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Vibration / Noise GMC truck 1999



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    gl3gl3 Member Posts: 31
    Look back at some of the other comments,
    is your truck xcab 4x4? The first time I had the
    clank in the drive train the dealer installed
    what they called an anticlunk seal (spacers in the
    rearend) this did not help. I am going to see how
    long the noise going over bumps stops with the
    new leaf springs. Not much faith in my service dept. Have your dealer look at the springs in yours, mine is 2nd set the dealer has changed, the
    first was on a 2wd. Then have them look at your
    gear backlash and torque converter, Hope this helps.
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    jdbuffjdbuff Member Posts: 5
    Are these vibration and noise problems only on the 4x4's?
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    obeardenobearden Member Posts: 34
    My valves have started chattering in the morning the first time I start the truck too. It started about two months ago after an oil change. I have changed the oil again since and it did not go away. The Chevy service manager told me that he has heard there was a number of oil filters (PF59) that had a bad check valve. I did by those last two oil filters at the same time. The chatter shouldn't cause any problem but it is rather annoying. Next oil change I'll advise if it goes away. It didn't chatter the first 28K miles.
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    gl3gl3 Member Posts: 31
    No I think they are on all of them, I have a buddy
    with a 2wd Xcab and he gets the windshield noise
    and several dash squeaks. He has not mentioned
    any drivetrain noises or vibrations yet but I
    have seen 2wd complaints here. Alot of new model
    bugs in these, havn't heard from anyone local with
    a 2000 to compare, all my buddies have 99's
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    rbennettrbennett Member Posts: 1
    I have a 99 2wd extended cab GMC. I'll share some of the problems and solutions. I had a vibration from day 1 that felt like out of balance tires. The dealer checked the lateral run out on the standard chrome wheels and found they were out. Three sets later (none met spec.)they are putting aluminum on. My qtr glass was replaced due to wind noise and my front spring spacers were replaced for squeaks. I hope that's all that occurs!
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    obeardenobearden Member Posts: 34
    If you haven't already done so, you need to read this topic from the beginning (click "see all responses" above the first message displayed) then go to topics 547 and 654 and do the same there. I know it's a lot of reading, but believe me it's worth the trouble. And don't give up, there is hope. Problems aside, don't you love the truck?
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    jssondjssond Member Posts: 2
    Had some of the same noises described above on my '99 SL reg. cab long box 4x4. The solutions/causes my dealer and I have arrived at were done before I learned of this site.
    1) "clanking" in rear end: Overload spring hitting on other springs. See a solution described above.
    2) "Slapping" or "vibrating" noise in windshield:
    Is actually caused by the two thin rubber "strips"
    that cover the hood hinges. They are designed to be lose, and are generally quiet on trucks without bug deflectors. The bug deflector causes turbulence, which causes the rubber strips to flap back and forth at highway speeds. If this is your problem, you can actually see them flapping back and forth if you look closely while driving. Haven't come up with a good fix yet, and neither has GM as far as I know.
    3) "Buzzing" vibration from under the cab, usually present when accelerating at slow speeds: Exhaust heat shield under passenger seat vibrates. Service tech gave it a slight "bend", which totally resolved the problem on mine this far.
    4) Cab "bounce"; cab bounces up and down at highway speeds, especially on rough roads (gets really irritating after 100 miles or so): Tech. re-torqued rubber mount bolts, which really helped. The bounce I'm talking about is really obvious when you put a topper on; you can see the cab bouncing up and down when looking out the rear window at the topper. Need to keep these tight.
    Love my Sierra; fourth new GM truck now, won't be the last! Hope this helps someone. . .
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    quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    Have to disagree about number 2, above. I removed the piece you are talking about altogether. Still had the flapping sound, until I taped down the rubber windshield seals with some black vinyl tape. Then I put the hinge covers back on and still no flapping, after the tape.
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    gl3gl3 Member Posts: 31
    I Have to agree, I too thought the "flapping" noise was the two strips on the hinges
    but have determined that it is the mouldings on
    the sides of the glass. I had my rear springs
    changed and the "clank" seems to have vanished. I
    don't know if it is me or not but the driveline
    clunk has become more frequent/louder after the
    spring change. Will have dealer try the Reflash on
    the converter to see if that helps. Lifter chatter
    has also vanished with recent oil change. My truck
    has 9000 miles on it. This is not my first new GM
    vehicle with new model problems. Had a 94 S10 4x4,
    95 Monte, 98 Blazer and now this. They all had the
    first year bugs but none as frustrating as this.
    Although I blame alot of my problems with my
    service department. Not much faith in them only adds to it. Will keep you advised on the drive-
    line noises.
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    jssondjssond Member Posts: 2
    Guess Quadrunner is one step ahead of me on the flapping. Thanks for saving me lots of trouble. Don't suppose GM will volunteer new leaf springs for all of us for the clank problem; glad to hear g13's is fixed, for now anyway. No clunks in my driveline (yet), and lifters are quiet (@ 9,000 miles). My automatic has a pretty loud "whine" when driving after my truck has been idling for a while in park on a hot day, however...
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    gl3gl3 Member Posts: 31
    My service advisor called yesterday to see how my truck was. Told him the noise was gone but that
    the driveline was acting up again. Told him about
    the converter reflash...had no clue what that was.
    Said he has changed the springs in 4 trucks, 2 have cured the noise and 2 have not. He said that
    he has seen 99 customers trade for the 2000's al-
    ready. Was more concerned about his grade on the
    GM survey for the service work. I printed up info
    from the GM site and will be taking it to him. I'll let then try once more to fix the driveline noises then I think I'm gonna see about a new vechicle. Should be interesting, I have alot of
    add-on stuff on my truck.
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    johnpughjohnpugh Member Posts: 3
    I have a 1999 Sierra XCab Z71 that may have the same problem yours had. It seems that starting after a stop I am getting a 'honking' sound from the rear end. It usually happens when I hit the first dip or bump after accelerating. Sometimes I get the sound immediately upon acceleration. I have had it back to the dealer and they diagnosed it as 'spring wrap'. Was this the same diagnosis that your dealer gave? Did the new springs actually help and were there any side effects?
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    allenc1allenc1 Member Posts: 3
    You are right. The noise coming from the windshield is due to the side moldings not being properly sealed or seated at the factory. My dealer had a local glass shop seal them down with the same black sealant they use when changing the windshield. This is the "Factory Authorized" repair. If your dealer doesn't know what you are talking about, tell him to pick up the phone and call GMC. Do not have this assembly defect fixed out of your own pocket. - Craig. 99 5.3 4x4 ext., 2400 miles and no more problems.
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    ringdalringdal Member Posts: 4
    I love my 4x4 ex-cab but the rattle coming from the right side of the dash is driving me nuts.I had the windshield sealed and I taped the molding just to make sure that it was not the problem. The dealer had it for a day and could not find it.They said a lot of the new trucks have this problem and are waiting for a GM FIX.I have read about 3000 postings on the boards and all the dash fixes are with the windshield moldings.I have checked under the hood and behind the glove box with no luck.If you got any ideas I would love to hear about them.If you got the same problem let me know that I am not alone. Thanks Rick from MN.
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    gl3gl3 Member Posts: 31
    I have had two separate noises, when I first
    bought the truck, I heard a noise in the driveline
    upon accelerating and when it up/downshifts at low
    speeds. Dealer first installed anti-clunk seal
    which is really a spacer for the rearend. This
    helped for awhile, then I developed a "clank" that
    came from the rearend when I drove over small
    bumps at any speed. This my dealer called "spring
    slap" and just recently replaced my rear springs.
    This has cured the noise going over bumps but has
    increased the driveline noise. They have replaced
    four sets of springs so far in 2wd and 4wd trucks.
    I have heard on here that the driveline noise is either the torque convertor or gear backlash.
    Either way it sounds like hell and I don't think
    a $30,000 truck ought make these kind of noises.
    I am going in tommorrow to talk to dealer about
    the drive line noises and see what he says. Will
    keep you posted.
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    marcmarc Member Posts: 21
    Do you get a clank if you put your foot on the brake and shift slowly from D to N then R. I do!
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    gl3gl3 Member Posts: 31
    Yeah I get that when it's cold and when I take
    off from a stop. It has to be in the drive train
    somewhere, either a loose gear or yoke or some-
    thing. I went to my dealer today and told him the
    noise when I drive over bumps is gone but that the
    drivetrain noise is worse. Gave him info that I
    downloaded from GM site. He will check with his
    rep or so he says.
    Also spoke with my saleaman, he said Chevy just
    bought back a 2wd truck from a customer. He is willing to work a deal with me if they can't fix
    my truck. He said I could trade for a 2000 P/up
    or car. This will be interesting as I don't think I'll take another truck. Will see what happens when I try for a car of lesser value/price.
    But I first have to let them mess with my truck again to see if they can fix it (again)
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    mikey42mikey42 Member Posts: 28
    this frame problem vibration on the Sierras ? I have read here quite a bit about it being bad and people getting GMC to buy their trucks back but is this a rare occurance or every truck or ? I am looking at buying a 99 SLT 4X4 this weekend that the dealer has on his lot, its used with 2,700 miles on it. He says it was returned as a trade in but I am worried. Sometimes the net can make things seem worse then they really are because people post only the bad so I am concerned about the numbers. Plus it is a truck after all, they will always shake, rattle and roll some, so I guess its a question of how much "some" you are willing to put up with.

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    lincoln5lincoln5 Member Posts: 40
    I got a call from the dealer about two weeks ago asking if I had Goodyear tires on my 1999 Sierra reg cab,LB truck. I did, so he checked them and found that they were part of the "bad batch" that Goodyear produced. He ordered a new set of five Goodyear Wrangler ST's and had them installed on Friday and you could tell a big difference in the vibration from about 45 to 75 mph. There was no charge for the tires, installation or balancing.

    If you are running Goodyears on your truck and have a vibration problem have them check the tires. This is specially true if your truck was manufactured after about the first of April. According to the dealer, trucks made after the first of 1999 should have the correct hubs (B9's) and after the first of April the correct rear shackles.
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    fcattfcatt Member Posts: 4
    Looking for info about chassis squeaks. I have 99 2WD Extended cab. I have experienced squeaks since the first week. Dealer replaced the front control arms (GM Fix new part number) which stopped front squeaks. Squeaks became noticeable in the rear. The dealer repaced rear springs with new upgraded springs (GM fix - new part number- different spring rate). this cured most of my problems. However I still get squeaks when on country roads which are unlevel. I get either chassis or shock squeak when the shocks are extended more than normal. I get the same squeak when going across open ground a slow speed. Has anyone heard of further problems or shock problems. I have 38 mm heavy duty shocks and a tire upgrade from factory.
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    brisbinbrisbin Member Posts: 1
    As well as having the problems with all the vibrations and squeaks experienced by other owners of the 99 GM pickups I am having problems with brake failure. On several occasions I have applied brakes only to have the pedal get very hard and there is no stopping this truck.Dealer has looked into it but so far have been unable to duplicate the problem.Almost seems to be an ABS related thing. No accidents yet but have drifted through an intersection onto a main highway(no cars coming!)Any one else?Very disappointed in this new truck.
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    bullfarmbullfarm Member Posts: 4
    I have taken my new GMC Sierra 1500 4.3 liter back to the dealer 6 times for vibration, windshield noise, brakes not working, and they have basically told me to not come back. They don't know how to fix it and evidently don't care either. I will never buy another GMC as long as I live! This thing sounds horrible. I cannot believe what the guy at GMC customer service said to me, and I quote, "Take the truck to another dealer and keep the problem to yourself. Trade it off for another one. We cannot fix these problems." Can you believe that??? I just hung up the phone. I am so incredibly disgusted that I can't see straight.
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    rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    Have a Y2k Silverado and have none of the
    troubles here, glad I waited. Had one squeak,
    fixed in myself, the grounding cables under the
    cab needed some lube.
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    jeffthrojeffthro Member Posts: 35
    I have a Y2K Sierra xtcab (4.8L, 3.42 rear, and auto) and it has the vibration problem, brake fade, and cold start stall. It only has 750 miles on the odometer. Still waiting to here from the service department. If they say "can't duplicate problems", I'll duplicate it for them...right to the GM zone office. I did not buy this truck so some service department could experiment.

    My suggestion: at the FIRST sign of vibration, brake fade, etc. take that baby back and demand service...not lip service.
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    jpfltawjpfltaw Member Posts: 43
    Had a suspension squeak on a 99 Silverado 2wd ext Sb, when slowly going over bumps and curbs. Turned out it was the bottom portion of the plastic wheel well rubbing on the top of the frame on the front left side.
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    moreirajmoreiraj Member Posts: 1
    Same problems described in#29. I have taken it to the dealership 4 times and they have done lots of things to it: new shocks, new springs, front brakes, new tires, new "shackles??", adjustments on the angle between trans. and rear-end and it still shakes. No help from GM yet!!!!!! I applied for the lemon law and I have a arbitration hearing scheduled for 10/25/99. By the way the dealership tried to convince me that this shaking was normal for a truck. Even the service manager told me that these trucks were not designed to go above 60 mph..... #74 don't give up, they should fix it or take it back...
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    mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    to go above 60??

    That's gotta be the best one yet!

    - Tim
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    mikem16mikem16 Member Posts: 2
    i have had my front tires balanced 3 time and rear once has made a bit of difference but for the money the2000 gmc p/u should ride like a dream
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    gregdanagregdana Member Posts: 2
    I have 99 GMC Sirrea and I had a vibration on take off approx 1500 to 2000 rpm. The problem is that the U-joints get into a bind. This very noticeable when you put weight in the truck bed lowering it about a inch. The dealer had to add a new leaf-spring for temp fix. GM changed the drive shaft from a 40/60 split to a 50/50 split and this causes the problem. I will never purchase a GM product ever again, as I think their trucks are a piece of junk.
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    jones34jones34 Member Posts: 9
    I've had my xcab 99 silverado back to the dealer several times. The first time was for rear end noise. They replaced the positraction unit in the rear-end. That was a nifty $500 part for free. Anyway that didn't really correct the problem as it still makes noise at takeoff-like a bad u-joint. Then I started getting a clunk in the steering over rough roads that is getting progressively worse. Had it in yesterday and they said the steering shaft was bad and they ordered a new one. Get this- it is on national back order. Tells me I'm not the only one feeling and hearing this noise. I have a 93 chevy reg cab silverado that is immaculate with 95000 miles and I would rather jump in that anyday than drive the piece of junk I've got 30000 invested in. Count me as really disappointed.
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    bob259bob259 Member Posts: 280
    Well jones34 tell them they are wrong on the steering clunk. I have been fighting this for 3 months and that is what they said it was as well, and like you it's on national back order. However, having been a line mechanic for years, working on many race cars and in general being mechanically minded I'm not convinced that it is all in the steering shaft. Time will tell. I have been from one end of the vehicle to the other with a fine tooth comb because this noise acts like there should be a noticeably loose piece some where, but like the GM mechanics I have been unsuccessful in finding it and the steering shaft I feel is only one item in a process of elimination. The best part was I considered trading for a 2000 till I was told it was going to cost me 5K for 1 year on a 33K truck with 11K miles for one just like it.... BS. The dealer is also a Toyota dealer and I took out a Tundra for the heck of it and except for the fact it is a midsize vehicle and it isn't close to the class of the GM I must say I was impressed. Not so impressed to lose 5K and the many options I like on my Silverado, but impressed enough for me to think about QUALITY and the lack of it in my GM.
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    quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    What about the steering wheel hub?
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    lawlertlawlert Member Posts: 11
    It's a little more comforting to find that you guys apparently have the same little annoying clunk, rattle, loose sounding, loose feeling thing in the steering column or front susspension. Had my 5.3L 4x4 Z71 ext cab in once already-no help. Said they couldn't duplicate it. Well, it happens enough to annoy the heck out of me. Really does sound like something has just GOT to be loose. I don't see how it could feel or sound that way if something is'nt loose. I just can't see spending over 30K if GM can't get a handle on these things. Please...if anyone finds a fix for this annoying loose, clunking sound in my driver's side front steering or suspension pass it on. I'm already looking at 2000's. I'm going to mention the steering shaft possibility to the service dept and see what kind of reaction I get. It feels like an old wore out loose front end truck with 239,000 hard miles. Surely this can be fixed.
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    bob259bob259 Member Posts: 280
    (quadrunner500) and (lawlert) What about the steering wheel hub? I don't think so. After they said they thought it was the steering shaft I took a bungee cord an took all the play out of the shaft and collar/hub. I still had the noise and clunk. That is why I'm doubtful the new shaft will fix the problem. It's a good one to say the least, at times it sounds and feels like a bushing creaking, at times its a definite clunk and feels like a bad idler arm or brake caliper mounting and at times it just seems like a loose piece flapping in the wind and hitting something. I've ran more diagnostics then I care to think. Tried it in 4WD to see if it was worse or went away, tried applying the brakes to see if that changed it.... all with no change. It seems to be more noticeable when the wheel is out of the static position and pressure is applied, more in a left turn than right, but there with both and you can feel it lightly in the static position. The interesting thing is when the mechanic tightened all the bolts in the front end to spec (none of which were out by any margin) the noise was not as noticeable. But, three weeks later it's back just as bad and two weeks ago they decided to order the steering shaft. The only thing I can think is maybe the shafts were made to long/short and that is causing the problem as it flexs with movement, but I believe that is a stretch at best. Time will tell and as soon as they get off national back order.
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    gl3gl3 Member Posts: 31
    I too have had my excab Silverado in several
    times for rear end noises. 1st time they put in
    an "anti-clunk" seal, then they lubed the splines
    everytime I complained. It went from spare-tire
    carrier, to tailgate to replacing the rear springs
    Last week it was new u-joints (after waiting 3
    weeks for them to come in) As soon as I log off
    I will be calling in to report the noise has returned. Still waiting for 3rd door window to
    come in. I have called Chevy and obtained a file
    number only to be told that the problem/noise is
    on all trucks and they are supposed to make that noise. I told them I suppose thats' what Ford told
    all the Pinto Owners too. I think what they are
    doing is stalling til the mileage racks up. That
    means less money for them. I'da kept my Blazer if
    I would have known it would be this bad. I've had
    several 1st year models and never had this much of
    a problem.
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    bob259bob259 Member Posts: 280
    I think we all would have waited if we knew. But hind site is always 20/20. I got caught up in the hype about all the testing they did on this truck etc., I should have remembered the 1988 problems I had. Guess they need to give these new trucks to a couple of real world testers to find the bugs.

    I'm still not totally disgusted, just really, really annoyed at the time it is taking for replacement parts and a solution. Not to mention the 5K they wanted to swap for 1 year for the SAME truck. The longer they keep the bad ones with the owner that originally bought them your right it reduces their liability and flooding the market with a bunch of bad 1999's that would drive down future sales of new ones.

    I did drive a Tundra the other day and must say I was impressed.
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    gl3gl3 Member Posts: 31
    I agree, the truck is damm sharp to look at.
    Problem is it's always in the shop. Told my service advisor about the noise returning, he said
    that they will look at it when the window comes in, more miles driven. Did not get to talk with Chevy today, but my salesman has told me they will
    reinburse me for what I paid for the truck minus
    .25 a mile. He also told me they will "Buy Back"
    my add-ons if I leave them on the truck and pro-
    duce receipts. I have heard others say they will
    not. Since I probably will not purchase another truck I hope they will, as I have invested about
    a grand. I would like to get a new style Tahoe but I haven't heard much about them. We'll see.
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    bob259bob259 Member Posts: 280
    Sorry to hear they can't fix yours to your satisfaction. Mine is back in the shop today for the steering shaft replacement... time will tell is it fix's the problem. I'm not confident it will.

    On the new Tahoe and Yukon, I believe I'd wait a year on those models as well. They have a totally new link and coil rear suspension on them this year and I'd be nervous of another new design with GM's track record on the Silverado.

    Hey... don't give up and if you like trucks I'd say try a Tundra Limited out. It's a little smaller and not as comfortable, but the one I test drove showed me a lot, it was rock solid and the motor was real smooth.
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    bob259bob259 Member Posts: 280
    Just a FYI that I was notified yesterday that the new steering shaft came in. They are installing it today so I'll post later on the results, I'm hoping it fix's it, but again I'm not confident it is the sole cause of the clunk/noise. Also check your front tires, I noticed mine were starting to feather on the outside. This was not there when I rotated them at 6K miles and seemed to come on when the 'Clunk' started, so keep an eye on yours.

    I hope my next report to everyone will be the problem is fixed.....
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    lawlertlawlert Member Posts: 11
    I just replaced the factory Firestone A/T's size P265/75R/16's with Bridgestone Dueler A/T's. A very nice upgrade because Bridgestone has developed a technically superior, more round tire. I am very satisfied. Made the truck a lot more solid feeling and it handles way better. The factory tires are 'P' (passenger) vs. the LT or light truck designation. These tires are so round that on a couple of the factory alloy wheels NO wheel weights were even required during spin balancing. That's pretty much unheard of. Smooth as silk to 90 mph. I've had truck tires of various high-quality brands that take ounces to balance. I don't think my clunking/rattle/loose parts problem is going to be related to tires.
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    bob259bob259 Member Posts: 280
    Good News!!! The new steering shaft fixed all the steering noises and clunks and I haven't felt anything on all the roads where I got the noise/clunk before. The only noise that is still there is the rear spring slap and clunk. The GM part number of the replacement shaft is #26083324 and it's listed as a F shaft.

    Hope this helps you, it made mine feel like a new truck again.
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    jones34jones34 Member Posts: 9
    Jones234 let me know if the steering shaft cleared up the problem. I noticed the clunk shortly after I had the tires rotated. I mentioned it to the service manager and he just kind of brushed it off as if a tire problem couldn't possibly cause that noise. Maybe I should have them rotate the tires back to where they were and see if that helps. I know one thing, it is not acceptable to me and they will find the problem, guaranteed. Just saw you're new post. excellent.
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    bob259bob259 Member Posts: 280
    See post number 93. I'm told that there are a number of trucks that have this clunk/noise and the fix is the new steering shaft. They are on National Back Order and I had to wait 3 weeks for mine. Since I had the problems they said they had several other people complaining and they were waiting to see if it worked on mine before they ordered them for the others. As I said in earlier posts I would have never thought this shaft would have fixed the problem, but it did. Good luck.
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    bob259bob259 Member Posts: 280
    Mike, I may have goofed and put jones234 in my earlier appends and should have typed jones34. In any event the new steering shaft fixed the problem in my truck and it was getting pretty bad.
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    njbellnjbell Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Silverado 1500 and have had the truck in for service 4 times now because of driveshaft noise and rear suspension squeaking. The dealer lubed the end of the drive shaft casing and that took care of the squeak, but there still seems to be a slight clunk upon takeoff. The rear end squeak appears to be coming from the end of leaf springs both at the front and rear of the spring. The squeak sounds like rubber on metal and is easily caused by bouncing up and down on the rear bumper. It is even worse when there is a load in the truck. The dealer put a spring pad kit on in the hope that this would stop the squeak, but within 3 days it was back. They are supposed to be changing the springs next week.

    I have read about the clunks but I am interested to find out if anyone has had the horrible squeaking problem. A person can't even get in or out of the truck without the squeak.
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    lawlertlawlert Member Posts: 11
    I own a 1999 Silverado LS 4X4, Ext Cab, Z71.
    There are many things that I really like about this
    truck but, I have experienced a number of problems
    with it. Vibrations, Steering Wheel Clunk, Sticky
    Throttle Cable, Leaky Cab, Wind Noise, Bad Tires,
    etc...I have perused all of the postings in the
    topic list that relate to this particular vehicle
    and there are a number of extremely common threads
    that are very widespread. I think we all know what
    they are by now. The Vibration one is a really
    serious one that GM has started buying back trucks
    that simply cannot be fixed to the owners
    satisfaction. Has anyone entertained the idea of a
    class-action suit? It appears that it would be
    well warranted. The issue that concerns me is
    resale or trade-in values. As all of these issues
    leak to the forefront who do you think y'all are
    going to get someone to pay fair market value for
    what is likely to become a lemon model year??? I
    think that as exposure widens it is likely that the
    public may regard this entire '99' year of GMC
    trucks as something to shy away from. Who do you
    think is going to personally take the hit for
    several thousand dollars when that happens???
    Looks to me if these problems are as serious as
    they appear to be we should all stick together
    rather that fight our own personal wars with our
    individual service departments and GM. Don't get
    me wrong, I think this truck is a winner in most
    respects but these issues are no laughing matter.
    Do you really think this isn't going to make a
    difference? Somewhere along the line it looks like
    we are all in for a beating. Any class-action
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    lincoln5lincoln5 Member Posts: 40
    I had a squeak on the passenger side in the rear. It appeared to be coming from the area where the spring attaches to the frame. I took it in and the dealer lubricated and adjusted the body pads. The squeak hasn't come back to date.
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    jpfltawjpfltaw Member Posts: 43
    Count me in. Just got a letter from LA AG office
    Acknowledging that they have my complaint. My truck has been at the dealers for as total of 32 days.

    Today I saw a piece of tape and a black rubber
    block in the dash grill. Tried to get it out but
    it fell in the duct. Now I know what that strange
    buzzing was that has been driving me nuts for the
    Past 2 weeks. Did I go to the dealer for this
    latest noise. Hell no, my blood pressure can't
    handle it. Every day something new crops up.

    Class action, yes yes yes. GM is a fraud selling
    defective junk. Like a rock, you bet. My truck
    rides like a rock falling down the side of mountain.

    A u-haul rides like a limo compared to this pile
    of rattling shaking bouncy bucket. I rent u-hauls
    at least twice a year and this year drove 3 other
    pick ups ( FORD DODGE CHEVY (old body style),over 1200 miles. But what did I buy.....JUNK. Almost got killed in it the first day I drove it. The vibration on the highway was so bad I almost lost control on the 1-10.

    SIGN ME UP...............NOW!!!

    Count me in. Just got a letter from LA AG office acknowleding that they have my complaint. My truck has been at the dealers for as total of 32 days. Today I saw a piece of tape and a black rubber block in the dash grill. Tried to get it out but it fell in the duct. Now I know what that strange buzzing was that has been driving me nuts for the past 2 weeks. Did I go to the dealer for this latest noise. Hell no, my blood pressure can't handle it. Every day something new crops up.

    Class action, yes yes yes. GM is a fraud selling defective junk. Like a rock, you bet. My truck rides like rock falling down the side of mountain. A u-haul rides like a limo compared to this pile of rattling shaking bouncy bucket. I rent u-hauls a least twice a year and this year drove 3 other pick ups over 1200 miles. l rnte.
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    gl3gl3 Member Posts: 31
    I have a 99 xcab Z71, have had anit-clunk seal
    put in, splines lubed,springs replaced, and the
    latest, new u-joints. Still waiting on 3rd door
    window. At the urging of my salesman, I started
    a file at Chevy in an attempt to have them buy the
    truck back as they have not been able to fix the noise in three tries. Spoke with them Wed, dealer
    told them all truck make this noise, just some louder than others. Will not buy back. They said
    to keep letting the dealership try and fix. This
    after they left the oil fill cap off on first oil
    change. Said I could appeal to Chevy but best bet
    was to trade/sell truck or live with it. I know
    that trucks are not as quiet as a car, but when it sounds like the rearend is going to fall out when you accelerate from a stop or drive over a
    speed bump, it gets pretty embarrassing. This
    thing stickered at 31k. I have never had so many
    problems with a first year model. Tap on your
    dash, it sounds hollow, I can't wait for it to start rattleing. Will be going to dealer today to
    appeal to them, then I guess I'll try my Lemon Law
    Good Luck, seems we are on our own.
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    chester20chester20 Member Posts: 3
    99 Z71
    Bought March 99
    Current Miles 23000

    1) 3000 miles--Front end aligned twice--problem corrected
    2) 4000 miles--Clunking in rear end of truck at take off and going over bumps--Have taken truck in four different times with this problem; greased splines, greased yoke,6000miles--replaced springs,8000--greased springs, 11000 miles-- replaced yoke 14000 miles--changed to a so-called new transmission fluid which Chevy now says has been causing the yoke not to slide properly therefore making the clunking noise. I have almost lost count of the specific times I have taken the truck in for some of these same problems and others including, bad sylenoid switch around the EFI system which caused a clicking noise which would start about 30 seconds after i cranked the truck--problem cured. It is currently in the shop for the clunking noise again, lifters clicking when I crank the truck, and the steering column rattling when the truck is turned slightly to the left.

    At one time , I felt like I had bought the only 99 Z71 lemon but I now know that I am not alone.

    I'm glad I found this site and I appreciate all of the input from everyone.

    I'm currently debating what to do about this truck. I've started the process of a possible buyback from Chevy and also talked to an attorney about the lemon law. I've also considered selling the truck but I don't want someone else to go through the same ordeal I have. I have always liked the Chevy and Toyota trucks. After driving a Toyota Tundra this morning, I was extremely impressed. Toyota has built another excellent truck. I have to say I had my doubts about Toyota competing with the big three but not any more. It may take some time for people to get used to the Tundra but it will happen . This is a well designed vehicle and I have to believe it can't be any worse than the truck I'm driving now.
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