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    I had a Limited 4WD with the TRD pacakage for about a week and loved it.

    It does ride a little rougher than w/out, but I think it rides more like a truck. If I wanted a car-like ride, I'd buy a Camry. In a back to back comparison, I noticed the TRD truck cornered better than without on off ramps and on curvy roads. It's no MR2, but the TRD truck just felt more responsive.

    I just came back from the dealer and ordered my 4WD Limited Tundra w/ ABS, TRD, and Leather.
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    Over the rail means that the bedliner covers the top edge of the truck bed. Under the rail, the bed liner stops under the edge of the bed, so the top edge of the bed is exposed.

    I've owned a Toyota bedliner in my 91 Toy Pickup since the day I drove the truck off the lot. If you are going to put a Cap on the truck, then I would go with the Under the Rail. If you are going to carry anything in the truck, get the Over the rail. I find that stuff always gets placed on the edge of the bed.

    If you are going to get a drop in liner, then ONLY go with the Toyota bedliner. I've go 130,000 hard miles with my bedliner (I race motorcycles and haul my bike, tools and equipment), and it hasn't warped and it doesn't rattle.

    I just ordered a Tundra, this time I'm going with an Over the Rail Line-X spray on. It's more expensive, but I think it'll be better.
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    I've been racing motorcycles (production classes) for a long time. Here is my two cents on the oil change schedule.

    1. Today's oil is sooo much better than oil available 3 years ago. Even the really cheap oil. I use Castrol GTX 10W-30 ($1.35/quart).

    2. Unless you drive in dusty conditions, accelerate hard or a lot, or in diverse weather, 7500 miles is not a lot for today's oil. If you want to change something frequently, change the air filter. This will save you (under normal driving conditions) more than an oil change (because clean air affects the life of the oil).

    3. Most engines (practically all new motorcycle engines) are machined so well, with better alloys that the break in times are much less than they were 10 years ago. In high performance engines, the head are hand machined from the factory. In fact we see (motorcycle) engines are broken-in out of the factory: I would still take it easy on a new truck for the first few thousand miles.

    4. Given that I've been using STP (in every street car/truck I've owned) for over 15 years. I swear by it, and between my friends that religously use STP and I, we see well over 100,000 miles on our engines without machanical problems.

    Take this for what its worth; my opinion.
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    I just checked the price of the a 4WD Tundra Limited on They are basically charging MSRP. I just came back from my dealer and essentially paid $800 over invoice (with my trade in). From what I hear, there are a lot of Tundras on allocation.

    One source told me that Tundras are not selling as fast as they thought in the Virginia area, and there is a lot of Tundras heading there that can be diverted.

    Another source told me that there is a dealer in Virgina that did 85 Tundras last month. Maybe everyone is buying from that dealer and the other dealers are suffering.

    In either case, DON'T pay MSRP for your truck. It looks like prices are starting to break on them.
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    I heard from two separate dealers that they cannot install a tow hitch (or even sell me one out the door)on my 4WD Access Cab Limited.

    Something about Toyota goofing up the vehicle weight certification (adding the tow hitch would exceed the certified weight).

    This was in PA. Anybody else hear something similar?
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    The Tundra is just for show - can't haul with
    a Toy. Get ya a Chevrolet - a real truck, not a
    boys toy truck.
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    I spoke to the local Pendaliner distributor this morning and he says they offer a paint mat to go between the bed and the liner to prevent paint chaffing. He said it will not absorb water and there should be enough ventilation to dry any residual moisture between the liner and the bed. Comments?
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    Due to my vibration complaint and pre-mature tire wear on the front outside edges, I returned my 4x2 Tundra Access Cab to the dealer to replace the steel wheels and stock tires with the Toyota cast alloys and Michelin 265R70x16 LTX M&S. I'm also adding the wheel arch moldings. I made a "deal" with the dealer that involves me paying some money for the upgrade. The upgrade is awaiting arrival of the alloy rims. I previously had the 245R70/16 Bridgestone tires re-phased and rebalance with the Hunter 9700: no significant change. The vibration complaint seems to related be an interaction that involves tires/wheels/balancing/out-of-round/alignment, 2WD/4WD, load, and tire pressure. Has there been more vibration complaints with the 2WD?

    For those of you with the bench seat vibration complaint: please register your complaint with the dealer so that the corporate warranty claims people get a significant number of complaints to warrant a factory fix.

    Finally: any owners finding the lack of a cover over the mirror in the sun visor a nuisance? Comments?
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    A tow hitch? The weight of a hitch is to much
    haul for a Toyota. A Toy just won't haul, beds not nearly deep enough, 1/2 as deep as it needs
    to be. Get the Chevrolet if haul a factor.
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    That's what they call Chevy owner. If you don't believe me just go to your site. If you really want to haul buy a Freightliner.
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    Did your parents have any kids that lived?
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    If that Toy won't haul, get the Chevrolet. That
    Toy never built for the haul, just gonna break it.
    Forget the hitch, a hitch is a tool to be
    used by a truck, not a toy. This is know as
    a fact around here. If you want a Toy
    and never plan on the haul, go with a
    Toy. But if you want a truck ... then
    get a truck that can haul, a Chevrolet.
    Facts are facts. All I'm sayin is if
    you need a real truck, save yourself the
    breakage and get a truck that was built
    for the haul. If you are just lookin
    for transportation then the Toy is fine,
    just don't try to haul (it will break).
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    There's mirror in the sun visor?????
  • eusasceusasc Member Posts: 91
    Ever thought about expanding your vocabulary?
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    Ah, so YOU'RE the one giving hicks a bad name.

    Why don't you do us a favor, Cooter: Climb back on your tractor and 'haul' your illiterate buttcrack out of here.

    If we want any more grease out of you, we'll wring out your feed-store cap.

    Get out of the public library and skedaddle back to your trailer before a raccoon knocks over your still.
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    A friend tried the haul with his Toy and he broke.
    Believe it was a 73 model back in 77, had a bed
    side no deeper then than now. Thats the trouble
    with a Toy, just not build for it. Anybody
    broke a new one yet? Are the beds still stumpy?
    That 77 was stumpy and it broke on first
    haul. What about that fella with the hitch? Is
    that hitch trouble on a stumpy one?
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    What octane has everyone been running? Is 87 fine or do you get dramatic boost in performance while using 89 or 93 octane?

    Thanks for the feedback on your Tundras, sounds like everyone is happy with their purchase. I plan to join the elite club very soon.
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    Keep buying the "Built like a Rock" crap. The only reason all cars and trucks made today are built better than ever is because Toyota keeps raising the standard. I doubt that GM, Ford, or Chrysler will ever catch up. Fortunately for the big three, there are those whose loyalty surpasses objective evaluation. For those who are more enlightened, they have made the switch.

    The sad part is that we can produce million mile trucks (Kenworth, Pete, Freightliner)but because the purchaser of pickup trucks isn't demanding enough we eat up the garbage that Detroit hands us.
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    Just heard they won't do the haul,
    flog em is what they say. Exceeds the limit
    with the hitch I heard said back a few. Is it
    true they won't haul or not? Can't get an anwser
    on this one. What about that stumpy bed? Heard
    Chevrolet does the haul, anyone know how they
    stack up? When do they get full sized? Looked more to be Datsun/Nissan sized next to the Chevrolet. Is that true or not?
    I need anwsers here.
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    pcheng- My Limited 4x4 came with a tow hitch and receiver (made by Reese) and is quite popular here in S.C. on different truck makes.

    Swampthing- The manual and also my dealer states that the V8 requires only 87 octane. I have been running 89 octane and have filled up 3 times so far consisting of 1200+ miles. I am averaging 16.5 mpg with my LTD 4x4 in probably 60% highway driving. I really have no complaints, it's an awesome truck.

    RUBLUETOO - If you are being serious in all your little messages on "won't haul nothin", I have to have some pity on you and feel sorry for your confused mind which has obviously been brain-washed by GM. Maybe all the rattling inside your Chevy and the fumes from the adhesive on the duct tape holding certain parts together has caused your brain damage (or should I say "dain bramage" in your language). Please go to the Chevy topics where your vast knowledge of "hawlin" can be appreciated.
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    Has anyone tried to remove the front door panels? I'm in the process of upgrading my speakers and am having a [non-permissible content removed] of a time trying to get the panels off. The rear panels came off and went back on without any problems. The front seems to have something holding the door lock lever mechanism to the door frame that is not accessible from the outside. As far as I can tell, I've got all the screw and snap-ons off, but the panel seems to be attached solidly at the door latch mechanism. The whole panel bows and flexes around that point when I try to pull it off. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Go back to your Chevy site.
    I have the LTD with the trailer hitch installed by the dealer. I haul a twenty foot pontoon boat with no problems and also hauled sand, gravel with the bed overflowing. sure the truck sat low, but with a ton of sand and gravel it should.This is a work truck and play truck. I am not afraid to haul anything in this truck.
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    I have noticed that when you add most of the options V8,Auto,convenience package, wheels, etc.
    to the SR5 you are within $600 of the Limited (no leather)
    What other differences are there between the two?
    Is it worth the extra $600?

    It appears that there is no way to get 4 wheel discs on the Tundra, even with the anti-lock brake package. Correct?

    Is there any difference in sound quality with the upgrade CD changer on the limited? I have seen some negative comments on the Toyota units, are they bad enough to simply plan an aftermarket upgrade?

    The front suspension travel from the rubber bumper to the control arm looks extremely short,even on the 4wd. Has anyone had problems with bottoming?

    Some of the early reviews mentioned transfer case shifting problems, has anyone experienced this?

    Thank You
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    Found some truth in it - "truck sat low" and
    "bed overflowing". A Toy owners words not mind.
    The truth is that Toy bed to shallow to haul,
    surely break it if you do. Pulled a 20 foot
    pontoon with a 72 Vega back in 74, best fishin
    boat ever owned, couldn't lickem. Thanks to all
    for the honest answers to my questions, guess that
    Toy still has some growin up to do. When it can
    haul, gets a real bed, and they make it full size,
    add a V8, I'll take another look, till then, make mine a real Truck, a Haulin Chevrolet.
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    A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
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    Bob Jones, Are you confusing the 2000 Tundra with the 99' Tucoma. If you look at, you will fine that it has a V8, you can put a ton in the back, and you can pull 7200 lb. With the Tucoma, it has the V6, only 1200 lb. in the back, and pulling at the most 5000 lb. The Tucoma may be the Toy that you are talking about, NOT the Tundra.
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    You must be high if you think the Tundra can't tow! I pulled my boat up to Lake Tahoe the other day and could barely feel it. I was going 70mph up hill passing many 4runners and american trucks that didn't have anything behind them. I did many starts from a dead stop with my boat merging on Hiway 80 up hill and was very impressed. It got up to 60-70mph very quick. People merged over as I got on the road thinking I would get in their way with a boat. Funny thing is that I stayed a head of everyone. The breaks are awesome on this truck! I came to many quick stops with confidence.
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    Please give us Toyota owners a break by comparing the Tundra to a Dakota. When I purchased my 97T100, I really wanted to buy the Dakota. It really does look nice. I test drove it and found its V-6 to be a little less responsive than the Toyota 190hp V-6. That was OK, but I also found about 4 defects in this brand new truck. Plastic pieces were all ready coming off it. The seat didn't move very smooth when I tried to get out.
    That was enough to make me get the T100. I work too hard to spend money on Junk! I was just reading about the tranny problems this truck has. Come on Dodge,(and Ford) can't you make a tranny by now? I have several friends with American trucks that are on their second to third one in the first few years.

    Why does Dodge have to put racing stickers all over their limited edition Dakota just to have a truck that will keep up to the Standard V-8 Tundra? Those stickers will look great in about 4-5 years. Oh yeah, you Dodge owners will have already sold it by then.
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    Mr. Yarnold,

    You are as entitled to consider the Tundra beautiful, as I am entitled to consider it ugly. You may note that I never claimed any of the "big 3" trucks were any less ugly, as you seemed to imply I had.

    In regards to your inquiry as to why I used the Tundra board to mention anything negative, I recognize the quality problems often associated with domestic trucks and I was really hoping Toyota could do it right, no excuses, no regrets, this time around. I hope Toyota will enlarge the cab and box, make the rear seat more comfortable, and even if the looks don't change, I would reconsider. I do trust the build quality of Toyota above the domestics. I expected Toyota to out-do the rest in build quality, engine, size, comfort and looks.

    My apologies to any of you who's sensitivities may have been hurt by my negative comments. If I lied and told you I thought Toyota had hit the mark, dead center, with the new Tundra, you would all feel a lot better...

    PS: No, I don't sell Fords. I didn't know Ford sales personnel could read? Oops, now I'm in trouble with a whole new group of angry truck people!
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    The tundra/tocoma is of the same class. A workin
    man will break this Toy truck on first haul. Look
    at the size of the driveshaft on a Chevrolet:
    Its at least 7 inch round.
    Tundra is about 3 inch round.
    Tocoma is about 1.5 inch round.
    Facts is facts. A Toy is a toy. If you haul em
    you break em. I'm not trying to start
    trouble. If you want a toy truck then get
    the Toy. If you want a real Truck to haul in, get the Chevrolet. Just don't kid yourself into
    thinkin you have a fullsize Truck, as eveybody
    still sees it as a small Toy.
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    You contradict yourself when you say, "He wants something he can't have so he whines and fibs like a 2 year old. Your last name wouldn't be Clinton would it Lexxy?"

    Correct me if I am wrong but, is it not Clinton's problem that he gets EVERYTHING he wants and then has to fib about it later.

    No, Powercat, my only crime was honesty. If I never planned to put people in the back seat, and seldom hauled big loads of equipment, the Tundra may have been perfect for me. Hey, I am the first to cheer Toyota's build quality and customer satisfaction record.

    Sorry if my rants upset your otherwise unflappable emotional state. I mistakenly believed the board was for both positive and negative opinions and experiences. . .I'll have to go back and re-read the rules. (The rules are not special just for the Tundra board, are they?)
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    SR5 verses Limited: Didn't realize it at the time but I have every option on my SR5 that makes a limited except for the Limited sign on the back.
    The items you didn't mention that makes a limited are: color keyed fender flares,fog lamps,and upgraded radio. Total msrp for those items $735.
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    Can this here limited haul more? Whats the haul
    on the limited? Does it come with a stumpy bed?
    Need to learn more on this limited one. Hows the
    haul verses the Chevrolet? Does the limited have
    that dinky 4 cyclinder or the inline six? Six in
    a row won't go some say.
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    In my quest for the truth I called Don McGill Toyota in Houston, TX and asked a Service Rep named Mike about the cost and replacement schedule of the timing belt on the Tundra. He said that Toyota hasn't sent them any manuals or specifications for that but thought that it would be a few dollars more than the V-6. So, anywhere from $250-$350. I asked him about any problems so far that they had encountered and he mentioned the bench seat vibration and steering wheel vibrations without any prompting from me. That was it he said. He also said that Toyota knew about the bench seat problem and was working on a fix. I told him about the board shoved under the seat and he laughed.
  • atoyotatoyot Member Posts: 58
    Hey rubluetoo, the Tundra doesn't come with a 4 cylinder. You can't get it that way. Sorry to disappoint you. Have you heard about the other great message boards here??? I think they talk about real trucks, not toys. You might want to check it out and see if that is more your speed. Thank you for your concern about this Tundra. To voice your opinions to Toyota you can reach them at I am sure they will value your considerable input as much as we do.
  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    Does this limited haul more? Whats that limited
    spec out to be? Is the limited the one you get
    for the haul?
  • swampthingswampthing Member Posts: 3

    Are you confusing the Tundra with a Nissan Frontier Crew Cab? Nissan Crew Cabs have the stumpy beds. If so you are comparing apples to oranges. The Toyota Tundra is a full size truck with a V8. Do yourself a favor and test drive a Tundra.
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    Boy, Lexxy and Rub-yourself-blue sure don't like it when something better comes along and pushes their dinosaurs out of the lime light. It's called P-R-O-G-R-E-S-S. Get used to it.
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    The Nissan will break if you put it to the haul.
    A Nissan broke when it was still a
    Datsun during a haul up the big hill.
    Now its said thats a Toyota with a V8?
    Very clever. I will drive one V8 Friday and
    report back on how it does the haul. I will
    haul one of those limited ones with the hitch
    a fella talked on a while back. I will need one
    that can haul like the Chevrolet. Is that one the
    limited? Thanks for all help on this one.
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    I think Mike, Service Rep at Don Mc Gill Toyota at Houston is an honest man who accepted that Tundra has a steering wheel vibration. Most people will think tire balancing will help. Yes it has eliminated one factor. The vibration problem involved tire quality, suspension, shock
    absorber... Please post your Tundra experiences in this Town Hall to help potential buyers out there. Don't forget gasket problem of 3.4L engine. Toyota will not recall if we do not complaint. Toyota has to fix this or lose the sale. It is your money anyway !!!
  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    Sounds like Mike found one that did the haul.
    If you haul, then see Mike for a fix. For the
    money get a Chevrolet, a haulin Truck, not a toy.
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    After my local recommended dealer, Precision Toyota, quoted a $1000 discount on the SR5 and 0 discount on the limited I sent him the link. He responded with "there is no way I can sell a Tundra at those prices" Thank You. I guess that a fast $1200.00 profit is not enough for the Tucson market. I have submitted an Autobytel request but have not received the quote yet. Use the JBarkley numbers for comparison shopping.

  • lovatolovato Member Posts: 17
    I have had my Tundra for two weeks and 800 mi. It is a SR5, V8, TRD, 4WD, Access Cab. I have been on the highway and dirt roads in the mountains of Colorado, pulling a trailer. I have not seen any vibration in the 40/60 bench set or the steering wheel. If fact, I though that the steering was stable and precise. Are you seeing this vibration problem as you put more miles on???
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Member Posts: 1,006
    I also have no steering vibration problems with my 4x4 access cab. It may be only certain earlier models. I have the capt chairs so I can't comment on the bench seat vibration.
  • lexmarklexmark Member Posts: 68

    Again, you force me to question your reasoning.

    Dinosaurs are extinct, they do not exist anymore. Inherent weakness left them unable to survive in a changing climate.

    Last time I checked, the Ford truck was the top seller, followed by GM. They have both been around for many years. They have adapted with changing times, and, like it or not have continued to sell lots and lots of trucks. Lots and lots, is different than, "they don't exist anymore."

    Now, back to dinosaurs, a better example of a truck that "died out" would be, ah, let's see, well the T-100 is a good example of a dinosaur. It couldn't survive because it had inherent weaknesses.

    No, I don't think the Tundra is doomed to the same fate as the T-100. In fact, I hope Toyota makes some size changes so the Tundra is as big as its rivals - then maybe I could change my opinion.

    If Toyota chooses not improve the Tundra, I am sure it will continue to be warmly embraced by many urban commuters who prefer something compact (in half-ton terms), quiet and reliable.

    I need a full-size work truck. You, Powercat, have your own specific requirements. When the Tundra has been in production for more than 30 or 40 years, and is the top seller in North America for several of those years, I may concede that "Tundra is best." (Are they paying you to be so patriotic, or what?)

    If you are still having fun, let's hear what you think, I would be happy to "zing" you again if you like. . .
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    Quick note- in my shopping yesterday, a local dealer was quite unwilling to drop below $3k over MSRP, quoting the high demand for the product and the fact that the next guy to walk through the door would pay that price. I will keep shopping.
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    "Like a rock" Is that chevy's slogan or a description of rubluetoo's head? Good slogan for a chevy though cause, like a rock, chevys got no pickup and no stopping power, value also drops, you guessed it, like a rock. So why don't you haul you [non-permissible content removed] outta here haulin man and go back to where fromst ya came!
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    You know, just because a company sells hundereds of thousands of this or millions of that does not mean it is the best or makes the best. This seams to be the basis behind your point of view. The reason Ford and Chevy make/sell so many vehicles is because there is a markt for them here in the US and we Americans can afford to buy them. Another reason Ford can account for so many sales of the F-series truck is because ALL 150's, 250's, 350's and so on are counted together as ONE truck. Same with the Chevy CK series. These trucks are also the preferred truck of businesses and corparations as fleet vehicles (because they have arrangements to buy them at great savings). These fleet sales are also included in the total sales of the F-series. Most of these trucks are strippers (base trucks) and not family vehicles.

    Now, I'm not saying that Toyota will threaten Ford as the #1 seller, but total sales don't mean the largest sellers are superior.
  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437
    The world is full of ignorant consumers. Ignorant consumers keep alot of companies in business and keep them from having to improve their products. You should know that high sales and high quality don't necessarily go hand-in-hand. The only reason American auto manufacturers "adapted" was due to the competition by the European and Japanese manufacturers. They still have a long way to go.
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    McDonalds has sold literally billions of burgers. Far more than any other restaraunt. Does anyone actually believe McDonalds makes the best burgers?

    Didn't think so.

    Sales numbers are meaningless. Quality will sell Tundras.

    Still looking for the right price!
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