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    1cjd - Thanks for the response but why Ford? The cost is 2 times other mfr for similar pieces. Even at a discount because I bought my truck there, it's still too expensive. I sort of like stainless because the shine's not there. I think the chrome makes the lower silver accent not as good (I've been checking out other trucks lately).
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    Calling all owners of the F350 CC 4x4 dually PSD Auto transmission Lariat with the 4.10LS gears! Can ya'll tell me what your RPM's are running at 70, 75, & 80 mph? I am thinking the RPM's are running a bit high on my rig but would like to hear from other owners about the experience they having with theirs.
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    br1: My SD is dark toreador red, which is kind of dark. The chrome will brighten it up a bit. I can see your point with the stainless/silver. I am hoping the Ford part will fit better and be assured of better quality than aftermarket, but I realize that there are no guarantees. I haven't compared the Ford and aftermarket side-by-side yet.

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    AKMarkus - give me your tire size and I'll calculate it. I think you have about a 0.72 overdrive gear in the tranny. Can anybody confirm?
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    Hi all,

    After 6000 miles I took my 250 PSD SC 4X4 in for service. I could not get the rear tire off to rotate them. I found out that Ford puts an O ring in and they are a bear to come off. While I was at the dealership I also found out about a new recall. They said that I would get a letter soon but they could go ahead and fix it. It is easier said than done. They think it will take an extra day to get the parts. It is the rear brake shields. It requires (according to the dealer) a pretty extensive redo of the brakes. I will let you know more of what I find out. The loaner is a Ford Escort. Now I really know why I like my Super Duty. I will let the loaner sit and drive my 2dr Tahoe tomorrow.
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    I've got the 235/85R16E all terrain tires. I'm averaging about 24?? - 2500 RPM's at 75 MPH. (That RPM is just a approximation as this thing doesn't have a great tachometer.) If I'm remembering correctly, in my old '92 diesel I'd have to hit 80+ MPH to get those type of RPM's when unloaded and out on the flat & level. I really need this truck to do 75 as that's the average speed of traffic on I-10 in Texas.
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    Well amigos, today was the day. My new F350 XLT CC LB 4x4 PSD 6 speed arrived and I just brought it home. I felt compelled to share this news with my friends here before anyone else. I ordered the truck exactly 35 days ago. I did have mixed emotions turning over the keys to my 97 PSD, it has been a great truck, however once behind the wheel of the 99, the only emotion I felt was "yeah baby!". I can't get over how well this truck rides. In the next couple of weeks, I'l have the spray on liner put in and add the 305/70R-16 tires on aftermarket wheels. Thats it for now, time to shower, have some dinner and do some driving!
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    Congratulations! I've been waiting to hear when your truck had come in! Here's to miles and miles of smiles.
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    I have just received my VIN. It is going to be
    a 1999 F 250, SC, PSD,4x4 manual, LB, Lariat,
    LS 3.73 rear.
    Can anybody help me to decipher the VIN? I know
    that there was a thread on this subject but don't
    remember where/when.
    TIA, Isaac
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    I've got the 235/85R16E all terrain tires. I'm
    averaging about 24??-2500 RPM's at 75 MPH. (That
    RPM is just a approximation as this thing doesn't
    have a great tachometer.) If I'm remembering
    correctly, in my old '92 diesel I'd have to hit 80+MPH to get those type of RPM's when unloaded and out on the flat & level. I really need this truck to do 75-80(as that's the average speed of traffic on I-10 in Texas)without winding out the motor.
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    akmarkus .... That's about the right rpm range for your setup, I have the same. Mine runs 2100 at 70mph.
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    Thanks Guys,

    Looks like I start talking to overdrive manufacturers at this point.
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    How are you making out with your Aux. idle control? I went to the dealer and they want $1300.00 CDN for a 96P! There has to be a better
    way on getting one of these. I found an aftermarket company that sells a version thats supposedly better than the factory at Let me know what you think
    about the aftermarket idle control.

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    I wouldn't call 2500 RPM "winding out". The power stroke horse power doesn't peak until about 2700 RPM although the torque peaks at about 1600 RPM. You can run that power stroke at 3000 RPM all day long, every day without harming it. If you want an overdrive for gas mileage, it would take a gazillion miles of improved mileage to offset the cost of an overdrive. The cheapest and easiest way to decrease RPMs is to put on slightly taller tires. You could wait until your tires wear out, then go to a larger size. Or you could replace your tires now and sell your other ones like I did.
  • AKMarkusAKMarkus Member Posts: 21

    That's the same thing I have been hearing from the accessories places here in Houston/Katy. I have already priced the OD's and short of winning the lottery theres no way i'm going to sink that much money into an after market OD. I'm interested in the Level Ten Kit that has been discussed previously, I visited the web site and found little information about the chip, just transmission kit. Don't know that I want to modify a transmission with a substantial warranty left on it. So in the short term I think these General Grabbers are going "By-By" sooner than I had originally intended. I'm leaning towards Michelins to replace them. But will need to do some research to determine best height to go with to achieve the desired effect. Any suggestions on places to look for that information?
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    Has anyone else discovered that the air filter on the psd gets wet when driven in the rain? You can tell when this happens on this truck because the turbo whistle disappears and power / mileage is reduced.
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    I have ordered the level 10 chip and it should be here today. Probably won't get put in till the weekend. After I run a tank or two thru, I will let you know how it does. My SD is a SC,SB,PSD, with 373ls and 265 tires. Current mileage has been 14 to 15 in the winter and 16 to 17 in the summer.
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    I went with the 96P idlecontrol and added the PTO back in. added about $400 to the cost. Best dealer can tell me the 96P is a handheld unit (on a cord) versus the 961 being designed to be mounted. Neither of us has seen the 96P yet. I'll go surf to that aftermarket site later tonite.
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    AKMarkus .... Did a little driving on the interstate and recorded some rpm's for you. At 70 the tach read just under 2100, at 75 it was only about 2200, law was out heavy so 80 will have to wait. I have the Level 10 kit installed in my tranny along with the chip. The tranny kit is real easy to install and is undetectable short of removing the pan and valve body. This kit was originally designed by Level 10 for Ford, even had a Ford part #. If you had problems, it would be easy to put the old parts back in, there is no modification to these.

    foote ... You'll like the chip. Do you have an auto or manual tranny?
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    I have the auto tranny. The people at Level 10 suggested trying the chip and if I still was not happy with the shift, going to the shift kit. They told me the same thing, that it has a Ford Export part number. It is supposed to change the shift pattern (firmer) and regulate the air fuel mixture. Hope it is all they say.
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    Bruce at Ford tells me that my truck comes off the line tomorrow (it's in the body shop right now being assembled). 250 SD CC Lariat V10 4x4. Anyone out there driving one who can tell me when I should expect to have the keys in my hand?
  • longhairlonghair Member Posts: 72
    I surfed over, but couldn't locate any details on the idle control. Do you have a specific page within their site?
    has a limited idle controls - will sense low voltage and kick the rpm up to compensate. Not intended for PTO speed control. We use these on all our ambulances and small fire trucks and they work great for the intended use.
    As with most aftermarket, you'll have to figure out how to connect up all the solenoids to the engine itself - One of my reasons for going with the factory option, although a local ambulance dealer's service dept should know how. I'll be spending enough time customizing the rest of the truck, I don't want to have to figure out how to get the engine compartment setup too.
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    foote ... You're going to love the chip. I went with the hydrosystem also because I tow heavy loads. My mileage also improved, contrary to what I expected.
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    Doe'e any one have the molded mud flaps on their Super Duty? And if so how do you like them?

    They sure do look nice!!

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    It is taking forever to load these pages the last couple of days. There are only two new post in the last two days, so I wonder if everyone else is having the same problem.
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    Hello, Can anyone tell me where to get the molded mud flaps for the Super Duty. Does Ford offer them or do you need to go elsewhere? I want something that will blend in with the truck and not look obnoxious. Thanks
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    keh4x4 ... Been having same problem. After waiting 4-5 minutes for the conference to appear, I quit and move on. Not so bad in the mornings though.
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    can anyone update me on how long it,s taking for orders i ordered a f250 lariat s.b. pst with the 6 speed on 3/3. dealer said maybe aug. seems like a long time. thanks dk
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    I ordered a F250SD xlt 4x2, sc, psd, auto, sb, on 12/17/98, dealer told me it would take 16 weeks, latest info says it will be build week of 3/29/99 and eta at dealer week of 4/5/99. But dealer says most probably won't be there until week of 4/12/99, either way thats 16-17 weeks and darn close to what I bought into when I ordered the truck. Can hardly wait, I've got lots of fishing to do in Apr & May and it sure will be nice towing my Ranger with the new SD.
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    Any info on SD recall on stuck accelerator- heard on news today that Ford has a problem with several vehicles - mustang etc.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJMember Posts: 3,516

    It's a cruise control recall - the cable could cause the throttle to stay in the set position even after the CC is disengaged. Ford is urging anyone with a Super Duty with cruise control to NOT use it - the new cable should be available in May.
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    Ordered my F250 Lariat 4x4 V10 SC LB on 2/23. Called plant scheduling Thursday, truck was to be built yesterday, delivery is next week. Order is priority 10, bought from largest volume Ford dealer in my state @ $200 over invoice. If my dealer told me I'd have to wait till August, I'd go find another dealer, even if I had to pay a little more for the truck.
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    Took delivery Thursday (3/25)of my Black/Tan F250 Super Duty Super Cab 8' PSD. Ordered 12/9/98. Awesome! Has loud whistle, almost siren like, on acceleration. Service mgr. says it's the turbo. Anyone else note that on theirs?
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    my375284 .... You will get use to it and won't even know it's there after a couple of weeks. I thought the same thing. My wife is still somewhat annoyed by it though. Too bad.
  • texaszachtexaszach Member Posts: 119
    ALL.....Go to and enter the VIN number of your truck and/or Ford vehicle to see if you are affected by the cruise control cable recall.

    my375284, tnt2......The turbo whine is more noticeable throughout the rpm range on my 99 than it ever was on my 97. The flip side of that coin is the engine noise is greatly decreased in the 99 PSD, which leaves me wondering if the 97 turbo was just as loud but simply drowned out by the engine clatter.
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    Have about 750 miles on the new "baby" and love it.
    Had a fiberglass cover, hood deflector and power rear slider installed yesterday so is finally complete. I have a question for everyone though.
    When I picked up the truck and went through the paperwork, I realized that the order was screwed up. I ordered the 3.73 with limited slip, but got the 4.10 with limited slip. As you can imagine, after a 7 month wait, I came home with the truck. I'm not extremely happy with Ford(the dealer has it ordered correctly) but I guess it's not that big of a deal. My question is this: How much will this effect the mileage? I have 5.4 4x4
    sc swb and so very little towing.
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    terxaszach .... One other reason for more turbo noise, is that the turbo is now a wastegate turbo and not a blow-by. This allows the turbo to spool up quicker at lower rpm's, so you hear it first before the motor noise.
  • singer4singer4 Member Posts: 43
    All....per Mark @ KY. Plt., avail by 9/99...power tow mirrors w/be avail w/retractable option..however, it will be a manual retractable...not power retractable...the mirror itself, of course, will still be powered, but the entire assembly must be moved in and out, by hand. I believe Mark stated that the assy. should move out about 3 to 3 1/2 inches on both sides. Also, thanks for the info on the recall...they got ME!! By the way, TSB on the lowering of the F250's will be avail.(to your dealer) in less than 2 weeks!! Per Mark, at KY. They will be lowered by ONLY 2 inches, however! Also, final analysis on towing 5th wheel...3 main items had to be altered for proper towing...1st, the springs on the 5th had to be reversed(put on top of axle), 2nd...the extended pin had to be lowered, and 3rd...the F250(4X4) will be lowered by the approved 2 inches...all this so that we can tow safely!!
    Thanks to all!!
  • zoom2zoom2 Member Posts: 3
    Has anyone with a 99 psd heard of a
    Ford tsb on wet air filters when driving in wet conditions?
  • texaszachtexaszach Member Posts: 119
    tnt2 - Hey amigo, I appreciate the information on the turbo, very interesting stuff indeed!

    Zoom2 - I'll take a stab at this since no one has posted for 24 hours. I do remember hearing about a recall on the PSD airbox, you may want to check out previous posts in this forum and/or check out the Ford Diesel Web site at:
    for more information.
  • bubba19bubba19 Member Posts: 16

    I just ordered my f-250 and it is due in may.
    Do you know if the 99.5 will be lowered from the
    factory, if so I would like to get my hands on a 4" block. Thanks guys.
  • mroffshoremroffshore Member Posts: 148

    How are you making out with the chip?

  • mikey43mikey43 Member Posts: 74
    For anybody who's keeping track of waiting times, I ordered a F250 Lariat CC 4x4 V10 3.73lsd, etc., etc. on 11/2/98. It's now 20+ weeks and I don't have a VIN#, build date, delivery date, or anything. And I think that the dealer has stopped answering my emails to boot. All I have is a $500 deposit out there somewhere in limbo.

    BTW, does anybody have the phone # for Ford Customer Service? If I decide to cancel my order I first want to call and vent my displeasure to somebody who is paid not to listen. A company that cannot deliver a product in 5 months time should not be selling that product!!
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    Mikey - sorry about your 20+ week wait. Probably time to find another dealer. Not to rub salt in a wound, but my dealer just called to say my F250 SD XLT CC SB 4x4 V-10 will be in next week. I put in my order on 1/26/99, so we're talking 9 1/2 weeks. If anyone in SW Ohio is looking for a great dealer, call Kings Ford in Cincinnati.
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    I've been following this for a while now - great information! I have a couple questions I could use some help with. I am looking into getting a F350/PSD/crew to pull a 5th wheel. Any advantage or SRW vs DRW ? I have been told that the DRW will provide additional stability with longer trailers. Is it worth it ?

    Also any advantage of 4sp auto vs 6sp manual ?

    Is there a good source of 5th Wheel info ? Looking for the "Edmunds" of 5th Wheels.
  • texaszachtexaszach Member Posts: 119
    Mikey43....Lariats are taking forever and a day to get, why not change it to an XLT? Some of the dealers here in the Dallas- Ft Worth area are taking XLT's and having the factory seats re-done in leather. I saw one of those trucks recently and it looked great, plus is was done in medium graphite. The only interior color the factory offers in leather is the saddle tan. I realize you would still lose a couple of options but at least you could get your truck. .
  • tnt2tnt2 Member Posts: 115
    wildcat_az .... On the issue of srw and drw, it is true that the drw offers more stability. Also, I believe the drw offers more in payload, but I could be wrong. I pull a 38' travel trailer with my CC/drw, without any sway control, and it is as stable as can be.
  • dlamastrdlamastr Member Posts: 15
    I ordered my SD F250 Lariat PSD 4WD CC SB on 2/13/99 ($200 over invoice). Talked to the dealer yesterday, who says it will be built on 4/5 and delivered around 4/15. They originally told me 8 weeks, so they were pretty accurate, IF it really comes in when they think it will (I won't hold my breath). Anyway, I can't wait!

    It will be Bright Amber/Light Prairie Tan. I'm going to put an ARE tonneau cover on it, which I hope is not TOO difficult to remove, because I'll pull a new 5th wheel occasionally.

    Getting a Line-X liner after the bed gets drilled for the 5th wheel hitch.

    A year of truck envy, about to come to a close!
  • KEH4x4KEH4x4 Member Posts: 109
    The dually can carry a little over 1000 pounds more payload. And it will be more stable at all times especially with the fifth wheel. But one MAJOR draw back of a dually is when the fifth wheel is at home and you are driving around empty. It will have a stiffer ride, and mainly it will be a pain in the [non-permissible content removed] to park. It also wont fit into many drive through fast food lines, or automated car washes. Mine is a single rear wheel, but it is has a lift kit and 36" tires on it so it wont fit in an automatic car wash. It is huge and a big job to wash.
    Also, are you from Arizona? If so, I bought my Super D from 5 Star Ford. I will WALK to another state to buy a vehicle before I would buy a vehicle from them again. They didn't want to honor the signed deal that we had when my truck came in even though I put a $500 deposit on it when I ordered it. They wanted something like $1300 more than our signed deal. I had to raise hell for over an hour to get it at the agreed on price. They also, didn't return my calls, gave me less than 1/4 tank of gas, and generally treated me like a [non-permissible content removed] child. Try Jones Ford in Buckeye for the lowest prices if you don't have a trade in.
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    To #49 (texaszach) what is the cost of having seats redone in leather to get around delay in Lariat pkg. compared to the cost of the actual Lariat pkg.
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