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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Blinkerfluid,

    No haggle means they give you their best price. If you don't like it you just go on down the road. If one dealer won't give it for the price you want another probable will. Best advice is don't be in love with the car and be willing to walk away from the. From Personal experience with Arrow the price is not sticker. As I stated in previous post, they came in a a price that I felt was good. You need to do your homework and check out the whole sale price. I added $300 to that price, the dealer has to make some profit but not excessive. It gets trickier if you are trading in a car. Again do your homework. Edmunds has all the information you need. Also be realistic about the condition of your trade-in. Arrow was right on the money as far as I was concerned.
  • I am about to give up on buying a Hyundai! After doing much research and test driving an LX, I signed an agreement with a dealer in Quincy, MA. on Oct 11 for a pearl white LX with moonroof. They said at the time it would take 2 days to get that color. They had 2 blue LX's at that time and they have not gotten any other LX's sinse. Am I the worlds biggest chump, or is there anyone else out there that has been waiting 7 weeks for a Sonata?
  • d1girl is your car an automatic for that price?
  • 2002 GLS V6/AUTO SILVER WITH SUNROOF Paid $16544.00 --None of the 5 San Diego Dealers had an LX as of 11/29/2001.
  • Test drove a 2002 Sonata GLS in Ruby Red with moonroof. In addition, it had mud flaps, mats and cargo net that I really didn't want. Offered $17,000 to start and he claimed invoice was $17,462. Offered that and was still turned down, so we walked away. Edmunds claimed invoice was $16833 on the GLS with sunroof. Even adding $200 in options at MSRP doesn't bring the car up to The $17462 the Queensbury dealer was claiming. I'm suspicious of his claim because though he waved and shuffled a lot of paper, he wouldn't actually show us his invoice. Was I smart to walk away or did I miss out on one of the few remaining GLS's in NY?
  • astrolastrol Posts: 312
    The difference may have been due to any # of things but most likely the ad fees. If a dealership will not show you true invoice, walk away. Most dealers final invoice sheets will always be higher than what we calculate on Edmunds because our #'s don't include any ad fees which Edmunds states is a fair fee subject to haggling. Most dealers try to get the same flat fee for every car they sell which is BS.
  • nato1nato1 Posts: 102
    go find another dealer. I took delivery about 2 weeks ago (in Mass) of a 2002 sonata gls (slate grey), moonroof, cargo net, and paid $17k with 10yr/100k bumper to bumper warranty. (sticker was 18,8 + $1200 for bump-bump warranty). Trade was '94 honda accord ($3k). ($20k-$3k(honda)-$3k negotiated=$14K)
    Rumor has it that the cars are in port, but are being checked by the feds. So it may take a while to get them to the dealers.
  • Let me know if this is a good deal.

    Silver LX w/ABS and TCS, Moonroof w/deflector, floor mats, cargo net for 19595 + tax and title. It will be $20500 out the door w/tax and title. The dealer is a friend and had to pull some strings to get the car to Ohio for me.
  • I was wondering what would be fair for this vehicle. My dealer located one so we sat down to try and do sone bussiness. KBB and Edmonds give 14599 as dealer invoice, which includes dest. chrg. I offered 15000 and was told that was below dealer cost. Anyone with a 5 speed base care to offer up what they paid?? Would love to know. Thanks
  • nato1nato1 Posts: 102
    In Mass I had a iron clad deal for $14,6 for a base sonata with the v6/auto upgrade. I opted to get the gls/package 5 (sunroof) for $17k plus the 10yr/100k bump to bump. You should be able to get mid to high 13's.
    Keep shopping. When I told them the names of the other dealerships I was going to, (and I told them where I was going and that I don't buy a car on the first walk through) they took off 3k from the sticker. Time is on your side right now. They want to clear as many as they can by the end of the year. Make them sweat!!
    If you are in New England, Try Rt2 Hyundai in Leominster Ma.
  • I haven't started my negotiations, but I think that is a little high. I want the LX w/ABS-TC and moon roof and I was considering starting the offer at about 18,800, and let them take me no further than 19,100. Don't forget about dealer holdback. However, I heard the cars are heard to find and that my influence negotiations. Also, you may want to try a buying/leasing company who can have the car brought in from anywhere in the region and they usually have low prices. Just a thought!
  • I was just on 2002 Sonatas are going for $300 over MSRP in Ohio!! Is anyone else seeing the same pricing in your areas?
  • For those in Ohio, try Tom Ahl in Lima. Got mine for $350 over invoice. I bought a black 02 LX with ABS/TCS, moonroof, mats, wind deflector, and mud guards.

    I paid $19,395 (includes destination and advertising).

    Of course I bought mine before the $1000 customer loyalty rebate (I wasn't a Hyundai owner anyway), so any Hyundai owners should be able to get one for $18,395.
  • As much as I wanted a Sonata, I was unable to negotiate what I thought was a fair deal yesterday.

    The dealer had only 1 GLS V6 on the lot (Sunroof, Mats, Guards, Deflector). I offered $16,900. Dealer wouldn't budge off of $18,100.

    He also had an LX coming (Sunroof, Mats, Guards, Deflector). I offered $18,100. Dealer wouldn't budge off of $19,575.

    All aforementioned numbers are before state tax, tag, title, doc fees, etc.

    What was suprising was that he wouldn't even negotiate. He basically told me that as hot as these vehicles are someone will pay his price. Mind you, I was ready to buy and waved a blank check in front of his face. Nothing I tried would get him to move off his number. BTW, he wouldn't come off of sticker on a Santa Fe, and he had several on the lot with more to come before month end.

    I got frustrated with him, took a walk and decided to buy a less expensive vehicle (Ford ZTS) which I ordered exactly as I wanted, in the color I wanted. Dealer showed me his invoice and gave me the holdback before I even got my offer out of my mouth (which was not as good as the deal he offered). On top of that Ford is offering $500 customer cash.

    Would have loved a Hyundai, but unless you stumble on a dealer with some inventory to move, I'm afraid it appears that good deals may be hard to come by.

    Good luck to all.
  • Does anyone know where you can find an LX w/ABS, TC & Moonroof in Los Angeles?
  • lmc18lmc18 Posts: 32
    Looking for a GLS in Jersey. Went to 1 dealer and got a song and dance about how they can't keep them on the lot and wouldn't budge off sticker which was $18K. I'm hearing about people on this site getting GLS's for under 17K. Anyone know a dealer in Jersey that is willing to negotiate? What about carsdirect? Anyone try there? I'm afraid they won't be able to find the car I want if they are really that popular.
  • nato1nato1 Posts: 102
    From what I understand, Hyundai underestimated the number of units that would sell. I talked to the dealership that I bought mine from, and they have 2 sonatas in stock. (in Mass) a base w/v6 and a loaded lx. I'd imagine they are selling at sticker. Lots of elantras and accents. They are hoping that more will be shipped in.
  • Hello My name is Marc.

    I went to Fitzgerald Auto Mall in Gaithersburg, Md. I bought on November 21. Got a base '02 Sonata with moon roof, mud guards and floor mats. Paid $16,125 plus Tax, Title. This dealership has a no haggle price and at the time seemed to have several in stock. Originally test drove a blue one but found the slate Gray with the same exact options. Haggled though on the price for my old car and threatened to walk. They countered and offered close to Kelly blue book value. Also got Hyundai's loyalty rebate. I was also able to negotiate my interest rate. The car has been running absolutely perfect. However will have dealership check the trunk sensor, seems I have to be right on top of it (and I mean right next to the trunk)when using the keyless entry for it to open on the first try.
  • Just bought a ruby red, 2002 GLS. Auto, V-6, ABS w/ Traction Control, mud flaps, cargo net, sunroof
    with wind deflector, premium sound, carpeted mats, 16in. 10 spoke alloys. $17,400, no trade. Is this a good deal?

    I live in MA.
  • nato1nato1 Posts: 102

    I live in Mass also, and I bought my '02 sonata gls/package 5 (moonroof w/ deflector, mats, etc) from rt2 hyundai in leominster.

     I paid $17k for it with the 10yr/100k Hyundai Advantage service contract/warranty (~$700). I also went to Nashua Hyundai and they said (at the time, Thanksgiving week) that they normally wouldn't give the same offer that Rt 2 did, but to take business away, they'd match it. So to keep things simple and local, I went back to Rt2 and signed. With the extras on the gls, you did very well especially with the scarcity of the sonatas that doesn't seem to be lightening up.

  • r2d4r2d4 Posts: 1
    I was trying to purchase a 2002 Sonata GLS through It seems they can't give me the guaranteed price, In fact they could only get it for $300 more than the quoted price, plus they wanted to add another $200 for carsdirect, so i'm off shopping on my own again using as a guide.

    But it seems they are in short supply right now here in LA.

    I was told more will be coming in after the 1st of the year.
  • This may sound like a criticism of carsdirect - it's really not - just restating some facts. A week or so before Thanksgiving I requested a quote
    through carsdirect -Sonata LX-pkg 5-no ABS. I didn't hear from the dealer, but did get a follow-up e-mail from carsdirect questioning whether I had. When I said no I was assured that I'd hear from the dealer promtply. After that, never heard from the dealer or carsdirect. Carsdirect's dealer for this area was Antwerpen in Balto MD. On Thanksgiving day we scouted 3 dealers in the Balto area, incl Antwerpen. Anterpen is a major dealer. They had a minimum of 300 Elantras, Accents etc. Even had at least 20 Santa Fe - which I usually see only a few of, if any. But they had not ONE Sonata on the lot. So I guess I can't fault the dealer for not replying to my quote request if they had no cars. We ended up buying a sand LX from the local dealer, MSRP $20300. Haven't seen or heard of anyone having this same car since. Carsdirect quote this morning for same MSRP was $19,176. Almost exactly what we paid locally. I can't remember the net quote back in Nov, but it's definately gone up since then. And, with the Sonatas still in very tight supply, carsdirect could still be a dead end street. So far we're extremely pleased with the LX and have no regrets for not getting a "$100 over invoice" deal with the current supply/demand situation.
  • dudedude Posts: 123
    I'm giving up on finding the sonatain Colorado. It's been 3 months since I started looking for the 2002 GLS with ABS and Sunroof and nothing. Contacted 6 dealers around here and nothing. I don't want to wait any longer. Besides, the Sonatas that dealers have, are sold at MSRP which is not a real bargain. Probably go'na settle on a demo Subaru Legacy. Hyundai deffinately screwed this up. They finally have come up with something decent but you can't buy it. I'm very dissapointed. I really wanted this car, but oh well, not an end of the world. Whoever reads this in Colorado, good luck finding one.
  • wystwyst Posts: 9
    Anyone really can as far as I saw... They never asked for any proof I had ever owned a Hyundai, at many of the places I contacted. Of course where we ended up buying new we had other Hyundai's since we bought our last 2 from them.

    See post 12. and 27. for how we did :)
  • I just bought a 2002 Sonata LX, with sunroof and abs/traction control last week. I paid just under $17,000.
  • mujhcmujhc Posts: 8
    I have to buy at least 2 more Sonata LX with ABS this point in chicago, not only they're not available, but even when you put down deposit the best deal you can get is 18200.It's a bit hard to believe that you got that car under 17000. Now it has to be either typo or you must be dreaming.
  • Hello all! I was wondering if the price quote I received is any good. The price was 19,300 out the door for a Sonata LX white/gry interior with all the goodies (package 5 & 6) except the rear spoiler. The spoiler would be an extra $700. Is this a good deal? Anybody? Anybody? Thanks for all your help. I'm new at buying a car, but want to get a really good deal. Once again thanks.
  • hjr2hjr2 Posts: 105
    we got our 1999 GLS-V6, everything minus ABS for alittle under $18,000. If we had driven another 75 miles, we could have had same deal for $17,299, or saved 400 dollars more.
    As it was, we did get an ok deal, why? 1) the salesman actually called Hatfield(our other guy who we were dealing with) and found out he existed, not a lie made up.
    2) The guy also was on his 2nd to last day as a saleman(anywhere), so he figured $200 on the car was better than us leaving and him getting nothing at all(it was closing time,plus Hatfield deal was better anyways, so they had little room to manuever).

    Now, Hara Arena Dodge/Imports(Dayton) on shiloh springs road, has a "life of original ownership" free oil changes for buying a Hyundai there.
    Still, if i can sav $500 at another place, i can afford to pay for oil changes at Walmart 4x per year=$50 per year, and still save cash by not driving 40 miles to Hara for the "free "oil changes.
  • nato1nato1 Posts: 102
    I took delivery on a 2002 sonata gls w/V6 auto w/sunroof in slate grey with the gls black interior. Absolutely love it. I bought the sonata at rt2 Hyundai in Leominster Ma. I went to Nashua Hyundai in New Hampshire and they were out of Sonata's, and calling around to 5 other dealerships, they had maybe 4 sonata's total, but all 4 cyl/sticks. For the next month or so, the ones being delivered to the dealers are already sold. I had an excellent buying experience and would highly recommend buying from RT2 Hyundai. (see post #1554 in the Hyundai Sonata forum).
    bottom line was $16,3 on $18,8 sticker with the 10yr/100K bump to bump warranty extension.
    (expanded: $13.3K (gls) + $700 (bump-to bump) + '94 honda accord coupe w/130k miles)
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