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Nissan Pickups Maintenance and Repair



  • lostwrenchlostwrench Posts: 288
    When I sold my 1993 Nissan pick-up, it had 219,000 miles. Original clutch and water pump! My friend is still driving his 1990 Nissan Pick-up, which now has hit 174,000 miles. Both of these trucks were bought new.
  • champ2champ2 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Frontier crew cab. When it rains very hard the front seatbelts that are still inside the center post get wet. The part of the belt inside the cab are dry. It happens on both sides but the drivers side gets the wettest. Does anyone else have this problem? My dealer has seen the problem but doesn't have a clue where to start looking for a solution any ideas out there.
  • val_04val_04 Posts: 1
    I'm trying to purchase a fog light for my 04 XE frontier since it doesn't have a fog light equipped when i purchase it. but i'm seems a bit confuse about these OEM parts first the part # N107513 (passenger side) OEM # 261501Z800 and part # N107514 (driver side) OEM # 261551Z800 but there's a problem there, accordning to the retailer it said that it's for 03 and 04 and i don't think it will fit since it's flat plus the mounting bracket is streched wide instead of elongated plus u still have to either solder it or use some connecting rod. Also there's a note to it that said Assy, what's an assy? assembled?

    part # 19-5453-00 (passenger side) OEM # 261502Y925 and part # 19-5454-00 (driver side) OEM # 261552Y925 the retailer says it's only for 01 and 02 but it's almost the same with those stock fog light and it will certainly fit since it's elongated, has 3 screw at the end with a protruding wire to be connect.

    can someone please help me out. thank you
  • dwittedwitte Posts: 2
    I see people posting about this knock in the engine. I notice in the morning and the morning only, when it hits about 12-1400 rpm that there is one slight knock. that is it, one knock then it is over. Is this what people are talking about? Does it start like that and progressively gets worse after more miles? Mine has only 500 miles on it right now. Already getting 19.5 mpg on it and loving that, I was expecting worse. Should get a little better when the engine is better broken in.
    But anyway, the knock that people have, was it something that would lead to problems down the road? Was it just that one knock in the morning? Thanks for the help guys.
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    your nissan dealer should have a tsb out on the problem. simple repair, it is not damaging the engine. I had the knock at about 1500 rpm all the time, worse when the engine was cold, got the repair and now back to being very quiet.
  • dwittedwitte Posts: 2
    TSB? What is that? So this is the infamous knock that is heard. Did they give you a hard time since it is not damaging the truck? Is it a quick fix? sorry for so many questions. Just want to be knowledgeable. Just sounds funny going to a dealership and saying that I saw on the internet this is a problem and mine is doing it, please fix it. If it is not damaging the truck.
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    if you didn't get my earlier post, I guess I can't send you to another website. But it is a service bulletin. I am sure if you do a google search you could find it. Fairly common problem on early 05 frontiers and pathfinder
  • jason0820jason0820 Posts: 21
    Recently purchased a new '05 Frontier 4x2 and coming up on the first oil change at 3,000 miles. Was thinking of using pure Synthetic, but also heard that you should wait until after break-in and after 15,000 miles before starting on Synthetic. Can anyone verify this??
  • My 2005 Frontier CC Nismo 4x2 has a "clunk" in the drivetrain on decel and accell, worse the hotter it gets; also have noticed a "shudder" on the 3-4 shift on hard accell getting on the interstate - dealer says its normal - I told them its not and the transmission will be coming out soon because it will fail - they don't believe me; also told them the drivetrain clunk acts likes broken motor or trans mount and they said they've checked both and are fine - something in the drivetrain is not correct. Anyone else with similar problems? HELP! Finally got the engine rattle repaired through information from this website--Thanks!
    Also - A/C compressor is quick cycling every 21 seconds, dealer says that normal too - told them its not. Any sugguestions? HELP! Very disgusted with truck, only keeping it because its PAID FOR!!!
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    Dealer is giving you a line. My LE CC 4x4 is very smooth. I was just commenting on the fact i can hardly tell when it downshifts. No sound, very smooth. Going up hills, it rarely down shifts, and when it does it is seemless and barely noticable. Something is wrong with your truck. I would take it to another dealer.

    I am at 7500 miles. I have not been pulling anything, but I have been offroading. I really enjoy the truck and would still buy it today. I think it is the best truck at the best price in this segment.
  • 1rshm3n1rshm3n Posts: 1
    Hi gang, new to this forum but I have an 01 Frontier KC. Service engine light came on and the meter reads EGR flow excessive? IS this a vaccum issue, time ti change the plugs? Truck only has 46500 miles on it. The dealer told me that it was not under warranty.. Any ideas??
  • Thank you for confirming via the internet that I have a definite problem. Its been there since 200-300 mi; I knew it wasn't normal, but as a mechanically knowledgable female; the service dept. keeps telling me its 'normal' when I know its not. Thank you again for confirming that I am right about this problem.
  • shymasshymas Posts: 1
    We have a 2004 Nissan Frontier and since day one it has brake noise. When you come to a complete stop it makes a clunking/grabbing noise and when you take your foot off the brake it does the same. We told them we wouldn't buy it if it was a problem the day we test drove it. They said it was new and the sound would go away once the brakes seated. Long story short they say it is a normal sound with the Frontier truck. I have never had a vehicle with brake noise like this. They have changed the brakes, turned the rotors and resurfaced as they say our new truck had warped rotors....just this last time they replaced the rotors and did new brakes they say...oh it is normal sound. Anyone have this. I find it hard to believe Nissan would put out a vehicle with this kind of noise everytime you come to a stop and release the foot brake.

    Thanks for any help you can give us. Otherwise we love the truck.

  • halfcar609halfcar609 Posts: 11
    I'm currently working with Nissan consumer affairs and the local factory rep. I still have the issue and have an appointment for Monday.
    I have a couple of questions. When was your truck built? Is it an early build like October or November?
    Also check to make sure that your spare tire is tight, that made the problem seem worst that it is. Mine was shifting back and forth when accelerating or stopping.
  • mando_2mando_2 Posts: 8
    Wow, I noticed this problem also after my first 300 miles on my Truck. I own a 05 4x2 SE Frontier. You are right, it does get worse as the truck warms up. I took it to my dealer and explained to them that it felt a slight delay in the shifting coming out of a stop. The dealer said that they could not find anything wrong with it, but I know its not right I owned a 2000 frontier before and never had that problem.
  • mrrmrr Posts: 1
    I have same problem with my 2000; I am looking for any help. The fuses all looked good but unable to tell which fuse I could replace from the diagram.
  • halfcar609halfcar609 Posts: 11
    mando_2 and gunmetalkat have you been able to get the dealer to resolve the tranny issue. :confuse:
  • mando_2mando_2 Posts: 8
    No, unfortunately the dealer cannot find the problem. I took this truck in 4 times for this drive train clunk. Every time they told me that they could not duplicate the problem. I told them that it is not normal. They also tried to blame it on my tailgate because it had some play to it but, I removed it and it still had that same feeling like if something is loose. I also went in for that engine “knocking” they replaced what ever they had to replace and sadly it is still knocking. I am very disgusted with this truck I’m even thinking of trading it in for a Ford or Chevy. If anyone knows what is wrong with this truck I would greatly appreciated I am also thinking of writing a letter to Nissan to notify them of this issue. :sick:
  • halfcar609halfcar609 Posts: 11
    mando file a complaint with nissan corporate. That will eventually make the factory rep. get involved. I'm past consumer affair and currently up to the executive office. If this does not resolve the issue I will file lemon law. :lemon:
  • mando_2mando_2 Posts: 8
    I sure due feel like I have a lemon. I’m going in on Wednesday for the 5th time to try to get this resolved if not then I will take your advice and file a complaint. How and were would I be able to file a complaint??????????? Need help :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    pal ,the law states if you have them try and fix the problem 3time and still nothing is fixed right you have to get the paper let them know you problem and `1of 2 things one they chex you Mi. and refound you cash price for the Mi. or 2 or they fix it . but 5times they know your easy so change the tides.
  • schade1schade1 Posts: 2
    I am racking my brain trying to find the fuel filter. I have checked the usual suspects: under hood, along chassis. Maybe my dealer coated it in undercoating where it's unrecognizable. Anyone done this replacement at home?
  • schade1schade1 Posts: 2
    I've been using full syn in my '98 since 6K miles. Several cars including Corvettes come out of the factory filled with synthetic oil. The biggest warning with syn is that if you switch to conventional later, you will have major leakage on all your gaskets. There are also synthetic lubes for the tranny and rear end, but you have a long while to go yet.
  • halfcar609halfcar609 Posts: 11
    mando, open a case with Nissan corporate that will get the ball rolling and get the factory rep involved. I have taken the long route but I'm making sure that I give them ample room to make a solid case for my claim. Most laws have a 3 strike rule. I'm currently at 3, if corprate snubs me I will send them the certified letter informing them of my intent. If they don't repair it It will go to arbitration and possibly to the state's consummer affairs division the more they drag this the better for me.
  • mando_2mando_2 Posts: 8
    Finally I'm meeting with a Nissan Rep to address my issues along with one of their Techs. The service manager at my dealer informed me that he will make Nissan Corp. aware of this problem. Also the mechanic who originally tried to repair my knocking tried to tell me that was normal. I told him were to shove it ( Reason for Nissan Rep Meeting.)
  • halfcar609halfcar609 Posts: 11
    good luck, I ended filing Lemon Law, lets see what they do now. :lemon:
  • jburginjburgin Posts: 3
    I recently changed the timing chain, guides and tensioner on my '97 pickup. used Haynes as a reference. The engine is the KA24E. As i removed the fuel/vacuum pipe assembly from the front cover, I noticed it was completely clogged. I used alcohol as a solvent and cleaned it before re-mounting it. It appears to have a sort of PVC valve, because when I got it clean, it rattled. I re-assembled the truck, and fired 'er up. Ever since, at normal temperature the truck sounds for all the world like a tractor at idle. Not really a knock but sort of, and ONLY at normal operating temperature. The engine gas 100k miles. I had changed the timing chain once before, with no problems. No loss of power or fuel economy. Ignition timing on the money, new plugs, wires, distributor cap and wires. HELP PLEASE!! The truck is my only transportation, and I am afraid I am causing damage I am not aware of. Also what the heck does that fuel/vacuum pipe assembly do anyhow? It is only mentioned once in the haynes manual, in the front cover removal steps.
  • jason0820jason0820 Posts: 21
    I've got a '05 Frontier 4x2 (2.5L 4 cylinder engine) with the Auto, and I've noticed that it sometimes refuses to upshift when going up steep hills where I live. When ascending, it shifts up to 3rd, and stays there even as I hit the throttle.. It revs past 4,500 rpm's and continues up without shifting to 4th. The ascent usually end up cresting before I can throttle any more.
    Don't know if this is normal, as my other Auto cars have never revved that high... and I this happens on my new Frontier whether or not I have the Overddrive deactivated.
  • mando_2mando_2 Posts: 8
    So, I finally meet the Technical Service manager with (The Product Engineering Investigations) for Nissan. The first time Tech drove it he found out what was wrong with my truck. According to him it also happens when the differential has too much clearance. I was so thank full he found out what the problem was and that I was not crazy. Even though the dealer kept telling me it was normal. Their ended up replacing the whole rear end I'm hoping it will work. I'll find out on Monday when I pick up my truck. (Hopefully no more clunk) If anyone has any questions let me know.
  • halfcar609halfcar609 Posts: 11
    mando can you please give us a little more detail of the problem you had and what exactly your tech found wrong. Also the dealer and the state. I'm hoping that perhaps you may have the solution for my problem. My fustration and the lack of resolution pushed me to file for lemon law.
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