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Nissan Pickups Maintenance and Repair



  • savi101savi101 Posts: 1
    :mad: OMG, the same thing just happened to me tonight. I have a 2001 frontier. High beams and fog light on left front work, no blinkers even with a new fuse. Brake lights work fine as do all my dash and compartment lights. If you know the problem plz send msg..thx
  • I have a 98 Frontier and the service engine light comes on a lot also. Usually slugish starts and horrible engine performance comes a long with the light. I took it in to the dealer a couple of times and got the usual, 'you need to replace the bla bla bla' and that will be $$$$. I paid and the problem came back, that is when I started to notice it was always doing the 'Funky Chicken' when it was raining/snowing/or drizzling. My local mechanic (who is great) popped the distributor cap off and it was all wet inside, he dried it off and I was good to go. The problem still happens when it is wet outside and my mechanic said the distriutor cap is poorly designed and positioned poorly and it will always be an issue.

    Other then that the truck is awesome, I have 140K on it, never has needed any serious work, and is still rattle free after 140K. It does look like junk because I haven't washed in in 2 years but their is nothing like a dependable truck that is paid for. I just learned to live with the 'funky chicken' episodes during wet weather, it clears up fairly quick and it doesn't bother me at all. The service engine light stays on for a couple of days and then eventually goes away. I figure it isn't hurting things much because I still get almost 20 mpg and it burns no oil. It is a 4x4 King Cab 4 cylinder.
  • cshetz31cshetz31 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 nissan frontier SE, v6 4x4. About a month ago, I noticed a strange scratchy sound coming from my left front end. Well, me being a poor college kid i let it go. Now, whenever I hit a bump, I get a screeching sound coming from it, and I now also get the same sound coming when I turn the wheel to the left. Any idea on what this is and how i can fix it, or how much it'll cost. Let me know!

  • Hey

    I have a 1993 Nissan Pickup 2.4L 5 speed. Whenever I am driving in either 1st, 2nd or 3rd gear, I hear a knocking sound coming from the transmission, but in 4th gear it disappears and the truck sounds excellent, and then in 5th gear, the knocking comes back, but just barely. Does anyone have any ideas on what this could be? also, i am aware that the clutch is about dead, which i plan on replacing in the near future... do you think the clutch failing could be playing a role in the knocking? could i be doing damage to the truck by driving it?

  • No change n mileage but the knock is gone. They admitted they had a technical bulletin after I gave them the pages I downloaded of the knock issue. On another note however, I have been driving between 75 and 80 mph and my mileage has increased to 17.3 mpg. I had heard that driving at higher speeds could increase mileage by several diesel truck owners. They were right, while my truck has a gas engine, the large 265 hp 6 cylinder it still got better mileage running 80mph. I have been considering adding acetone to my fuel to see if it will atomize the fuel to get better mileage. That is another theory being passed around. Add about 1.5 oz per 10 gallons of gas. The acetone will cause the gas to atomized better in the engine causing more fuel to burn. Auto makers put the fuel canister in the engine compartments to recycle the unburned fuel back through the fuel system. It doesn't seem very efficient to me to keep running dirty unburned fuel back through the system but it would seem to be a better solution to finely atomize the fuel to get more of it to burn when the cylinder fires.

    Anyone else have an opinion on this?
  • my84my84 Posts: 4
    I have an 84 nissan 4x4 with a z24 in it. The choke wont open properly. When i open it by hand it idles up and wont idle down even if i turn the idle down. Does anyone know why this is happening?
  • robert62robert62 Posts: 4
    I have a 2001 2.4l frontier king cab that shakes excessively in OD. It runs great as long as it's not in OD. When I push the OD button the tach drops about 800-1000 problem, but then after about 2 seconds the tach drops another 200-300 rpm and the shaking starts. The check engine soon light stays on and blinks. I took it to Auto Zone and Advanced Auto Parts and had the codes read. Both times it said cyl #2 misfire. It was tuned up last week, new plugs, wires, cap & rotor. Please help! Thanks
  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    I would have to believe that there is something wrong with #2 cylinder......take it back to wherever it was tuned up and have them re-do their job.
  • mauibird1mauibird1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Nissan Frontier manual transmission. I am the original owner. Yesterday the engine stalled as I was approaching a busy intersection. I stepped on the brake and the pedal went to the floor. I pumped it, still nothing. Luckily I wasnt hit when my truck coasted into the intersection. The brakes work fine when the car is running. Isnt the brake supposed to work without the engine running? I know in other cars I've had the brake would get incredibly stiff when the engine was off but still worked. Is this a problem in Nissan trucks? :confuse:
  • jerseyjoe1jerseyjoe1 Posts: 1
    Bought my truck a month ago. A few miles out of the showroom I noticed a slight delay and a jolt when I accelerate from a stop. I took the truck in to the dealer to have it checked. He gave me the 2 standard dealer answers "no problem found" and the ever popular "Derr there aint no error codes". Anyone else have the same type problem. Also I'm getting about 14.5 mpg Dealer says that normal.
  • richbf2richbf2 Posts: 73
    I have an 05 CC. So far i have put 15.6k miles on this car. Recently, i notice a "engine service" light comes on. What do i have to do? how to reset? Please advise. Thanks :confuse: :confuse:
  • rsimmondsrsimmonds Posts: 1
    I am considering putting a nissan factory grill guard on my 2004 titan. Can you put driving lights on it, I don't think it is predrilled. It has only 2 points of attachment to the truck instead of 4 in after market grill guards and wonder if vibrations-noise is a problem. Can it be put on without sacrificing the skid plate as is the case with all the after market grill guards that I have researched.
  • popdaddypopdaddy Posts: 22
    I'm looking at a 2000 crew cab with the V6. It is in good shape and runs out well, but has 127,000 miles on it. If I get it, I want to keep it for a while. Anybody still going strong with this many or more miles? Problems I should look for? Thanks
  • toostoos Posts: 12
    I have a 1987 pick-up that runs fine when I first start it. After I drive 10 miles or so, or sooner in warmer weather, the engine misses now and then, causing the truck to "stutter". It gets worse as I continue to drive.

    I replaced the throttle position sensor, since the stuttering stops if I :sick: begin accelerating. I assumed there was a "dead-spot" in the old throttle sensor. I assume that once the engine warms up there is something else that is causing the problem. I'd welcome any suggestions on what might cause these symptoms. The truck is old, but only has 109k on it. Still lots of life left in it if I can fix the "stutter".
  • popdaddypopdaddy Posts: 22
    Nevermind. I passed on that one and bought a 2001 crew cab with 62,000 miles on it. No problems so far.
  • popdaddypopdaddy Posts: 22
    As I said above, I bought a 2001 crew cab SE 4x4. Didn't really want the 4x4 and don't think I'll need it that much here in GA, but it was the best deal. Never had a 4x4 before. My son says I need to run it in 4x4 about once a month to keep it in good shape. Your advice?
  • vinnie4vinnie4 Posts: 1
    just got a new `06 frontier king cab xe automatic that is doing what your describing. only does it that first time and then won`t do it again until it has sat for 10 or more minutes. what was the fix and did it work?
  • robert62robert62 Posts: 4
    Took my Frontier to a Nissan dealer and they told me that I had the wrong plugs, it had to have NGK's and I had Bosch Platinums. Same with the cap, rotor and plug wires. I thought it was BS, but I changed them anyway...they were right, the shake is completely gone. They also told me that the reason for the SES light and the cyl#2 misfire is that EGR ports 1, 3, and 4 in the intake manifold are clogged. All the recirc gas is being forced into cyl#2. They wanted $475.00 to "see" if they could clean the egr ports, if they couldn't clean them I would have to get a new manifold. I think I will try cleaning them myself. Anyone ever cleaned the egr ports before? If so do you have any tips before I tear into it?
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    What is the history of oil type used for your Frontier? Mineral or synthetic?
  • robert62robert62 Posts: 4
    Its always had Castrol 10W30 mineral.
  • billingsleybillingsley Posts: 69
    Has anyone heard whether the crew cab Frontier is going to have a sliding rear window available soon? I would like to buy one, but the rear window could be a deal breaker between that and the Toyota.

  • A meticulously maintained truck suddenly shows 3 warning lights at one time: Battery, brake, and A/Transmission fluid temp. I checked the brake fluid and the brake power which are both fine. I checked the transmission fluid, it is also full of pristine colored fluid. This left me suspecting electrical so I pulled the alternator and battery and both tested OK at Napa, although I had noticed the battery had been leaking, so I topped up with distilled water.

    Took it for 1 mile drive to test again and the 3 warning lights came on again. I popped the hood to see if there was anything visible and sure enough the battery was bulging along the sides and acid was oozing out through the caps as fast as it could.

    Any ideas? I towed trailer for the first time in the truck's life recently and I am worried that something bad happened to the electrical system.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    Regarding your '05 Frontier CC with the "engine service" light, it usually indicates something with the engine's emission controls. You're in warranty; won't cost you a dime to have it examined.
  • dougqdougq Posts: 2
    I love my pickup, when it is running. My problem is that the distributor has to be replaced every 6 months or so. On the second distributor my mechanic replaced it with a lifetime warranty one. So my third distrubutor did not cost me anything, just very inconvenient. There is no warning and the engine light does not come on, the truck just quits. The mechanic says there is no sign of unusual wear on the teeth of the distributor, and no other electrical problem shows up on their diagnostic equipment. They cannot figure it out. Has anyone seen this problem before, or have a suggestion where to look next? Thanks
  • hard to steer and is all over the road and play inthe wheel at high speeds, anyone else with this problem
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    The 05+ Frontiers have extremely tight steering with almost no "play in the wheel", which takes some getting used to at higher speeds. Your problem reads quite differently than other owners report. The power steering isn't overboosted as on some other brands, hence steering response is very quick - a slight turn of the wheel results in an immediate turn. I've gotten used to it in my '06; some owners report that things improve with some mileage. Others have aired down the tires just a few pounds and found improvement.
  • critter1critter1 Posts: 104
    I had 2 in 90's both broke one at 62k other 89k. It is mentioned as a trouble spot on some webb sites. 4 to 500 to fix dealer parts & labor. only real problem rest normal wear, Had high miles on both when I got rid of them. Good basic small truck 94 XE 4x4 5 speed 4 bangers. :D
  • critter1critter1 Posts: 104
    Look @ MSN for Reliability reports. 94-95 have same speedometer problem. ;)
  • iskchiskch Posts: 4
    I have own Nissan pickups for more than 10 years but the 2002 Frontier 4Cyl, 5 spd manual kingcab w/48K I have found a funny clunk sound. Since I bought it had this clunk that will come once in a while in the suspension. I check and re-check. The dealer didn't have clue. Well, the sound got louder and everytime I turn there was that sound even just seating in the truck. I don't weight more than 180 lbs or more for those of you that think I'm a fat ... I found after several checks that the front bushing nut that holds the sway bar was gone. Nope I don't do Dukes of Hazard jumps nor do I frequent dirt roads with ditches. Most miles are highway miles and the max payload I did with this pick up was 550lbs. My old 1993 king cab have none of this. Be aware. ;)
  • kristokristo Posts: 1
    I have a 97 Nissan pick up its running really rich. It doesn’t have this problem all the time only when it gets hot. It will run rich and miss then snap out of it and be fine then back to missing again. I have already changed the distributor, cap, rotor, plugs, plug wires, tps and the fuel pressure regulator. I pulled the codes and now it says the mass air sensor and the air intake temp sensor are bad. What else could it be????
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