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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • alookmanalookman Posts: 141
    The link Abigmutt refers to is Hyundai's press release and its based on 3 year projection that 2011 Sonata's resale will outdo 2010 Accord. It's flawed since resale comparison is done for the same year model, so 2011 Sonata vs. 2011 Accord (to be released in Fall) would be more accurate or 2010 Sonata vs. 2010 Accord.

    To make my point, your local ads. for actual resale value of 3 year old similarly equipped Sonata vs. Accord and see which has better resale value. Accord has the best resale and residual value as of now in its class by every automotive source. Another factor in Honda's favor is they don't do fleet sales to leasing car companies which also effects resale value. JD Powers and Consumer Report both predict 2010 Accord reliability higher than 2010 Sonata. The CR's April 201 issue ranks Honda brand as the No. in overall performance with Hyundai making tremendous gain from 9th to fourth.

    2011 Sonata is a very nice car and I plan to buy it, if its sold at below invoice and I am very patient. Unless you are in rush, you should get it closer to invoice but its resale as of now is unknown and so is the reliability, since it totally redesigned car with new engine and Hyundai's redesigned transmission.
  • toysaxtoysax Posts: 28
    I have yet to see a report from anyone here or on any other forum where they got the car price 200,300 400 $1000 below invoice.. convincing the salesman to forgo any reasonable profit on a 20k plus car. I'd LOVE to see someone give an honest account of that..I am a commissioned salesperson and my starting commission is 10% with "give aways".. I still would get 5%.. and only when I am involved in a high VOLUME sale.
    I will pay essentially invoice price for my limited with no options plus I got 2.9% financing, plus they gave me very close to Kelly blue book price for my 2006 Civic.. All in all the deal was balanced... the salesman will earn a living.. I got a very reasonable price for both my trade.. and my purchase... so all of your wheeler dealers out there... who paid BELOW invoice and by how much.. HONESTLY!????
  • toysaxtoysax Posts: 28
    insofar as waiting until the economy tanks ?? may not even be able to get car loans at all at that point... banks will freeze up loans for all but the best credit rating.. or.. those willing to pay 22% interest on a car loan.. and yes... there are those that desperate... buy when the time is right for YOU.. trying to time any market can cost you...even wth cars..
  • dave8697dave8697 Posts: 1,498
    resale value differences are minimal in comparison to other costs.

    Getting nearly $9500 off sticker makes talk of resale value differences just that.

    My initial discount from Chev at time of purchase exceeds what I could have expected to get off on a new Sonata by ten years worth of the difference in resale values.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "My opinion is that the economy is far worse than what the government and its co-opted (i.e. bailed out) financial analysts/economists are telling the public."

    I couldn't agree more. I am in one of the few manufacturing industries left in Southern California. I I can say that things are very, very, slow right now. Couple this with the HUNDREDS (if not thousands) of foreclosure properties the banks on sitting on, and there is NO INDICATION things are getting better. Don't think for one minute that the government and the banks are not talking. If they let all these foreclosure properties hit the market at once, things would tank BIG TIME.

    Back to topic. I agree that Hyundai uses incentives to push cars. Therefore, after all these "gotta be the first on my block" people are taking care of, the incentives will come. May not be for a year or 18 months, but they will come.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    The local hyundai is loaded with gls models. My feeling is that if you went in there at the end of the month as a buyer -- not a shopper-- you could beat invoice. There are no limiteds on the lot. If the lot is full of the car you want you have some leverage -- even without subsidies. You can get a killer deal on a 2010 since it has become old cheese.
  • toysaxtoysax Posts: 28
    ....18 months... or 2 yrs... maybe three.... ??? Need a car.? /find one ya like and go make a deal.!!
  • toysaxtoysax Posts: 28
    only interested in se with option package.. or limited without.. my guy offered me limited radiant silver no option or se with option... I know gls galore on the lot... rather have the one with the potential for better resale value.. and. car is second office.. So I like it to be enjoyable....guy I know is a bmw mechanic.. at a bmw dealer.. he likes everything he reads about this car.. the "new" technology has been used in BMW;s for a couple of years.... if hes comfortale.. I'm comfotable.. and as we know nothing is guaranteed in life... and if Toyota and mighty GM can be humbled...???
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    Cars don't "self destruct" anymore. Very reliable even at high miles. Most don't "need" a new car, but "want" one for whatever reasons. Most could wait if they had too.
  • Here is my deal on a 2011 Hyundai Sonata Limited with floor matts, wheel locks and ipod cable on 4/14/2010 at Alfano's Torrington Hyundai, Torrington CT.

    MSRP $26200
    Purchased for 23,350
    Plus 1424.94 Tax
    Dealer Conv $399
    Tax Reg $173
    Total Cash Price 25346.94
    Minus $500 Rebate
    Out the Door $24846.94

    Great car!!

    I estimate about $1500 below invoice.
  • toysaxtoysax Posts: 28
    Sounds good! a little better than mine... but then again I traded a 2006 civic in fairly good condition and they gave me darn close to kelly blue I was able to get the 2.9% so all the numbers kinda came together.. if you know what I mean? Getting mine tomorrow... I'll let y'all know...

  • alphacar1alphacar1 Posts: 5
    Nice deal Toysax!

    I'm holding out for the turbo version later this year, expected MSRP below 25K. HP 274 with torc of 268.... pretty amazing numbers! MPG 22/34
  • odydvdnavodydvdnav Posts: 3
    Are u sure it is out of the door $24.5? That means, it 22.5 before taxes and title. That is really hard to get in central NJ. I have been looking for one and I can't get below 23.5 + Dest+tax+title. Do you have anyone specific in Denville that I can talk to? That would be helpful.
  • My out the door price was $24,846.94. This included 6% CT sales tax, a $399 dealer conv fee, $173 for plates/reg. I also had a $500 loyalty rebate because we have another Sonata in the family.

    I purchased it at Alfano's Torrington Hyundai, Torrington, CT.

    It was a phenominal deal and no one came close to it. I shopped it long and hard at my dealers in CT and NJ.
  • abigmuttabigmutt Posts: 38
    You don't believe Sonata Ltds can be bought below invoice???? some dealers in California ADVERTISE price of $850 below dealer invoice for these Sonatas. I bought mine for even less than THAT, but had to wait long and work hard to get it in the color I wanted.
    The "dealer invoice" price is a phony pricing scheme, just as is the MSRP. It's devised by the factory to make it easier for dealers to sell the cars.
    Don't any of you read Consumer Reports' advice and inside info about car buying ???

    Don't fall for the "letting the salesman make a decent commission" concept; they'll have you believing that you're taking food out of their starving family's mouths.
    It's YOUR hard-earned money, so just let the salesmen worry about THEIR earnings themselves: your obligation is to YOUR family, not theirs.

    For the amount of time that some of you spend here asking what a good price is, you should invest $15 instead in the CR pricing report for your particular car. I did this right in the beginning and so I knew exactly what I wanted to pay.

    My biggest problem was not with insufficient information, but in keeping my emotions in check during the whole process: they sometimes make it very hard to "stick to your guns" concerning walking away from a deal that's close but not close enough for you. A few times I thought "what the heck, it's only a few hundred dollars, and it's right here! right now! What's 3 or 4 hundred in the grand scheme of things, when spending $27K??" It's a few bucks a week at most !
    That's letting your emotions take over for common sense.
    Not that this is BAD !! Not at all.
    Some people would just rather not deal with the hassle of negotiations, and just get what they want, when they want it. "Homey don't play that game." is what they're saying, and that's fine.
    I can respect that.
    After all, a big part of any new car purchase is feeling GOOD after the purchase, enjoying your car to the maximum; and you don't want to sour that with overly-aggressive wheeling & dealing. getting too fixated on squeezing every nickel and leaving nothing on the table.

    I think you have to enjoy the process as well as the result, and if you're not the bartering type, then just do the best you can while still enjoying the experience.
    I happen to enjoy pitting my wits against "the system" (not any individual salesperson). For me it's a game, and I like winning. And the easiest measure of winning & losing in our society these days is still good ol' U.S. currency.
    My career as an attorney is over, and I worked both sides of the justice system; winning felt good on either side, but I must admit it was especially sweet when $$$ was the entire & only measure of the outcome.
    In this "game" of the car-buying process, everyone comes out a winner if you keep things in perspective: a win-win; how often do you find THAT these days?

    Anyway, that's MY perspective, and I sleep just fine at night, thankyou.

    Summary: DON'T pay above invoice ! you're leaving way too much money on the table if you do. And employ the simple practice of getting up and walking away.
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 774
    you paid about $250 too much.
  • abigmuttabigmutt Posts: 38
    To ral2167:
    "you paid about $250 too much."

    No ..... actually I paid exactly what I wanted to pay.

    Maybe you got the impression that I paid the $850 below dealer invoice, but if you re-read my post you'll see that I paid LESS than $850 under dealer invoice. How much less? well, I didn't say, out of respect for the car sales people who are finding it hard enough these days to make a decent living.

    I'm sure that some buyers out there will pay even less than I did, but most will pay much more.
    All I know is that ultimately I got the deal I was after, and I'm happy with it.
  • How much did CR say you should pay? Will you email me a copy of the report?
  • Just put a deposit on a 2004 Sonata with only 40,000 miles on it. Mint condition. $7,100.00.

    Listed at $7,900.00 - they gave me $1,500 for my 95 Chrysler Concorde (worth about 200), which I'm sure was just their way of fooling around with the numbers.

    Automatic, premium cloth seats, etc.

    Is there a way to tell if the airbags have been activated? Only problem so far, is a front side speaker that's not working ... dealer agreed to fix before pick up. We'll see ... in the coming months/years, if it turns out to be a good deal/car.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,941
    Did you get a CarFax report on the car? That is one way (albeit not foolproof) to tell if the car has been in an accident serious enough to deploy the airbags. I assume you've checked the title and it's clean, i.e. not salvage.

    Also, a thorough inspection by a body shop can tell if the car was damaged in such a way that could deploy the airbags. It would take quite a wallop to deploy the front airbags, or front side airbags for that matter. I think it would be hard to mask that kind of damage from an expert.
  • alookmanalookman Posts: 141
    It sound like an excellent, deal if it is the price for the 2011 Sonata Ltd.. Did it have any options? I am getting GLS w/ AT plus Pop. Equip. package for 19,500 (drive out=21k) and CR car report that I purchased suggested to bargain at 19,665 as the selling price.
  • jones101jones101 Posts: 5
    edited June 2010
    Is this with Navigation? If not.. What was your research with Nav. This info will be very helpful for my purchase... Thank you in advance.

    What is realistic OTD price for Limited with Nav... Anyone?
  • ybnvusybnvus Posts: 4
    We paid $26000 for a limited with/nav last month in Waco. We wanted harbor grey with wine interior. That combo is rare. The dealer found one on Houston and got it for us the next. 4500 miles later we love the car.
  • abigmuttabigmutt Posts: 38
    to jones101:

    anything under $26K for fully loaded seems to be a decent price these days, although they (dealers) do have lots more room for negotiatons below that amount.

    I commend the folks who got their Grey/Burgundy for $26K, since getting it from another dealer normally involves additional costs for the dealer who's getting it for you. (they will sometimes deny this, but it does.)
  • lv_carlv_car Posts: 1
    Can I ask what dealer (state) offered GLS w/AT w/ pop. equip for 19.5k? The best I have been able to get is 20k (plus 399 dealer fee and tax for OTD) on the base GLS w/ AT and no other options in NV. Should I hold out for a lower price?
  • trofietrofie Posts: 8
    Hi Everyone,

    I would appreciate some input from my fellow slickers. I was quoted $23,000 last night for a 2010 Hyundai Sonata - Limited Edition. All options included...$0 down 0% for 72 months. They accepted my offer of car total/taxes/tags only.

    Its the end of the month, the car is a demo with 5500 miles and the bumper was replaced a few months ago over the winter. It is my belief I can have it reduced based on those 3 husband thinks I should be committed.

    What do you think? Thanks in advance.
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 774
    Thats about what I paid for about a year ago-- before the 2011's came out. I think that's way too high a price for a 2010. Nice car-- but if you're going to get a year old car, and one thats the old design, I think you can get it for less. But let's see what others say.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,941
    edited June 2010
    You said they accepted your offer of car total/taxes/tags only. FWIW, that is called a "contract." There was an offer made, and accepted. So it seems we might be a little late in offering you our opinions on the deal.

    Unless... the dealer didn't disclose details like the replaced bumper before you reached agreement on price.

    In that case, I'd go for a lower price for what is a year-old used car with prior damage. However, if the $23k includes everything including taxes, and the car is loaded with Nav, V6 etc., AND the car is in like-new condition and will be titled as a new car (with the 10/100k warranty) vs. a used car, then maybe $23k isn't that bad. What is the price of the car before the extras--tax, title, license?
  • trofietrofie Posts: 8
    Thanks Backy. I have not accepted their offer of $23,000 (excuse me if i was not clear). Their offer is $23k not including tags and taxes. the car is loaded with nav, 4cyl etc and the car is in the showroom in like new condition. They confirmed it will have the 10/100k warranty and titled new.

    We started with a price of $26+
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 774
    disregard my post saying price was too high-- i didnt know it included navigation. i have no opinion now.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,941
    Still seems too high. For example, I found a 2010 Limited I4 with nav at a Hyundai dealership in Brooklyn with only 1400 miles for only $19,990. It's sold as used but with the Hyundai Certified warranty program, which means it has an extended warranty and special inspections.

    Since yours is new, but with more miles plus the bumper repair, you might counter with $20k + ttl. I found the Brooklyn car on (BTW, I only found 10 2010 Limiteds with less than 10k miles in the entire country when I searched.)
  • alookmanalookman Posts: 141
    In Dallas suburb. Most offers are 20k and higher. It started with 19.8k than I countered 19,450 and was accepted at 19.5k with Drive out price of 21k, except they dont have it in stock! Work with internet mgr. just send your offer. Yes waiting will be best since they are selling like hot cakes now but it will die within a yr or so.

    Accord are being discounted upto 2500 on invoice and LX or LX-P can be had at unbeatable prices. Their reslae value is unbeatable and so is their reliability!
  • trofietrofie Posts: 8
    Thanks Backy. That car in Brooklyn is gone! I am waiting for them to counter the quote I received on a 2010 Ltd. They have the same car minus nav and it is listed on the site for $19,990. Let's see what happens.

    In the interim, I countered the NJ quote. I offered $21,500 and they turned me down. No offer...just said no. That makes me kinda sad.

    I appreciate your input.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I don't think I'd even pay $21,500 for last year's that'll be "wrecked" when time to sell it, and isn't sitting with less than 100 miles on the odometer, not when a GLS PEP can be had brand new for that.
  • rajeerajee Posts: 29
    First of all, let me say we were looking at a GLS with a power seat, etc (no nav or anything) but ended up going with the SE given the deal below:

    2011 Sonata SE
    Pearl White Exterior with Black Interior

    Paid $2100 out of pocket OTD, including 1st month's payment (they didn't waive doc or acquisition fees)

    Got payments down to $229 per month for 12k mi/yr, $239 for 15k mi/yr ...

    I calculated with 0.00048 MF and 58% residual, so I may have paid a little more than 'ideal', but that may be off because those are the #s for the GLS ... Also, by my calculations I'm below invoice regardless (they told me they were in the $19k's but I am not sure if they 'embellished') ...
  • For the hype this vehicle is getting.....I don't see many purchases
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I don't see many purchases

    You have sales numbers?
  • usfarbuo1usfarbuo1 Posts: 35
    Let's put it this way. I was in Hyundai Village last week looking at the 2011 Azera and a 2010 Genesis and while I was there almost three hours as I drive tested both cars the dealership sold SIX (yes6) 2011 Sonatas. So I guess they were a hot item that day. Of course, the 2010 Sonatas were sitting in the lot with very good rebates but everyone wanted to look at the 2011's.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    The 2011 Azera is on my look list next year. Test drove a 2010 Ltd -- very nice. Any thoughts re the Azera ?
  • rajeerajee Posts: 29
    I was hoping for a comment or two on the actual deal I'm reporting :)
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 774
    was tax the reason your downpayment was so high?
  • rajeerajee Posts: 29
    Yeah the down payment was taxes (~$700), tags (~$400), doc fee ($298), acquisition ($595), and first month's payment ($239 for 15k) - all told, not bad in $2100 (I think).
  • I'm being offered a 2011 Sonata GLS Automatic with PEP#2(no NAV) package, floor mats and ipod cable for $19,399 plus TT&L. The MSRP is $21,800. I have the email ready to print and take to dealership in question.
    Is this a good deal? This does include the $500 owner loyalty coupon as well.
  • WHAT?? Do you mean the Sonata in general or the Limited model?? Sales are thru the roof for all of them...Where do you live?
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 774
    I wonder if the loyalty rebate is good for someone who owns a santa fe??
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,941
    Typically those are for owners of any Hyundai.
  • mk_shinimk_shini Posts: 2
    edited July 2010
    i went dealership yesterday.
    i tried hard to deal...
    msrp: $23990(inc all of accessories)
    cap cost: $22300(inv below $600)
    aqc fee: $595
    doc fee: $45
    reg fee: $399(CA)
    tire fee: $9
    money factor: .00087
    risidual: 59%(12k/yr)
    sales tax: 9.25%(CA)
    disposition fee: $400

    drrive off: $2500

    $250/month(inc tax)

    u think is it good deal? or bad?
    and i have a question. why dealer charged aqc fee($595) and disposition fee($400)?
    can i remove both fee to deal?

    ps. sry my english is so bad xD
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 774
    you could try. seems to me the disposition fee doesn't get paid until you turn in the lease, and usually if you lease another hyundai, they'll waive the fee. when i leased the vw jetta, i paid the dispo fee at the end of the lease; if i leased another vw, i wouldn;t have had to pay it.
  • Now I'm down to $19,099 for a 2011 Hyundai Sonata GLS with PEP package(non-navi) to include carpeted floor mats and an ipod cable. The MSRP is $21,800. This includes the $500 owner loyalty coupon for current Hyundai customers. Any comments on this deal? Should I grab or pass this up?
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