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chevy Silverado - Continued

meredithmeredith Posts: 577
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
This is a continuation of ...

Chevy Silverado Topic # 461, which had exceeded
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  • dave40dave40 Posts: 582
    2000 miles on my 2500 seems to faster now !
  • bdonbdon Posts: 30
    haulin, my dealer just confirmed what you said. No trailering package w/o the Z85 firm suspension. I hate the thought of spending this much money and not being able to get what I really want.

    It sounds like I might have some aftermarket options to get closer to what I want, but with my relative lack of knowledge and know-how on such things, I'm hesitant to rely on that approach. The frustrating part is that I could get what I want if GM was just manufacturing all of their advertised options. But I guess constraints on various options are pretty normal.

    Oh well, my wife always has always said I'm too picky...
  • james007james007 Posts: 18

    I would check again (maybe with another dealer)
    on getting the Z82 with the the standard Z83 suspension package. That's how I ordered mine and I've seen several on the lots with that combination. I was told by one dealer that I had to get the Z85 package but he was wrong...

    My truck was supposed to be built last week(ordered 11-9-98) Hope I see it soon...
  • mledtjemledtje Posts: 1,123

    The Chevy website says you must order auto trans and something other than the Z83 standard suspension to get the Z85 towing package.
    So you can get the towing package with either Z82 or Z71 or any other optional suspension package.
  • haulinhaulin Posts: 17
    Quadrunner: I think you're right. If only we could get the ZX3 option (like many of us want) we wouldn't have this problem. I think the Z85 suspension is a $95 option, but if you order the tow package ($285??)you get the Z85 anyway. True, I would rather have this money in my back pocket, but I guess that isn't an option. If any of you guys do something like this, let us know.

    BTW, got some more tranny temp info from my buddy (6.0L, 4.10 rear end, auto, tow package, all cooling, etc).
    Outside temp 50'F. Towing a 5,000lb trailer up the pass from 4,500 ft to 7,100ft. Speed was whatever he wanted it with room to spare under the gas pedal, pass at will. Tranny temp was 140'F on the flat, 165 going up the long grades (6-8%). No temp data in traffic (not summer here yet). Speeds of 65-75, 11 MPG. Sounds promising!
  • page3page3 Posts: 55
    I have the z83 with the tow package if thats what everyone is talking about.I was told the only thing z85 does is give you bigger shocks or (firm ride)This is on a 2500 4x4.
  • james007james007 Posts: 18
    Try going to this link GM BuyPower

    Go to : Find your new vehicle(chevy ext. cab 2500 4wd)

    Search dealer lots (enter Houston, TX)

    Notice window sticker at Strickland Chevrolet shows trailer pkg.(Z82)with Firm ride suspension(Z85) and window sticker at Landmark Chevrolet shows trailer pkg.(Z82) with Standard suspension pkg.(Z83) Hope this helps...
  • jxyoungjxyoung Posts: 156
    Could you give more info? Maybe I missed something. If you ordered at least an LS It should have had the factory alarm. That is included in the base price of the truck! If the truck mysteriously came in without the alarm, you were shorted an alarm that you paid for in the base price of that truck! If that is the case Chevy should pay for the alarm to be installed!

    If you bought a base Chevy it may not have the alarm standard??

    Give us some more info if you could!
  • wesley1wesley1 Posts: 17
    I have a 85# Lab that rides on the back seat of my 1988 Chevy. She used to take up most of the seat or uncomfortable floor. I slapped together a 1/2"x22"32" sheet of plywood, that rest on the seat behind the driver. It has a short brace board on rear for leveling and longer legs on the front to reach the floor for support and a cloth covered foam pad on top. Now she is always on her side behind the driver and loves it. No more moving around or nervous energy any more. The pad catches most of the dirt and hair and goes in the washer every month. Never have any problems with the nails since she isn't on the seat. (her nose is usually under my right arm, keeps the ribs warm in the winter.)
    The platform weighs less than 5# and legs fold up to yank it out when real people need to ride. It is also very handy place to through hats glove or briefcase on during office days.
    P.S. I pick up the new Sierra Saturday. Guess I'll just have to hit the shop and build a new one for that extra 4" GMC gave me in the cab.
  • wesley1wesley1 Posts: 17
    For all you 6.0 owners. What octane gas is the new vortec 6000 V8 using, regular or premium? Thanks
  • KThomp100KThomp100 Posts: 62
    Can anybody advise me about Locking it needed with the Autotrac 4x4 system in these new Silverados, or can I delete that off the order list?

    Also, how much storage is there in the the center console in both the fold down bench seat one and the one between the bucket seats. I definetly like the placement of the cupholders better on the bucket seats but I also like to be able to store a few CD's etc in there......
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    I just tried the GM BUYPOWER again and I still get Script errors. When I go to select a model it does not give me any options. I am Using Internet Explorer 3.02 . Is any body else able to access the site with this browser? It works for every thing else I try. I sent a note to the site a couple of days ago but they have not answered me yet. ........ Rich
  • dave40dave40 Posts: 582
    My 6.0 runs fine on regular 87 octane and is reccomended by GM.
  • wesley1wesley1 Posts: 17
    Thanks, I was interested in the GM recommended. That will save a lot over the Premium I run in my '88. Can't imagine what I have paid extra in 102K miles.
  • bdonbdon Posts: 30
    Hmmm, I guess I need to check around on getting the Z82 trailering package with the Z83 suspension. It sounds like several of you either have that or have at least seen it. Thanks for the feedback!
  • page3page3 Posts: 55
    The autotrack is for your four wheel drive system,the locking diff. will give your rear axle more traction even when your not in four wheel drive.When one wheel slips it will transfer traction to the other tire.It is money well spent if you are going to use it in four wheel drive much.The autotrack is used for minor areas were you might loose traction.
  • kend1kend1 Posts: 10
    Has anyone gotten a reason why the ZX3 suspension is not yet available? This is way past the supposed January intro for this option. Sounds like people in this post (me included) would like to have this option.
  • bdonbdon Posts: 30
    I've asked 3 different dealers that question. None of them had a clue as to the cause of the delay or could offer a guess as to when it would be available. One even said he had "heard" that it wouldn't be built this year, but I have no reason to believe he knows what he's talking about. He said it like he was whispering a national secret.

    The Feb info at says has it listed under "Limited Availability", but the dealers I've talked to all say it's still on constraint. I wonder if they tried to roll it out and had problems?

    I even called GM and the lady said "I have no information indicating that option is on constraint. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's not on constraint". What kind of double talk is that?

    I don't understand why GM does not provide the people that represent them to the public with better information.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    The answer is that you can get the Z82 trailering package with the Z83 suspension on the 2500 only. On the 1500, you have to take either the Z71 off-road, or Z85 firm ride package to get the trailering package.

    ZX3 is just a shock with an adjustable damping rod. You'll throw it away after 30-40k miles. These shocks have been around a long time. Turning the damping rod via a servo motor changes the valving. While I don't know about the ZX3 in particular, in general, shocks of this type are inferior to nitrogen charged shocks, or shocks with velocity sensitive damping.

    I can't get it to work either on IE 3.02, or Netscape 3.0 either. Javascript is the problem. They should have avoided it, since it is known for various compatibility problems and unsupported features with browsers. But then again, if I wasn't using such a slug of a computer, I would have upgraded to a newer browser. Also the new Truck Trend magazine has an artist rendering of the G.M. one ton for 2001. Has the "big truck" look in spades.

    I believe bobfox is getting a base model. The LS has the security feature included with the keyless remote.
  • nuwonuwo Posts: 63
    Is there a problem with the Z85 package? I ordered a truck a few weeks ago with this option thinking that it would be useful for when I tow. But some of the recent posts suggest that it may not be desirable. Have I made a mistake?
  • bdonbdon Posts: 30
    nuwo, I wouldn't worry about it. For me, it's strictly a matter of personal preference. I've never owned a truck before and in test drives, I thought the Z83 suspension was a substantially smoother ride than the Z85. I'll mostly be driving on the highway and paved road, so I thought I would go for the smoothest ride possible.

    My guess is that the Z85 is a more "truck-like" suspension and that it probably is better for towing, as you implied.

    Again, for me, it's just personal preference. I was just hoping to get the towing package AND the smoother ride.
  • markbuckmarkbuck Posts: 1,021
    I'd bet the Z85 works like the new Z83 after a couple of years. Agree with Quadrunner on the ZX3 shocks. If ya'll are so worried about shock absorber performance, you are surely replacing all four every year or so......if not, heck doesn't really matter too much. I ordered the z85 package 'cuz I figured the shocks would last a little longer. When they wear out at 50K, I will probably replace with standard gas charged bilstein's.
  • davek3davek3 Posts: 31
    called the gm number with my order number.. they called back said my truck is schedualed to be built march 22 in pontiac michigan plant.. 2500 excab long bed 4x4 yippieee!!!! ordered dec 28..
  • bdonbdon Posts: 30
    Are you sure that the only difference in these various suspensions is the shocks? If that's the case, maybe I am making too big of a deal out of this. I suppose I could go with the Z85, get the tow package, and just have the shocks replaced if I really wanted a smoother ride (I know, I know, some of you already said that). Does anyone know specifically what shocks come on the Z83 vs the Z85?
  • peterm1peterm1 Posts: 16
    Call 1 800 GMC TRUCK. You will need your order number and the name of your dealership. I called on Tuesday and they said they would call me in 2-3 days with info.

    Sounds like we have the same truck on order. What trim level and tranny do you have? I had a build date of 2/8 (which never happened) and no build date now. My dealer claims this is because I have the HD 5 speed. He had an auto of the same truck which WAS built that week.... I've been waiting since end of October.
  • mtbh2oskimtbh2oski Posts: 13
    I am getting ready to order a 3/4 ext cab 4x4 LT w/ 6.0L engine and 3.73 gearing and wanted to find out what sort of gas mileage to expect from those of you out there who already have a truck configured the same way (page3, dave40?). If you've done any towing yet, I'd also be curious what the difference is with & w/o a load.

    Page3- Looks like you have the exact truck I'm looking to buy. Any other tips or things you've learned since your last post? Feel free to email me directly.

    KThomp100 - regarding the locking differential ... it will give you more traction to the rear tires regardless of the autotrac system settings. Without it, when one of the rear wheels slips on a slick surface, the other rear wheel will only have as much driving force as the slipping wheel. With the locking differential, the system will mechanically transfer power to both wheels evenly when one of the wheels starts spinning, allowing the wheel with traction to help keep you moving. I'm planning to have both the autotrac and locking diff on my truck, to help with pulling a boat up slick launch ramps w/o having to engage 4x4 and to offer up more traction in general when 4-wheeling. For more info, check out the manufacturer's web page:
  • dave40dave40 Posts: 582
    6.0 4.10 regcab 4+4 auto
    getting 10 mpg city hauling 1500 lbs of commercial freezers,ect. Highway 13 mpg.
  • tungletungle Posts: 56
    I called that 800-gmc-truck number this week and
    chose the "speak to a customer service representative..." option. That lady told me that
    they could not help me on the order status.

    Maybe, I chose the wrong menu option. Which option
    did you select?
  • peterm1peterm1 Posts: 16
    I chose 3 and then 2. When spoke to the woman, I said that I had been waiting for my truck since October and that my dealer said I would be able to call this number, give my order number and find out the status. They will ask for your name, phone #, address, etc. to create a new customer service record. Be sure to ask for the number, because you will need to refer to it if you call again later (I really doubt you find out something on the first try). I have called twice and both times was told the Customer Service "Managers" were busy and would call me back. The woman was very polite however. I heard from my dealer today that the fact my truck is a long bed is what is holding up - there is some sort of supply problem with them.
  • davek3davek3 Posts: 31

    i ordered it in ls trim-- automatic, skid plate, locking rear, forged wheels,autotrack transfer case,trailer pkg, z85 suspention option..

    from what i understand they didn't go into full production of these longbeds till march.. and the lt trim is only 10% of total production..


    don't have number here but is looks like the one pterm has is right. i called and they said it would take 2 days to get the info and gave me a file number. they called back the NEXT day with my info..

    my dealer wants to know if i am going to video my truck coming off the carrier!! LOL..

    good luck all...
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