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Toyota Tundra 2000



  • waterguywaterguy Member Posts: 1
    My 4X4 Tundra Limited (7838) should be delivered by Nov.2. and it has a hitch and wiring harness listed as an accessory. The code is is XH60 which according to the SouthEast Toyota Distributor is a class 4 hitch. However, I think it will end up being a class 3 hitch because that is all I have seen on Tundras so far. I don't care if it is a class 3 or 4 because I doubt I will tow more than 1,000 lbs. NOW, rubluetoo will you PLEASE get over the hitch fixation you have. Also, I did my home work; I checked out the Big 3 and I picked the Tundra. My second choice would have been a F-150.
  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437
    It would be nice if the Edmund's authorities had the guts to rein in Rubluetoo and his endless ramblings. This forum was designed to help automobile enthusiasts/purchasers share VALUABLE information. There is NO value to Rubluetoo's posts(Let me add that there will always be posts that are ridiculous from many people but to have an ENDLESS amount of posts from one person is a bit much!). There is NO intent for his posts to be valuable. They are obviously inflammatory and at the very least insensitive. They serve no purpose here, whatsoever. We know his character is just that...a character(probably CHARACTERS)...designed to provoke people. He has attained his goal. It is now time to end it. I believe you will lose many potential Town Hall regulars do to this CRAP.
    The all popular "NORMING" that the monitor's refer to is not working. The monitors also say to ignore posts by those few people that cause problems. It is hard to do that when there are SEVERAL every time one logs on. PLEASE END IT!!!
    A valuable topic is being RUINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437
    That should be "due to this crap".
  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437
    Don't bother calling me "Todd" or telling me to grow up. Thanks.
  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    Just tryin to find the simple truths on some
    hitch mysteries now. Sorry to any who have the
    hard time with that. Many here seem much smarter then me. Once again tp4unc, I am so sorry as to not be as smart as the rest of them ones here. Just an old man lookin to get to the bottom of some mysteries on them hitches, didn't mean to offend anyone here now. Please find it in your heart to forgive this older one for bein a little slow.
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Member Posts: 1,006
    I must say little one that you can tell some tall tales. You accused me of using foul language. Now, for everyone to see, please list the specific post # in which this accured. tp4unc Knows you have lied and misrepresented yourself as someone(s) your not. I also know your dirty little secret. Please don't weap and wail like an old woman in her broken down chevy now. I'm not trying to offend, just tellin the facts. Good luck on this one now, your really going to need it!
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Member Posts: 1,006
    How many times has rublutoo announced that he is leaving this topic for good only to reappear.
    I don't mind people trying to bash the Tundra, I just care much for LIARS!
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Member Posts: 1,006
    Sorry, I mistyped.
    That's "I just don't care much for LIARS!"
  • powercatpowercat Member Posts: 96
    Does anyone else have a slight rattle in the extended door behind the driver at about head level where the two doors meet? It only does it if you hit a pretty good bump.
    BTW whats this about all the lemon law claims on the 99 and 2000 Sliveroddo's?
  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    Look at the title of #1046 dirt mouth kid. The monitor warned you many before that one too! Look the rest of em for yourself. You the one with the cuss mouth got that other tindra topic froze! You should go back and remove #1046 like you did them others of yours! What say on that
    #1046 title belmar of reseda boy?
  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    Please post them personal ones to topic #1129 to
    keep this topic to the trucks now. That #1129
    is the topic to bash RUBLUETOO, I don't mind a bit now, just leave your sewer mouth at home.
    Come on by, looks like them tindras takin more the bash than me anyway, that be topic #1129 now.
    Lets keep this topic here to them trucks, cryin
    to be done on that #1129 now.
  • rphronrphron Member Posts: 21
    Title of #1046 says, "You Below Trolls" (ublotrolls). What is wrong with that?
  • daren1daren1 Member Posts: 8
    Yes, I do have a rattle where the two drivers side doors meet. I figured I was the only one who had this problem. I haven't had time to try and find it yet but I would sure like to get rid of it. The cab of the Tundra is so quiet anyway that you cant help but notice the rattle. It sounds like it's rubber on metal to me.
  • mhill5mhill5 Member Posts: 37
    Framehog; where are you, good buddy? Come back! Please see #1178 if you ever do.

    FYI, I have owned and driven many nice, expensive vehicles (trucks included) and my Tundra Limited 4x4 (WITH A HITCH) is by far the best, most satisfying of them all; PERIOD... No matter what kind of garbage rublu2 continually vomits from his orifice!
  • eostereoster Member Posts: 54
    No hitch more hitch stories please. Toyota could have made the Tundra any way it wanted to. 5000 pound towing with a regular hitch and over 7000 with a load equalizing should be fine for almost everyone. The Limited question has been repeatedly answered. Some of those who post would rather type than read.

    The truck could possibly pull more, but have the critics forgotten about lawyers. Our society forces manufacturers to become responsible for those who misuse their products. If you might get sued for what an idiot was pulling behind him where would you set the limit?

    My Tundra is the best truck I ever owned, and maybe the best built. Despite the high quality of finish I am sure that the truck can take a real beating as could my 1986 Toyota pickup.
  • sharkbait1sharkbait1 Member Posts: 19
    I was hoping the 4 digits was the last 4 of your phone #, if it were, I'd call you and exchange e-mail addresses.
  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    There is nothin wrong with how you say it now,
    but there was no "w" added in that rwellbaum2 ones. The part you add that "w" too was an on going theme in many others that he has put to the screader now! The edmund monitor warned and then deleted some of them gutter posts for this same reason now! Now rwellbaum2, thinkin
    he got them all chopped, comes back like an angel, but he forget one of them posts, and his dirt mouth exposed again for all to see now. rwellbaum2 said show him a post, I showed him a post. End of disscusin on this one.
  • lovatolovato Member Posts: 17
    "does either 1828 or 5039 mean anything
    to you?" This is what you need.
  • eusasceusasc Member Posts: 91
    Didn't see nothing bout them trucks in that post. How bout that rear window noise on them shivys??? Good luck with that one now.
  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    eusac, that noise is them tindras not the Chevrolet now. See #1193 and #1197, these here
    ones have that noise? What say on this, eh?
    Good luck on these here ones now!
  • cwirthcwirth Member Posts: 169
    You know, we Tundra owners/wannabees need a new topic something with a topic description that does not relate to the Tundra so we can discuss and inform others about the Tundra and possible (and I mean possible) problems. This Rube is going to chime in at any hint of a mention of something not perfect with the Tundra.

    He is over at his topic (RUBLUTOO BASHING) yuking it up with his GM buddies, comparing the Tundra to Ginzu knives. That doesn't bother me, he/they can have their own topic, but what does bother me is that I would like to know what other owners are experiencing without this yahoo putting his unwelcolmed 2 cents worth in here.
  • lovatolovato Member Posts: 17
  • ront2ront2 Member Posts: 8
    Picking up my Tundra tomorrow at 11:00am......

    PS....Rube, I have kept quiet untill now,
    but i just wanna say....Your a real pain
    in the @ss.
  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    Please post them personal ones to topic #1129 the RUBLUETOO BASHING topic, lets keep this topic to the trucks now. Good luck on that new one now!
  • bob223bob223 Member Posts: 8
    thanks for all the good luck wishing rubluetoo, it seems to have paid off for me. my tindra is going strong and doing fine,as i'm sure it will be at 100,000 miles.if not, i'll just buy another one.but i don't think thats going to happen. btw, i haven't noticed any noise coming from the doors, and i've driven mine through some pretty rough country. However, i have noticed that sometimes it is hard to start. Is anyone else having that problem?
  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    Found this site for the repairs and such on them
    toyotas now:

    Might find the anwser on some of these ones:

    Trannies shiftin hard on 1st to second.
    Noise and creakin on that cab.
    Hard startin and such.
    Vibration in the cab and on them seats.

    This a good and useful site, check it out now, before gettin twisted, you will see it offers
    a great value to many.
  • rphronrphron Member Posts: 21
    I have noticed that I have to crank it over longer that I expected, but I am used to a 4 cyl car too. I have been told by a friend that this phenomenon is probably b/c it is a 8 cyl and until it is broken in, it is a tight fit. I have <900 miles still so I am not sure about the 'easier after it is broken in' theory.
  • dogsterdogster Member Posts: 94
    Sorry everyone, I can't resist to do this just once. Hey Rubluetoo - How 'bout that recall on 1.1 MILLION 91-96 Chevy, GMC light trucks, SUVs and vans for faulty ABS. Kind of makes the few reported door squeaks and armrest shake on a Tundra (mine doesn't) seem kind of minor when you SLAM into an object 'cause you can't stop! Wasn't that billion dollar lawsuit award against GM? Maybe that bowtie is wrapped a little bit too tight! Good luck on that one now!
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    If Toyota gets to the point where they are selling 850,000 trucks a year you'll understand. Not to slam Tindra (okay a little slam), but the few reports of problems are significant because there are only 25,000 of them registered so far.
  • emruzekemruzek Member Posts: 24
    I looked into this hard to start problem. Looks like this is the difference when it comes to good toyota design. In an american truck when the ignition key is initially turned to on, the fuel pump is energized and pressurizes the fuel system.
    The engine then starts immediately when the key is turned to start. In the toyota, the engine has to crank first to create a vacuum in the air intake chamber where a switch then becomes activated to enable the fuel pump. What is the advantage? The engine cranks a little longer initially, but is priming the engine with oil before it fires.
  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    Yeah, right emruzek. I suppose them blown head
    gaskets was a superior design by toyota too? What
    was the design advantage on them ones there? Got a bridge for sale if you be interested....
  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    Guess you haven't heard that them tindra problems are actually that superior toyota design bein mis-understood as a problem now!
    Them rattle-trap and vibrating cabs are designed that way for safety purposes to keep them folks
    from fallin a sleep behind that wheel! Hard shiftin trannies that way to make that trannie last longer! Them limited ones not have the factory hitch, as to not break on the haul. Now them lexzy engines have a hidden switch, as to prime em up first! Boy them ones who design and build them tindras sure are smart now! Thanks for settin me straight on that toyota quality,
    I thought these here were problems at first not
    features! Good luck on these ones here now!
  • mhill5mhill5 Member Posts: 37
    I had a '93 T100 4x4 for 2 years and put 50,000 miles on it; never had a problem ('93 was the first year T100 made). Had the 3.0L V6, ran flawlessly; just needed more power.

    Then I bought a '95 T100 4x4 extracab w/ the 3.4L DOHC V6. Put about 60,000 miles on it; NEVER a problem. NO blown head gasket! Great truck.

    Someone tell me, was this head gasket thing with the 3.4L due to a defect in the actual head gasket or was it related to a defect in the engine itself. If it was just the head gasket itself, these are supplied to Toyota by some outside manufacturer, just as everybody else's are. To me, this would be no different than getting a Tundra with a set of Dunlops that have a balancing problem. Can't actually blame Toyota for poor suppliers. Only that they should be more demanding in their suppliers.
  • mhill5mhill5 Member Posts: 37
    All Tundra owners here, let's all agree (and promise) that we will not respond to Rublu2 ever again; no matter what he tries to stir up.

    I will if you will!

    Maybe he will get bored and leave if we pay him NO ATTENTION!
  • cwirthcwirth Member Posts: 169
    Ok, mhill5, good idea, but one last comment to Rube. You and your GM buddies just can't admit that Toyota makes better vehicles. I would take a rattle anyday over not having brakes that work properly. I don't buy the reasoning that GM outsells Toyota therefore it is ok to have more recalls/problems. Give me a break, that is lame. GM has more major recalls and lawsuits. Even with the few problems we Tundra owners have seen and they are nothing in comparision to GM problems, Toyota is still is a better truck. As I said before and will continue to believe, GM =JUNK. That is a fact boys, get used to it.

    I WOULD NEVER, EVER BUY ANOTHER GM PRODUCT AGAIN. Pure, simple junk. Good luck with them bad ABS brakes and exploding gas tanks now Rubie.
  • emruzekemruzek Member Posts: 24
    Hey roo!!! why don't you put your pacifier back in your mouth and shut up!!!!! I would suggest before
    MR. KNOW IT ALL fires back, that he look at schematics and manuals on how the system actually works. It is public knowledge, afterall. ROO, is your degree a B.S.(BULL****), OR A PHD(PILED HIGHER AND DEEPER)?
  • jyarnoldjyarnold Member Posts: 50
    Without referencing the original rattle post, I too have noticed a rubber on metal sound about head height coming from the rear doors on my Tundra LTD when off-road. Kind-of sounds like the door is not completely closed. I inspected and found the contact to be coming from the upper angle on the rear door. I&#146;m going to either reset the door latch a mm in or beef up the rubber molding with a bushing of sorts.

    Otherwise, this is the best off-road vehicle I have ever mudded up. I don&#146;t haul, where a camper or pull anything, just go from A to B with gear and not always on a discernable road so I can&#146;t attest to the Tundra&#146;s ability to appease would-be ruby baby&#146;s but I can tell you that this vehicle will eat any road or non road without ever disrupting the CD-player. Doing 45 MPH on ditched out wash board dirt roads just hasn&#146;t been possible for me in the past, now with the Tundra it&#146;s a piece of cake.
  • sharkbait1sharkbait1 Member Posts: 19
    I was unseccessful,would that be 6-78 ?
  • bob223bob223 Member Posts: 8
    Thanks for the info on the hard start. It doesn't happen every time i start the engine, just a few times. It's possible I may have unknowingly hit the gas pedal and flooded it, so I'm watching myself to see if it happens again. But that does make sense to have the oil pumping before starting, should increase the life of the engine.
  • jheiljheil Member Posts: 30

    There was a very informed report on the V6 head gasket problem on this forum awhile back. In short they were defective due to material used when owners replaced factory ani-freeze due to a reaction with certain additives.

    A few failed, most did not. Toyota recognized this as a real problem because they count on their reliabilty and quality to sell trucks.

    I have a '94 Toyota V6 P/U. I'm the second owner. I received a recall notice 18 months ago on this vehicle. It already had 60,000 miles. No problems. I waited until 2 months ago to deal with it. I took it to a Toyota dealer, different from the one I bought from. By that time I was nearing 70,000 miles and long past warranty. They replaced the head gasket, antifreeze, oil/filter and washed my truck and apologized to me for the hassle.

    This job took a day and a half. They also provided a free rental car (I paid for gas). A royal hassle yes, excellent response by Toyota and dealer (John Elway Toyota - Denver, CO area). The dealer said this was a major investement in Customer relations. We all pay for it in the cost of a Tundra but I prefer the value of that money.

    Hope this helps answer any concerns.

  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    Check this one here out:

    Q: Hi, my brother has purchased an auto repair facility which is franchised. He was told that it is company policy in Japan to replace engines at 30,000 miles. These engines reportedly are then sent to the U.S.A. for resale. I can't believe this. Have you ever heard of this.
    Thanks for your reply. We have spent one hour on this issue!
    Yours truly, E K.

    A: I spoke with someone who imports Japanese auto engines. He says that it is in fact true. What happens is that the cars
    do not hold up well in Japan due to tough weather conditions and the fact that
    they do not put a lot of mile on the car(too congested). At 30,000 miles, they
    have driven the cars between 5-10 years, not the two-three like in California.
    The requirements for passing smog and other test to keep using the cars are
    far more rigid than the U.S. and the fines for polluters(ie small oil leaks)
    makes it cheaper to just dump the cars and buy a new one! The engnines are
    still good so they are stripped of the attachments and sent here for resale.
    Interesting! Ernie

    Guess maybe them engines are built at that island
    after all!

    Got that tell here: gasket

    Good luck on them new engines now!
  • lvstanglvstang Member Posts: 149
    We all know you're smarter than that. Even though you put on a great show. Those engines are purchased by salvage yards like Watanabees in So. Calif. and sold to consumers, THEY ARE NOT REINSTALLED IN NEW VEHICLES. Your leg pulling is getting stronger everyday.
  • jyarnoldjyarnold Member Posts: 50
    My brother works for Chevy and he claims the new Silverado engines are actually rebuilt from engines from old volkswagon beetles. They glue two together and end up with an 8 cyl. Good luck on that one!
  • sandman6sandman6 Member Posts: 11
    so ru whats it like to be inbred? because you talk crap like one why don't you go to a chevy talk area with your own crowd. I find you boring , and basically stupid, get a life if you have enough brain cells to know what that means, and leave this town hall area for what it was intended for
  • rubluetoorubluetoo Member Posts: 175
    sandman6, bring that non-truck stuff to topic #1129 now, keep the people bashin off this here topic, this topic for them trucks now.

    lvstang, that watanabees is true enough, but you never can tell with them tindras exactly what you got there now. Remember, these the same folks who tell that them tindras are full size and we all know that not the truth! If they can try to pull the wool on that size, why not them engines now? Caveat empter eh? For that
    sandman6 this means buyer beware.
    Good luck on this one now!
  • cwirthcwirth Member Posts: 169
    Rube is trying to lure us over to topic 1129 since all of his GM buddies are over there and we Tundra owners would be in the minority. They are all laughing it up like a bunch of idiots.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    The GM buddies are too idiotic to have a clue!
  • atoyotatoyot Member Posts: 58
    OK, I stopped in to drool over some new Tundra's at Fred Haas Toyota in Spring, TX and a salesman came out and was talking to me about the trucks and I laid it all on the line and told him that I wasn't interested in buying a truck until next year and he said no problem and then gave me a tour of the new facility and treated me like a normal person. Impressive. May give him my business if he can deal in January.
  • atoyotatoyot Member Posts: 58
    OK, just want to agree about the V-6 head gasket being a major plus for Toyota. How many other companies would replace a head gasket at 140,000 miles that hadn't had any problems and even give us a loaner car while they did it. I was shocked!!!! Had an A/C leak at 155,000 and thought it was going to cost about $300 to fix, but found out that it was under warranty too!!!! Wow is all that I have to say. Didn't see Chevy or GMC owning up to the paint problem or tail light problem on all of the trucks in the late 80's and early 90's.
  • artpartp Member Posts: 156
    Most of the "love GM", "hate Toyota" crowd seem to
    have the same philosophy:

    "The GM is bigger than the Tundra and has bigger
    AVAILABLE engines."


    Ok, but what about Dodge. The Dodge RAM is bigger
    than the GM and has a bigger standard engine and an
    optional engine that can out haul anything (the

    Why aren't you all driving Dodges? I'll tell you
    why... You don't trust the transmissions and the
    overall reliability, right? You're willing to give
    up a bit of size for a truck you trust more and
    like better. Well us Tundra owners aren't driving
    the GM for the VERY SAME REASON!
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