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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • oioneoione Posts: 2
    loyalty was included in price he gave me...
  • I'm looking to get an '04 LX and want to know a fair (good) price to offer. I don't want to add any options. I'm in L.A., and Edmunds says the invoice total (incl. dest. charge) is $18,380. TMV for my area is $18,879. However, CarsDirect is offering this car for $17,447; that includes the $1,000 rebate, but even adding that back on makes it $18,447 -- only $67 over invoice. So I was thinking of offering the dealer $18,500 before rebate, with the idea that if they don't take it I can go to CarsDirect. But I almost want to start my offer *lower* so that there's room to negotiate -- but I don't want to get laughed out of the dealership with a too-low offer, either! Any help or advice on this would be *greatly* appreciated. Thanks!

    BTW, I have yet to see the Desert Sand color in person. Is it nice? Right now I am debating between White Pearl and Black, but I wish the Black had a beige interior!
  • I forgot to ask: I may consider leasing the '04 LX instead of buying depending on what my $$$ situation is when I get the car. Does Hyundai have any good lease deals? I want to keep my payment around $250 a month. If I can get enough cash for a big down payment by the time I make a deal, I will buy. If not, I will need to lease with a small down payment (abbout $1,000). Thanks!
  • Usually Hyundais in general are not good candidates for leasing because of their very low resale values. You can ask CarMan in the "Lease Questions-Ask Here" thread, but he will probably tell you the same thing. With the low residual values, the payment for purchase will probably be lower than leasing anyway.

    Also with leasing, it is advised that you put $0 down, because if your car is totalled, you lose the down payment, and any down payment will not lower your lease-end purchase option price. Again CarMan can give you a more detailed explanation of this.
  • Personally, I did not care for the Desert Sand color, but let's face it, color is so subjective.....The White Pearl and the Black look very nice to me. I now have a Black Sonata, so maybe I'm biased!! :-)
  • I always consider carsdirect price to be the back-up, so I always try to negotiate a a better price. I would not offer the dealer more than the carsdirect price.

    I purchased a 2003 in March (base, with automatic, pearl white) for $11,988, which was well below carsdirect price. Granted, I did have a $1,000 loyalty rebate included. This is in the LA area (Famous Ed's Hyundai).
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    I agree with Intrepidspirit, Carsdirect should be the most you pay. I also live in LA (Northridge) and I purchased both my 2001 Elantra and 2003 Sonata LX from Keyes Hyundai in Van Nuys. You need to deal directly with the Internet or fleet manager. Take the Carsdirect quote with you and make an offer of about $200 less. Also, Edmund’s will let you get a price quote from up to four different dealers based on your zip code. I would take the best dealer quote and the Carsdirect quote to the dealer of your choice. Believe me, they all want to sell cars especially if they know you are ready to buy.
  • Thanks to everyone for your answers. Mike91326, Keyes on Van Nuys is where I will probably get my LX. I met with a salesman on Saturday, but you're saying to go to the fleet/Internet manager ... how do I get in touch with them directly? And if they go over CarsDirect price, I should walk away, right? Sorry if these questions seem stupid; I just want to do this right! Also, I posted this on the main Sonata board but haven't gotten a response: What is the likelihood a rebate will still be in effect in December? The current $1,000 off the '04 is good til Dec. 1, but I can't buy until mid- to late December.

    Intrepidspirit -- where is Famous Ed's? Thanks!
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    You can go to their web site and e-mail them from there or call the dealership and ask for the Internet/Fleet sales manager. They were very easy to deal with and they had no problem beating Carsdirect's price. Also, I don't think you need to worry about the rebate coming off after 12/1. Hyundai has been continuing their rebate every month.
  • I was looking at a 2004 Sonata, with the option pack 5/AE, so I guess it is fully loaded? Anyway, I didn't get a price from the dealer yet, but talking to them, they said they go $300 over invoice. According to Edmunds, Invoice for this model is $18,826, with a TMV of $19,262. If what the dealer is selling me is correct, I should be able to get this car for $19126, and with the $1000 rebate have a final cost of $17126.
    Is this a fair price? Is it possible to get below invoice? I'm trading a 96 Chrysler Town and Country with over 116,000 miles. They haven't told me what I could get for the trade in, but if I can get over $3000 I would buy the car. Should I tell them that?
  • Can I lease if I deal with the Fleet/Internet manager, or is that a buying scenario only?
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    Yes, the Fleet/Internet Manager(s) do it all both lease and purchase. However, as some of the other members have stated leasing a Sonata may not be the way to go.
  • Thanks to Mike and intrepidsprit for your help! :)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    We can't allow contact information of any sort - see the message in the header of this discussion.

    Thanks for your understanding.
  • I'm going to the dealer today, hopefully to leave in my new 04 Sonata GLS (no extra options). The dealer said they charge $300 over invoice, so I'm hoping for an OTD price of $18,275.
    Sticker price of $17034, plus $300, plus $540 dest charges, minus $1000 rebate minus $4000 trade for a total of $12874, plus PA sales tax of $901, total now $13775. Payoff of my trade $4500 for final price of $18,275.
    Does this seem like a fair price and am I figuring this out correctly? I never got a price for my trade,but am hopeful for about $4000. That is the KBB on it for a trade
  • Is it possible to buy a 2004 Sonata GLS below invoice. One dealer told me they go $300 above invoice, and another told me they don't hide anything, and that I can see the invoice to see what they actually pay, and we can work from there. He said they can't go below invoice though

    I thought with this being the end of November, and a slow month for auto sales, I may be able to get a little better deal then usual
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    doobie4... I've got a bit under 50,000 miles on my MY2000 Sonata GLS V6 5-speed manual with Pkg 13. Bought her May 2000. She was built in August 1999. She wasn't easy to find. I had to do a multi-state dealer search. She was the only 5-speed V6 in a 10-state area. She had languished on the dealer's lot for a long time. Dealer had tacked on a pin stripe and paint protection and wanted hundreds of dollars for this worthless spiff. I got her in Illinois. Think it was in Carbondale. Only other one I ever heard about was in Arkansas. Don't think I've seen a MY2001 or later V6 5-speed. Don't think I've talked to anyone else with a MY2001 or later V6 5-speed manual. These cars are rare!
  • After doing all my research, I went to a few different dealers yesterday, and finally got my new '04 Sonata GLS, in Celadon Green, OTD for about $18,900, with sunroof and mud flaps. At first they didn't want to deal, and I really couldn't afford any more than that, so I thanked them and started to leave.
    Got out to my 'trade in' vehicle, and my keys weren't in there, and when I went back in to the dealership, I was told they would meet my price. About 2 hours later, I was driving me new car home
    TMV was about $17,741 before taxes and plates and that other crap
    So far, I like it :)
  • Congrats on your new ride! :)
  • danielj6danielj6 Posts: 285
    Was there any cash rebate or the $18,900 was after the rebate??
  • the final price I paid was after rebate. Edmunds lists TMV at $18,741 before rebate, Invoice $18,215 before rebate, so after all my costs, I paid right around invoice.

    So far I love it. Went out today and bought lots of stuff to help keep it clean :)
  • danielj6danielj6 Posts: 285
    Enjoy your HS and keep us posted!
  • I just got my new 2004 Sonata LX with option package 7 last night, it was the first time I have ever purchased a vehicle. I qualified for the owner loyalty program 1000 dollar rebate because my mom just bought an elantra and the dealership also waived their 560 dollar "hold back fee" and I also saved the 1000 dollars from the current rebate. After everything was said and done I paid $17,809. I can't believe how good of a deal I got. I called other dealerships and they couldn't believe the price I got. I love the car and can't believe how much you get in a sonata for the price. The dealership also gave me 3.45% financing for 60 months...the cheapest I could find other than that was 4.25%. One thing I don't know about for sure however, I upgraded my 5yr/60,000 warranty to 10yr/100,000 for an additional 850 dollars....was it worth it? what are other people paying. I love my new Hyundai!!
  • deal! I know you'll enjoy it.

    I don't think I would have done the $850 warranty extension, though. You already had 10 year/100,000 miles on the powertrain anyway. All the dealers push the extended warranty, so you know its a big money-maker for them.

    But all in all, total price (including extended warranty) and financing rate, as the Hyundai commercials say "Looks like you win!"

    BTW, I got a great deal in March on a new 2003 Sonata (base with automatic transmission) for my stepson. With rebates (including loyalty), it cost $11,988. Everybody thinks it is a $20-$25,000 car...
  • I can cancel the warranty anytime within the next 30 i'm kinda thinking i might just do that. That is an awesome deal you got too!!
  • MSRP: $18,950
    Price Paid: $15,800
    I don't think I've seen anyone buying it at this price yet.

    I bought this car in August 2003 in Gaithersburg, MD.
  • kjmritkjmrit Posts: 2
    I purchased the GLS model recently. I paid $100 over dealer invoice minus $1000 rebate for grand total of 16600. Edmunds TMV is a little over 17000 including the rebate. MSRP on this vehicle is 19500.
  • I'm considering purchase of an '04 LX with all options this summer. I see that Edmund's TMV is approx. $19,300.

    bob1nap, your price must include sales tax, right?

    What I need to know, please: Has anyone recently (within a year) purchased a Hyundai Advantage Extended Warranty (they come in 6/75,000 and 10/100,000 varieties; I'd go for the former), and, if so, about how much did it run?

    I'd need to get the Extended Warranty to compensate for the lack of rental reimbursement in the base warranty, so I don't have to sit at the dealer for any great length of time (like over 2 hours). The Extended Warranty IS transferrable, unlike the base warranty.

  • Chevguy657, Yes paid $20,026 after taxes.
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