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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Picked up our 1st new Sonata LX, 1/18/03, In the new orleans area. Highly impressed with the vehicle's details and quietness. MSRP listed at 20,301.00 w/ options Moon Roof, Wind Deflect or, Momelink & Electronic Mirror, Locking Lug Nuts, &
    Automatic. The 2.7 liter engine is quite peppy and as quiet as a mouse. As the vehicle gained popularity with the recent Consumer Reports articles it has become extremely difficult to deal as LX's are hard to come by. Still satisfied at a purchase price of $18,900.00, however had I acted prior the published articles I feel I could have had more room to bargain. If i'm as happy down the road as we are now it won't be my last Hyundai.
  • rcarlrcarl Posts: 3
    Is $15,232.00 out the door on a 2002 GLS w/ moonroof, 6000 miles a fair deal? Haven't seen it yet, but I don't believe it has the ABS. Does the Sonata live up to its press?? Thanks
  • ray_h71ray_h71 Posts: 212
    Does that $15,232.00 include your state's sales tax, plates/registration, and any dealer added on "document fees"? (I've never understood why dealers feel they're entitled to an extra $50.00 just for submitting the required documentation to the state electronically over the internet...) If all the above are included in your price quote, it sounds pretty good. As to the "press", ~which~ press? Some accounts have been quite enthusiastic about Hyundai Sonatas, and some in the automotive enthusiast magazines have been downright hostile. (Car & Driver dismisses any marque that doesn't accelerate and handle like a 5 Series BMW M5.) I came from a '91 Sonata to a '96 Accord to an '03 Sonata. My new '03 Sonata is no Accord, but it's a darned side closer than that '91 Sonata was. (Frankly, my '91 Sonata was a disappointment.) The '03 Sonata's a very quiet car, and the body structure is quite rigid. No rattles so far, either. The Sonatas are not tuned to "spirited" driving the way Accords are known for, but I use a car for transportation instead of compensated macho manhood display, so it's not a problem. I'm at the point in my life where I value a compliant, but controlled, ride and a car sufficiently refined and quiet enough for me to enjoy my CDs at any legal (or slightly faster) speed on the interstates. The Hyundai all-aluminum V6 motor is adequate. Accords and Altimas are faster, but 0-60 mph in under 9 seconds won't hold anyone up. Reports I've read about the Camry V6 show the Sonata's on a par with it. While carrying less advertised horsepower than the Camry V6, the V6-equipped Sonata is lighter enough in weight that it performs about the same. After I hit 3,000 miles I took mine on a 450 mile run to Las Vegas and back. I averaged 32+ mpg going and 31+ mpg coming back. (It's uphill, overall, from Vegas to my home.) My in-town mileage is ~22 mpg. I currently have 3,300+ miles on the car and I'll be surprised if I don't add another mile or two per gallon to the stats by the time I roll 12,000 miles on the motor.
  • rcarlrcarl Posts: 3
    Yes, that's tax, title tags, everything. Carmax is also telling me they have a LX w/ cloth seats?, abs, power seat, sunroof, etc for the same out the door price - 8000 miles. (that's why my local dealer mached it on the gls - he doesn't believe its really a LX) I've read nothing but more or less rave reviews - who is trashing the car? - I mean, it is a Hyundai
  • ray_h71ray_h71 Posts: 212
    "...who is trashing the car? - I mean, it is a Hyundai"

    Car & Driver in the 2003 Feb. or March issue in a test of nine intermediates. (Can't locate my copy at the moment...) The Sonata V6 GLS just nosed out the last-placed Saturn LS300 V6. But we're talking about automotive "journalist" macho-heads who rarely exceed 21 or 22 mpg on the highway regardless what they're in. Cloth upholstery in an LX sounds bogus to me, too. (If it really is an LX, I'd wonder if the car had been wrecked and GLS seats were substituted during repairs...)
  • rcarlrcarl Posts: 3
    Gee, wish I'd read that earlier. I pulled the trigger on the 2002 GLS - 12,000 miles for
     $13, 800 - out the door at $15,200. The carmax LX listing was a screw-up. Haven't had a chance to really drive the car yet - was out of town all weekend, but it seems like a good value for the money. We'll see how it holds up - I didn't buy it for performance - bought it for bang for buck, warranty, and it looks different than everything else. Hope I'm pleased, but if I'm not, I'll go back to the old Taurus. (My wife keeps asking, you're sure we couldn't get a Camry or a Taurus? Thanks for your help
  • Base, 4 cylinder, with sunroof. This is a little confusing to describe but here goes. $750 cash. $15,900 financed. Trade in of a 2000 Elantra on which was owed $7275 and had a bashed in trunk hood, but which had an insurance check of $917 which also went to the dealer. So MSRP, +17297; Tax, +847; License-Title-Transer, +25; Some type of deduction, -2000; Trade Allowance, -5877; Amt owed on Trade, +7275; Insurance Ck, -917; Cash, -750; Financed, -15900.
  • I bought Sonata GLS V6, auto, fully loaded (ABS, Traction, moonroof) for $18,000 (this does not include tax, title, doc, etc.). Is that a good deal?
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    Just picked up a new 2003 Sonata LX with package 7. I paid $17,683 after rebates but before TT&L. I cannot beleave how much car I got for the money. A Camry equipped the same as the Sonata was about $7,000 more. I love this car.
  • shifty54shifty54 Posts: 1
    Picked up an 03 4 cyl base model w/mud guards, cargo net, and floor mats for $14,200 (plus tax,etc) after rebate...lot of car for the $$...great ride!
  • megosdadmegosdad Posts: 2
    I found a guy on this site that bought the exact car I wanted, a slate gray, 6 cylinder GLS, with a moonrooof (Pkg 3). He said he paid $17,186 with rebate included. I went on the website and built my vehicle. Then, I sent a message to all the dealers in the area (Indianapolis) and told them what I wanted to pay $17,186. I received 5-6 dealer replies: 2 said they could not sell it to me for this price, 2 said they would sell it to me for the price and one beat it by $20. Then, I called another dealer and he said he would beat it by $50. Then, I called Bob Rohrman Hyundai in Lafayette, IN. They were in a price war with the last guy. In the end I paid $16,500 for a 6 cylinder, GLS, with moonroof, floor mats power everything. Not bad when you consider a Camry and Accord would have been $23,000+ for the same equipment. Only thing is I stopped working the two against each other too soon!! There must be a huge mark-up or incentives (the guy who lost said he would have beat the final deal-he needed to meet quota, but he wasn't happy about the dealing!!) Finally, I felt like I got the better of them: Sticker $18,970 - Selling price $16,500. Don't let them tell you they are not making any money, they still are!! Hope this helps someone else get a good deal!!
  • ray_h71ray_h71 Posts: 212
    "Not bad when you consider a Camry and Accord would have been $23,000+ for the same equipment. Only thing is I stopped working the two against each other too soon!! There must be a huge mark-up or incentives"

    Congratulations, megosdad. Actually a Camry or Accord outfitted that way would have been closer to 25,000.00+. They'll deal some, but not to the extent Hyundai dealers will. As to huge markups, that may or may not be. Dealers will nevertheless scramble to maintain -volume-. Doing that gives 'em preferential treatment in getting the plum colors and desirably optioned cars. Area of purchase makes a difference, too. I shopped locally in southern California for several months and the dealers would come down close to invoice, but nowhere nearly as low as you got in the midwest. My personal half-baked theory is that on the coasts people are further into the notion of forgiving Hyundai for past QC issues as they are increasingly convinced the current cars are much better designed and built than formerly. But the feelings die harder in the midwest because "buying American" is so ingrained and the few who did take a chance on Hyundais 10 years ago got burned by reliability and/or poor trade-in issues. I'll admit this analysis may be poppy-poop, too. Pricewise, the best I did, finally, was $16,074.00 plus tax and lic on a base Sonata V6, mud guards, floor mats, and cargo net. (The car stickered out at $17,207.00.) That was in December, and the situation may be different now what with dealer promotions, manufacturer rebates, etc. An Accord LX with the V6 would have been closer to $22,000.00 from the lowest quote I got at the time. (Even the "lowly" base Sonata is similarly standard-equipped to an Accord LX except for ABS.) Nearly $6,000.00 buys a lot of gas even in these times.
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    Here's one even I could not believe. We recently purchased a 2003 Hyundai Sonata LX with package 7 (ABS, Sunroof, Homelink) for $17,680. The price was $500 under invoice plus the $500 factory rebate plus a $1,000 owner loyalty rebate (I have a 2001 Elantra). We purchased the car in Van Nuys (Los Angeles). While we were out shopping we decided to look at a Camry at the dealers Toyota store which was across the street from their Hyundai store. (Those of you in LA should know who the dealer is now). We found that a Camry XLS equipped like our Sonata LX would have cost almost $7,000 more.
  • I live on Long Island and am interested in purchasing the Sonata LX Auto with package #7. What would be a fair price to pay for this auto? Thank you.
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    Your best bet is to shop on the internet first. What I did was go to Edmunds, Carpoint, and CarsDirect and price out the car the way I wanted it. Next use the above three and request a quote from a few dealers both near you and in the greater New York City metro area. I used the price as my starting point which my dealer beat by $100. My wife and I went in, test drove the Sonata LX and bought it on the spot. Best way to buy a new car IMHO.
  • I noticed you got a great deal on the LX. It was with ABS and traction? I went to the first dealer and he tried to tag on $500 in advertising fees. His final quote was $19,495. I got off the phone with another dealership and spoke to the sales manager and his offering was $19,100. I am a novice at this but what does IMHO stand for? Thank you.
  • lmp180psulmp180psu Posts: 393
    means "in my humble opinion".( I think)
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    Yes, I got package 7 which has ABS and traction. The price of $19,100 looks good if it is the bottom line price before T&L for an LX with package 7. The price I got included a $1,000 owner loyalty rebate because I own a 2001 Elantra.
  • lmp180psulmp180psu Posts: 393
    could also mean " in my HONEST opinion", which makes more sense than HUMBLE.
  • Thanks for your help, Mike. I'm going to the dealer tonight. Hopefully, I'll have the car at the price I've negotiated.
  • ray_h71ray_h71 Posts: 212
    Just go in cautiously optomistic and present a congenial demeanor that -you're- in control. (You really are - just don't forget it.) There should be little more than printing out the paperwork for the negotiated price and signing where indicated. If you're paying "cash" with a personal check, you will have to undergo a credit check and sign on for dealer financing as protection for the dealer. But they won't process the loan through unless your check doesn't clear normally. If they start playing head games with you about various unanticipated extras on the car, don't hesitate to get up and walk out. You'll know, in that case, whether they really want your business at the negotiated price if they chase after you into the lot.
  • Hi Mike. Just got back from the dealer. I wasn't feeling well but wanted to get the experience over with. After the bad experience with the first dealer, I wasn't all that optimistic.

    I just couldn't believe what a good experience I had. What a difference! The other dealer wouldn't budge at $19,500 (that was with the rebate). I decided beforehand that $19,100 was all that I wanted to go for. After researching advertising fees I found out that its up to the dealer whether they pass on the cost, waive the fee or make some kind of split. In a phone conversation, I had spoken to the sales manager and wanted to know if he could do better than $19300 and he asked if that was with the rebate and I said yes. He countered with the $19,100. We asked for him but he was at a different lot so a saleswoman said she would help us out. She asked what we had discussed with Ricky the sales manager as to price and we said $19,100 with the rebate. She still took the $500 off so we got the car at $18,600. plus tax. We made sure that we weren't getting stuck with prep, or advertising fees and she said that they were waiving the ad fees and no prep. I think that they may have worked it in such a way that they received that $1000 add'l rebate for previous Hyundai owners but that's up to them. I paid below what I thought was a good deal and I got the mud guards included. I'm picking it up tomorrow -- the slate gray color. The sales manager was going to give me pin stripping free of charge but I thought that the car looked good just the way it is.

    Sorry this message is so long but I'm glad its over with. I had one bad experience with a dealer but it was made up for by the other dealer.

    I'm getting the car tomorrow and if everything is o.k. I hope to have it in my driveway. Thanks for all your help.
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    Way to go Chris. The slate gray was our second choice after silver. It looks real good on the Sonata, people will think you have a Jag. Did you get the LX with package 7?
  • I hope so. I told them I wanted option 7 but that is not written on the purchase agreement. It says ABS with traction control, power moonroof, electrocromic inside, m/g. Did your sales agreement actually specify option 7? I was supposed to go tonight to get the car but with the end of the month it may be hectic there and I may change it to tomorrow night.
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    You got package 7. You're right, the window sticker and purchase agreement lists the options by name not by package number. When you pick up the car make sure you stop at your local police station and turn yourself in because you stole that car. You did good!
  • christi953christi953 Posts: 7
    Mike, I got the car. It's nice but something doesn't seem right. First, there is a mix-up with the paperwork which I only found out when I got home. We were given the title to a white car with a different VIN number. We called the manager and he said to come back tomorrow. Also, the reason I wanted the top of the line pacakage 7 was for the ABS with traction control. The traction control button on the dash board does not remain depressed and there is no light that comes on to show TCS is activated. When I got the car the sticker was not on the window. I asked the sales woman why wasn't it on the window and she said that its hard to come off so they took it off and she had it in the glove compartment. The VIN number number matches the VIN number on the car. Maybe there is a reason I got a good deal on it. I guess I have to wait until later to find out what's going on.
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    Your TCS button is between the cruise control button and the panel light dimmer. The TCS button does not remain depressed and the TCS light on the dash only comes on when the TCS is "off". Whenever you start the car the TCS defaults to "on" so no light will show on the dash. I,m suprised the salesperson did not go over the car with you. Our salesperson took over a half hour to show us all the goodies on the car.
  • trick999trick999 Posts: 1
    Hi All,
    Good job on the LX. I got mine for $19,139 before t&l. I originally got an internet quote on a GLS w/package 5, but decided to go for the LX w/7. The dealer told me that all internet quotes are $300 off invoice. I really like the car although the mileage has been pretty poor so far.
  • ray_h71ray_h71 Posts: 212
    Trick, what kind of highway fuel mileage are you getting and how many total miles have you piled up? I have an '03 base Sonata with the V6 and AT (same powertrain you have), and a little over 5,300 miles on it. Monday I took a little 430 mile road trip to Phoenix and averaged over 32 mpg. This was net uphill from my home in California with A/C on the whole way and cruise control set to 70 mph east on the I-10. I topped the tank off before starting and again upon arrivial. (Arco unleaded regular) I had a tad more than 1/4 tank according to the fuel gauge when I pulled in for gas in Phoenix. My first tank when the car was brand new only netted about 22 mpg on the highway. Apparantly Hyundai has these engines set up with tight clearances at the factory which may account for the company's break-in recommendation to keep the speed at or under 55 mph and the RPMs under 3,000 for the first 1,200 miles.
  • christi953christi953 Posts: 7
    Thanks Mike. I figured it out by reading the booklet. The saleswoman did show me some things but I don't think she was that familiar with the car. I haven't figured out the rearview mirror yet. I went back to the dealer and straightened out the paperwork. Even the temporary registration was made out to the wrong car. I laughed when I saw your email about taking myself to the "nearest police station." So far I'm really enjoing the car.
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