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Nissan 350Z



  • rezo00rezo00 Posts: 103
    some M3 statistics from
    3415 lbs
    333hp 3.2l
    0-60 in 4.9 sec

    some Z stats
    3200 lbs
    300hp 3.5l
    who said the Z was fat...and cant handel well....your wrong.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    yes, it will still be fat next to the RX-7.

    The horsepower number is not finalized yet... we can't predict the handling until we see the numbers on the track.... the size of the tires would be a factor.
  • You think 30k or so Zs are going to pre-sell? Good luck Nissan. Can't think of a single car with production numbers over 10k that one can't find on a lot.

    BTW, someone said the Z is small. He obviously has not been near one. It's a sizable car. Bigger than a Golf-platform TT, that's for certain.
  • If you would read the posts, you would see that (like I wrote before) that the first year production is set at 30,000; for the WHOLE WORLD. I know you are somewhat narrow minded but there is commerce outside the borders of the U.S. On top of that, the pre-sell does not include the entire U.S. allotment for the 2003 model. And while you are laughing..I see you have a VW Jetta, now that is funny.
  • Cyanno you gotta admit that you want this car desperately!!! Don't give me test drive reason :)
    We all know This motor has been one of the top 10 best motor for last 10 years... Infact, I am sure you have your favorite color Z saved a screen saver!

    Com'on man! be a playa. ;->
  • Hey guys,

    I called the dealer today and another salesman told me it was $1,000 deposit despite the written sign($5,000). He said they're pre-ordering for MSRP price. He also said that nationwide there are going to be only 16 Zs provided for each Nissan dealership(at least in my city), thus no demo one to test drive for sure. Oh well, i guess i just need to read road test reviews before i pre-order. I think i need to go down there this weekend to meet him face to face and see if i can deal under the MSRP. Anyways, i can't seem to find the specs of this car as far as height, weight, width, length. The brochure at the dealership doesn't have this and the salesman isn't sure exactly. Any website links for more detailed info? Thanks.
  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
    On a different subject, anyone hear anything about the convertible that's supposed to be due sometime in 2003? I don't have any real interest in the coupe (Nissan won't be gouging me anytime soon) but my next car will be a convertible and a topless 350Z would be very attractive on a number of levels. However I haven't heard much news about it, other than Nissan's statement that there will be one after the coupe.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,331
    a convertible Z, just s coupe with a sunroof.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • I'd like to see a sunroof also. However, after looking at some of the pictures on the Nissan website, it does not look like there is enough room for sunroof. I think they could possibly put some T-tops on it, which would be nice.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,331
    I don't see a sunroof fitting on the car either. Unless they make a sunroof that tilts up and slides over. No sunroof, there's now 1 less person who'll be going to the Nissan dealership when the lease is up on his Saab in December.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I didn't quite get your 350Z to M3 comparison. The 350Z is a pure 2-seater and the M3 is a decent sized 4 person vehicle. I guess if I were to compare my 540i to a Suburban, it would come out looking pretty light, but at 3700+ lbs, it isn't.

    The new Z is not on my current shopping list. But I am going to take one for a test drive as soon as it's available for the fun of it. I know the owners of a Nissan dealership who have promised to accomodate me. I will say that the estimated weight of 3200 lbs has also struck me as too high. Compared to a Boxter / Boxter S, S-2000, or even a 911, it's 300 to 400 lbs heftier. These are the pure 2-seater cars I think Nissan would have wanted to target, not the old overweight 300ZX of yesteryear.

    Also, I wouldn't use BMW as a standard for weight efficiency. They are great cars (I may be upgrading my 540i to an M5 soon), but they have never been known for being light on the scales. The Z3 / M Roadster are downright too heavy for their intended purpose, IMO.

    Final comment, I would be very leary of the 350Z as a convertible. Unless they are going to go with a completely different chassis design, the convertible version would likely end up at 3300-3400 lbs and have less rigidity than the coupe. Not a pretty sight.
  • bpraxisbpraxis Posts: 292
    Hello everyone and what a pleasure to see Nissan producing fun cars and trucks again. The Infiniti G 35 and new sport utility look very promising also. I have noticed 10 Lexus 430 Sport Coupes sitting at my local dealer. It did not take long for that demand to be satisfied, did it? They were getting up to $10,000 over MSRP and now they are discounting the vehicle. IMO the same pattern will befall the Z. The car seems to be a good value at the lower end of course if it can be purchased at the right price. In reference to the prior posts the new Z is 169 inches long and 72 inches wide, the width should give it a nice presence. The beautiful Audi TT is only 159 inches long. Hopefully Nissan will get rid of the elephant ear door handles which seem to be so out of place on a nice design. I am looking forward to driving one as they become available and will also consider buying the new 2003 BMW Z3, BMW X3, or the Chrysler Crossfire. Have a great day fellow car enthusiasts.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    shssss... stop telling everyone that I am tempted by one... I have a hard time deciding between it and the RX-8 as it is! Yeah, I know how smooth the engine is. We have a Maxima with the 3.0L engine. To me, it's not as fun as my CL-S's engine. I like to rev and the thing doesn't sound as cool when you rev it high. Maybe it will be different for the Z.

    Convertible - the last Z had a convertible near the end of its life. It was too expensive and heavy. It didn't look as nice as the Mitsu 3000GT Spyder (yes, the Spyder was way too expensive and heavy.) The convertible might go well agaisnt a Porsche Boxster though.
  • <<If you would read the posts, you would see that (like I wrote before) that the first year production is set at 30,000; for the WHOLE WORLD. >>

    Actually, I've read Nissan's literature and they mention 7,500 cars for the first 90 day run ( Depending upon demand that could change. At no point do they say that the 7,500 cars is for worldwide consumption. They give US pricing, not worldwide pricing. If you have an official quote from Nissan saying 30,000 worldwide, let me see it. I've only found a reference to 7,500 in the first 90 days (and they're giving US prices and equipment).

    <<you are somewhat narrow minded but there is commerce outside the borders of the U.S.>>

    How pejorative. Impressive.

    << On top of that, the pre-sell does not include the entire U.S. allotment for the 2003 model.>>

    There's no way in hades the car will pre-sell its entire run. Even if it's only 30k for worldwide consumption, there will be Z's sitting on lots. It is afterall a Nissan. And I am a HUGE Nissan fan. The rest of the world doesn't share me love.

    << And while you are laughing..I see you have a VW Jetta, now that is funny. >>

    By default I own a Jetta. No other manufacturer makes a fun, near-luxury car with some power - I tried the Rex but the interior is bargain basement, the Sentra SE-R's a joke inside and out, the IS300 is a dog, the Celica's cramped and the shifter notchy and the RSX is a rebadged Civic with honda's wretched i-VTEC. Currently the only car with any moxy and luxury in the Nissan line-up is the 02 Max SE manual. If Nissan hadn't abandoned enthusiasts over the past 6 years, I'd own a Nissan. Unfortunately, unless one wants a boat-like Maxima, there is no Nissan alternative that offers fun, speed and luxury.
  • The Maxima is not a boat, it's just a mid-size car, which you would certainly not consider it if you are looking for a crammed compact.
  • The boat comment is really related more to the car's turning radius, floaty ride and impresice handling. Even with the SE option, the Max lacks the kind of roadholding one would expect from a car in the mid-to-high 20's. Thankfully the G35 is coming out. The FM platform shared with the Z will do wonders for Nissan (hopefully)...they're finally returning to making cars with soul. I'm quite excited about the two new FM cars. :)
  • rezo00rezo00 Posts: 103
    the point is that the M3 will be about the same lbs/hp as the Z is assuming 300hp which is likely, the point is that the M3 is a great handeling very very fast (4.9s) the Z probably will be also but for a lot less dough....and if you dont like it, dont buy it...more for me.
  • -Multi-link forged aluminum suspension bits and rear crossmember - Critical to the car's performance (which chassis engineers claim saves about 44 lbs overall).

    -Carbon drive shaft.

    -The new Z will be lighter than the previous-generation Z32, but it's still no featherweight. Many decisions which can affect the car's final curb weight still remain; preliminary estimates have the car at about 3,190 lbs, or about 300 lbs lighter than the Z32 twin turbo.

    -In production trim, the VQ will make at least 280 hp. Given the car's current weight, a minimum of 290 hp is necessary if Nissan is to meet its goal of 11 lbs per horsepower. Considering the engine already makes 240 hp in the Altima and 255 hp in the Maxima, finding another 30 to 40 hp isn't an unrealistic expectation.

    - Several changes will be made to bump power in the Z version of the engine. Since the Z's engine is longitudinal, it will receive a new intake manifold. The Z engine will get variable cam timing on both the intake and exhaust cams--the Maxima and Altima have this feature only on the intake side.

    -Also likely is a change in the cam spec from that of the Altima and Maxima, but the 6500-rpm redline will remain. Two catalytic converters (one on each side) will be placed immediately after the exhaust manifold collectors in each downpipe.

    - Nissan has settled on the dual exhaust exits in the rear fascia however, the exhaust is yet to be finalized.

    - Farther down the drivetrain resides Nissan's new six-speed rear-drive transmission or five-speed manually shiftable automatic coupled to a rear-end housing with a viscous limited-slip differential.

    - There will be significant changes to spring rates and shock valvings.

    Nissan is too reluctant to reveal any detailed performance spec so far. I am sure there has to be a reason..... and we all will see once pre-orders arive...

    One thing for sure, $50,000 worth of performance for $30,000! Uncommon on a car in this price range, Nissan has managed to cross-platform the exotic suspension bits with enough other cars so it can amortize development and production costs to give enthusiasts a true performance-car suspension for only slightly more than an economy car price.
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    Who would order a car with money down without knowing the performance and HP figures. You may not even like the car after driving it. I think Nissan is smart to get people interested now and take there non-refundable deposit. By years end Nissan can then brag about how many cars they sold. The old Trojan horse theory may be just what they need.
  • Why are some of you guys on the forum? 85% of what everyone has to say is negative. Are you knocking it cause you want it, but don't have the guts to get it. This will be my 4th Z car. So far they have all been stellar. After 7 years of waiting, a $500 non-refundable deposit is worth the risk. I'm buying the opportunity. I may get to the dealer, drive it around the block and walk away. But I really doubt it. Bye the way, the dealers are setting the deposits policies individually, not Nissan. Also people buy autos all the time before driving them. Just ask your Mercedes dealer. Almost every new model is pre-sold for awhile. I sell Land Rovers and have pre-sold 5 2003 Range Rovers (due in June) already. They go on what facts, current reviews, and past history they have had with the brand.

    Now lets here from the Z fans.
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    My Nissan dealer is getting $2,000 deposits (non refundable). They cannot tell me HP ratings as well as 1/4 mile or 0-60 figures. Many car company's pre-sell there cars, but the car is a redesign and has a recent history to judge it by unlike the NEW Z. I am excited to see this car coming back and would consider one myself in a couple of years but until then I will wait and see.

    BYW, My personal policy is I never will pay sticker for any car.
  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
    I don't mind paying over sticker for the car if the car is worth it. You pay what the market bears, and that's just life.

    However, I will never buy a car I do not have an opportunity to test drive, especially a hyped car, and I'm beginning to dislike the hype. "It's performance is unbelieveable!!! (but we can't tell you exactly what its performance is.)" seems to be their advertising campaign philosophy...
  • I got my 2000 Maxima SE for $24K. Name one mid-size car in that price range that has the power and handling that the Maxima has. I'll tell you nothing from Toyota or Honda comes close. The Passat V6 is closest competitor. Problem is that the Passat is not as fast as Max, not sporty enough, and not as reliable.

    Back to the Z...

    If anybody is starving for more power here's what you do. Stillen makes a supercharger for the Maxima which costs around $4,000. Since the Max and the Z share engines I am sure you wouldn't have a problem slapping the SC to the Z and watch out!.


  • well... now is a good time to "knock" this Z... why? Because it is not out yet... once it is released then you'll see many glowing reviews and praises (Hallelujah, brother!) - there is still time to say negative things to that Nissan has a chance to address them before release... how about it?
  • revdrluvrevdrluv Posts: 417
    I drove a Maxima once. It was a nice car. The engine was great and it was fast, especially out on the highway. I never really thought of it as "sporty" though. Maybe sporty in comparison to a camry, but that is not the best measure of sportiness. The Maxima seemed kind of soft and numb to me. Not knocking the car though, I really don't think it was intended to be a sport sedan. I just hear a lot of people desribe it as such and am curious about that.

    sorry about being completely off subject.
  • I paid $500 non refundable deposit with MSRP. If I change my mind, I am sure with limited number of availibility in August, I can always tranfer my new shipment of the car to anyone for couple of hundred dollars.

    Jim Xo, sphinx, do you want to be the first one to have La-man sunset performance in August if I change my mind? :)
  • the engine is the thing that makes it sporty. The engine is very responsive and free revving which would make it a good engine in a sportscar. Of course, you can find the same engine in Nissan Pathfinder as well... Yes, the handling of the Maxima is not its forte. Perhaps you will have a different reaction after a drive in an Altima SE.
  • revdrluvrevdrluv Posts: 417
    When I think of sporty though I don't just think of having a good engine. IMO great handling is more important for sportiness than great acceleration. I think you must have some of both though to be considered this.
  • like I said... that is the sporty thing for the Maxima. Still, sports sedans are not sportscar. They should be considered apples and oranges....
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