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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Bob I was pretty much addressing those people outside Acadiana who are having a hard time finding 06' models still in stock. The $2500 rebates may no longer be in effect.
  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    I don't expect everyone to agree, but look at it like this. I buy a watch for $2,000 on my credit card. I sell it immediately to my brother for $1,500. Does he owe my credit card company the other $500 or do I? If I don't pay that $500 difference will it end up on my credit?

    I'm not saying that the dealer will not pay the $143 just to make the problem go away, but they are under no obligation to. Chances are that they will if push comes to shove, and the money will probably come out of the salesperson's paycheck, as he or the finance person are ultimately responsible for the numbers.

    What your dealership did was spot deliver a car without an approval. That is a totally different circumstance here. Please don't be offended, I'm just stating facts here.
  • noburgersnoburgers Posts: 500
    I just purchased my 2006 GLS V6 for $17,495 after the $2500 rebate. Edmunds invoice pricing does not include the charge to New England Hyundai dealers. The invoice was $20,431. Some other web sites I've seen the New England invoice price listed as $20,331. I have spoken to dealers in CT and New Hampshire. A Manchester NH dealer offered me the same car for $17,204 but I decided to save the cost of renting a car, fuel, food and end up paying about $200 more in Hartford. I investigated a warehouse club's auto buying program and their policy is a no-haggle $200 OVER invoice. I figured I would do better on my own, and I did. There are very few leftover 06 models left, and I was glad I found one in my first choice color. One dealer had NO leftovers, another had just 2, another only 4. At these prices it was cheaper to buy it new than to buy a used one with 15000 miles on it.
  • Miami Hyundai has 54 2006 Sontas in their online inventory. Why the difficulty finding them else where?

    I'm planning on buying in spring 2007. Ant idea when the deals for 2007s start to get real good?
  • Does $17,495 include all the tax and fees? I was offered $100 over invoice plus tax/fees from the first email quote. The dealer did mention about the low inventory of 06 model. Not quite sure about the final price I will get.

    I am in Ohio.
  • thedoethedoe Posts: 2
    I'm thinking of buying the 2007 Limited tomorrow after looking at it the other night at a dealer.
    What's the lowest I can expect to pay for the asking price? How about all those additional fees? They're giving me miscellaneous fees, not including tax, that add up to about $660. What's reasonable all told?
  • noburgersnoburgers Posts: 500
    That price does not include taxes and fees. It looks like inventory depends on where you live. In CT at least three dealerships all claim to be CT's largest Hyundai dealer, and all three are sold out or almost sold out.
  • luvmbootyluvmbooty Posts: 271
    Just make sure when you buy, it's after tax return time. I read that it's the worst time and no rebates! :lemon:
  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    What equipment is on the car? Can you tell me what the fees are? Different states have different fees so it is hard to tell just by the amount what is reasonable.
  • Hyundai's website should tell you all the features of the LX model. The cars come pretty much loaded.
  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    I know the cars, does it have a sunroof or pearl paint?
  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    If MSRP is 25,345 invoice should be about 23,727. In my region the V6 Sonatas have a 1,500 rebate. Try 22,000 plus tax and plates.
  • thedoethedoe Posts: 2
    It's in NJ.
    $242 4 yr registration, $199 window etching, $189 documents, $27 credit bureau, $7.50 tire tax. Kelley Sticker Price is $21,625. It's loaded with all the standard Limited model options.
  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    I suspected window etching. It is optional. If you don't want it refuse to pay for it. They'll tell you that it is already on the car, and while that may be true, you don't have to pay for it. The stencil that we use costs about $6. That is all the cost that they have in it. There's may be a little bit more, but not much. We don't charge a credit bureau fee, but I don't think you will get around that one. Try to avoid that as well. Tire tax and registration you are definitely going to need to pay.
  • I bought a 2006 Sonata in July of '06. 2 months later I saw that they were giving back $2000 rebates with a purchase. I was never offered any kind of deals at all and now I am seeing that they are STILL offering this rebate. I'm very frustrated. Does anyone know if I can do anything to get in on this deal?
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    Rebates are valid only during the period offered, and if your purchase date did not include a rebate, you should receive no rebate . . . as they are not applicable after purchase. If, however, a rebate offer from Hyundai was available at the time you purchased your Sonata, and the dealer did not offer it to you, I would strongly consider you firmly speak to your salesman. If you didn't receive the rebate, they kept the $2K themselves.

    Rebates are not available "post-purchase."
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    two days after we bought our hyundai we found out there was a additional rebate of $1,500. when we called hyundai customer service they told us we would not be able to get that rebate because of the date we bought it. They also told us the dealers do not know ahead of time about the rebates and what they will be until that day. After they found out we had bought 5 hyundais in less than 2 1/2 years they sent us the rebate which does not usually happen cause everyone would want it but it pays to try
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    The price you paid probably included the rebates, meaning you did not get as much off MSRP as you thought you were getting. Check your itemized purchase contract/closing papers and you will see what happened to the rebate. You also might want to check to see if you authorized the rebate to be paid to the dealer. In either case, the price you paid should have lowered the MSRP by the amount of the rebate.
  • samy1samy1 Posts: 10
    How much can I expect for 2006 GLS Sonata in Metro Detroit? I see $1500 rebate for 2006 GLS models. Is it reasonable to offer invoice ($18496) - $1500 = $16,996 or lesser than that? Please share your experiances. I really need to buy it asap.
  • 19221922 Posts: 5
    My dealer in Northern Alabama tells me he must add the rebate to the sticker price, add sales and AL title fees, then deduct $1,000 rebate. I thought he should take rebate off sticker price first before taxes and title fee are added. ">
  • jlindhjlindh Posts: 282
    Run, don't walk away from this dealer! If you took his deal, the dealer would be pocketing the rebate, not you.

    Check for fair prices on the car. You may want to buy from them if your dealer is unreasonable, the car can be delivered to you for $500 or so.
  • osaka75osaka75 Posts: 88
    I agree with the last poster. At least compare with another dealer.

    Also, is the dealer charging you sticker price? Please read through this thread to find out that you can get the car for a much better price than that. Seems like you are looking at a 2007 if the rebate is $1,000. Even though this is the new model year, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to negotiate several hundred off of sticker. Especially if it's a 6 cylinder model.

    I think that in most states the sales tax is calculated before the rebate is factored in.

    Good luck.
  • pcgeek86pcgeek86 Posts: 72
    I've got a quote from a local dealership for $17,900 on a brand new 2007 SE w/ sunroof. Does this sound like a fair price? I did some dealing yesterday with several dealerships via e-mail on a 2006 GLS v6 w/ sunroof, and got one down to $17,761, however it's way up in Wisconsin, and I'm down in Illinois, so the closer the better (plus the 2007 is newer at a similar price).

    I asked the local dealer if he could include the power driver's seat and auto-dimming mirror (Preferred Package) on for the same price and finalize the deal, but I won't hear back until tomorrow. Any thoughts?
  • I was wondering what dealership you contacted in Wisconsin that gave you the $17,761 price. I would think that the price you got on the 2007 SE is pretty good. I bought a 2006 GLS V6 W/Sunroof for 18,200
  • pcgeek86pcgeek86 Posts: 72
    Hey motorhead ... the dealership in Wisconsin is in Sheboygan; It's called Van Horn Hyundai. It's a 2 hour drive north for me, but at the right price it could be worth it. Thanks for letting me know your price as well; very helpful.
  • pcgeek86,
    Did you try Arrow Hyundai? they are the ones that gave me the 18,200 price. It seems like the prices are better in Illinois
  • That is the deal I ws looking to compare. 2007 SE w/sunroof possibly preferred package. Please post how it worked out. Thanks!!
  • pcgeek86pcgeek86 Posts: 72
    STAY AWAY FROM ELGIN HYUNDAI! They backed out on the 2007 deal they quoted me on. What a load of BS .. they turned around and offered $18,900 because "no one would in their right mind would pay $140 less for a 2006". Man they pissed me off, but that's okay, because now another local dealer has quoted me $17,736, and I'm finalizing it tonight, on a 2006 GLS v6 w/ sunroof, no preferred package. :) Cheers!
  • pcgeek86pcgeek86 Posts: 72
    I e-mailed Arrow after I got a better quote elsewhere, and they came back with the same number they gave me originally, $18,161.
  • pcgeek86pcgeek86 Posts: 72
    I just reached a deal with a local dealership today. I am getting a 2006 Sonata GLS v6 w/ Sunroof in Deepwater Blue for $19526 AFTER tax, title, reg. Base car price is $17,736 after $2500 rebate. Test drove my car, and picking up tomorrow ... weeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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