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  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    Still waitin on that answer on them limited ones.
    Here is the question for some who missed on it:
    Why can't them limiteds come with that factory hitch? Why some of them dealers refusin to add
    that hitch now?

    cwirth, you get that repair manual on them tindras
    yet? Heard you was lookin for one. Don't tell me
    you did the haul and broke it now?
  • z71billz71bill Member Posts: 1,986
    The weight limit on the Tundra would be exceeded if you add the driver (including ego) and hitch. The SR5 does not have the same problem because their ego only weighs 1,800 pounds.
  • cwirthcwirth Member Posts: 169
    Hey Rube, no manual yet. Have not tried to find one lately. I probably will never need it for repairs. I have always purchased the manual for every vehicle I have ever bought since my first car in 1975. But you know what manual that was actually used (many times) for repair purposes the most was my 1984 CHEVY Cavalier. So, no broke yet and probably never will. BTW, if you ever need a tow for you Chevy let me know.
  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    Anybody here join up yet?

    These here trucks rule for sure! Thanks go out to Dave40 and that TruckForce now!

    Check em out now:

    If anybody joins this here one, let me know now, I want to check out your truck there. These here
    trucks are where's it at now!
  • mhill5mhill5 Member Posts: 37
    Rublu, why didn't you respond to my rebuke of you on #1114? Why don't you ever have a response to all the Chevy questions people pose to you?

    Why would a Chevy lover as yourself (and Z71) continue to be here on this Tundra topic? Why do you keep asking about a hitch for the Limited? You don't have one or plan on buying one so why ask?

    So what if the factory in Indiana does not put a hitch on the Limited. MY LIMITED came with a hitch, receiver and wire harness. I don't care if it was factory or not (Reese hitch). Have you ever put a tool box on a Chevy? If so, it was not factory! Have you ever had to replace the tires on a Chevy? If so, they are not FACTORY PARTS EITHER!!

    Who gives a rat's [non-permissible content removed]; obviously you are the only one. So, does this make you the "rat" or the "[non-permissible content removed]"?
  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    Ramblin on about this or that now? Post them
    personal ones on #1129 now mhill5, as not to
    chop this one here up. I wll answer all your
    ramblins on that topic only. You can find the #1129 now can you not? Time will tell on this.

    As to the hitch, many others have asked the same
    question. I was not the first on this now. You say "So what if the factory in Indiana does not put a hitch on the Limited", this is not
    an answer? If you have the answer, pipe on up
    with it now. Was not askin about toolbox or
    tires and such, just tryin to get to the bottom of this hitch mystery on them limited ones.
  • SporinSporin Member Posts: 1,066
    Talk about beating a dead horse...
  • cwirthcwirth Member Posts: 169
    Hey Rublu:

    There is no mystery here on the hitch. The only mystery is in your mind. No one else here really cares about whether the hitch comes from the factory or not. If people want one they will get an aftermarket hitch. So why don't you do everyone here a favor and drop this subject. You can pick it up on topic #1129 and talk it to death. We all are getting really tired of you repeating yourself over and over regarding this hitch on the limited.

    I think that you realize that the Tundra is such a good truck that you have to find something to pick on. Why don't you grow up!
  • eusasceusasc Member Posts: 91
    Got a hitch on my SR5. How bout that differntial popping on them shivys? Good luck with that one now.
  • lovatolovato Member Posts: 17
    Got a hitch on my SR5. The DEALER did it!!!!! OK
  • lovatolovato Member Posts: 17
    I have been smokin’ Fords and Dodges and Chevys ever since I got my TUNDRA. Sorry if this offends any one. OH WAIT, this is a TUNDRA forum. I AM NOT SORRY, if you paid too much for those other pieces of garbage!!! This is a Toyota T-U-N-D-R-A forum. It is hard to tell.
  • cymancyman Member Posts: 8
    This topic used to be interesting. Funny how one down-home-hick can get under the skins of so many people. Let it rest. Go somewhere else for your bullshishka. Ive noticed that even legit questions aren't getting answered recently. Too bad.
  • eusasceusasc Member Posts: 91
    Sneak over to topic #886. The trolls seem to be ignoring that one and you can get real answers to real questions there. This topic is pretty much a total write off.
  • hall2hall2 Member Posts: 40
    Arkie6, Thanks for the response. I think I know where it is, but I couldn't find grease fitting or any place to lube. The u-joints have fittings but I don't think they need to be greased. Maybe I'll ask the dealer the next time I have them change oil.
  • hall2hall2 Member Posts: 40
    Is there an opening for a Manufacturing/Process Engineer with 4 years experienced at this plant?
  • lovatolovato Member Posts: 17
    1828 or 5089 sorry, it is not clear to me.
  • lovatolovato Member Posts: 17
    I got a Tundra with a bedliner and a soft tonneau cover from factory. The bedliner has to be a under rail. The soft tonneau is nice in that you can take it off were ever you are. The hard tonneau cover has to be stored. One bad thing about the soft tonneau, is that they can be hard to get on when it is cold out(less than 50 deg.)
  • marbrownmarbrown Member Posts: 1
    Are there any performance companys that make a header system for the Tundra? And has anyone had a different muffler installed,and has your performace improved?
    I'm also looking for a roll bar and push bar.
  • samirpowarsamirpowar Member Posts: 28
    Check out for an answer.
  • dcarpenterdcarpenter Member Posts: 26
    This is my first time to view this thread. For obvious reasons I will not be back. This should be an embarrassment to Edmund's.
  • lexmarklexmark Member Posts: 68

    No, your reasons are not obvious. Hang on, I'm reading your mind...No, nothing there, sorry.

    Edmunds is running a discussion board here, not a day care. Can't we have a little fun? Lighten up.

    P.S. Keep up the open forum Edmunds, it's been a hoot. It's even got me taking a 2nd look at the Tundra despite some amazing "tells" warning me away.
  • kentekente Member Posts: 28
    Someone sent me email that said: see 121 on Edmunds.

    IS that topic 121??? message 121 under a specific topic??? I had no luck trying all these options. Unfortunately I deleted the message before checking to email of the sender though I do remember it was someone on AOL. Please respond again with more detail.

  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    That topic was given to retirement. Was that
    email about them limited ones? Good luck on that 121 one now!
  • toyloyaltoyloyal Member Posts: 17
    Some people hang around in here because this is a close as they can get to a Toyota. They have a compelling need to feel the Quality. Wonder if any Toyota owners hang out in the Chevy topic? If so, why?
  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    Seen quite a few here get run off of them Chevrolet topics now, they not been back since then.

    If you wonder why then check these ones here out:

    When some of them limited ones goin join that TruckForce? Sure would like to see that soon.
    Good luck on this one now!
  • lvstanglvstang Member Posts: 149
    Why did you respond to David? He can't read what you posted because he's never coming back. Maybe he was just one of Rubes alter egos. Good luck on them there egos now.
  • jray38jray38 Member Posts: 9
    Hey Rube,

    You said you were going to do the compare on those drive shaft diameters.

    How is the compare ?

    Good luck on this one now.
  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    That Chevrolet be about 2 and 1/2 times as big again as the one on that limited. That pumpkin on them limiteds was on the small size
    too. Guess thats why them Chevys rate so much
    higher on the haul now. Would not haul the heavy load with that driveshaft for long. Good luck
    right back at ya!
  • dave146dave146 Member Posts: 3
    I picked up my SR5 V8 last week. Awesome truck. I have been a US (GMC) owner for years and was amazed at the Tundra.

    The only problem I have is a rough shift from 1st to second under light acceleration. I have seen this comment elsewhere, but no solutions or remarks. HELP!

    If your transmission is smooth or not I would welcome comments. If you learned of a fix I would really welcome that.

    I drove the 3 other trucks at the dealer and all had the same problem. The rough tranny doesn't measure up to the general excellence of this truck!

    Thanks in advance!
  • artpartp Member Posts: 156
    Wouldn't the u-joints break before the driveshaft? What's the point in making something stronger than the "weakest link"?

    I just don't see many trucks, of any brand, stranded on the side of the road with a broken drive line, exluding pre 1980 vehicles.
  • artpartp Member Posts: 156
    My truck too, has a rough shift from 1st to 2nd. Not bad enough to be annoying, but noticeable.
  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    You be right on them u joints, was just using
    that drive shaft as the generic reference for that driveline in general. In doin the visual compare, that Chevrolet has the more beefy lookin
    drive line to it. This is not to say it is stronger, more just a visual compare between the 2 of em.
  • mscheldemschelde Member Posts: 1
    Traded my Chevy Z-71 today for a new Tundra SR5 V-8. This was not without just a whole bunch of research. The Z-71 had been babied for 69,000 miles, and was becoming a nightmare for repair. I'll spare you the repair list. I Love the Toyota.

    As for the rough shift from 1st to 2nd, it is a little abrupt, but not untolerable! Fact is, the crisper the shift, the less wear to the transmission clutch packs.

    And Rube, driveshaft diameter is different, basically because the Chevy's driveshaft is aluminum. And good luck with your engine; the new Chevy Z-71's around here, are having a little problem with their crankshafts. They are breaking!
  • dogsterdogster Member Posts: 94
    The only that can't be ordered from the factory with a hitch is the 7838 - the Limited 4x4 Access Cab because the 7838 weights 262 lbs. more than the SR5 because of all the options on it. Toyota is currently working with EPA to have the restriction lifted.4x2 Limiteds can be ordered with a hitch from the factory because they weigh less. This was verified by the local Toyota Regional office and . Toyota National Customer Assistance and myself. The dealer can install the hitch AFTER delivery to the customer because the EPA then considers it aftermarket. It just can't come from the factory with a hitch.

    So if you want a Class IV hitch on a Tundra 4x4 Access Cab Limited all you have to do is what I did when I took delivery on my Tundra yesterday. Make sure parts has the hitch in stock. Hand your check for the Tundra to the dealer to complete your purchase. Then drive the truck 25 feet to service. Go get a cup of coffee or some lunch. Come back, pay the service department for the hitch and installation and drive away.

    By the way, the Tundra, like all the other Toyota trucks requires NO ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT to tow. The Tundra comes with the auto trans cooler, HD radiator, battery etc. already installed. All you need to do is connect the wiring and bolt the hitch on. If you buy the Limited 4x4 Access Cab like I did you're then ready to tow 7000 lbs.(7100 lbs. for the other 4x4 V8 Tundras, 7200 for the 4x2s.)

    Toyota's hitches are supplied by Valley, Draw-Tite and Reese, just as other automakers subcontract some parts. You just don't usually see the brand name on the hitch.

    I haven't noticed any harsh shifts. To me the snappier the shift the better. I'll bet a good shift kit in the V8 Tundra would let it chirp the tires on the 1-2 and 2-3 shifts! But then again the Tundras are going for finesse.

    By the way, I love the truck, especially after owning 13-15 Chevys (who's counting - depends on if you count the ones that didn't run.) So does my friend with a Z71 4x4. He's going to look into buying one after riding in mine.

    Has anyone put on nerf bars or tube sidesteps? What brand? Were they welded or bolted on?

    Any info on hard tonneaus and caps from Snugtop, Leer or Skillcraft, especially with prices would be appreciated!
  • emruzekemruzek Member Posts: 24
    REMEMBER, the big three do not have a low emissions (lev) rating, and the tundra does!(The tundra is the first truck to obtain this with a
  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    Heard that them sr5 ones were gettin them class
    3 hitches from that factory not the 4? Don't think that wieght on them limited one has much of anything to do with that lack of factory hitch, after all, them Chevrolets wieght alot more than them limited ones and they get the factory hitch.
    There is some other reason that them limited ones restricted on that haul now.

    Don't know about most, but if I wanted the low emissions I would have brought me one of them battery cars, not a truck.
  • rs_pettyrs_petty Member Posts: 423
    OK guys, you folks are comparing the Tundra to the other big 3. I don't look at it that way. Compare it to the only other mid-size competitor - the Dakota. Lots more space in rear of Tundra Access than Dakota Club cab. However more space in rear of Quad cab coming out this winter. I liked the V8 - nothing like it on song, as they say. Tundra is thousands cheaper than big 3, but a little more than the Dakota similarly equipped. I'm sold on the Tundra 2wd for my needs other than lack of a posi-trac, but I'll get a good set of chains for the 1 or 2 snows here in North Va. I use a pickup more as a car than a work vehicle and the bank vault quiteness of the interior of the Tundra and that great V8 sold me. I think the truck is worth 3% over invoice - what do you guys think of that pricing? By the way, I'd go lower, but don't think local dealers will budge. 3% over plus dealer keeps holdback seems fair to me.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    Honestly, why they don't put the trailer hitch on the Limited can't be because Tundra is certified as a LEV either. Seen the new bully, Ford Excursion, built on 3/4 ton chassis of the F250? Certified LEV too. Pretty sure you can get it with a factory installed hitch.

    If you think about what EPA does, it doesn't make sense they micro-manage what towing options a manufacturer can install. If anyone does, it is DOT, or NTHSA. 8600 GVWR=light truck.
  • pchengpcheng Member Posts: 162
    Did you actually use "Make Sense", "Manage", and "EPA (a government agency)" in the same sentence?
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    Put "Think" in there too. What was I ...?
  • pchengpcheng Member Posts: 162
    When to the that site (Truck Force) you recommended. I must agree, nice trucks on that site (tough ones too). Personally I think the toughest truck in on Page 2, the Mazda SE2500. I hear that one do the haul. Good luck with that one.
  • 606zpx606zpx Member Posts: 75
    Well you're right about one thing......I dont understand why they dont go on and offer a class 4 hitch. All the Tundras Ive seen though have a class 3 Reese; I called Reese hitch directly and they said that they arent making a 4 yet. But the class 3 can tow more when used with a weight distributing set up. What the hell it'll supposedly tow up to 7200 so why dont they equip them so you can. Jeep on the other hand with their grand cherokee has a nice factory class 3 and class 4 set ups.....Toyota needs to do the same.
  • 606zpx606zpx Member Posts: 75
    I read your earlier post and you implied that you had a class 4 hitch installed....did you get this at the dealership? They only have the class 3 here supposedly. If you know any manufacturers that have a class 4 aftermarket please let us know. I know for sure that Reese doesnt offer one yet.
  • mhill5mhill5 Member Posts: 37
    Framehog, how about getting someone in authority at the Tundra plant to be the "official" PR rep. on this topic to answer all these questions the Chevy guys have.

    This would be of great service to all us Tundra owners since we could get the "truth" straight from the horse's mouth.

    You might even pick up some brownie-points in the process for showing initiative.
  • lexmarklexmark Member Posts: 68
    Does the Tundra 4 x 4 use re-circulating ball steering systems? I assume they do, but couldn't find the documentation.
  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    Looks like we have 2 mysteries on them hitches:

    1) Why don't the factory offer that hitch on them
    limited ones to begin with?
    2) Why does the factory limit that hitch to the
    class of 3 on them sr5 ones?

    Good luck with this one now!
  • cwirthcwirth Member Posts: 169
    No, sorry rublutoo, none of us find the hitches
    on the Tundra very mysterious. I think only you do. Hope you can find out for us the answers to the questions you ask so often.
  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    Been many here wonderin on them hitches cwirth, open them eyes and look, lastest one was #1176.
    Maybe that repair manual you ordered on them limited ones have the answer now? Can you explain them hitch mysteries cwrith? Good luck on that one now!
  • eusasceusasc Member Posts: 91
    Got a hitch on mine. No mystery there. How bout them shivys with that noisey transmisson? got any tells on that one? Good luck with that one.
  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    Best read back a few posts now eusac, it be your
    beloved tindras that be havein the trannie troubles, per many tells by them tindra owners now! What say to them tindra trannie troubles now eusac? Many tears will be shed on that trannie before the fix be comin. Good luck on this one now!
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