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Nissan Pickups Maintenance and Repair



  • I have the CC SE 2WD w/ Six Speed Manual. The engine noise is still there. Seems to be getting more noticable or maybe I'm just more aware of it. It's gotten to where everytime I drive it I turn off the radio just to hear it. I'm about this close to taking to another Nissan dealer just to let them give me their 2 cents. Again, I don't want them tearing the thing down just to be doing it, but I don't like sitting back and doing nothing. I did a lot of research before buying and like other posters said, this truck just felt right unlike the Tacoma. And I"e owned a Tacoma before. In fact I have been a sworn Toyota owner for years. I truly hope this is nothing but a loose thing-a-ma-jig, but I keep thinking it's more. I will let you guys posted.


    Maybe someone from Nissan reads this group. If so, post a followup where I can write in more detail. I really want to "love" this truck. Nissan, help me love it....
  • This was posted in another forum. Maybe it's a lead. Anybody here know what a plenum is?


    #467 of 471 Re: Engine Knock/Rattle?? [taylor35] by nothappy3 Jan 29, 2005 (5:09 am)

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    i have a 2005 se v6 1200 miles noise at 2100 rpm & oversounds like marbles in motor took to dealer says plenum needs replaced. defect waiting for part to come in.
  • hogan3hogan3 Posts: 12
    The oil gage on my truck seems to fluctuate between mid-level and high as I drive. I mentioned this to the service dept. and I was told that since it doesn't have a baffle its normal for the needle to sway as I'm driving. I'm not much of a mechanic but this doesn't seem right.
  • Hello I have a 1999 Nissan Frontier,I recently noticed that when I turn on the head lights the third brake light comes on its not brightly lite but stays on with the head lights. The rear brake lights work as normal any help would be appreciated.
  • Since you posted your question I have watched mine and it stays at the midline. Doesn't fluctuate like you describe, so I don't think the explanation you got sounds right.
  • shydeshyde Posts: 1
    I just bought my '02 Frontier and have the same question. The CD player kicks but receiver based sound fizzles. Not sure if this requires modification or what?
  • I started my 1997 Nissan Hardboy Pick-up today, and for some reason, the battery light stays on and no gauges work expept the fuel gauge... the speedometer, tach, and temp gauge all dont work.. they are teh only things that dont work, everything else works, i've checked the brights, they work the light even comes on, the battery isnt dying and i've checked all teh fuses and they are all still good.. does anyone know the reason why this is happening, and what i could do to fix it.. thanks
  • I have a 2000 Nissan Frontier XE, recently my Cruise control went out. When I push the button to turn it on, the little green light (on the button) comes on. When I push the Set button on the steering wheel the "cruise" indicator on the dash does not come on, and the cruise control doesn't actually engage. I figured the cheapest solution would be to buy another relay and go from there, however I can't find where the cruise control relay is! Can anyone help? Please?
  • I use to own a Ford Probe GT and they dumbed down the oil gauge on later years just for this reason. Too many customers would freak out when it bounced around. As another poster said, the gauge will fluctuate w/temp and RPMs.
  • Hey! I just bought my 2004 Frontier CC-XE V6 on clearance.
    I've been looking at this truck since 2001 but never had the extra cash or wanted to pay that much for a 2nd car for errands & work truck.
    Does your engine hesitate in the morning or anytime when it's cold?
    I feel a little hesitation & it's not very quite either.
    The engine is a little bit weak going up hills. I was disappointed!
    I have to admit. I should have pay $1000-1500 extra for the new 2005.
    But I was too cheap.
    I hope this truck will last a long time.
    Do you have any problems with it?
    Atlanta, GA
  • The check engine light is on for my '96 Nissan pickup truck. Is there a way to view the code without heading off to the dealer?

  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    Yeah, go to Pep Boys or AutoZone and have them diagnose the code for freeee. ONce you get the code, call your dealer and ask for their advice.
  • I have same truck as you, and thought I was going crazy hearing same rapping noise. Always heard it as I got to about 2200 rpms in all gears. Have it at Nissan dealer today to try to correct - again. Took to 2nd Nissan dealer for opinion - said it was a new truck, and all checked out fine. I keep turning down my radio to listen to/for it constantly. I love my Nissan, and is 3rd Nissan truck I've owned - don't want to get rid of it. My salesman suggested I check here for similar owner's problems, and lo and behold, there they are. I just want it fixed. Took another similar (auto)truck for ride this morning, and did not hear this rapping.
  • 2schmeh2schmeh Posts: 2
    I'm not insane! Woohoo!...I was thrilled to find I wasn't the only one with this rattling problem. I got my '02 NISMO Crew Cab 4x4 brand new in January with 12 miles on her. At precisely 125 miles I started hearing a knocking in the engine compartment at 2000 RPM consistently. It seemed to dull a bit when it warmed up, but it was definitely still there. I took it to two different dealers to within the first week to fix it. The first dealer said "use higher octane fuel". Told them to stick it, as the compression is only 9.7 and shouldn't need it. The second place said "Sounds like a truck to me".

    Brilliant! Thanks for your help! Idiot.

    When I insisted there was a problem, the service manager said "Well, you don't really want us tearing into your new truck just yet, do you? Give it another 1000 miles."

    I would love to hear if anyone knows of a TSB that has been posted for this problem yet.
  • I'm with you brothers. My truck does the same thing on small hills-interstate driving. I got the same answer."works the way it was designed." B.S. I think they are mis-representing this product as "cruise control". It is also dangerous to suddenly downshift and stick at high RPMs .Bottom line...THey know they have a problem but don't care.
  • ageezerageezer Posts: 7
    I too, have the engine rattle at 2200 rpm in my 2005 CC LE and would like to share the TSB I found that covers this problem.

    Go to:

    This will explain the problem and the fix. Other than this, I love the Frontier, my '04 Tacoma couldn't compare and the '05 didn't turn my crank at all. Hope this helps.
  • fredtpfredtp Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 CC LE Frontier with Fosgate and it had poor reception....Dealer said they have had more of the same with Fosgate in Titan so they replaced radio and it works great now....I love my 05 Frontier.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    Hey fredtp,can you give me any insite on of your truck,I thinking about buying one my self ,the same kind as you what specs did you get.
    goodluck with the truck.
  • 2schmeh2schmeh Posts: 2
    It helps a great deal...thanks a bunch for posting this!
  • fredtpfredtp Posts: 2
    It is a 4x2 Storm Gray, limited slip, tow package and Fosgate 5 speed auto....right now I am getting 16.5 mpg...Have only 1100 miles on it...
  • Has any one noticed any change in the way that the tranny shifts. My truck has a noticeable down shift when accelerating or coming to a stop. The dealer is saying that its normal. Anybody else?
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    mine does not do this.
  • i have a 2001 frontier XE, 50K miles. i had the same symptoms you spoke of with the ac not cooling. i took it in and they told me that i needed a new compressor. THAT SUCKS. i don't have $1000 to spend on a truck that isn't that old. i'm a little disappointed in nissan. i'm going to raise hell. but i'm sure i'll get no where.
  • I don't think your oil gage should fluctuate while driving.
    But the statement of no baffle, in the pan is wrong, your measuring pressure not volume.
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    Picked up a new CC LE 4x4 last Saturday. It was built earlier in March, and the dealer just received it a week ago. No "rattle", no other problems.

    So far the only "complaint" I have is that I can hear a faint wind/road noise apparently coming from the rear driver's side door. The one we test drove didn't make this noise. All weather stripping looks OK. Any ideas?
  • tija99tija99 Posts: 2


  • tija99tija99 Posts: 2

    HAS 196,000 STILL RUNS GREAT!!!
  • I bought my 05 Frontier CC Nismo 4x2 on Jan 15 2005; by Jan 29 I had the engine/exhaust rattle too at 2250rpm! Drove me crazy! I read about the TSB fix here on this website, and took it to my dealership where I demanded that they order the parts required; and BEHOLD! It is FIXED!!! I am extremely glad I found your website and someone knew about the fix! THANK YOU!!!
  • surfgonsurfgon Posts: 1
    I get a 2000 Nissan frontier 4 months ago very thing was perfect until a noted all the gauges get freeze I mean they don't move for about 10 minutes around, and then came normally after that any suggestion up there ,
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