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Hyundai Sonata Maintenance and Repair

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
Post your Sonata problems and share any solutions here!

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  • astrolastrol Posts: 312
    Only one issue to report so far in 24K miles. My front brake rotors and pads had to be replaced due to warpage. This was not done as a warranty item which I am currently challenging with Hyundai. I have received assistance in this from the Hyundai Advocate over at and will report any news here in the future.

    There is still a slight buzziness to my rear door panels near the armrests when traveling over choppy road surface. I have made many attempts to insulate the door components and have finally reached a compromise level of sound. I may simply apply Dyna-Mat as the source seems to be something which I cannot permanently affect. Perhaps the window regulator design?
  • wigglerwiggler Posts: 4
    I have a 2001 GLS V6 and the Auto Trans seems to shift with a stutter from 2'nd to 3'rd... but only until it seems that it warms up (about 4-5 miles of driving). Note that the Temp gage shows normal temp after about the first mile, but it seems the trans oil needs to warm up and it must take the 4-5 miles. After that, the trans shifts smoothly. Have noticed also on the stutter of the shift that the tach jumps from 2500 to 3000 rpm's when it does this. Again, only on the 2nd to 3rd shift, WHEN COLD. All other upshifts seem to be fine, cold or not. Currently I have about 1700 miles on it, and it has done this since new. Do I need to be concerned, or do they all act like this. Thanks for any feedback.
  • jc58jc58 Posts: 48
    I too have noticed the tranny shift as you have described, the rpm's seem to jump and it sort of hesitates before shifting. It does only seem to be on the 2nd to 3rd sfift. And as you describe, it goes away after a while and shifts smoothly.

    Other than that no problems. I don't put too many miles on it ( I have had it since the end of May and have 2000 miles on it, but so far so good. I have a 01 GLS with moonroof, auto. The only other small item I have is a buszzing over rough surfaces, which seems to be from the passenger seat or the console. It is not too loud yet, so have not been able to isolate it.

    Seem to average about 23 mpg in my commuter driving, which is ok, especially since I have noticed gas prices for regular have gone over $1.90 again in the town I live ( 40 miles west of Chicago).
  • My '01 Sonata also shifts "odd" at times, like described above. Seems to smooth out and then return unexpectedly. Warming up doesn't help me, happens between 2nd and third in the same RPM range. Worse when the A/C is on. I checked at the dealership, and there is a service bulletin out for some 2.4L automatics (like mine), but not mine specifically. Guess the VIN tells all. They "reset adaptive" and off I went. I'll ask them again when in for my next oil change.
    The trouble is the issue really is subtle, random and therefore "normal"??? No diagnostic codes print when they checked it out. I wouldn't complain (My Honda actually shifted worse) except the ride is so darn smooth, this little hickup just annoys me when it happens. I'm a computer programmer, so my speculation this is a "bug" in the Electronic Transmission code ;-). . .Like I know anything about it - NOT. Still, something isn't quite right. I've only got 3000 miles on the car, so maybe the thing just hasn't loosened up yet?
  • dougndodougndo Posts: 136
    This seems small, but since nothing else is troubling me at all, I'll post it here. I'm having a problem with the driver's side floor mat anchor. It keeps snapping open, then the mat gradually creeps up as I drive.

    This began after I had the audio system replaced, and I think the stereo shop guys messed it up when they were crawling around.

    Does anyone else have this problem? How did you fix it? I'm not inclined to leave my car for a day at the dealer to get this fixed. The anchor looks like about 75 cents worth of plastic, so it probably costs $9.95.
  • I had the same problem as you are having. I used some 5 min epoxy I found at the local auto parts store and used that to keep the anchor together. On mine, because it had been coming undone for so long, the carpet started to become very weak in that area. So I also drilled a small hole through the clip and the floor and installed a self-tapping screw to hold it all together and tight. It does not move any more now. For you, the epoxy may be just what you need. Try that first. If not, then go for the screw repair.
  • I haven't had that problem, but then again, I went to Walmart and bought 2 of those thick rubber all-season mats for the front. They're about $7 a piece and work really nice for when it's raining. The brown matches the Sonata's tan interior to look good enough for me.
  • The mat problem described above is for the factory mats that use the anchor to keep them in place. I don't think aftermarket mats have this problem with the anchors.
  • I have two 2000 GLS V-6 with auto, and one of the cars had the same shift/rpm/"jerkiness" problem y'all described. It got severe enough, however, that the problem went beyond hesitation and weird shifting.

    In my case, the car started to misfire and stall.

    The problem, according to my dealer, lies in a engine sensor giving feedback for the electronic ignition spark. Somewhere between an upshift or downshift and the subsequent change in RPM and required adjustment in ignition spark, something goes awry and the problem you have happens.

    The sensor that initiates the spark needed to be changed in my car. Once that happened, the car ran absolutely perfectly.

    Oh - and the comment about Honda's shifting harder? No kidding! I still can't understand the rave about Honda. We've had two in the immediate family and one was complete garbage (transmission failure, 30K; Valve/seal/gasket failure 60K; required a new engine and carb at 90 K) and the other is simply average.

    So far, the Sonata has been a much better car, despite the sensor getting jiggy.

    Have you dealer check out that ignition sensor thing and see if it solves the problem.
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    I have to say this they're consistant. My 2002 LX has the same 2-3 shift slippage when cold
    the tach jumps about 500-1000 rpms and the shift happens and it goes away when hot. I just took it back and was told it was normal! So we walked around to the front and took a brand new one cold out for a drive, Hmmm not normal on that one. Three weeks old and waiting for a meeting with the regional guy. It is tempting to hit it cold on that 2-3 shift and let the clutchs chew it up, It may be easier then fighting with them. And god I wish they'd train there people on what the heck and adaptive transmission is and explain what a microcontroller is. I heard way to many problems being blamed on adaptive during my recent visit.
  • I just purchased a new Sonata 2002 LX and I also noticed a shift slippage. I plan on mentioning it to the service department when I bring it in for a free carwash. Has anyone had any luck with a resolution?
  • No tranny problem here, I have the 2.7L V6 if it matters to you all. Only thing I notice is that it tends to drop out of 1st too early for my taste. Might be something the computer will pick up on over time. Drove over 1000km this weekend with my only complaint being the silly cup holders...Sheesh...who designed that!?

  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    No luck with a resolution yet the dealer called it normal, yeah right! so we went and test drove a new one and it did not slip. I'm waiting for the dealer to contact the regional guy now been 4 days so far no answer. All they could say is there pretty busy. Meantime I keep my log & save my reciepts like the lemon law requires. Fix it or take it back!
  • Thanks for the update rhard49. I mentioned the slippage to the service manager and he said to bring it in. I plan on leaving it overnight so they can test drive it when it's cold. Due to a lot of things going on it will be about a week or two till I can bring it in. I'll let you know what they come up with.
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    Not sure what part of the U.S. your from but we had a couple of cold mornings this week 30 ish
    I expected the problem to be worse, but on the colder mornings the problem wasn't there. It came back intermittantly during the colder day on short drives but was less pronounced normally it disapears when the car warms up and the 1-2 shift becomes more labored.
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    Can you post the name of the sensor they replaced in your car to fiix the shift problem
  • I have just ordered a 2002 sonata LX and Have noticed a strange smell once inside the car.
    I be leave the smell comes from the leather, I also have noticed the same smell inside the
    Santa Fe. Both cars had beige leather. I ask the dealer and he did admit to smelling the
    strange smell. Has anyone else found this problem and if so how did you correct it?
  • wystwyst Posts: 9
    Maybe it's just the combo of new car odour with new leather odour. Is this your first car with leather? Ours has that combo smell, but that's normal. Some people like it some (like our neighbour) hate it.
  • tb88tb88 Posts: 242
    I hear a squeaking/ grinding noise coming from my back wheels when I first apply the brakes.
    The noise subsides as I brake a few times at normal speed (40/50mph). Is this a brake pad problem and can it be fixed?
    Sonata has around 7500 miles but this noise was there from the beginning and louder when the car is still cold.
  • I have a new 2002 LX experiencing the same shifting problem described by several persons on this meaage board. Talked to one service technician who said it was normal (called it "shift flare" to decrease wear on the clutch). Two other service technicians said I should bring the car in for a test drive, but they were not aware of this consistent problem with Sonatas.

    I notice that several people on this message board were trying to resolve their problem in October of this year. Could those folks please be kind enough to update the rest of us with how or if the situation was resolved. I would like to be able to tell the technicians how this problem was addressed by other service departments. Thanks for your help
  • nato1nato1 Posts: 102
    I have a '02 gls with the same problem in the 2-3 shift. I have a funny feeling the slip is in the lock-up torque converter. There aren't to many bands/clutch packs that can withstand that type of slip (especially for 100k miles).
  • Is the slip very noticeable and annoying, and is it consistent?

  • nato1nato1 Posts: 102
    I notice it, but I was a mechanic for 10 yrs. I am used to the 'hammer shift' from v8's. The shift is consistent, but isn't annoying.
    It's only when it's cold. Maybe the transmission programmers missed a byte in the translation.
  • Hi Everyone!
    My 2000 Sonata GLS, w/option 13, had a vibration when it was operating between 20 and 30 MPH. It was a very definite shimmy and could be felt during acceleration or deceleration. It didn't matter whether the car was warm or cold.

    The technician determined it was an internal problem with the transmission and replaced it.
    No problems since then!

    I now have over 30,000 miles and consider this car to be 1 of the most trouble-free vehicles I've ever owned!

  • After posting my problem several days ago, I've found the solution!

    If your experiencing hesitant shifting (shift flaring or slippage) on the 2002 Sonata automatic transmission, don't let a dealer or service center tell you there is no problem. I had several service centers tell me it was "normal" or "they didn't notice anything."

    Finally, I forced a service center here in Riverside, California to diagnose the problem (they're great!). It took a while, and I had to leave my car overnight. But here's the answer.

    The Power Control Module (a computerized part) that controls when the auto. trans. shifts needs to be updated. The service center contacted Hydundai, and Hyundai indicated they knew of the problem and have manufactured an updated Power Control Module. The service center, however, has to do a "one-for-one" exchange, which means they have to remove the part, send it to Hyundai, and then receive the new part and install it (all covered under warranty of course). But it means your car will be in the shop for a couple of days. I plan on requiring Hyundai to give me a rental car for that period pursuant to their warranty.

    Good Luck!
  • Question: I have not gotten my 2002 Sonata yet, will new sonata's from this point on be installed with this new updated power module. Also, please keep us updated on whether or not this solution acutally works.

  • Hi my name is Marc. I have the base '02 Sonata. I bought my car on November 21. I have noticed that my transmission has slipped twice. Once when it was cold (low 30's) and it had just stopped raining. Originally thought it was due to the slippery road. Seemed the car suddenly downshifted. However, the transmission slipped again on my way home about 2 weeks ago. Same situation where the transmission suddenly downshifted like it couldn't decide which gear it should be in . The good news though is that it hasn't happened again, but it's also been very warm for this time of year in Maryland. Thanks to everyone who posted their comments on the board but especially 'Thanks' to 'morris20' for the info. I plan on approaching my service rep with the information. I need to find out as well if my car has the updated module. I'll keep everyone posted.
  • I have a 2000 Sonata GLS V6 - the headlights dim while driving. I've had it in to one dealer who said "can't duplicate the problem" so long. Another dealer told me, yes that is a problem. He has changed many alternators and no solution.

    Anyone else have this problem - and what did you do?
  • nato1nato1 Posts: 102
    Just out of curiosity, how clean is the negative (black) connection at the engine block?
    What I am getting at is, that when you put a connector onto aluminum and run electricity through it, it will start to oxidize and corrode. Now, if any of the connections are 'growing' you're alternator maybe getting the 'wrong signals' and think the battery is charged. If you're handy with a voltmeter, start the car, turn on every thing and check the voltage drop from the casing on the alternator to the neg terminal on the battery. There should be very little voltage (0.1v) drop, also check the voltage on the battery while the car is running, should be 13.2-14.0 volts (ballpark). If you're starting to get nowhere fast, check the voltage at the cigarette ligther (easy access point) while your driving. If youre lights are dimming and the voltage is ~13.5 volts, I don't think its the alternator. Have you replaced the headlight bulbs recently?
    Hope this helps.
  • Hello everyone and Merry Christmas!
    I've got my Sonata v6 two weeks ago. Everything seems to be OK except the gas consumption. I found that through out the city it was 15-16 liters per 100km and 9.2 on highway. (Specification says 11.8 and 7.3 respectivly).On my odometer just 900km. I did my measurements correctly no doubts.
    Have anyone tried to calculate the gas consumption? Any ideas what could be causing the problem? Thank you in advance.
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