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    Look at my 1194 post, this one referrin back to a
    1046 post by that rwellbaum2. He had bunch more that had a "theme" based on that title. It had
    nothin to do with the word "below" either. This
    would be clear to many, except that edmund monitor deleted them out due to that "theme", and warned rwellbaum2 to knock it out now. Franklin had caught on to it by then thou, and he went off steamin big time now. Franklin had give him the warning back then too, he just don't want it startin up again thats all.
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    Ru, you're even more ignorant than you type. You have no facts to back up anything you say and ignore the truth. Nothing to say about those Class IV Tundra part numbers? Problem with the hurricane? Hope your life doesn't depend on your Chevy. It may not get you out of harm's way. Maybe that's why when it counts, in the outback or in a hostile environment like Africa, they don't drive GMs - they drive Toyotas like the Landcruiser.
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    Can back to get some updated info on the Tundra
    and just went thru 60 post and only one had any info at all ,May I suggest that the GM vs Tundra debate be in a chat room and leave this Topic to people who want to get some info on the Tundra.
    and those who have Tundra who can answer their questions .
    I like other long ago in this topic have decided the Tundra is the truck we will buy when a good deal can be made. I personally I'm replacing a 82 chevy silverado that has 120000 miles ,its on its 3rd engine and begging me to replace the tranny again. My son who has a 85 toyota sr5 4/4 with 192000
    mile on it has only replaced the front seals on the engine ,
    Hope I can get some good Tundra info the next time I drop in .
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    Probably my last post and look at this site, it has become a bore and not a place to find out any useful information. If anyone knows a more informative site, please post.

    Just wanted to say I picked up my new Tundra today after 12 weeks of waiting, but it was worth the wait.

    IT IS BEAUTIFUL, and the fit and finish makes the Ford's and GMC's that I had in the past look like junk heaps!
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    The GM recall of the ABS brakes on their trucks was all over the news a few months ago. Don't you stay up on current events. You just want to listern to only the good things about GM products, which isn't much. Why don't you and Franklin take a vacation away from you computers and leave us alone. We are here trying to have a discussion on the Toyota Tundra. You have no data to backup your talk.
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    If anyone actually wants to know about Tundras, mine is doing fine and is really impressive in acceleration, braking, ride, comfort, interior quality and function, and appearance. I also own a recent model Ram 4x4 and F-150 STX, and the Tundra is superior in all the above areas, though the Ram's seats are also quite comfortable for me.

    If you don't need a lot of rear seat room or have a HUGE trailer to tow, the Tundra is an excellent choice. It yanks my 2500 lb work trailer around just fine, and it parks almost as easily as a regular cab Ram or F-150. For personal use, it's the best bet for those who value performance and reliability over "image".
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    This discussion is being continued in Topic 1167....

    Toyota Tundra 2000 - II.

    Please continue these discussions there.

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