all the other fees it was $15,400 total. You may be able to get better than that if you want an auto because the dealers seem to have plenty of autos. You can contact my dealer at - ask for Sam. Tell them Amanda referred you - good luck!
  • sri4sri4 Posts: 6
    I just called Pride Hyundai. Apprearently as of yesterday Sam no longer works there.

  • ajenkins23ajenkins23 Posts: 15
    Wow - Sam disappeared quick! The other guy I talked with a lot was Michael - the business manager. He was also helpful. Did you talk with any of the other salespeople? I'm curious about your experience with them and if it was as good as mine!
  • sri4sri4 Posts: 6
    Finally I got what I think is good deal after 2 weeks for intense work.

    I am paying Pewter, GT , Automatic, Floor Mats, Cargo Net and Mud Gaurds $14000 even. With TTL it's $15033. This is at Tom Hyundai in Norwood (Ask for Rick Lewis) who is 4 miles from my home.
    My wife's first car and she is very happy.

  • If there's any Candians out there looking to buy an Elantra VE hopefully this will help. I just bought a 2002 Elantra VE with automatic for $17295. That's $700 off the MRSP. Got the floor mats and trunk mat thrown in for free. Metallic paint cost an extra $130. I don't know if that helps at all, but I figured I'd be the first Candian to post his price up here.
  • jwt3jwt3 Posts: 5
    I just bought a 2002 Elantra GT (Premium - Silver colour) 5 speed in Toronto for $19,500 - that's $1,100 off MSRP plus 0% financing, $0 down, 36 month term, no payments for 90 days.
  • ianlozadaianlozada Posts: 2
    Valley Stream Hyundai on Long Island just sold me an 2002 Elantra GLS (Chianti Red, Automatic, mud guards, floor mats)for $11,800 after rebate. Talk to Mike Morrill-- he works to get you the best deal in the beginning rather than play the games some other Hyundai dealers did on the numbers.
  • spreciouspreciou Posts: 1
    I just bought an Elantra GT with Option 11 package (sunroof, ABS, etc.) from Howard Hyundai in Elmhurst, IL. based on dbwells' recommendation. I got the exact same deal! $14,150 (including mats) + TTL. The salesman to see is John Reeb - very knowledgable and trustworthy. I strongly recomend anyone in the Tri-State (IL, IN, WI) area check him out. Also, a BIG thanks to DBWELLS, as other dealers quoted me higher costs!
  • gtformegtforme Posts: 12
    I just started looking for a GT in the area, and am noticing that the dealerships I've been to don't have many. Are there any around that stock more than two? I don't mind driving to find one, but I don't want to waste a trip to find the same situation.
    I suppose I can get real specific. Has anyone seen a manual with a moonroof in cobalt blue, pewter, or black on lot?
  • elantramanelantraman Posts: 24
    When you pull up the Elantra detail, this discussion is not linked. I paid 13,499 for Rally red GT automatic with guards, mats, sunroof (PKG 10) cargo net. Have had for a month, 1500 miles, have not taken it out on highway yet. Gas milage Low 20.1 High 22.8. I am sure it will improve as I take to the highway. Very satisfied for first month.
  • sri4sri4 Posts: 6
    You are right. I have called atleast 10 dealers around here nobody has the pewter GT, auto. Finally, I put deposite at Tom Hyundai 2.5 weeks ago. They are yet to fnd one.

  • sri4sri4 Posts: 6

    Where did you get that deal? I will have to pay atleast another $1000 to get it around here in boston area.

    Great Deal.

  • gtformegtforme Posts: 12
    That's one of the dealers I stopped by. I'm leary about having them find a car though. My brother did that recently for a Sante Fe, and it was a real hassle. I'd like to know how it works out, though.
  • ajenkins23ajenkins23 Posts: 15
    I live in the Boston area and got my 5-speed GT about a month ago after waiting about 10 weeks for my dealer to find one. Mine finally came from Vermont. The only 5-speed GT in MA for about 4 months!

    I originally wanted a pewter with option 11 but there are barely any and the dealers that have any were not willing to swap and instead put their prices up knowing the 5-speed GTs are in huge demand. I finally settled for a blue one without option 11 but had the dealer install a moonroof - I'm VERY happy with it and the deal I got.

    I know there seem to be more autos but my advice would be to wait for a 5-speed if that's your 1st choice - it is very fun to drive! Pewter is by far the favorite color and therefore hard to find.

    I went through Pride Hyundai in Lynn although at one point I had 3 dealers trying to locate me one - Pride were the ones who got me the GT first and for the best price. I paid $14,400 after having the moonroof put in.

    BTW, I think elantraman may have had a good trade-in for the price he got - I've never heard of the price being that low, although it's easier to negotiate I think with the autos because there are more of them.

    The GT is worth the wait - however long it is!! I think most owners here would agree!
  • Anybody have a sf bay area dealer they've had a good experience with and want to recommend?

    The dealership in Concord (msg #118) seems a good bet, any others?

  • elantramanelantraman Posts: 24
    I had no trade in for the GT I purchased! I originally had no intention on buying a new Elantra GT. I think I struck while the iron was hot for a good deal. # 1 Cochran in Pittsburgh. They advertise that they will beat any competitor by $300 on all Hyundai's. I only had the choice of 1 vehicle (they had to be exact MSRP- 16220) It had almost 400 miles on it when I bought it ( no big deal to me) If you need more details let me know. I am quite happy with my deal and my Elantra GT.
  • rsinger2rsinger2 Posts: 19
    I bought a 2002 GLS 5 spd pkg 2 w/mats 18May02, from Concord Hyundai. $11250 + tax, doc, etc. I took 1.9% financing for 48 months rather than the $1000 rebate. Total w/finance charge about $12800.

    The car was in good shape when bought, the detail guys were good, Zachary in service easy to talk to. A couple different salesman failed to return calls, but the deal happened anyway.

    Obvious recommendation if you go there - or anywhere else: Know exactly what you want and what you'll be willing to pay for it.
  • gtformegtforme Posts: 12
    Well, I picked up my Carbon Blue GT this week and love it! I paid $14.3k at Tom and got an automatic with sunroof, mudguards, and floormats.

    On the way home I went around a rotary/turnabout and stopped for a car already in, and the guy was staring at me. I didn't know why because I wasn't in his way, but then I realized that he was looking at the car.

    The only problems I have is that I'm too busy right now to take a drive and I discovered only 5 minutes after pulling into my driveway, that somebody down the street has a pewter GT. So much for thinking I'd have the only one in the area.
  • ajenkins23ajenkins23 Posts: 15
    For anyone in the Boston area who is looking for a 5-speed GT, I know that Mirak Hyundai in Arlington, MA are supposed to be getting a pewter 5-speed GT in the next few weeks. One of the salesmen (Ken) called me yesterday to tell me cause he knew I had been looking for one. I was able to tell him that I already have one but thought I would pass on the info to anyone who is looking for one.
  • mocrowe1mocrowe1 Posts: 1
    Hi, I am interested in buying an Elantra GT, and was wondering if I could contact Amy from NJ (message #39). I also live in NJ, and I think you got an excellent deal ($13,800 plus tax/lic). If you could email or post the name of your dealer, I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
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