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Nissan Pickups Maintenance and Repair

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
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  • usaf52usaf52 Posts: 70
    Reading the manual for my truck, I came across a strange entry. They do not recommend using the power port while the headlights are on. Called Nissan and also service mgr. Neither had a clue as to why that was in the book
  • hounddog69hounddog69 Posts: 34
    I received a notice a few days ago that "the seat belt buckles may contain a part that was not manufactured to specification."

    I got the same notice in 1996 but the dealer said it was ok.

    Anyone else?
  • jackkajackka Posts: 25
    I want to install power windows and door locks on my '98 Frontier.

    Has anyone done this? Your advice is appreciated.
  • tony4064tony4064 Posts: 3
    Hello My name is Tony.Trading in my Jeep Liberty02 ,not very happy with it,not bad truck,just dont fell safe in it.Very poor braking in wet weather. Bought a NISSAN FRONTIER 2002 SE V6 ,hope I have better luck .If anyone could their opion on this truck,would like to here from you [email protected] thank you
  • Anyone know where I can find an OEM Scissor jack & Lug Wrench for the 1991 Nissan King Cab Pick-up? I have had no luck in local salvage yards. Anyone have one laying around?


  • abpelch1abpelch1 Posts: 48
    All of the center wheel caps on my 2000 Frontier Desert Runner SE rattle. They are all loose & it is very annoying when driving with the windows down. Does anybody else have this problem & have you fixed it? I imagine I could buy new caps, but I'm sure the dealer will want an arm & a leg.
  • skmanskman Posts: 3
    Which covers are better soft or hard?
    Do you know of a model that can fit on a Titan that has the Utili-track system?
  • keaneckeanec Posts: 349
    I have the Truxedo Lo Profile soft tonneau. I have the utilitrac system and it works fine with it. I did modify the clamps near the tailgate so it would allow me to use the bed extender
  • skmanskman Posts: 3
    What type of modification did you do? I have a bed extender also. Is the utilitrac system fully functional when the bed cover is rolled back?
  • keaneckeanec Posts: 349
    "What type of modification did you do?"
    I replaced the clamps at the back with screws from the tracks for the cover into the lip of the box. The reason I had to do this is the clamps for the utlitrac fit into the trac. If you don't want to keep removing them when you put the bed extender in, you have to replace them. The tracks for the cover sit on top of the utilitrac and they are a bit wider. Because of this, The sliding bed extender can't flip because it hits the cover tracks. You need to slide the extender all the way out and flip it and slide it back in. Doesn't take long.
        "I have a bed extender also. Is the utilitrac system fully functional when the bed cover is rolled back?"

    You can place it anywhere you like, but in order to flip it you have to follow the procedure above.
  • skmanskman Posts: 3
    Do you have any problems with the radio fading in and out? It seems like it loses the highs and then it comes back in. Not sure if this is a wide spread problem or not. I have a Titan LE.
  • keaneckeanec Posts: 349
    Absolutely! This is a prevelant problem. There are many posters on other sites (i would mention some but the moderators here would boot me in the butt) about this problem. There are not alot of other problems that are widespread. The main one seems to be this radio "fade", "mono" issue. The answers from Nissan range from " this is the 1st we have heard of this" ya Right!!, "we are working on a fix", to "it was designed that way" that is my personal favourite. I am waiting to bring mine in for the 1st service to log this problem. My only other issue was a squeek in the dash that disappeared and hasn't come back.

    I also have the LE and the radio issue is only common to the RF package and the mid grade radio. the base radio does not have the issue.

    As an aside, did you know there is no RF part in the RF radio? It is a clarion amp with Clarion speakers with a panasonic head unit. Rockford Fosgate says they had input in the design - another good one!! A little bit of misleading/false advertising.

    Other than that I am extremely happy with the truck so far.
  • cguillaucguillau Posts: 2
    Yeah, I am having the same problem with the radio reception on my 1 week old Titan SE. Did you complain to the dealership or Nissan directly? If all us Titan owners complain about it, maybe they will replace them with something decent.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    I thought this forum was exclusive for older Nissan hardbody pickup (pre-Frontier) members. There is a separate forum for Titan pickup owners.
  • patbpatb Posts: 1
    Any commits as to reliability would be great, do anyone have one that they can commit on?
  • abpelch1abpelch1 Posts: 48
    I own a 2000 SE-V6 King Cab Desert Runner & have not had a single mechanical problem with it (knock-on-wood). I did have a tire separate (General Grabber) at about 50k & the original battery blew due to no water (my fault...didn't realize it wasn't a maintenance free battery).

    I now have 65k+ miles in 4.5 years & couldn't be happier with the truck. Mileage is a very constant 19mpg, city or highway driving doesn't seem to affect my mileage. I have only had to replace the shocks, tires, front brake pads, the afore-mentioned battery & fluids. I'm now on my 3rd rear bumper due to being rear-ended twice, but the truck has held up like a trooper. I plan on keeping this truck another 5 years & am confident that it will last at least that long with minimal hassle.

    My barber bought a 2000 SE-V6 Crew Cab the same night I bought my truck, and we compare notes. He has a little less mileage than I, and is similarly impressed with the vehicle's reliability. Now that I have a child, I wish I would have bought the 4-door, but oh-well.

    I wouldn't have any reservations in recommending this truck to anyone looking for a reliable vehicle. Just make sure that it has been properly maintained & it should serve you well.
  • ediamiamediamiam Posts: 17
    I have the 2000 Frontier KingCab in the 4 cyl about 36k miles. First thing I did was replace the shocks to KYB. I put on a fiberglass tonneau cover - the extra weight on the backend seems to make it more stable. I discovered recently on the front sway bar mounting that they neglected to put a washer between the bushing and the nut. The nut worked its way thru the bushing allowing a lot of additional sway. I fixed that problem, but have ordered a rear sway bar also. I don't know that anybody has done that yet, or how much improvement there will be in turns yet. I had to replace the battery, after only 4 years. Noticed that one of the lower clamps wasn't on tight enough and was seeping a little coolant, since tightened up and no more problems. Also do oil changes about every 3333, or so. I replaced the tranny fluid with Redline mt-90, seems to help the shifting a little. Also replaced the differential oil with Swepco 201 in 80w90. That seemed to help out on the whining from the backend, but that could also be because the original gear oil was on the low side, not to the fill line. Normal freeway mileage is about 26 mpg, but did notice on a recent freeway only trip that the mileage shot up to 29 mpg at a real steady 70 mph. Don't know yet if that is the result of better gear and tranny oil. Only time will tell. I am still running with the original Firestone Wilderness tires in the 215x65x15 S rated. Can anyone recommend better tires ? I was thinking about the Kumho tire in that size, with in the H rating. The seats have finally worn into the contour of my buttocks, so its a bit more comfortable now. The only time I had a real problem with starting was when I backed into the driveway to wash it, but didn't allow all the fuel to burn off, resulting in a flooded engine. The recommended tire air pressure is 26 lbs, but I like to run with 30 lbs. Is that enough info to go with ?
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    I bought this truck new in 95 and to date have had very few problems (replaced the fan clutch ($100), light switch($75), driveshaft support bearing($100). I diagnosed all these problems myself, bought the parts and installed them myself, so the cost was only several hundred dollars.). The truck has 83K miles on it now, as I use it only for hauling and towing my boat. I had very good luck with Michelin LTX M/S tires - first set lasted 75k miles. I would recommend these tires over any other tire due to its quiet and smooth ride, even wear and longevity. The truck gets 17-18 MPG with A/C on all the time. City or highway driving does not seem to affect the mileage because of low gearing.
    The four wheel drive system works flawlessly and I never had any problem with it. The truck never failed to start and never left me stranded. The engine check light has not come on to date. The A/C system after 9 years is as good as on the day I bought the truck. Never touched it in nine years. My rear brake shoes are originals and they look almost new. I installed one set of front brake pads in nine years. The original teal color paint looks showroom new, even though the truck spent nine years under hot Florida sun (garaged at night). But I take care of it and handwash it with Zip car wash every week.

    Somebody I know has almost 300K miles on a truck just like mine, except it is an 86 model. He still has not rebuilt the original engine or transmission to this date. I saw another truck like his with over 300K miles. This should say something about the engine longevity on these trucks. The key is to do scheduled maintenance, replace the timing belt periodically, and change the oil often.
  • I have a 2003 Frontier CC LB 4x4 XE with the 3.3 V6. As in most vehicles when I turn on the defroster, the AC compressor kicks on to help clear the windows. However in this model the the AC compressor will NOT turn off when switched back to vent. The only solution is to turn the fan off, thereby all ventilation, or turn off the engine and turn it back on. Only then will the system return to vent without the AC compressor running. Thinking it was a problem I took to a dealer for service, and he replaced the activator, only to find out this is how the system is intended to work. The TSB says it is to assist keeping the windows clear. That may be OK in the tropics, but it doesn't help in heating the cab during a Nor'easter in January. Does anyone know of a fix to solve this? From the TSB it seems like a problem with 2003 models only. If it is why doesn't Nissan replace it with the 2002 or 2004 actuator? For anybody getting disappointing gas mileage or lack of power, this may be the culprit. Any suggestions would be helpful. Otherwise I have enjoyed the vehicle and look to many years of ownership.
  • Tony,

    You are going to love this truck! I have a 2002 Frontier Crew Cab XE. 50k, no problmes at all. Only complaint is a rough ride, but some new tires and shocks will solve that.
  • konekone Posts: 19
    I have a chance to buy a 99 SE 4cyl automatic that has 112k highway miles but is PERFECT inside and out. Price is $5500. Would be driven by teenage son mostly. As a 3rd family car a truck would be nice for occasional hauling and off to college. I'm concerned about the limitations of the engine/transmission combo. I'm not looking to haul 2 ton of bricks but....

    Should i play or pass?
  • irish24irish24 Posts: 43
    we recently turned in our 90 nissan se v6 king an 04 CC V6 we were in your position for the last 4 yrs and it's been a great vehicle. But for me...even tho we don't do any major hauling...I'd still opt for the V-6. You might also check to see if there's a major tuneup coming up...if you don't do the work yourself, it could add another 500. good luck
  • jablonka1jablonka1 Posts: 8
    My 1998 pickup has "ALL" the bells and whistles, but to install them after market would not be cost effective. I would suggest you buy another....decked out truck.
  • Hi.

    I just bought a 2000 Nissan frontier and when I came out for work this morning, after some heavy overnight rains, there was a small puddle of water on the passenger side floor... apparently running down the door seam. Anyone have experience with this... experience with fixing this? Thanks.

  • ediamiamediamiam Posts: 17
    check the weatherstripping on the door, it may be cut, twisted, missing. compare it to the left side which i assume does not leak. on my 2000 frontier, its slightly folder in on top, but still forms a good seal.
  • ediamiamediamiam Posts: 17
    Moving into the 5th year of Frontier ownership, some of the lack of quality control nuances are beginning to bug me. The truck is parked outside - I just noticed the headliner is sagging, some type of plastic shell covered with felt. Apparently the glue/epoxy has broken loose, and now it sags. The carpeting was never a good fit, with parts of it lifting off the floor; rubber stripping that was never quite right, little piddly stuff. Only consolation is the mechanicals appear to be solid at this point.
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    I have a 1997 XE with the standard cab and bed. Does anyone know if the compact spare can be replaced with a full size alloy wheel and standard size tire? I've obtained a fifth alloy wheel, and before I purchase a new tire for it I thought I'd ask this board. Thanks.
  • My frontier will start and run but as soon as you turn it off it will not start again for awhile has anybody had this problem and would you let me know what it is this truck is used in my work and I need it on the road as fast as possible thanks
  • I have a misfire in cylinder 4. It is not continuous and 2 Nissan dealerships cannot diagnose
    it. I have replaced spark plug wires and distributor cap. Truck has 150,000 miles, but otherwise runs well. Any suggestions?
  • Might be an easy fix there daddy-o.

    Could be the neutral safety switch. If it is and automatic, make sure it is all the way in park. Also try starting while it is in neutral. Might be the cause. Also check you battery cables for corrosion. Hope this helps!
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