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Vibration / Noise GMC truck 1999



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    tiredofwaitingtiredofwaiting Member Posts: 74
    I am out of town and found a new 2001 Ext 1500 at a dealer there. I checked out the frame and there were enough other trucks (100+) to compare with that I was able to chronicle the visible changes across 99, 00 and 01. Ok, from what I can see, the 99 and 00 both had a wimpy bolt on transmission crossmember that was not braced to the frame. The 00s after It also drops down lower to accommodate a larger crossmember. The 01s add two braces that run from a foot behind the front wheel on each frame rail to a central point on the crossmember where the front bushing of the lower control arm attaches to. this effectivly provides another 90 degree brace to the frame. The 01 also has a brace that runs from the left to the right frame rails about 8-10 inches in front of the driveshaft carrier bearing mount.
    I took tons of digital pictures of these trucks, including the frame stickers that show the build date. The 2001 showed a 6/21 date. I saw many 2000s in the 6/8..6/9 range but no braces. I even have several pictures of a brand new complete 4wd frame leaning against the body shop wall it had no braces..was built in Canada on 6/6. It did have the complete Trans Xmember attached. I would like to see that shop ticket. Could it be vibration related???? Anyway I will be back in town tomorrow night and will upload the pictures to my web site if you are interested.... Oh BTW there are no new rear door handles.

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    tstaffordtstafford Member Posts: 1
    gm just repurchased my vibrating 00, reg cab sportside, it had the 40 mph/1000 rpm vibration.
    if your truck has the 40 mph vibration THERE IS NO FIX NOW AND THERE WILL BE NO FIX!!!.gm will tell you everything but the truth about this problem. the vibration is caused by premature torque converter lockup.i have talked to other owners with 99 models that have been told that gm is working on a fix, they have been waiting over a year.if you have this problem file a complaint with the bbb and start a proceding with bbb for a buyback. if you ask gm for buyback they will stall forever and refuse. buyback thru bbb takes about 2 months.
    good luck
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    downeast1downeast1 Member Posts: 18
    I have read a few complaints about sticking throttle and in fact had the problem myself. Found out that the problem is the close tolerance of the throttle plate. Simple fix is to clean the throttle body and plate with carb cleaner, takes about 5 minutes and saves the hassle of the dealer scene.
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    fordtough1fordtough1 Member Posts: 14
    That is the funniest thing I have ever heard. The dealership told you that the problems were because of the hollow drive shaft. You have got to be kidding. I am laughing out loud as I type this. You better find another dealer, drive shafts have been hollow forever. Atleast since I was born anyway.
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    nerdnerd Member Posts: 203
    In response to #217 from tstafford...if your truck has the 4.3L V-6, then you had the same problem I am having. The dealer has been very cooperative and has tried to fix the problem twice but without success. They are getting the run-around from GM and the local district rep. who said that the vibration was normal. What was the reason they gave you for not agreeing to a buyback? What state do you live in?
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    dk105dk105 Member Posts: 2
    tstafford, how did you get GM to buy your truck back? I have filled a complaint with the BBB regarding the 40 mph vibration. A rep from GM called me a promised that GM is working on a fix. They also offered me a 6 yr/100000 bumper to bumper warranty if I would not take my case to arbitration with the BBB. How do you know there will never be a fix for the vibration? Any info you can give me is greatly appreciated. dk
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    obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    when test driving for the 40 mph driveline growl. The tech told me that they could change the shiftpoints with the tech2 unit. However, once removed, the shiftpoints returned to previous setting. If GM could correct this problem through reprogramming, they have already tried as a TSB was issued. The problem being, apparently, no way to change the shiftpoints. It has been an existing problem since day one when the first '99 rolled off the line. Couldn't fix it then and can't or won't fix it now. One theory is that it would affect the CAFE ratings.
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    discontentdiscontent Member Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 2000 ext cab LT and am having nothing but problems with it. Here is the list:
    1. Engine knock on cold start up
    2. Vibration/shutter when you hit a bump at any speed over 50
    3. Air leak from the left rear window
    4. A/C sometimes blows at 45 degrees and sometimes at 77 degrees
    5. Lumbar inflates by itself

    I would appreciate any feedback on these types of problems as I am ready to drive it through the dealership showroom and park it in the general managers office.
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    obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    Your problems are common and widely known. Some have fixes, some don't.

    1. Engine knock on cold start- This is caused by excessive clearance in the rod bearings. Currently no fix and has been corrected for the '01 model.

    2. Vibration/shutter when going over bumps over 50. I had my rear springs replaced. Does your truck sit level with no load? If so, the rear springs need replacing. Also there is a technical service bulletin to replace the rack and pinion on 2wd trucks which exhibit vibrations at high speed due to an oversensitive rack and pinion. The question is...your truck 2wd?

    3. Air leak from rear left window. GM has updated windows and a TSB issued to fix this problem. I would have them change both rear windows. A test for this is with the latch in the closed position, press the window with your thumb and see if a gap is created between the window and the frame. If so, have them replaced.

    4. A/C varies temperature. Have them check your climate control sensor.

    5. Lumbar inflates itself. Several people have posted of this happening. No fix as of this date. However, dealer could always replace seat.

    What has the dealer done about these problems? BTW, do you have a relative named Don nickname "the Snake"?

    Check out the Silverado topic and the Silverado vibration topic for more help.
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    meredithmeredith Member Posts: 575
    After 30 or more days of inactivity....

    this topic is being "frozen." It will be archived or deleted in the next 10 days or so.

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