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Chevy Silverado-How much did you pay?

eew2eew2 Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
How much over invoice are people paying for the
new 1999 Chevy Silverado's??

I'm looking at buying a 1500 extended cab with a
short bed. I want an automatic with the Vortec
4800 and bucket seats.

Does anyone know the availability of these trucks
in the southern New England area?

Has anyone had a positive experience with I can't even get the dealer to take
my phone calls.


  • shoozshooz Posts: 27
    The few comments on this board from those that have attempted to use have not been encouraging.
    I bought a 1500 Xcab LT for about $280 over invoice, but I had to wait from Oct 16 for a Feb 4th delivery. I faxed four competitive dealers asking them for their most competitive bid on a specific vehicle. From what folks here write the largest dealers will have more allocations and are more likely to deliver the goods on time. As inventories build up dealers become more competitive. Restricted vehicles (2500's, LT's) are a little tougher to deal for, but you should have little trouble getting your Silverado for $300 to $500 over invoice, even without a great deal of negotiation and certainly without unpleasant confrontation.
    By the way, prepare to be impressed: This is a very competent vehicle! Good luck!!
  • jxyoungjxyoung Posts: 156
    Auto by tel was a joke $1500 over invoice! Went by the local dealer and he gave me an initial price of $800 over. Finally settled on $445 over and ordered. When it came in I get them to throw in a bug shield and a hitch receiver. I figure about $345 over when all was said and done.

    I think you will have much better luck going in to your dealer than over the phone. They usually do not take callers serious?
  • nuwonuwo Posts: 63
    I just ordered a 1500 LS 4x4 ext cab for $200 over invoice. I start the waiting game now. Hope it's not too long!
  • mwinter1mwinter1 Posts: 40
    I paid $100 over invoice. It's on order and if it comes in on time, it will be 6-8 weeks.
  • chevy4mechevy4me Posts: 203
    I paid $1300 over invoice had just what I was looking for in my garage in less than two hours from first seeing it! no regrets!
  • fish6fish6 Posts: 50
    $200 over invoice......15 week wait.....
  • huntmanhuntman Posts: 25
    500 over invoice on GMC Ext Cab 4x4 SLT 5.3L. Ordered in Nov. Picked up fourth week in Feb. Very nice truck. Worth the wait.
  • butchkbutchk Posts: 7
    I bought a 1500 2wd LS Silverado Ext.Cab
    5300 Engine for $156 UNDER invoice. NICE TRUCK
  • SpangSpang Posts: 6
    Please state WHERE you bought the truck so I can get such a deal! I'm in northern CA. & ready to buy a 2000!
  • butchkbutchk Posts: 7
    Hey Spang,I bought it in Quincy,Massachusetts.
    3000 Miles is a long way to drive for a deal.
  • bogradybogrady Posts: 7
    I used Microsoft's Carpoint service to locate a dealer and submit my request for a 99 Silverado LT Z71. Their response was within 24 hours and even though I was still just shopping I was quoted a flat $500 over invoice over the phone. 2 months later I was ready to buy. I called back the dealer, there was one on the lot, and the price had GONE DOWN !! to $250 over invoice. The invoice matched dollar for dollar the one I printed off of Edmunds. No "advertising fee" or other BS. The simplest deal I ever made. I love this truck! (And I even have good feelings for the dealer)
  • mtbh2oskimtbh2oski Posts: 13

    Although it's a long shot that you happen to be in southern california, I was wondering which dealership gave you such a good deal?? Please post it!
  • evergreenevergreen Posts: 213
    Come to think of it, wasn't there a Curt Warner who played professional football. Maybe he retired and got into the car business. Worked for John Elway.
  • bogradybogrady Posts: 7

    Sorry on the Southern Cal wish. As a native New Yorker currently residing in Austin Texas, this is as far West and South as I care to get. The dealer is Red McCombs in Nothwest Austin, which was just bought out by Republic and will soon be known as Champion Chevy. (Red sold out and used the money to buy the Minnesota Vikings. We hope he moves them to San Antonio, but then Dallas will probaly want a real pro team too.) Ask for Kimberly in internet sales.
  • nuwonuwo Posts: 63
    I finally got my truck. Cost was $200 over invoice for 1500 LS, 4x4, ext. cab. Other than the long wait (from 24 Feb to today), it was a pretty mellow experience. For those near Phoenix, I worked with Craig Brown of Van Chevrolet in Scottsdale. I recommend him highly.
  • wurtelejwurtelej Posts: 4
    Anyone looking for a dealer selling at or near dealer invoice will want to check out
    I've just discovered this site and have not yet heard back from the dealer I selected. However,
    several dealers are listed that I know to be straight shooters such as so I think this is one stop us net buyers should visit.
  • rubber1rubber1 Posts: 1
    I live in Kodiak Alaska and am
    going to Anchorage to get a new truck next week .I would like to know if you peaple know a good salesman and dealership .
  • ziggyorziggyor Posts: 1
    I live in Connecticut and want to know of a chevy dealer that sells close to invoice with a large inventory.
  • cab12345cab12345 Posts: 2
    I ordered my 99 Silverado LS 5.3V8 on April 9 for $150 over invoice. It left the factory last Wednesday (June 9th) and should be in before the end of the week...Great experience and great salesman. Anyone needing a dealer around the New Orleans area, let me know. This guy was the best. No haggling or negoitating.
  • cab12345,

    Yours was built one day before mine. Ordered mine for invoice back on the 3rd of April and found out it was build in Canada last Thursday (June 10th). I too am chewing my nails waiting for it to arrive. I ordered a 99 Silverado LS Ext Cab 5.3L Z71 4x4 with autotrack and towing package. Replaces a 91 Silverado Ext Cab 2WD my 16 year old son will get. He's even more anxious than me since I've got a truck now but all he has is a bike until the new truck comes in.
  • cab12345cab12345 Posts: 2

    Truck came in today. It too left the factory in Canada on the 6th and left on railcar on the 9th. I can't wait till tomorrow after work to head there and take possession!!! I'm sure tomorrow will d-r-a-g by sssooo slow. I just turned 30 on Monday and this is my 1st brand new vehicle and 1st truck. I CAN'T WAIT -- Good luck with yours....
  • hank1hank1 Posts: 3
    Ex-cab 5.3 all most every option 2 wheel drive

    400 over invoice ( but I did not have to wait )

    Vans chevy in phoenix az Craig Brown fleet manager

    They E-mail out options & price . I went there

    no surprises just bought the truck.

    I found out about it from this page .

    THANKS Hank
  • nuwonuwo Posts: 63
    Hank, glad to hear that you got your truck through Craig. I certainly enjoyed working with him, and will go back to him next chance I get.
  • rumblerrumbler Posts: 3
    After quick two day learning curve while stranded in my hometown(Salina, KS), traded in broken down 1986 Olds 98, 162,000
    for the Z71 pkg, 4.8l autortrac, auto 4-spd and paid $300 under invoice with Conklin Chevy. Car worth
    maybe $650 acc. to Kelley, so net deal about $350 above invoice. They wouldn't show me invoice
    like local Ford dealer would, but with info from Edmund's and hard negotiating
    the final deal was made in an hour, and I drove away to
    home to Pittsburgh.
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    Lt 4X4 e-cab every option but the cell phone pre wire and the white wall tires for $300 under invoice - negotiated price was 200 over invoice but the invoice price dealer had was wrong - but they still stood by the original price. Only down side was had to wait 10 weeks for delivery.
  • Cab12345,

    Got a call from dealer about two hours after my post - TRUCK IS IN. (Can't believe that it took only a week to get here from Canada. Shipped on a Thursday and arrived on a Thursday.) Went by last Thursday, test drove it, paid for it, (me and the bank), and took it home. Dealer was able to beat my credit union's 6.7% loan rate with another credit union's 6.25% rate. Love the way it drives. Good luck with yours.
  • dforddford Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if 99 F 250 (not HD) can accept
    a plow ? I've asked 2 dealers in my area (Mass)
    and they said they had to get back to me.
    I'm interested in the F-250 Work series. whats that.
  • wesley1wesley1 Posts: 17
    I think you are starting at the wrong end. Contact the plow dealers in you area like Meyers or Western they install them all the time, a dealer would only sub it out anyway. Plows are made in various sizes, weights and materials. I even saw one with a caster wheel/motor that a compact could push around.
    Good luck.
  • samtrivsamtriv Posts: 1
    I'm interested in getting a new Silverado and have heard Idaho Dealer Dave Smith sells lots of Chevy trucks at close to invoice. Anyone had any experience with that dealer??? Thanks for info.
  • chevmanchevman Posts: 1
    About two months ago I emailed a request for quote to Dave Smith, directly through his website.As of today, 6/25/99 I have heard nothing and assume I never will. I expected more from what is suppose to be one of the worlds largest volume dealers.
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