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Honda CR-V Maintenance and Repair



  • My 2002 CR-V EX has pulled to the right since I received it in July. I do a lot of highway driving and it is very tiring holding the steering wheel so the car goes straight.
    It now has about 5000 miles on it and went in to the dealer for its first oil change. I told them about the pulling. They first tried switching the two front tires and told me it was fixed. It wasn't. I brought it back and they kept it for 2 days trying to figure it out. They've done 2 front end alignments, tried different tires altogether, but they haven't been able to fix the pull problem. They now have a call in to the Honda Tech Service to see if they have a clue.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?
  • scnamescname Posts: 296
    My 02V WAS hit from behind at traffic light today. Speed was probably under 5 mph. I had Honda factory hitch installed with extension bar and ball attached at all time just for such occurence. Happy to report my V does not seem to be damaged in any way. The other car has a 5 inch dent into the front license plate. No real damage but the Chevy has a real bumper. My V does not . Would have suffered far more damage if it weren't for the hitch.
  • I was wondering if anyone out there how found a lower cost tow hitch for the 2002 cr-v. The price is was quoted by Honda was over $600. Im actually thinking of building one, if there are no alturnatives.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Vhowitz - PTTR is a known problem with some CR-Vs coming straight from the factory. It has been well-documented since the CR-V was introduced back in 1997. Some owners cannot seem to get rid of it while others never experienced the problem. Personally, I've never felt it in mine.

    Swapping tires is not really a very good option. When it comes time to rotate them, you could end up back where you started.

    Those that have successfully eliminated PTTR have done it with a good alignment job. If your dealer hasn't been able to fix it that way, take the car somewhere else.
  • scnamescname Posts: 296
    Raven. Try

    They have 1 1/4 inch and 2 inch trailer hitch for the CRV. Highier rating than the Honda hitch. I got my OEM hitch before I found them.
  • theracoontheracoon Posts: 666
    They have 1 1/4 inch and 2 inch trailer hitch for the CRV. Highier rating than the Honda hitch. I got my OEM hitch before I found them.

    Be careful of towing capacity claimed for generic hitches. The rating quoted is for a specific Class of hitch, not for the vehicle the hitch is attached too. The amount of weight a vehicle can tow is more dependent upon the engine, transmission, and brakes (!) than the strength of the hitch. Whether you use a Honda hitch or an after market hitch, a US CR-V is still only rated at 1,000 lbs for '97-'01 and 1,500 lbs for '02.

  • Varmit, thanks for the advice. I'll try another dealer for the alignment. I hope it can be fixed. My arm is getting tired!
  • I have a problem I haven't seen mentioned. I bought an '02 CRV EX in March, and now have 9000 miles on it. I have been very happy--no dreaded PTTR, or phantom CEL signals, or clunks or buzzes, no rocking front seat, no slanting arm rests. HOWEVER, I have noticed that sometimes the ignition key will pull out when the car is still in drive or reverse (after the engine is turned off.)
    The Honda Service people have never seen this, and are ordering a new starter/key.
    Any thoughts?
  • 2002 CRV 2800 miles.
    When breaking there is a clunky banging noise from the front end, possible front right.
    Has anyone experienced this and if so, what eliminated it when brought to the dealers attention?
  • Raven - I think he meant:

    They appear to have an interesting selection.

  • Hello everyone! I was very happy to find this site after I bought my used 1998 LX CRV!! It is my 3rd Honda (one motorcycle and an Accord) and I refuse to buy anything else!

    The reason I am checking in today is I have an annoying rattle, which from what I have read in this forum seems to be a problem with many owners. Mine is in the center console where the radio and climate control switches are located. It starts as soon as I get up to speed on the road with a continuous chattering. The only way to stop it is if I press on the top edge of the console hard, when it remains quiet until I let up the pressure, then back to rattle city! The last owner did install an aftermarket Pioneer CD radio after removing the OEM one. Could a not so good installation of that item be my problem? It really does drive me a bit nuts after a while.

    I also experienced the brake warning light going on upon start up and remaining on for several miles before it went off again. Made me rather nervous! I called a dealer, and they suggested a new brake fluid resiviour cap. I got one, installed it and the problem was solved. Apparently like others have found it was a sticky float.

    My final comment/question is has anybody found good aftermarket seat covers? I am a zookeeper who takes care of birds and is thusly "blessed" unknowingly many times at work by my feathered friends making seat covers a must. I really would appreciate any thoughts on this one too!
  • Hi, everyone
    I have a 2000 crv ex with 28,000 miles. I recently took the car to Florida and it ran great. Just the other day I stuck in traffic for a good hour. I started to smell a strong burning odor coming from the engine. Once traffic eased and I started to roll again the smell started to subside. There was only a hint of the odor by the time I came home. I check all the fluid levels all are OK. Has anyone else experienced this problem ??

  • I have an '02 LX...Mohavie Mist w/ saddle interior.

    The interior dash etc. scratches EXTREMELY easily! For ex. every time I release my seat belt and it brushes the side pillar and scratches it. The area around my ignition key is also getting beat up!

    I've never noticed interior scratches in my cars...what gives? How do I protect it from further damage and how do I "repair" what has already happened?
  • okmomokmom Posts: 37
    sounds like it comes close to how sensitive I am ;-) (my husband's comment)

    I fond same complains at Japanese message board.
    They said the interior of 6 months old car looks like 10 years old.

    The other problem, the rear seat gets wet when open the door during raining.

    Anyone has same experience?
  • I have the same problem too, if is raining and i open any door the interior get wet.
    Greetings from sunny Miami.
  • 01r101r1 Posts: 280
    Slow response... new to this board. That leak you described in mes # 160, onto the passenger side floor may be coming from the cowl gasket. Along the bottom of the cowl were it contacts the sheet metal.

    Just had that fixed on mine and the Honda mech said he's fix a few 1st gen CR-Vs with the same problem.

    Hope this helps.
  • glb5glb5 Posts: 39
    I'am thinking of an 03 crv, would appreciate any feedback on real world mileage from those who own an 02 or 23.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,624
    I have 02 CRV ex automatic. I purchased in april, and have just over 10,000 miles. I check mpg on every tank full. My normal commute is 45 miles roundtrip, with about 2/3 of that open interstate. Almost every tankfull is 23.5-24 mpg. Best I've done is on vacation trip, which was around 26 mpg. Worst was 22 mpg. I also had a 98 CRV w/5-speed, and even though different engine/transmission, it has similar aerodynamics. It also did virtually the same, regardless of weather or a/c use. The highway mileage is definitely limited due to the shape of the vehicle, but its very efficient around town, considering the increased power with the new version.


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  • inkieinkie Posts: 281
    glb5, kyfdx gave you true milage I can verify his figures. I have a '02 ex since last dec. and his estimate is very close.
  • I just purchased a new 2003 CRV-EX. When I took delivery at the dealer it was pouring down rain so I obviously didn't try the windows until I got home in the garage.The drivers side window worked but the others didn't at all until I drove it a short distance to the store then they started working......but one stayed all the way down and never came up question the wiring harness bad? will this be a constant problem down the road of ownership. With only 20 miles on the CRV what should I ask the dealer to do....comments will be appreciated
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,624
    Its brand new....just take it right back and say fix it. My guess is they will fix whatever the problem is, and its under warranty, so I wouldn't care what it is. I wouldn't extrapolate problems or worry about future reliability because of one problem. I would say its fairly typical for an electrical/wiring problem to show up immediately, or not at all. Thats not something that usually gets worse with age or mileage. Let the service department do their thing, then get back to enjoying your new car.


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  • scnamescname Posts: 296
    Hondaman: You didn't engage the window lock out button, did you ?
  • Just returned home from the Honda Dealer and my window problem was fixed in about 10 minutes. At assembly one of the connectors to the main window switch control was barely attached and making a connection only when the door was jarred while opening & closing it. Thank goodness it was a simple fix...I'm happy now and thanks for the 2 responses here.
  • rockycowrockycow Posts: 114
    Was your V built in England or Japan, I believe S in England and J japan on the Vin
  • My Crv was built in Japan
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Anyone know where the antifreeze drain bolt is located on the cylinder block? Also, is it really necessary to remove this? Isn't just draining the radiator sufficient?
  • I bought my CRV EX in June and I currently have 7300 mi. Last week on my way to work I filled up the gas tank. When I pulled the nozzle, gasoline began gushing out of the tank. I put the nozzle back in and it stopped so I quickly put the cap back on. I thought it was a faulty gas nozzle, however today it happened again. I don't think the cap stops clicking. Anyone with the same problem? Any suggestions aside from taking it to the dealer?!
  • The only thing I can't stand about the new CR-V is that the radiois so far away. my arm is killing me already. what can I do? can I install radio controls on the steering wheel? need a solution!
  • I am shopping for a 2003 CR-V model EX. I test drive a LX (the EX was not available at the dealership), the LX seems a bit noisy than I expect. Is the noise from tire or because poor insulation? Does the EX model run quieter?
  • Is the noise from tire or because poor insulation? Does the EX model run quieter?

    The EX is not any quieter than the LX. With the original tires there is a lot of noise from some road surfaces. Switching to tires with a better rating for noise will eliminate a lot of the road noise. Try to compare various tire ratings.

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