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Nissan Pickups Maintenance and Repair



  • I'm going to be replacing the Knock Sensor in my 2000 Nissan Frontier XE.

    It's located under the Intake manifold.

    Anyone done this repair? Anyone know what gaskets will be needed?
  • rrayrray Posts: 1
    check the hood latch it will squeak and just spray some heavey grease on it....if your sqeak is from the front?
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    Yes,chex junk yards,it were I found one my self,but the guts are big bucks thoe
  • This truck has been a major headach. The navigation system broke twice, the manual interior light switch broke, and the plugs for the phone chargers broke. The dealership just replaced my brakes when I went in to get my cd player fixed, it was only then that I was told about the recall on the brakes. I just paid $200 to another auto shop to fix the brakes the week before. I have a $150.00 CD collection (Time Life) stuck in the player which had to be sent to California and they can't guarantee they won't be scratched or destroyed. I love the way it looks but I don't have time for all the repairs.
  • I recently purchased an 04 Titan with 21K miles. The spray on bedliner seems to be really faded. Is there any way to repair or restore the color? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I love the truck so far. Thanks
  • I recently had a tune up and timing belt replacement on my 95 V6 pick up. IT started surging or missing. since then ive hand another set of plugs and plug wires installed and another timing belt replacement,done by a certified nissan mechanic. it still misses or surges. But doesn't do it while idling. please help
  • I just purchased a new 05 Tital KC. I understand that there have been break problem since the initial rool-out. I also understand that if the truck in build after 5/05 then the fix has been incorporated.

    Can anyone verify this?

    How can I tell if mine if build after 5/05?
  • I have the same problem. need to find an actual nissan tech number any help would be appreciated.
  • I am having the same problem with my 05 nissan frontier crew cab 4x4. I have had my truck in over 12 times for different problems 6 of which were for the knocking when shifting. They tried or attempted to fix problem by replacing the rear differential but it didn't work. The service manager gave me the same BS story it was normal they all do it. If you have any contacts to nissaqn that would help me in sticking it right up there you know what please e-mail. All help would be appreciated.
  • Hey all,,
    Well, i'm sure that whoever has an older pick up
    must have had problems with the belt tension er squealing
    from time to time. I have changed the 1 on my 1987 3 times and the 1 on my 1995 won't give me a break now either. These trucks are great except for 2 things. They rust terrible,, and the belt tension er squeals too much.
    Other then that,, the motors Z24,, are great ! Can anyone help me with any new solutions?
  • I have a 2001 frontier and as I was traveling about 30 mph or so and would approach a stop I would push in the clutch and put it in 1st gear aan coast to the light or stop sign and there was a grinding in the tranny well I got it checked out and was told that the tranny was bad so a couple of thousand dollars later my warranty co. not the original warranty but 1 I bought from the guardian co (they suck)I have a tranny that came out of a junkyard with 55,ooo miles is worse than what came out of it but now it wonn't even go in 1st gearand ive already exploded 1 clutch and the winners at aamco say i shouldnt be shifting into 1st but i was able to before does anyone have a resource or the knowledge about this subject . every car or truck that i have ever had i could go through all the gears no matter what speed as long as the clutch was depressed please help they dont wanna fix it
  • hey derek i have a 05 frontier the bed faded too i brought it back to the dealer he said theres a bullinten and that is was gonna spray it again i been waiting 2 months now he said that he is waiting himself so check with the dealer cuz that is not suppose to do it ..good luck
  • Thanks Toby, I will certainly look into that.
  • This may seem like a dumb question because in part, i never researched a pickup before but i got one a couple days ago. I just wanted to ask if all pickup trucks have gas cap covers that can be easily accessible to gas theives? To be more exact, im used to pulling a lever to open my gas tank whenever im refuelling. But for my titan, i can just use my finger and flip the cover open to get to the gas cap and therefore the gas tank. Has anyone learned a way to protect/lock their gas cap from potential gas thefts? Appreciate the help.

    High :)
  • Besides the obvious locking gas cap?
  • novnenovne Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a new 2005 Titan. It now has around 4500 miles.I took my truck in for the Control Module Sub-Harness recall. Now,whenever I press on my brakes, a noise comes from under my floor shifter/console. I can also feel it through my shifter. Perhaps, a brake linkage is rubbing against the floor shifter? Service department said this is normal, it is a problem with the new harness, and that there is nothing that can be done.I called Nissan to ask if there have been any other complaints and they said no.
    Anyone else experiencing this problem?
  • Jon677, where can you get those locking gas cap? Autozone, pepboys, etc.? Thanks

    High :)
  • I just got my new 06 titan and whenever i accelerate, i hear squeaking/little rattle noise from the from the front console near my steering wheel. Its not that loud, but it bugs me.

    High :)
  • I have a 1995 Nissan 4x4 pickup. While driving in 4 wheel drive about 15 mph, the temp gauge, tach, speedometer, and fuel gauge stopped working at the same time. Also the battery light is on and the light indicating 4 wheel drive is not working. Whats up? Thanks.
  • in my 02 frontier, the night I drove it home was raining, and the next morining I had water in the cab. Not wanting to deal with the trouble of going back to the dealer, I did the water hose trick. The water was coming in via my third tailight. The gasket Nissan used was not as thick as it should have been. I bought some RTV sealant, took the screws out of the tailight, filled in the screw holes and put a thin layer around the housing assembly, and put the screws back in. That was at 12 miles, I now have 204,564 miles on it and it hasnt leaked yet. But that dang SES light is still on.
  • This truck has been amazing until recently. It has developed a surge and hesitation problem that occurs at idle and during driving (any speed). I have had it to two mechanics, the second a Nissan certified mechanic, and still no luck determining the problem. The fuel system has been ruled out and the problem may exist within the ignition system. Can anyone offer other solutions?
  • disengage the clutch and keep it disengaged all the way to the light/stop..? Clutches are for shifting. Aamco is right. How many miles do you get on a clutch? Personally, I got 170,000 on one. I suggest that when you see the stop coming, pop it into neutral without even touching the clutch, or disengage the clutch long enough to put it in neutral, then coast to the light and keep you foot on the brake...(notice you are still not touching the clutch). When the light changes, disengage the clutch, put it in 1st gear and continue as normal. Why would you want to disengage a clutch, at any speed, and go through the gears..?
  • I pretty much agree with the post on top of this one, but i should add that I just hit 206,000 miles today on my 02 frontier, and I still have the original clutch. With that said, at approx 130,000 miles, I had a similar problem with my clutch, If I was in first gear traveling at approx 10-15 mph and depressed my clutch for more than a few seconds,for example to coast in bumper to bumper traffic, it sounded like the demons from hell were wrestling each other under my truck. If I popped it in neutral, it stopped. It was also about this time I noticed that I could no longer "short shift" (which is my term to shift without the clutch,I dont know if that is the official term or not)from first to second. Even now, I cant shift from first to second if my RPMs are even remotely over 2000.When I asked my mechanic about the problem, he said it could be the clutch, or the synchronization (gear?)-Its been a good year and a half ago, working on memory here-and he told me to drive it until the clutch started slipping. The last gear I now downshift to is 3rd gear, and so far, so good.
  • Hello,

    has anyone ever heard of knocking from the front left suspension, only when turning to the right. And if you get under the truck and look it is obvious where the suspension has been hitting and causing a mark on the back of the front left tire.
  • I have a 2003 SVE KingCab. I am planning to replace the factory bulb with sylvania silver star bulbs. Anyone tried these bulbs here? I head good things about them, but would like to know if someone has any problem with them. Also, I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to replace bulbs (headlight) on this truck?
  • Let me know how you situation unfolds. I have a smell coming from my front wheel wells. It smells hot or as if something is burning. It is very subtle though. I just had a 2" body lift put on my truck and I'm worried that the shop that did it may have messed something up. The dealership had my truck for an entire day and could not find anything.
  • I have a 2001 king cab 4x4 SE with the v6. I have owned the truck for a year. I love it. This past month I decided to have a 2" body lift put on it at a local shop. It looks great, here's the problem. Recently I have noticed a "hot" or "burning smell" coming from both front wheel wells, but primarily the driver side. There is no noise, there is no smoke and the truck drives great like always. This smell goes away very quickly also, it only happens after you have been driving, not while idle. It appears to be more strong when the distance traveled increases. My local Nissan dealer had my truck for an entire day, and notice the smell, but absolutely could not find anything wrong!!! Does anyone have any suggestions. The dealer said they could re-pack the front wheel bearings, but said they thought that would be a waste of my money. The truck is out of warranty, so it would have been at no cost to them to do any work. The shop that did the lift had to adjust my linkage to my transfer case, could they had done something to make the 4-wheel drive not disengage properly? Thanks for any suggestions!
  • 97 pickup the dealer computer says it's this valve that keeps the check engine light on. Has any replaced theirs? it looks like it is hard to get too. Someone told me you can disassemble and sometimes clean and replace. Anyone have any suggestions. .How does this valve work ?

  • I have a similiar problem, I took it in twice with no resolution. The 3rd time I had someone look at it he told me he thought it was a loose wire on the carb, We didn't do anything, the light went away byitself. Every once in a while when I drive the truck hard it will come back on, but so far no problems.
    Good Luck!
  • thanks Caplan, did you replace the valve ? my dealer said the part was over a 100.00 bucks plus labor. Once the light came on it hasn't gone off, but i will check the wire.
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