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    thats what im doing

    I cant see how you put the ford in front of the chevy, thats pretty halarious, and dodge does deserve to be last because it is the oldest of the big three..
    Have you looked up the defects list or whatever it called(national something)??? ford have more defects and problems than chevy, and theyve had at least 3 years to work them out!!! and the ones that the chevy have are MINOR, not like the piston slap in the ford 5.4 triton

    For one thing, not all of the new chevy's are plagued with problems, just the the tundras, there will be problems with them as they come out new, until the bugs are worked out.

    I live in texas and have not seen one single tundra, at least on the road, ive seen a couple at the dealership. and maybe one of those nissan thingys, frontier or whatever

    i didnt think the chevy would catch on so quick but they are popping up everywhere.

    ok, about this moron (rubluetoo)
    i think he is mentally retarded or something because there is definately something wrongw with him

    BTW i own a '99 chevy Z-71 3.73 victory red extended cab

    and if a tundra owner says on here that they can take me up on anything, they're FOS!!!!!!!!
    especially towing, that tundra commercial is so missleading its unreal

    Even though i dont care for the tundra im sure it has pretty good quality, as far as ive heard at least. You people who say they've had experience with other Gm products must have beene extremely unlucky, because i have not had any trouble. I had a 89 GMC light duty 3/4 ton, i traded it for the '99, it had 170,000 miles on it, the only reason i traded it because it was apparently 10 years old and i was looking old with it, it had a 350 in it and let me tell you, with that many miles on it, it would run!!!!
    so im sorry for ya'll who have had trouble with your GMs but the newer ones are better than ever, and the yota is gonna have to do better than 235Hp and 315ft/lbs to overcome the big three(oh whoops, big two, dodge doesnt count in my book, hehe)
  • leathal02leathal02 Member Posts: 114
    my new one has the vortec 5.3 L in it
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    What are folks paying for these new Tundra pickups? I'm looking at the SR5 access cab,4x4 with off road pkg, convenience group, and tow hitch. This truck seems years ahead of the competition in engineering.
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    Pricing seems to be coming down. You can probably get one for no more than $1000 over invoice.

    The Tundra IS good. I have had it since June and love it. It is light years ahead of it's competition, especially Chevy. Chevy is still plaqued with problems.
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    Maybe you were just lucky.
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    Hey, what can I say. I'll take a Ford over a Chevy any day of the week. Had much better luck in the past with Fords then Chevys/GMC's. Just take a look at all the topics on this board. The Chevy complaints outnumber the Ford ones 3 to 1. Doesn't look like the quality of todays Chevy is all that much better then in the past.
  • leathal02leathal02 Member Posts: 114
    so, is that supposed to mean something??
    just because there are more post on here for chevys stuff happening, doesnt mean anything

    probably means that there are less people on here that fords, and that they dont want to admitt it or somthing

    i would never get a ford, especially the f-150...looks like a tauras
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    I'm with you. Ford was my second choice behind the Tundra. F150 looks like a Taurus? Not even close.
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    Rublu- I live on a farm here in S.C. and we have a Dodge 2500 diesel for farm work; that's what it's designed to do, haul and tow HEAVY LOADS!

    Just curious too, what model Massey does Franklin have? Arkie6 asked the same question earlier. Please respond with model #. We mostly have Case-International equipment on our farm.

    Lethal- why are you even here? What possible interest do you have with a Tundra since you love your Chevy and have done nothing but bash the Tundra? Don't give the answer that you have a right to be here, that's not my question. What is your intent? Why waste your time; it's illogical !
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    Good question mhill5, why are these non-Tundra people here. I don't go over to the Chevy, Ford or Dodge areas and spout off my endless love for my Tundra and dislike for the others. I am sure that many if not all of you do the same. What is their reasoning for coming here and touting us?

    The only thing I can figure is that they purchased their truck before they saw the Tundra and now truely regret it.
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    Got a 6200 with a Perkins now. It do a job and
    then some for sure! Can't beat them massey-ferguson now. You folks really got them tojo kabota's I bet! Now your tellin you got a tindra on that farm? I bet that a tall tale now!

    Now I hear that I bash that tindra? I not bash no truck, just do a compare is all. Since when is doin the compare called a bash? Good luck on that kabota tractor now!
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    Mr Rubluetoo,

    I have read this forum from the beginning. Let me tell you about our utility and our experiences with the Chevy / GMC one ton 4x4's. The front end frame where the suspension is bolted onto has broken on 12 of 16 trucks on GM products form 1991 to 1996. We do not bid or order Chev. or GMC trucks anymore. The GM 99 and newer trucks are supposed to have a better frame, but we have had our fill of problems with the frames and other problems. On an average, the front end of these trucks required at least one complete overhaul. We keep trucks up to around 100,000 miles. On one chevy truck we replace the front end 'five times' over 120,000 miles. The older Chevy's and GMC's (80-88) were far more reliable.

    We now purchase mostly Fords and a few Dodges. We do not purchase any Foreign products. Mainly due to that our rate payers do not want us to. We did buy two Toyota Trucks in 1987, 1 4x2 and 1 4x4, and they were very reliable. We just sent them to auction this month. 105,000 on the 4x2 and 145,000 on the 4x4. No major repairs done on either of them. They did have some problems, but not even close to what the S-10 or Ranger had. But people did notice that they were Toyotas and we caught grief for buying them. So we stopped and ended up spending more to maintain GM & Ford units.

    I think the Tundra (eh, tindra) is an exceptional product. Only time will tell. But it is not the truck for everyone's needs. For those people who use it for mostly a commuter vehicle and weekend play, it would be hard to beat. But for towing or loading to max GVW and used that way on a regular basis, probably not.

    One critic about the Tundra. The worst back seat. Take note Toyota! CHANGE IT!!!!
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    Try them new ones, with that hydro-frame changes.
    I agree on them tindras, they get used up quick if
    you put em to any real work. They best used to
    play with and such. Good luck on them snappin
    frames now!
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    I've had my 4x4 Tunda for nearly 4 months now and it had peformed flawlessly. I admit the city gas mileage could be better however the highway gas mileage really makes up for it. BTW, I found a new tundra message board on

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    Can the Town Hall Admin PLEASE lock out RUBLIETOO for a while. Then maybe he will go express his rights on another site.
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    Hey Lovato, does either 1828 or 5089 mean anything to you? If so, I can get in touch with you and give you my e-mail address We'll be out at Chatfield this weekend, possibly the last for the boat. I need to winterize it and get ready for the Bahamas in Nov.
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    I'm not familiar with the MF 6200. I have a John Deere 2550 4x4 with front end loader - can't beat it.

    My reason for desiring the Tundra over the LARGER trucks is based on what I intend to use it for. I have an old Ford dump truck to haul my tractor around. My primary purpose for the Tundra will be commuting, hunting, fishing, and hauling whatever I need from the CO-OP or hardware store. Also, when it comes to stopping off at Wal-Mart or the grocery store, that Tundra will be easier to fit in a parking space. But I guess my primary reason is Toyota reliability. I also have a 1984 Toyota Supra with almost 200,000 miles that I drive back and forth to work to keep the miles off my truck. Still runs great without any major problems - I did just have to replace the heater blower motor because the brushes were completely worn out. Oh well, I guess that's to be expected after 15 years and 200,000 miles.
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    Wow, now I have heard it all. Ms. Ferggie a better tractor than a Kabota!!!!! I have experience with both on a farm in Iowa in Van Buren county near Mt. Sterling and our Kabota pulled out a lot of the red Ferggies. Seams that the Kabota was one of the first small tractor 4x4 out there and they were bullit (sp)proof. I absolutely loved ours and only got it stuck once crossing a creek in which it sunk so deep that mud was half way up the engine with all four wheels just a spinning. I had some trust for Mr. Too Blue, but now I know he is not on the level with his information. Please have him locked out.
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    I say we lock all them ones who state the fact or
    opinion that differ from the rest! Then we have
    the good board here! Yes sir, then we all get
    just the one sided tell here now!

    This here is the US of A, not work that way here folks. You all like them tojo trucks, now them tojo tractors, and I guess you like them tojo rules too?

    I like it the US of A way myself, you state your opinion, I state mine. I think it fine they not
    the same tell! Guess some here not quite figure
    out what this country is all about, what a shame,
    hope they figure it out soon now.

    By the way Franklin's MF 6200 is the full size tractor, not a little one like that kabota! If you
    knew the 6200 you would have the know that a kabota could never give it the pull now.
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    Hey Bobby Joe!
    Glad to see you've taken on your "old man" persona once again. I know you type like a hick on pupose. It's funny, but not everyone has caught on to your game. Only three or four people on this post have actually figured out that your just toying with them. When you supposedly went away your alter ego "trucks4me" showed up. BTW, I also know you and Franklin are one in the same. There is no 235lb grandson that works at the Tundra plant. Please, don't let the fact I exposed your game stop you from posting. You've created a hilarious character, and I think it's very entertaining. Good luck on this one now!
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    Believe what you want robbie! Just keep that foul child mouth of yours clean and Franklin and the monitors will not have to
    correct your manners again, sonny! Oh, and anytime you want the visit these parts, Franklin
    said your welcome to stop on by, we do the compare
    on them trucks, eh little one?
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    I am a responsible adult, but I couldn't resist. I had to dust a Silverado on the way home from work this afternoon(He started it!). It was some young, "neck" kid(what a surprise!) with his girlfriend. Sho wuz nice watching him drop on back in that rearview. He learned dat lesson good. He now know dem Tundras may be "small" but dey sure do haul! Dis is a TRUE tell. Bet he don't tell his buddies bout dis un. Good luck now.
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    Put me down to lock Rubie out! He is a troublemaker.
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    What would be the fastest Tundra?

    A v8 or a supercharged TRD V6.

    Anyone tried the supercharger on the V6?
  • tundradudetundradude Member Posts: 588
    Now can you imagine if Toyota made bigger V8's!
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    I set up a site for bashing Rubluetoo.
    It is # 1129... So please go there if you want to bash him, he is annoying and his comments are out of line but the people that are responding to him are making it worse.. Even though I own a Chevy Silverado I like reading about the other trucks. OK I admit I have bashed Ford, Dodge and Toyota but just for a little harmless fun... Can't you see that he is playing you like a drum....The only way to get rid of him is to ignore him...
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    I posted the picture of Franklin's MF 6200 for them few who asked on it before. For all those
    needin to bash this old one - take it to #1129 now, just keep it clean on this one.
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    I posted a serious message to you: #973. I haven't heard a response. Interested in hearing what you have to say about it.
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    Franklin concured on them engines comein from the
    island, that San Jose paper had them facts wrong.
    Franklin just human like us all now. Sorry this
    lead to the big feud a while back, I agree on
    that origin havein not much at all to do with its
    quality, that was never the point of that tell.
    Guess I still don't know what that factory is doin
    with the WV engine plant now? I agree that all
    them factory's get parts from all over, this be
    the world as we know it today. When I be wrong on
    something I state it plain now.
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    That's cool. Like I said, I have no problem with you. What did you find out about that driveline? I haven't had the time to measure mine like I said (too busy chasing kids; you know?)
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    I just canceled my order on a 4x2 Tundra this AM.
    Dealer could not keep time commitment of 6-8 weeks. He was talking another 4 weeks wait. We've sold our other vehicle(Toy 4x2 DLX) and are now without and wife is getting anxious. We looked at Silverados all night tonight by my heart is with Toyota Tundra as we have had great luck with all our past Yodas.
    Please can someone tell me where I can find a 4X2 Tundra with captain's chairs available NOW. I will travel outside of my district (WI-IL-?) to buy it. A discount would be nice too.
    One final question to those who own 4X2s. Do they sit as high as 4X4s or are they low boys as most 4X2s are??
    "Stuck without a Truck"
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    If I were you, I would get the list of dealers from, and just start calling. Start w/ dealers closest and just continue: here MI has a few on their lots.

    I'm in PA, and my dealer did wonders locating the Tundra I wanted. Let me know if you want the name.
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    I just bought a 4x2 limited and I would say if it sits any lower than the 4x4 it is negligable, maybe an inch or two. Basically you can't tell the difference between the two. I like that because I like the looks of most 4wd vehicles but have no need for it or the maintence or gas expenditures. This is a great truck. I am new to Toyotas and am completely impressed in every way. Still not what I would class as a true full size truck but certainly is no lightweight either. As for the Silverados, I had one on order and it came in totally wrong, that is what got me to test drive the Tundra. No comparison, if you use your truck as I do as a daily vehicle and just like the utility a truck offers go with the Toy, no questions. I would hold off on the Silverado for another year or two. Lots of early production problems still plagueing the 2000 models. I did alot of research here. Found out as many as 40% of the 2000 Silverados have the infamous driveline vibration. The Silverado has the potential to be a great truck, and possibly the class leader, it just has to get over a few serious growing pains first. Hold off on the Silverado. I am not trying to flame any make or model just voicing my opinion. If you need a work truck, big time towing, hauling etc. right now I would probably go with the Ford Superdutys. I don't like Fords but they are excellent trucks. When Chevy works the bugs out it will be Silverado all the way. But again if you need a truck for an everyday vehicle that does everything well it is Tundra all the way.
    Sorry this post is so long. Just trying to help.
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    I picked up my White 4X2 today CQ,C8,A1,T1,L2,etc. it is everything I expected. Not as sturdy as my old Land Bruiser but it was heavy and awkward. This truck is smooth,fast,and very easy to drive.
    Turns in a very tight circle, and not much bucking. I received port leather which is a little loose fitting as warned and the bed liner showed up under rail instead of over. Overall like they say the fit and finish has exceeded my expectation.
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    No more than an inch difference(.8 per brochure) in ground clearance between 4x2 and 4x4 Access Cab. I took a plunge of "convenience" in 1995 with a Chevy Blazer. I regret it immensely. I PAID for it, too..far too many mechanical failures for any vehicle!! Had to replace the tranny(one of many things) by 60,000 miles. I would not risk $25K to $30K on another Chevy. I like my money too much. I know others disagree with me but they do not earn MY money. I'm sure you can find a Tundra somewhere. Good luck.

    P.S. Someone posted about
    in Asheville, NC(western NC). I checked the inventory there briefly and the prices seemed pretty good(all options and pricing are listed on the site). Maybe they can ship you one for a couple hundred bucks(or you can vacation in the beautiful NC mountains). I have had no experience with this dealer but it seems like several other people that post here have. Remember, this is not a personal recommendation....just information.
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    I just picked up a 4x2 sr5 v-8 access cab for $23,512 yesterday. VERY good folks to deal with. No hassles at all at jim barkley toyota in asheville nc. They had dozens of tundras and many with cap. chairs on the lot. I'm sure if they have that many, you should be able to find one in your area. It was a 5 hour drive, but worth it. Plan a vacation, see the Biltmore House and Gardens, and use the money you save to pay for it.
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    By no means is this comment meant to offend anyone and I am not even sure if it is true and would like to know if any one else had ever heard the same.I work for an american union and I asked one of the old timers why they dislike foreign vehicles especially toyota,He told me that the Grandfather of one of the owners of Toyota marched hundreds of american soldiers to there death off a cliff during the war. Again this a question and not a negative comment towards any particular vehicle.
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    I'm thinking of buying a Toyota Tundra Access cab, Automatic, possible 2 wheel drive next year. My question, V-6 or V-8.I'm interested in some performance . Anyone with some fuel mileage figures. Does Toyota offer rear wheel slip option, I can't seem to find that info. I'm not ready to go to a dealership yet. Any one have any comparisons to Chev. or Ford. I will listen to any advise or experience. My 1984 S-10 lasted for years with zero problems. I would like a replacement with reliability.
  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    That tindra does not offer the limited or locker
    on that rear. The tindra has fewer options then the Chevy. The Chevy will get the better gas mileage, is bigger, and haul that greater load.
    The Chevy easier to find and cost be less.
    The tindra offer that 4th door, Chevy won't
    have the 4th till December. The Silverado is as reliable as that S10 you have now, time will tell on that tindra's reliability...
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    Havn't been in here for a while. Good to hear from this "RudeBlewToo" guy. It's always a comfort to know how the idiots who have never owned a Toyota are doing. You'll note they don't know about things like "Efficiency" "Quality" and "Durability". They think they need cathedral ceilings in a truck.

    This "RudeBlewToo" writes like an underworked bureaucrat. What the H__ is he saying? This guy could be a tap dancer or even president.

    Chevy is a nice truck. It's just more truck than I need and I don't want to feed it for unusable space. I also need a reliable truck. Toyota has had a great track record with me since 1984. Why risk anything else.
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    These people just don't get it! It doesn't matter how big the Silverado is or its gas mileage, or its available options. The problem with the Silverado is that it is a Chevrolet. No amount of bells and whistles can change that fact. ALL the Chevys I've owned(or my immediate family has owned) have been mechanical nightmares. It is a pure fact. In my experience, you can't trust a Chevy. Period.

    Barlitz(where ya been?),

    I think we won that war. It is over now. I can't confirm or deny your statement(question) but, we can't be held accountable for what our ancestors did. If we were, we'd all be in trouble.

    A football comment:

    Carl Torbush(UNC football coach) made the worst call I've seen in a LONG, LONG time. Sorry...just had to vent to someone. I'm sick to my stomach.
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    Thanks for all of the help and advice on locating that 2WD Tundra with Cap Chairs and about the 2WD height question. I know the brochures say .8 of an inch difference but you never really know til you see one if you know what I mean. I have abandoned my shopping for Siverados and am focusing all efforts on locating that Tundra 2WD, thanks to all who replied with helpful advice.
    But still "Stuck without a Truck"
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    How is the tundra? I had to get rid of the lightning and I got an F250 4x4 4 door supercab,the lightning was a great truck but was getting ruined at construstion sites in Boston.I heard that toyota might be making a supercharged version of the tundra to compete with the lightning and chevy's future ss, I hope so I would possibly look into that.

    Good Luck
  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437
    That's an excellent choice. Is it one of those Super Duty jobs? Glad you didn't jump ship and buy a Chevy. I have heard rumors about a supercharger for the Tundra, too. I'd like to drive one of them if it is ever produced. If it's as fast as a Lightning, that would be something! So far, I have had a blast with this Tundra. I've got about 3700 miles on it with no problems(I still haven't switched out those lame factory horns but that is gonna happen soon). It's good to hear from you again...I had been wondering where you were. I figured you got caught doing 150 mph in that Lightning and were still in jail! I never figured you were out 4-wheelin'. Enjoy the 4x4.
  • evcvevcv Member Posts: 16
    Any comments about the factory running boards vs Westin nerf bars?
  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437
    My opinion doesn't mean squat but, I like the bars (black ones) better. I have never seen any type of running board that I like. I know I'm probably in the minority.
  • greatzotgreatzot Member Posts: 11
    The Ann Arbor dealer in your neighboring state has a couple of 4x2 on the lot, both V8, one limited leather captains (green 2-tone), the other SR5 bench (charcoal gray). I went with the bench seats because I like a nice arm rest, that little stick they have on the captains chairs is too small. Very helpful folks and willing to deal.
  • eusasceusasc Member Posts: 91
    I'm not intrested in bashing him. I just tell them truths is all. BTW, if you notice that when you mention facts and truths he don't have much to say. :-)
  • eusasceusasc Member Posts: 91
    Hey, it had to come up sooner or later. :-)

    I think that most of the Tundra owners here bought their trucks for one main reason. Reliability. Most of us have been through the old Ford and Chevy route and realized that quality wins out over everything else. If not, then we would be buying F-150's and Silverado's/ Sierra's also ( should I even dare mention Chrysler??). Still I can't imagine ever owning another GM truck though. Got to go with the blue oval as a second choice. And I'm basing that decision on my own personal experince, nothing else.
  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    Here alot on the reliability of them tojo trucks, and the lack of such on them big3. This is tojo
    tatic workin its magic here. You all have the cousin or some other kin that owned this or that and it broke this way or that? But not them
    tojo toys, they just keep on a goin now eh?
    If this the case, then how come eveybody in whole US not drivin them magical tojo cars and trucks then? Now that folks here forced to agree that the tindra not the full size, not haul much, not really a real workin mans truck, we switch to the propaganda of tojo reliability?

    This tindra just the lastest in long line of yuppie fads here. Can't talk fact with the yuppie, once that trend start, they just like that lemin bird now. Good luck lemins!
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