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    as many as 10 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury products sold in North America will be using the Mazda6 platform, according to the News today.
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    That news has been floating around for a while. The first car we will see on that platform will be the 2005 Ford Futura, the replacement for the Taurus. However, they are going to build that car in Mexico, which I think is a bad idea. Oh well... my 6i's tranny was built in Mexico too. Maybe it has seen too many rodeos with all of the bucking it does.
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    I didn't visit very often Mazda6 board!!! I would be more careful next time.
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    No problem! It's good to bring things up like this every once in a while. It will be interesting to see what other vehicles are going to built on this platform.
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    "It will be interesting to see what other vehicles are going to built on this platform."

    There was a list of "planned" vehicles when that news came out. I recall the Escape/Tribute/Mariner triplets being involved.

    It makes sense as the current Escape/Tribute twins are loosely based on the last 626.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see an AWD baby Lincoln coupe on that list someday either. What with all the other luxos introducing "baby" models soon too. Look what Volvo's doing with the Mazda3 platform.
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    Isn't that built in japan? The engine might be built in mexico.
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    Oops. You're right. The engine is built in Mexico... auto tranny in U.S.
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    heats up quicker than any car I have ever owned, which is a pleasant surprise, living in Chicago area
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    That's the funny thing. According to the coolant temp gauge, mine warms up to its normal operating temp (about half way up the gauge) in less than 5 minutes from a cold start. Getting that heat into the interior is my problem. Who knows... it's probably a problem in mine. I miss cable actuated HVAC controls.

    Come to think of it... I have noticed many times in the past that warm air was coming out of the vents despite having the temp control knob set to its coldest setting (manual climate control). It always seemed like the air coming through the vents was 20 degrees warmer than the air outside, and I had to turn on the AC to stay cool in the car despite the outside temperature being about 60 degrees. Another thing to add to my repair list...
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    Your car must have been assembled on a Monday! The HVAC in my 6 heats up relatively quickly -- no faster or slower than other cars I've owned. It's interesting to watch the climate control cycle the first few minutes. At first it's on a low setting with the a/c activated, directed at feet and windshield; then it progressively increases the fan speed and directs warm air at feet and thru the main vents. Makes me realize that I probably would have been blasting cold air into the cabin for a while before the engine warmed up.

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    how much of the 4 cyl engine is built/originated in Mexico? I doubt the whole thing came from Mexico. I'd guess that the engine's electrical components might come from somewhere else, and parts of the engine may have been assembled and originated from somewhere else and then shipped as sub-assemblies.
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    Saw my 1st Mazda 3 on the road today. It was blue and I love that shade. Doesn't have that purple tinge like the 6. One thing I liked better than the 6 were the 17" rims on the car. What's the dealership charge for factory rims as I'm seriously thinking of putting those on my 6.

    I've also noticed that my front rims don't get as dirty as quickly in the cold weather. Does anybody else notice the same thing or is it my imagination?
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    and i'm very happy with it. no problems except for a clutch pedal that has to completely down before i can start the engine. i noticed some staining on one door, but it was so light, and with my steel gray car, the dealer will never agree it's rust or whatever. I'll keep an eye on it and see what happens. i've enjoyed owning and driving the car...
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    "no problems except for a clutch pedal that has to completely down before i can start the engine"

    That's not a problem. I've driven a few MT cars that you have to do this to start. What's the big deal anyway?

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    I am also noticing a lessening of brake dust on the front wheels as the weather gets colder. I can't explain it unless the hotter the brakes (pads/rotors) get the more dust they make.
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    From I've heard/seen, Ford will spawn a few cars and crossover/SUV's off of the 6 platform.
    - CD338 Ford Futura (replacement for Taurus)
    - CD334 Mercury Montego (replacement for Sable)
    - U387/U388 Ford/Mercury/Lincoln SUV (replaces Escape) The weird thing here is the the Tribute is being developed entirely in Japan and the domestics here.

    I'm not sure if the Ford Five Hundred (D Segment) will be developed from a stretched 6 platform.

    Yes, the Futura/Montego will be assembled in Mexico and the Five Hundred in Chicago and St.Louis (I think St. Louis), same as the Taurus/Sable.
  • qddaveqddave Member Posts: 164
    K, just found a mistake in my info:

    The Montego will be the Mercury counterpart of the Five Hundred. Those are the D degment vehicles and they will replace the Taurus/Sable. The CD platforms will be the Futura and I guess I don't know the name of the Mercury. The CD's will be based off of the 6 platform.
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    The Five Hundred (spelled out) and Montego will be a new platform sharing components with the bigger Volvos, like the 90 series.
  • carguy58carguy58 Member Posts: 2,303
    but I saw a blue 6 yesterday with clear tailights, spoiler, and not black tinted windows but white out tinted windows.

    On a side note I thought the 500 not the futura was the replacement for the Tarus. Somebody has to help me on this subject.
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    From what I have read, Futura is going to be slightly smaller than current Taurus-probably Accord/Mazda6/Malibu size, and 500 slightly bigger than current Taurus, at least in internal roominess if not outside dimensions.

    Also, current Taurus/Sable is Made in Chicago and Atlanta, not in St. Louis
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    I hope Ford learned its lesson from the Contour/Mystique. The Contour wasn't much bigger than the Escort, but sure was more expensive. The Contour was way smaller than the Taurus, but not much less expensive. Although the Contour was a great driver's car, it didn't speak value to the public and they just didn't buy it. A niche vehicle like this is fine for a small manufacturer like Mazda. But, anything that sells less than 100,000 copies per year is considered a complete failure for the big guys.

    I guess what I'm saying is that I'd hate to see the Futura flop and have Ford turn around and blame the Mazda platform.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Member Posts: 1,565
    With the 500 coming along at the same time, maybe that criticism will be deflected. If the Futura closely matches the CamCords in available space, this might work for Ford, especially if the performance and eventually reliability issues come out good. Note GM is really trying to do the same with Chevy, with the Impala existing along side the new Malibu. Same with Toyota, with Camry coexisting with Avalon.

    Pricing is pretty sensitive in the 4-door sedan arena, so it does become an issue if you've got two vehicles in your lineup where the price overlap is too much. That's probably what happened to Contour. It had a lot of good press, but if I remember correctly, major complaint was a too small back seat. Especially once Focus came along, it was squeezed on the small end by Focus and on the large end by Taurus.

    I definitely expect much more sharing of platforms between Ford, Mazda and also with Ford's European operations in the future. There are just too many auto competitors in the world today, and shared platforms will help keep costs down with survival at stake.
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    I see alot of people in their 30's drving them. Its a good car for the people in their 30's but a person in their 50's? No. The problem with the Contour was it was too close in class with the Tarus and Escort.

    So I guess the 500 will be a Dodge Intrepid competitor while the Futura fills the old Tarus spot.

    I don't think Ford is going to blame Mazda for anything.
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    I promised myself that I would wait until next year for a 6, but the rebates are making me want to jump the gun. I'm still looking at getting a 2003 6i (or 6s if the price is right), and it seems that getting one with a moonroof and leather for practically base price (when introduced) is possible.

    However, I'd still have to trade off ABS/TCS for that unless I went full out. Not only that, but I'd have to trade in the 2003 Golf I'm currently financing (d'oh!). So I don't want to get reamed in terms of price and financing. Any chance that these rebates will continue into the first half of next year? Any advice on what I can do?
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    The big rebates are here to flush out the remaining 2003 inventory. Once the 03s are gone, I would expect to see rebates on the 04s that will increase to the level that we are seeing now. Sales numbers are averaging just over 6000 units per month with the big rebates. To put this number in perspective, Honda sells about 30,000 Accords per month and Toyota had just over 5,500 sales of the low-volume Prius sedans last month. With the addition of the more expensive hatch and wagon models, Mazda may have to keep the big rebates going to keep sales up.
  • akumazakumaz Member Posts: 65
    I understand that the deals on the '03's won't last pass when they sell out. It's just that I'm tired of waiting. I thought I could wait to see how the Mazda 3s would compare, and while it's an outstanding small car (test drove one last week, with a bad ending), it made the great features of the 6 stand out in comparison- not to mention the rebates.

    A few questions (non-6 related):
    -If I wanted to go about getting someone to take over my monthly payments on my car, what would be the best way of doing that?
    -Are Hertz employees (and family members of employees) eligible for the S-Plan on Mazdas?
    -Would the rebates and "dealer cash" be eligible on S-Plan?

    If both of these work out in my favor, I might entertain the thought of getting one very soon.
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    Akumaz, the best thing to do is post those questions on our Smart Shopper board and/or our Finance, Warranty & Insurance board. Those boards are designed to address questions such as yours and they offer experience from a much larger segment of our membership than you'll find in any single-vehicle focused conversation such as this one.

    Good luck! And as always feel free to drop me an email if I can help you find any resource in the Town Hall.

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    ... SOME of his/her questions (S plan eligibility, details) are valid and MORE relevant here. They could bear being echoed in the Smart Shoppers and other sections, but with the various people associated with Mazda/Ford here - the truth may be out HERE ;)
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    Yes, Hertz is an S-plan company. You get the S-plan price plus any applicable incentives at the time of delivery.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    No argument, ashu - I just want to make sure everyone is aware of all the wonderful resources available in the Town Hall. Those two boards are very often overlooked and people don't get the best feedback when they don't find the best places to ask their questions. S-plan details have been discussed at great length on the SS board.

    If I came across in some other manner, I apologize.
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    Contour's one problem was that size/price classes changed overnight after it was released. Compacts grew, and mid size car prices stagnated.

    The older Nissan Altima was also squeezed between Sentra and Maxima. They grew it up in 2002 and sales took off.

    As for the Ford Futura, the plan is for a "stretched and widened" Mazda 6, not smaller.
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    It has been awhile since I've posted here, so I apologize for putting this on the wrong board '^_^ I'll post something there.
  • akumazakumaz Member Posts: 65
    Thanks for the input, BTW. My brother is an employee, so I was curious.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Akumaz, no apology necessary - I'm sure if the folks here can help, they will as some already have. I just didn't want you to miss out on our other resources.

    Good luck and keep us posted!

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    All these "I'm Sorry", and "Apologies". It must be the holiday season! Perhaps a Group Hug is in order?

    Mark. : )
  • 1wiseguy1wiseguy Member Posts: 120
    That should do it for the group hug
  • mazda6smazda6s Member Posts: 1,901
    Yeah, the Mazda "staining" (a.k.a rust) fix is bogus!

    (ducking for cover)
  • ashutoshsmashutoshsm Member Posts: 1,007
    S-plan details have been discussed at great length on the SS board.

    I DID not know that - seems I was nocorrect, so, guess waht - another apology ;)

    Yeah - the Holiday Season is fun, but weird!
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    ... I wonder if someone's spreading FUD?

    I have come into contact with several (possibly hundreds?) of Mazda 6 owners, many own the V6 - and have met well over 30 in person, and have yet to hear of anyone with a serious mechanical problem under the hood.

    I'd venture to say Jerry here has the most problems of anyone I know, BY FAR, and he owns an auto I-4 with the 2.3 engine.

    I'd keep an eye on this - how trustworthy is this news program? I've never heard of the mag, website or show!

    Considering most people's tendency to go online and post about problems only, I'd be very surprised if there were any truth to this - seeing as no one's heard about it!

    Is it possible they're speaking on the basis of some reviews on MSN's website - there's a known problem with a certain anti-Mazda script kiddie who's been giving the car a spate of 0/10 and 1/10 reviews, and pretending to be an owner. Sad, really - but the person has no life.
  • mazda6smazda6s Member Posts: 1,901
    So what problems with the V6 are they reporting? I haven't heard about any.
  • bostongiobostongio Member Posts: 52
    "Several failures of the Mazda6 V6... I believe the V6 is a Ford engine, which would explain a lot..."

    Well, heck, if you *believe* it, it must be true! No point in actually doing some research online before spreading FUD and more incorrect information, right??!

    Geez, it really gets my goat to see stuff like this. It's been discussed so many times here, and yet people still want to believe whatever they want to believe without regard for actual facts or anything. It is a well-known fact that the Mazda6 V6 is based upon a Ford BLOCK, that's it. Everything else is Mazda engineered, that's why it's so smooth and has a nice flat power curve.

    "Block" does not equal "engine."

    Now I'd love to hear more about these "failures" mentioned (or maybe this is a better topic for the Problems and Solutions board...?)
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    The Nissan Altima: the 93-97 Altima did sell pretty well. When the 98 came out the Honda Accord grew in size and the exterior styling on the 98 Altima was not well recieved by Nissan's core buyer. The Altima took the Stanza's old spot. The Contour took nobody's spot in the Ford line-up maybe the Tempo(I think.)
  • brucee1brucee1 Member Posts: 3
    10 months & 32,000 k.m. and so far I have never had a smoother running excellent performing great sounding engine. I have not had ANY problems! Oh, I have had to change the oil & filter 4 times.
  • chikoochikoo Member Posts: 3,008
    what is your agenda?

    >>> Hi- I was just watching a car show on TV ( they were talking about several failures of the Mazda 6 V6. <<<<

    are u the publicity agent for ?

    sorry if I am blunt. but I don't beat around the bushes with "kind" language.
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsMember Posts: 508
    the syndicated auto writer, in last week's article in the Boston Globe, attacked both Mazda and Toyota for their inflexibility in allowing people to buy certain models with some safety related options without buying the "kitchen sink" so to speak. Specifically he mentioned the Matrix (which we bought last year) for not having units available at the dealerships with ABS. Toyota claims it is the dealers fault for not ordering stock with ABS. They say that if you order a car you can get ABS as in individual option. When we wanted to buy, there wasn't a Matrix anywhere in New England with ABS, so we bought without. (We needed a car fairly fast.)
    He also mentioned the Mazda 6 and threw out a financial analysis of what it takes to get ABS. Even though the ABS by itself should only cost $3-500 (his estimate) you need to purchase over $4000 worth of other options to get the 6 with ABS.
    He went on to mention that Honda is doing the "right" thing by equipping all their high volume models with ABS and a couple of other safety options by the 2006 model year, so that there won't be any safety options to purchase. Now if only Mazda would do the same and allow us to buy a moderately priced 6 with all the safety equipment.
  • carguy58carguy58 Member Posts: 2,303
    It won't surprised if Honda raised the prices on their vehicles by 1,000 dollars with all that standard safety equipment. Knowing Honda they aren't going to give something away for free. Bottom Line: When Honda adds a new feature in one their cars the price jumps all of a sudden.

    The cars I want to buy I want to buy them off the lot not order them. If they come standard with the ABS I'll take it. Without the ABS I'll take it too.

    Didn't GM eliminate some standard safety equipment in their cars a couple years ago because it wasn't worthed for GM financially?
  • lmp180psulmp180psu Member Posts: 393
    I don't think petpad has an agenda, or at least a negative one. BTW he just bought a Mazda3, so I doubt he is like some of the Honda people that have been on these forums, and want to argue back and forth about which car is better. I think he was just trying to find out why the program he watched was mentioning a engine problem on a car that has been very successful/highly regarded.
  • audia8qaudia8q Member Posts: 3,138
    yes, GM had put ABS on everything and they found out that it did not sell any additional cars. Many consumers did not see any additional value in ABS brakes.

    FYI...we see very little deamnd for the safety features from most buyers. Scary but true. So I understand GM''s decision. I only drive cars with ALL the safety stuff....if you ever drove with me you would understand. haha
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    Rich - Is your dealership one-price-for-all or negotiated price? Just curious.
  • glideslopesglideslopes Member Posts: 431
    There are no issues with the V6. More FUD.
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